Justin From Canada Announces He Has Control of NATO Mission in Iraq…

Watch out Iraqi peoplekind.  You can go ahead and cancel that jihad thing…  Chrystia and Justin are in charge now:

(Tweet Link)

Booyah.  Feel the fear

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451 Responses to Justin From Canada Announces He Has Control of NATO Mission in Iraq…

  1. These people embarrass me.


    • gman says:

      I TRIPLE-DOG-DARE you not to laugh at this one about Justin


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    • sharon says:

      Not with our soldiers he doesn’t. He can kill his own but ours do NOT follow his orders


    • Rick says:

      It’s worse than that… because Trudeau is clearly mentally ill, and yet he’s is the leader of the Canadian Government. For those who aren’t seeing a pattern here, things are going to get much worse around the world as NATO member nations (like Canada) and there leaders (like Trudeau) do anything and everything they can to oppose and embarrass President Trump. Meanwhile, China and Russia are waiting quietly in the shadows to first befriend, and then dominate, these idiots. Rest assured that it will not be long before something very dramatic unfolds that makes even our weekly paychecks unimportant.

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  2. Leucothea says:

    Bet Chrystia is proud of her Nazi grandad


  3. OPS&TrainingNCO says:

    Plad skirts and bagpipes.


  4. Edith Wenzel says:

    OMG. How embarrassing. Trudeau is pretending we are a strong country. Well, we sure are not strong under him. Good grief. Please get rid of this dude in October 2019. Quit your jobs and help us out. We need to get this done.


  5. dayallaxeded says:

    I knew I’d seen the “theme” of this pic before, but it took a while for the right synapses to fire:

    That’s the fantasy they’re going for–not only does it show a complete disconnect with reality and lack of self-awareness, their attempt is utter FAIL!

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  6. Garry Smith says:

    If it wasn’t so tragic it would be humorous. ROFL. That must be something that he learned as a kindergarten substitute teacher the week that he worked. And now his affirmative action appointments can be dispatched into action with the same vigor that they ruined Canada’s oil/gas industry, trade with the US and the automotive industry. Our own military is decimated and he has no standing to think that we can help anyone else despite his policies of welcoming illegal undesirables into Canada. He is a disgrace and an embarrassment to Canadians, our military and to his Family.

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  7. Mosby Creek says:

    Amazing Polly has got narcissist school marm Chrystia Freeland down pat, along with the ‘jackpot of morons’ that make up Justin’s cabinet….

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  8. ATheoK says:

    I can’t wait to see what he wears for this event?

    I wonder what he’ll dress his goon squad with.


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