Must Watch: Maria Bartiromo Interviews President Donald Trump…

Maria Bartiromo continues to distance herself from all Sunday talk-show competition with some of the best and most insightful interviews and topics available.  Today Mrs. Bartiromo interviews President Donald Trump.  The substantive content is excellent.

From a position of understanding Trump policy, and expanding/predicting how each policy will carry forward, this really is one of the best interviews to date.  Bartiromo hits on most topics of interest and expands on the topics of greatest consequence.  Anyone who seeks to understand where the administration is going with economics and trade only needs to keep revisiting this one interview – it’s all there.

Domestic discussion includes the Supreme Court, trade and tariffs, immigration, border security, ICE, mid-term election, taxes, jobs and the ongoing battle between congress and the DOJ/FBI.  Foreign discussion includes trade and geopolitics with Canada, China, the EU, North Korea, Iran and the upcoming summit with Russia.  The intersection of economics and geopolitics via the Trump Doctrine is clear as day.


[There was a time, not too long ago, when Bartiromo didn’t *get* the Trump doctrine and how economic leverage is used to achieve strategic geopolitical benefits; ultimately ending with massive wins for America.  You can tell she understands the strategy now.]

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229 Responses to Must Watch: Maria Bartiromo Interviews President Donald Trump…

  1. TNGal says:

    She is the best. Everyone should support her morning show on Fox Business. She is on top of the news especially about Mueller and all of the creeps in the FBI. She lets no one off the hook.

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  2. Robert Smith says:

    Phase II tax cut – Trump mentioned they were working on it. Any ideas what it would be?


  3. Chris Riley says:

    Maria Bartiromo is on a very, very short list of people with the potential of succeeding President Trump without looking like a falling down idiot in comparison with her predecessor.

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    • CountryDoc says:

      Hold on there. That is a long jump from a news reporter — even a very good one — to a candidate for president of this nation at war from within, I love Maria, but there is much much more to know about her before talking about her as president. There is a YUGE difference between a good journalist who “gets” PDJT, and someone able to do what PDJT does despite both sides of the isle, the swamp, and the rest of the world trying to destroy him.

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      • Bugsdaddy says:

        I think she “gets it” because she or her staff read the CTH!!!

        She’s no dummy!

        HI Maria!!


      • lftpm says:

        Country Doc, you’re right.

        I’d like to see a woman in a high place. Amy Coney Barrett for SCOTUS looks good to me. Any reasons againstt nominating her are welcome to hear.


  4. Pyrthroes says:

    Trump’s policies, and their synergistic implementation, speak largely for themselves. Whether a Maria Bartiromo or others of her ilk anomalously ingest fibre over mucilage is entirely beside the point.

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  5. TigerBear says:

    “They’re more for their business than they are the United States”

    You’ve got that right Mr. President. These business owners will let America crash and burn in order to make a profit.

    LOVE he pegs OPEC as the manipulators of oil prices.
    This President makes my hope for this Nation coming back just soar!!

    You’re doing a great job, Sir, and………..
    WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK Mr. President 👍🏽👍🏽🇺🇸

    May God bless, guide and keep you Sir!!

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  6. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    While most politicians will say, “Excuse me,” when interrupted, Trump (also) uses it when he wants to restate a point as if to apologize for making the first explanation too complicated or “Excuse me, I’ve got a better one than that.”

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  7. We haven’t seen two adults calmly discussing politics in a long time. It was really nice and informative instead of screaming and yelling over one another.

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  8. rlctoo says:

    Bartiromo is head and shoulders above the rest of the Sunday talkies.


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