Everything About Time Magazine “Crying Girl” Immigration Propaganda Story is False….

Time magazine decided to take “fake” news to new levels of jaw-cropping falsity with their latest story of a Honduran toddler crying while accompanying her mother into the U.S.

Dozens of newspapers and magazines around the globe published a picture of a little girl and her mother Sandra Sanchez trying to get into the U.S., but everything about the story is false.

The two-year old and her mother were never separated; additionally, Mrs. Sandra Sanchez was previously deported for illegal border crossing.  This is the second time Sandra Sanchez was stopped attempting to gain entry, making her effort a felony under U.S. law.

The father of the child has told media and government officials, and the Honduran government confirms, the toddler’s mom abandoned her other three children in Honduras and there was no economic hardship.   Everything about this story is fabricated; however, that didn’t stop the media and politicians from attempting to exploit the narrative.

Washington – […] As more information comes out about the situation of Sandra Sanchez and her 2-year-old daughter, ICE confirmed on Friday that Sanchez was previously deported in 2013. (read more)

Reuters is reporting after contact with the child’s father:

“My daughter has become a symbol of the … separation of children at the U.S. border. She may have even touched President Trump’s heart,” Denis Valera told Reuters in a telephone interview.

Valera said the little girl and her mother, Sandra Sanchez, have been detained together in the Texas border town of McAllen, where Sanchez has applied for asylum, and they were not separated after being detained near the border.  Honduran deputy foreign minister Nelly Jerez confirmed Valera’s version of events.

Varela said he was awestruck and pained when he first saw the photo of his crying daughter on TV. “Seeing what was happening to her in that moment breaks anyone’s heart,” he said.

The photo was used on a Facebook fundraiser that drew more than $17 million dollars in donations from close to half a million people for the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES), a Texas-based nonprofit that provides legal defense services to immigrants and refugees.

[…] Sanchez and her daughter had left Puerto Cortes, a major Honduran port north of the capital city, Tegucigalpa, without telling Valera or the couple’s three other children, he said.

He said he imagined that Sanchez left with the little girl for the United States, where she has family, in search of better economic opportunities.

“If they are deported, that is OK as long as they do not leave the child without her mother,” Valera said. “I am waiting to see what happens with them.”  (read more)

Time Magazine issues a correction, but will not retract the story despite the entire claim surrounding the narrative being entirely manufactured:

Today on the floor of the Senate Democrats use the picture to continue a false immigration enforcement narrative:

Democrat politicians and their media enablers are willing to fabricate any story in order to advance political goals.  This is the essence of “FAKE NEWS”:

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498 Responses to Everything About Time Magazine “Crying Girl” Immigration Propaganda Story is False….

  1. Mariposa323 says:

    Cold Anger . Vote out every single Demonrat and Rhino . Just also heard a horror story about the Global indoctrination in the poor counties of training CHILDREN to accept and learn anal sex . What a horror ! I got this first hand from someone working n that NGO . WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE????


  2. John A says:

    In his very first press conference on January 29, 1981, President Ronald Reagan said the following about the leaders of the Soviet Union:

    “I know of no leader of the Soviet Union since the revolution, and including the present leadership, that has not more than once repeated in the various Communist congresses they hold their determination that their goal must be the promotion of world revolution and a one-world Socialist or Communist state, whichever word you want to use.

    Now, as long as they do that and as long as they, at the same time, have openly and publicly declared that the only morality they recognize is what will further their cause, meaning they reserve unto themselves the right to commit any crime, to lie, to cheat, in order to attain that, and that is moral, not immoral, and we operate on a different set of standards, I think when you do business with them, even at a detente, you keep that in mind.”

    This statement by President Reagan applies more than ever to the far left, the Mainstream Media, and the Democrat Party.

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    • singular says:

      Good comment, Joan.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      Notice how Pres Reagan said:

      “…a one-world Socialist or Communist state, whichever word you want to use.”

      He knew that they go hand in hand.
      Socialism is the handmaiden of Communism.

      Socialism lures people in with promises that mislead them into thinking it is something wonderful.
      When in reality…it leads them into a totalitarian state where Communism lurks in waiting.

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      • sat0422 says:

        And we read when the new leader (soon to be elected) of Mexico urges all citizens to flood the USA with their presence. They get here and then we fight the flushing toilet. Only a few become real citizens who respect our laws and support our constitution. The fact is “our constitution is why the USA is great.” Come here and trash it and you need to be deported. Don’t bring socialism/communism to our shores.

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    • Abigail says:

      Reads just like the MSM and left.


    • Screaming eagle says:

      Beautiful! Reagan saw communism clearly, in all forms.


  3. Bonitabaycane says:

    From fake news to false propaganda.

    The American media is now on the same level as Hamas.

    Congrats. /s

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    • Cisco says:

      “And we all thought that is was NorKor that had a State run media, but we have one here.”
      “The msm run by the Democratic Party.”
      A comment I read elsewhere a while back.

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      • LafnH20 says:

        Imho, Cisco, A Uniparty run by the MSM!!

        NO one leaks TO the MSM…
        They simply provide what was requested BY the MSM.

        All warfare is based on deception.
        -Sun Tzu
        The Art of WAR


  4. Me says:

    It was also reported that her husband had a good paying job. Don’t know if that’s true, but from the picture of them in the car (suv?), they look to be doing okay. Really it sounds like she wanted out of the marriage and she has relatives here, so why not? Just do it the legal way, Chica. If this is the best of the worst that the other side can come up with and still expect people to swallow this crap, well I guess they really are desperate.

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  5. alliwantissometruth says:

    A million thank you’s to President Trump for being the first President in modern times to speak the absolute truth

    Yes, the MS Media is an enemy of the American people, but so is every democrat politician, almost every republican politician, Wall Street, organized religion, etc.

    The American people are under a constant propaganda assault by those listed above, who work feverishly to undermine the peoples interests & change the demographics of our country by bringing in massive numbers of more compliant, uneducated & needy people who are dependent upon government, thus assuring the elites continue to hold power

    It’s all a huge scam being played out under the guise of compassion & human rights

    A free & independent people, those who are self-sufficient, can think freely & have little use for government, in other words the definition of an American, are the biggest obstacle to the globalist elites hold on power

    Our country is being purposely turned into a third world shithole & at least half the citizens are falling for the scam

    We’re simply giving away our land, our culture, our system, our values, our safety / security & our children’s birthrights, all of it in order to allow the elites to continue to rape the worlds wealth & destroy free people everywhere

    If true Americans go down because of the stupidity of their fellow citizens, the world goes down with them

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  6. elize says:

    The funny thing is, if I was a parent that forced my baby to walk across the desert/terrain of Arizona or Nevada just to flee the crazy libs of California they’d lock me up for child endangerment.

    The way I see it, these South American travelers are getting free vacations paid for In part by us…
    “Hey let’s go sightseeing up to the Texas/Mexico border. When we get caught, we get fed, housed and a free trip home. And if we cry or put on a pouty face we can be instant global stars!!!!”

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  7. Briana says:

    Time mag, and also the photographer, and the nihilist Left, and even marijuana enthusiast and cartoonist Scott Adams, are insisting that, somehow, the Time cover depicts the truth of the meme of traumatized children ripped out of their mothers’ arms – which they all, apparently, believe is actually happening.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      Even Scott Adams is defending the Time cover?


      • Briana says:

        He says it’s “directionally” accurate, and is not interested that it was part of a week long orchestrated propaganda effort.

        Maybe he’s smoking too much dope.


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        • wheatietoo says:

          Thanks, Briana…I hadn’t heard that.

          I like his cartoons, but I haven’t agreed with Scott Adams on some things.

          He likes to call Pres Trump a “master persuader”…and that PDJT is a ‘master at persuasion’.

          Um, no.
          Pres Trump tells the truth!

          It’s not like PTrump is just good at “persuading” people…he speaks the truth about what is going on.
          Pres Trump has good solutions for fixing what is wrong.
          This is what is effective…not that he is merely a ‘persuader’.

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        • Cisco says:

          Double speak🙄


    • We might want to remember the name of the photograph, John Moore a Getty photographer, and keep in mind the kind of propaganda photos that he churns out.


  8. Minnie says:

    This thread now has over 340 comments so apologies if this has already been discussed.

    This Sandra arrived with her toddler in tow – Sandra’s 2nd attempt to cross illegally.

    Ok, so this little girl is 2 maybe 3 years old, correct?

    If Sandra was previously sent back (BTW, who foots the bill to fly these perps back to their Country of origin?) she knowingly used her young daughter as a pawn to reenter the USA, illegally.

    She left 3 children and a husband behind.

    Who does that?!!

    How many other perps use young children to cross illegally?

    That right there is child abuse. She is one detestable woman – out of how many?

    The media is complicit in the charade and deserve all licenses/credentials yanked, permanently.

    Sorry my thoughts are all over the place, I do not communicate clearly when I am angry.

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  9. starfcker says:

    Why all this conspiracy theory? Obviously the little girl is crying because President Trump was terribly mean to her, just like he is to all children. He hates children. He’s just a mean man. And that Ivanka, she’s feckless, whatever the heck that means. But I’m sure she is. Because the nice lady on the TV told me so. And why is President Trump so mean to that nice boy who runs Canada? I’m starting to doubt my support for this guy. He’s just too mean.

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  10. Trish in Southern Illinois says:

    HAHAHA saw this on my twitter feed:

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  11. kea says:

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  12. elize says:

    Lol, I have another great bubble comment I’d create for that Time rag cover, the child is crying to Trump saying:
    “Won’t you please do wonderful things for our country like you’re doing for the U.S.? I’m surrounded by idiots down there.”

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  13. Lucille says:

    TIME’s Fake Cover Shows the Left Will Shamelessly Use Children to Push an Agenda

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  14. Briana says:

    That the picture of the 2 year old is still being exploited in Congress by the Democrats shows what contempt they have for truth.

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    • “ 2 year old being exploited by Democrats in Congress…” Shame on you Sen . Bob Menendez , recently in court over allegations of visiting Lolita Island sex retreat. Now capitalizing on this little girl. Way, way too young for you Bob….shame on you.

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  15. Cisco says:

    Hey folks!
    Guess what?
    I’m a nazi.
    On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch compared Trump supporters, you know, the 65,984,828 people who voted for Trump as nazi guards.
    See you in 2020 Donny.

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    • Shadrach says:

      In related news, I voted in my primary yesterday. For first time for anything other than a presidential election. Let them keep flapping their jaws. It got me out to vote, and I’m sure I”m not the only one.

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  16. PatriotKate says:

    A showdown with Mexico is fast approaching.

    With the impending election of the rapidly socialist (communist) who is about to be elected President of Mexico on July 1st and his outright claim that millions of migrants should invade the U.S., we may have no choice but to seal our border using the military.

    We may even find the need to invade northern Mexico to prevent this from happening.

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  17. Facebook…who denounces fake news…Used this very Image to get 18 million in Donations…
    And should return all the money money that was donated…How will anyone ever Trust Facebook again if they don’t…

    Fake news is what they are trying to stop right?

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  18. Paco Loco says:

    Right now the lefts voices are louder than ours because they control the media. This has to change.

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  19. Risa says:

    I seriously didnt realize Time was still in business. Even my dentist’s office, that barren wasteland where ancient magazine issues go to die in dusty sadness, never has a copy of Time. Are they internet only, produced by a high school dropout typing away in his grandmother’s basement?

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  20. CNN_sucks says:

    Too much fakery! Secure the border, president would be of Mexico threatening to invade this country.


  21. Chris Four says:

    The little is a side story ment to distract you. Here is the larger picture. The left is attacking and hoping to undermine the rule of law and the US government.

    Protesters Put Portland ICE Building Under Siege – Block Entrances

    “The protest, dubbed “Occupy ICE PDX” online, began on Sunday, June 17, and has only grown in size since. Last night, hundreds of people gathered outside the facility to show their support—and dozens set up tents to spend the night. The occupation has forced ICE to close the regional office building today, citing “security concerns.” In a media statement, the agency said its “normal operations will resume once security concerns have been addressed.”

    Attorney Michael Avenatti, who represents adult-film star Stormy Daniels in her lawsuits against President Trump, said Thursday that he’s now representing whistleblowers within Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). “We are now representing whistleblowers within ICE, outside contractors, etc. They have reached out to us to provide us with info as to what is really going on,” […]


    On Tuesday, the Democratic governor of New York announced the intention to file a multi-agency lawsuit against the Trump Administration for allegedly violating the “Constitutional rights” of the illegal immigrant children and their families being separated at the Southern border. “New York State intends to file a multi-agency lawsuit against the Trump administration for violating […]


    Wikileaks puts names of ICE agents in a searchable database.

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    • Texian says:

      Uhh.. dude.. they are not U.S. citizens – they have no “Constitutional Rights..”

      He must have gone to Harvard or to one of those other Toxicodendron radicans “Fake Colleges”..

      Like Haeckel said ‘ontongeny recapitulates phylogeny’.. – They nurture then spread their ‘urushiol’ induced red commie pustules all over the place..

      OH OH.. R (ussia).. Bwahahaha.. (I humor myself..)..


  22. Bendix says:

    Here are some more facts about the asylum scam, from Ann Coulter:


  23. Bendix says:

    The Northeastern Liberal Elite Democrat I’ve been linking to frequently is sounding like Ann Coulter today:
    http://kunstler.com “Don’t Cry for Me, Rachel Maddow”.
    I wonder how many liberal intellectual types without a national voice are starting to feel disgust with all the shameless lying by the MSM?

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Have a good friend that’s been sending me Kunstler
      stuff for ages. I actually agree with him on some points
      about cul de sac zoning (his book, Home to Nowhere).

      That was were it ended. All of his political writings,
      especially while Bush was in office read like press
      releases from the NYT. But, I give the guy credit. When
      he spits out the Koolaid, he’s honest. And also has an
      inquiring thought process. He won’t come over to our
      side. Ever. But he might make some leftist think about
      how things work in the meantime.


  24. laurelmarycecilia says:

    To call Time on this gives Time, Inc. a good laugh…….. of course, they know it was false. They don’t care; that’s the way they fight……….. they get a chuckle out of knowing that we know that they know and there is NOTHING we can do about the damage done. Sort of enjoying pulling – yet another – fast one on us. God save President Trump and bless him for his patient warrior spirit.


  25. Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

    Know what? This morning I saw a blurb on Newsmax that resistance member & a**hole extraordinaire Seth Macfarlane donated 2.5 million $$ to NPR. These “entertainers” have a lot of money. Please Mr President, when the next budget process comes around, PLEASE consider refusing to authorize government funding for the left wing propaganda machine.
    If planning for this action is already underway… Never mind.

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