Sunday Talks: Chairman Bob Goodlatte Discusses Upcoming IG Report – Directs Criminal Investigative Attention Toward U.S. Attorney John Huber…

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, the congressional oversight representative closest to Inspector General Michael Horowitz, discusses the upcoming IG report.

As background, it is Chairman Goodlatte who personally selected (and selects) the lawmakers who questioned FBI Counterintelligence head Bill Priestap.  Whereas HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes holds primary ‘intelligence’ oversight; Chairman Goodlatte holds primary Justice and Judiciary oversight.

It is worth noting that Goodlatte directs a great deal of attention to U.S. Attorney John Huber on the criminality behind the upcoming IG report.  The report is scheduled to be made public on Thursday June 14th:

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255 Responses to Sunday Talks: Chairman Bob Goodlatte Discusses Upcoming IG Report – Directs Criminal Investigative Attention Toward U.S. Attorney John Huber…

  1. lastinillinois says:

    Oh man,
    Maria looks like that suspicious cat’s twin in this pic.

  2. Donzo says:

    ICBMs are dropping all over ground zero DC, that is, Intelligence Community Bowel Movements.

  3. MM says:

    Maria has beautiful Cat Eyes………..

  4. Pam says:

    I like Mr. Goodlatte, but like some of his other colleagues in the house, he wants to bring up that 2nd special council business which will waste more taxpayer money and just drag this investigation on even longer for who knows how long. We have Huber so that’s not necessary.

    As far as the subject of immigration goes, if none of these bills talk about appropriate funding for the border wall then the legislation will be DOA on POTUS’ desk.

    • AZ18 says:

      I am with you Pam., no second special council! It’s analysis paralysis. Let the IGs team up with prosecutors and let the indictments roll.

      • The entire system is an Energy Dissipation Machine. There’s always one more rickety Rube Goldberg mile to complete. It bets against our attention spans and aversion to complexity –a pretty fair bet for 90% of Americans. Many of us do have jobs after all.

        Meanwhile Halper et al’s ‘jobs’ are to serve as well-compensated sand and glue. Gum up the works. Create oblique strategies of constipation. Thanks mostly to SD, this whole exercise has been an eye-opener into the myriad tactics they have at their disposal to thwart the People at every turn.

      • Dimbulbz says:

        Something tells me that Goodlatte might not be in on everything that’s going on if he is still pushing that second special council… We have already seen what the media and deep state can do to a council they do not like. I think that’s a dead end (been there, done that with Ken Star). If Huber is NOT the answer, I just do not see any answer coming. But, I also do not see any reason why Huber cannot get the job done. Lets hope there’s lots of big names tied to all those sealed indictments. We need to fix the deep state problem. We may have to settle for a future free from weaponized IRS’s, DOJ’s, CIA’s and FBI’s. If we can just get that (along with the few obvious heads that need to roll) I will feel better. Anything above that is gravy. I just hope this will finally put the final nail in the Clinton crime family coffin.

      • Daniel M. Camac says:

        Pam and AZ, that’s an affirmative. No need for SC. Maybe Goodlatte should follow SD a bit more. I do and I feel like I’m one step ahead of these “politicians”. But at least he’s fighting for the right side…..I hope.

    • snarkybeach says:

      Special Council is there so they don’t have to be the bad guys

    • L4grasshopper says:

      Has Goodlatte ever explained why HE did not attend the Priestep session?

    • Perot Conservative says:

      I agree. Tired of SC!

      That’s why we have Huber and Horowitz!!!

    • Paul Killinger says:

      From what I’ve heard is/isn’t in it, it will be DOA anyway (in the unlikely event it ever gets there).

    • fleporeblog says:

      Our President completely supports the Goodlatte Bill.

      From the article linked above:

      The bill includes the measures the White House has insisted be in any immigration bill, plus some more: It abolishes the extended-family chain migration categories and the visa lottery, authorizes wall funding and extra border agents, cracks down on sanctuary cities and asylum abuse, and mandates E-Verify.

      • Rita Camp says:

        That’s until it gets to the Senate, flepor. Mitch McConnell doesn’t like to have recorded votes in an election year. The bill dies. It will need to be reintroduced in the next Congress. I’ll be surprised if we see a bill. The corporate masters of the congress usually prevail.

        • fleporeblog says:

          Rita who in their right mind would say no or decide we can’t vote on a Treaty that ends the Korean War and also establishes the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

          This will be a 99-0 vote since Lucifer will remain on ice!

    • noswamp says:

      As I understand it Rosenstein will choose the second special counsel. Meh… no thanks!

    • Kris says:

      Exactly, more of kicking the can down the road. Huber has hundreds of prosecutors working with him, they can take on these cases. What is it with Congress always dragging their feet on everything, why do we even need them, they don’t actually “represent” the people who elected them to go there, they represent their own interests!!

  5. Pam says:

    On a side note, especially in that top still pic, yes, Maria B is a dead ringer for suspicious cat! Magnificent job Sundance! 😀

  6. I want a special council filled with Republican donor lawyers. Let them fine tooth comb Hillary’s server, the Klintoon Foundation, the FBI, the DOJ, and the Russian entrapment plot. All with no discernable mandate, of course.

    • lastinillinois says:

      There ya go.

      Now we’re talkin’ !

    • Lizzyp says:

      …and no accountability to a budget and members of congress willing to put forth legislation to protect them!

      • littleanniesfannie says:

        Suuuuuu—eeeeee! Can’t you just those hawgs from Arkansas squealing?? Some of those Chicago hawgs will be squealing too, even though they bought a house in DC!! And if this counsel chooses only Republican donors the EPA will have a conniption fit over the mess made by the MSM splodey heads!! There might even be a quake registering 8.5 on the Richter that will crack California off the mainland!!
        I would gladly take my own chair and supply of Jiffy Pop to watch that one!

    • MikeN says:

      Nah, just go thru that reporter’s e-mail.

    • Retired USMC says:

      And Mark Levin for the SC position.

    • jrapdx says:

      A wonderful vision, but you know the swampists would never let it happen. Though it would be very amusing if Sessions would say “OK I’ll appoint a 2nd SC under these conditions: …”, with your list of specifications. Won’t happen but hey, we can dream.

  7. Dances with Wolverines says:

    Mr. Goodlatte didn’t seem interested in pursuing justice and seeing any charges brought against the conspirators, in fact, he made a comment along the lines of “There has already been accountability with the firings and resignations” and “we want to make sure it doesn’t happen in the next election” My feeling is that him, and the rest of Congress, will sweep this under the rug and issue a statement “my bad”

    • 4beagles says:

      That was also how I took it .

    • Concerned says:

      if true, then Mr. Goodlatte and friends better plan for early retirement. Voters have lost any patience they have left.

    • digleigh says:

      No more men with gonads in America! I am afraid you may be right! They will sell their own children’s futures for a bowl of Chamber of Commerce, multinational pottage, and save their own skin…

      • Colorado KnightOwl says:

        It isn’t a lack of gonads…Most of these people have their fingers in the pie and NONE of them want to get their hand slapped….If one falls they may all fall…Goodlatte/Gowdy/Korker/Flake are not seeking re-election because they are dirty to some degree..

    • Donzo says:

      When you commit multiple felonies and attempt to overthrow a duly elected US presdent, losing your job is hardly accountability. Not very reassuring coming from Goodlatte. I just don’t understand this weak mentality. We have political crisis of mammoth proportions and to many of these congressman it’s all in a day’s work. And he’s one of the good guys!

    • Albertus Magnus says:

      I totally disagree. After saying that there has been some accountability within the department, he went on to say that HUBER has that authority and to WATCH him. And only brought up a second counsel IF Huber doesn’t hold people accountable with criminal activities.

      Just disagreeing in the hopes that people watch the clip for themselves and see what is at hand and NOT get overly CONCERNED until there are reasons to become so, regarding the IG.

    • Howzie says:

      Ya got it. The Big Schmooze. Already with the ‘make sure this never happens again scheme’. Almost as good as ‘secure the border’ scheme.

    • Dances, I agree. Any time I hear the worn out statement ,”we want to make sure this never happens again…” I worry. We ‘ve often heard that before, then nothing happens. My suggestion would be prison for big, well known names. Perp walks on nightly news. Famous political coup participants locked up. That would help it “never happen again”.

      • formerdem says:

        Declassification would punish a wider swath than the jails can hold. Let the sun shine in, declassify it all, and prosecute the top ones.

    • nbkilgore says:

      Mr. Goodlatte is gone after December 2018, he’s not seeking reelection, same goes with Ryan and Trey Gowdy. They are bidding their remaining time in Our House, accept Ryan who is on a scorched earth mission against us and our President! Perhaps we need to flood Mr. Ryan with phone calls and letters to vacate the Speakers office ASAP and encourage Representative Jordan to seek the Speaker’s position. If we allow Ryan to remain as Speaker until his retirement, he will obstruct in every way he possibly can!

      • Scorched earth because heinous Ryan is auditioning for his next job. He was there 22 months or so. He took the Speakership as a resume builder. Don’t get me wrong, he is a useless pos but we used to have Speakers who were hacks but had some statesmanship in them like Tip O’Neill and Sam Rayburn and many who came before. Look what it took to get Jim Wright out. A scandal. Dittos for Tom Foley. They would serve for 10-20 or more years. You could not dislodge them with dynamite because it is an all powerful job full of patronage and raw power. Control of budgets and granting favors.
        Piss Poor Paul Ryan treated the Speakership like a trifle. Like a whim.
        Just another way for Ryan to show his contempt for the American people.

        Take that dingbat Nancy Pelosi. If the Dems win in November she will battle to return as Speaker of The House. She is high energy at age 77 while Ryan is a low energy quitter.

      • brh82 says:

        It’s entertaining that you think we have a magic wand to wave to rid ourselves of Ryan. Phone calls and letters worked on some person for some situation in the past? Like the 1,000 signature Petitions we all signed that went……where?

    • Perot Conservative says:

      There are some subtle signs Huber isn’t working at a brutal pace … maybe I’m wrong, maybe he has a large crew to delegate to … but he is going to PR events for the Utah LE this, Utah LE that …

      I’m so tired of lawlessness in DC.

      • jmclever says:

        He has been working “slow and steady” for the entire time he has been appointed, pretty much since Sessions was confirmed. You dont need to work at a mad man’s pace if you dont put things off till the last minute. I’m fairly certain that referral were made as the IG investigations went along as matters arose. The assembled report is for public consumption. There has been great work accomplished by Huber parallel to the investigation that did not have to wait for the report to be completed

        • Horowitz (and Sessions) already “put if off until the last minute”, by investigating first McCabe, then Clinton’s emails, and last and certainly least in their minds, the treason against the President and the people who elected him. I continue to hold that the FISA scamming and Steele Dossier should have been first on their plates. They obviously think treason on the part of Obama/Soetoro, who directed the whole gang of multiagency cultists against Trump, was just “politics as usual”.

          It is WAR, and they are playing by their rules, to control not represent us. And America and the world will suffer all the more for their immoral sense of “integrity” (a la Sessions, who is just another McCain in all of this).

      • WSB says:

        35,000 sealed indictments?

    • Carrie says:

      But this part is just the Clinton email investigation. Isn’t the Russia collusion one next up? I didn’t think this report would cover the falsified dossier. So, in that case Comey, Strozk, Page, Rybicki and whom else should be charged? I definitely want Comey (Lurch) to be in cuffs. That self-righteousness is just nauseating!

    • Paul Killinger says:

      I wouldn’t count on that. There will be too much heat on them with their elections coming right up.

    • iwasthere says:

      Yep, until you see an FBI director like Turner – fired 800 at CIA – in the fall out of the Church Committee investigation, the lite dusting so far is not a PURGE of the bad actors.

    • KeithBB says:

      He had better get in pursuing justice; laws were broken and they need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. With the same kind of energy and focus that the DOJ would prosecute any other attempted overthrow of the US government. People losing their jobs is NOT accountability. LIFE SENTENCES – without the possibility of parole – would be appropriate accountability. There are sentencing guidelines and requirements that absolutely MUST be applied after convictions. Otherwise, there will be no restoration of the public’s faith in the rule of law and equal justice under the law. PERIOD !!

    • Rita Camp says:

      Goodlatte doesn’t really care what happens. He is retiring at the end of his current term.

    • Coast says:

      I came away with the same feeling. Not fair and not right.

  8. singular says:

    They’d better not try to do that.

  9. flyboy51v says:

    Ill be surprised if it doesn’t all get swept under the rug …

  10. digleigh says:

    Sorry but at the end of the video regarding immigration , Goodlatte, but the weasel words(make them vague enough for manipulation either “comprehensive” or a “framework” means WE put in the details later) of “border security” or just “moving toward an end to chain migration is a FARCE…. We want a Wall in most sectors(built to last after many of the weasels in Congress are gone and not replaced by more weasels…..), removal of criminal DACA( over 3,000) and ferret out the 40% fraudulent (per an adminstrator of the program), and the REST ….Go home and get back in line behind those who did it RIGHT ( like my family member who worked years, paid money, went to interviews and meeting, and came in LEGALLY)!!!…. Stop all illegal immigration, enforce current laws, and find the 40% overstayers just for starters!!

    • Howzie says:

      He is a republican politician.

    • littleanniesfannie says:

      How about we take the national debt (just from 1980 until the present), divide it by the number of illegal aliens (estimated as accurately as possible). That is the amount each one must pay to start the path to citizenship clock (those with minor children must pay for ALL before the clock starts and a share for any born in the US while the parent(s) were illegal aliens. These people are not allowed to collect any public assistance (welfare, SNAP, WIC, Medicaid, etc) while the clock is running (the clock pauses if assistance is taken and any receipt of services for at least a year cumulative results in deportation).
      We can then lower the deficit and Mexico (or other foreign countries) would at least indirectly pay for the Wall!! Once the ten year waiting period ON the clock is completed, then (and only then) can the citizenship process begin. Any criminal behavior takes the process back to square one!

    • Wightman farm says:

      Wall First !

  11. Koot Katmando says:

    I do not have a warm fuzzy feeling about accountability after watching that. He said there has already been accountability as many people have been fired or left the FBI. He said the IG report will show differences in how the Clinton and Trump investigation were handled. Huh everyone should know that. I am also really confused about Huber too. If Huber can prosecute and is working with Horwitz then why did Horwitz refer McCabe for prosecution to the DOJ why did Huber not indict and prosecute Huber?

    • Albertus Magnus says:

      Maybe there were non-IG related charges that needed to be filed by the DOJ that relate to OTHER activities (like lying to Congress in 2017) and all other potential charges will be filed by Huber, when doing so doesn’t tip others off to what crimes and guilty parties will face charges.

    • Donzo says:

      McCain’s case was referred to the DC US attorney, Jessie Liu, a Trump appointee.The fact that he hasn’t been indicted yet is no indication an indictment is not forthcoming. More investigation that was probably outside the purview of Horowitz is likely underway. Then there’s the fact that McCabe just asked Congress for immunity. He expects to be indicted.

      • TeaForAll says:

        McCain will skirt any prosecution due to his illness. No one would want to touch that with a 10 ft pole McCain has not been seen in 6months. He is not able to serve the state of Arizona, He should resign or the Gov should ask for his resignation

      • Koot Katmando says:

        Ok I think we are both talking about McCabe I mis typed before. But Why is Huber not handling this? Why did they refer it to the DOJ. I still do not get it.

        • Justbill says:

          I think there are multiple investigations being conducted by multiple US Attorneys. Sessions said as much but then focused all his attention on Huber. A good way to focus attention away from what is really happening.

      • Donzo says:

        I meant McCabe.

      • Perot Conservative says:

        I believe you first word should read McCabe.

      • Exactly: The indictments against Ron Rockwell Hansen and James Wolfe were announced by U.S. Attorneys for the Utah and Washington, D.C., districts,, respectively. That’s two federal grand juries of which were not even aware that have been reviewing evidence. I dare say there are several more empaneled elsewhere.

        In conjuction with the IG report, and the next few weeks thereafter, we should expect to see indictments rain down from districts all over the country.

        This is a HUGE case, and this is just Phase One. We haven’t heard a peep yet regarding the investigation of Obama’s State Department, but you can be sure indictments will be forthcoming from that quarter, as well, most likely AFTER the mid-term election.

        In conjuction with the IG report, or shortly thereafter, we are likely to see indictments rain down from districts all over the country.

      • I think you mean McCabe, not McCain. Granted, it’s only a slight difference to us…

    • rf121 says:

      No one was fired for 8 years. So far as the swamp is concerned people quiting or heaven forbid getting fired is beyond accountable. There is obviously a huge difference between their version of justice and ours.

    • Rita Camp says:

      Horowitz is simply following DOJ regulations. Remember: Bureaucrats are always bureaucrats, first and foremost.

      • farrier105 says:

        Everyone has to go through channels. Horowitz turns in his reports to the DOJ in DC. They review for what should be passed on to Huber (criminal referral). Huber passes on to the relevant FBI office. I’m not sure Huber is sending cases to Utah FBI or back out to DC. I would suspect Utah as they are handy to him. I would be curious if some DC Field Office agents aren’t on temporary assignment in Utah. In the age of the computer, sending out leads to other field offices to investigate is probably much faster than using the US Postal Service.

        Huber is a USA not an Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) so I assume Huber runs that office in Utah, like Utah’s US Attorney General, so to speak.

  12. susanphd says:

    Goodlatte not tough enough.

  13. phoenixRising says:

    Goodlatte is retiring… 2018

  14. Flight93Gal says:

    I found it interesting that NO ONE can communicate with clarity WHO will handle the criminal referrals that have already occurred and how.

    When Maria specifically referenced the criminal referrals on McCabe that already exist and asked about the status, Goodlatte meandered off into a “special counsel” reference and Huber’s role versus articulating the specific actions that WILL occur next.

    This bloated government and lack of accountability is rampant and must change ASAP.

    Also, read this AT article on AG Sessions (written by a close friend of his)–this is one reason we have this confusion on DOJ roles and lack of accountability and action!

    • steph_gray says:

      Sundance has communicated with great clarity that it be Huber and his team.

      • Flight93Gal says:

        I am not commenting on Sundance.

        I am commenting that Goodlatte should be able to say this with clarity and conviction and he could not!

        • skifflegirl says:

          Does anyone know Huber’s history as a prosecutor? I don’t have an opinion one way or the other, but I know that he was appointed by Loretta Lynch to a committee of U.S. attorneys that advises the AG, and was re-appointed by President Trump at the recommendation of Jeff Sessions. I have heard reports that John Huber has a history of NOT prosecuting cases after long investigations, but I haven’t been able to independently verify that with my own research. There’s not a lot of info out there about Huber. An article in The Hill quotes a DOJ source saying that Huber’s appointment to work with the IG is ‘window dressing.’ So, I am going to have to wait and see but I will say that his recommendation to the advisory panel and then appointment to work with the IG, both by Jeff Sessions, does not give me much confidence. Hopefully, the IG report will start a juggernaut of momentum towards accountability that no one can stop.

    • TeaForAll says:

      We need a alpha male as our AG. Sessions should do right by President Trump and resign. That is what is bests for this country

      • If Trump wanted Sessions to resign he would have resigned a year ago.

      • marko says:

        Sessions is a disaster. Trump is going to have to fire him after midterms.

      • formerdem says:

        I want Sessions to un-recuse, take the heat, and manage the issues. Even. if it hurts. And is boring and people Yell at him. There are harder jobs. Let him thank God he is not mining mercury in China with the other political prisoners and let him get on with the job he has been given without whining or hiding. Stop complaining and go do his duty.

        • Blade says:

          I want Sessions to un-recuse, take the heat, and manage the issues. Even. if it hurts. And is boring and people Yell at him.

          Daily Dose of Derpity Derp. Sessions is recused from investigations touching either of the 2016 campaigns. He *is* managing the DoJ and its internals affairs. He has done this by restoring the previously neutralized statutory processes: OIG for internal affairs, and new US Attorneys for external affairs. This OIG business *is* the process for rooting out corrupt employees and although derided as investigating themselves is typical across the entire spectrum from civilian to military service ( MP’s, MA’s, SP’s, CID, Internal Affairs … ad infinitum ). The concept of some unbiased 3rd party investigation is a fantasy dreamed up by leftists to harass non-leftists ( civilian police-review boards, independent counsels/prosecutors against Republicans. etc ) . Sure, had the Framers known what was to come with a future immoral and unethical citizenry electing the same, then they might have created a 4th branch of government which does nothing except investigate and prosecute members of the original three ( and I wholeheartedly support this idea! ), but they didn’t.

          When you say “I want Sessions to un-recuse, take the heat” you are once again being dishonest and avoiding stating the truth of what you believe – you want a Reno/Holder/Lynch “wingman” to make yourself feel better. But even though all anti-Sessions jihadists are thinking this, they are too cowardly to put it into words because then they might have to examine if this was even the case with those three corrupt Attorneys General. Unfortunately you would find that despite their naked partisanship and bias, they were extremely careful to *not* expose their President to dangerous conflicts that the Enemedia would exploit despite the double standards they enjoy as leftists. Republicans enjoy no luxury of benefit of doubt ( remember Ed Meese who was Reagan’s best friend being raked over the coals for nothing at all ). Outsiders like Trump enjoy even less benefits, to say the least.

          What I’m saying is that you are advocating Sessions to leapfrog far beyond any corruption we can think of from the worst Attorneys General ( Reno, Holder, and Lynch IMHO ). There is no comparison we can find. You have to imagine that Bubba Clinton had appointed Rahm Emanuel as AG and then demanded he not recuse and investigate Carville, Begala and Podesta just for starters. I recall Reno appointing Fiske to handle Whitewater and Vince Foster solely because of the conflict that Clinton had appointed her as AG ( Starr came later from a panel of judges ). And then when the Lewinsky stuff came out, Reno handed that one to Starr ). Reno really had no obvious conflict to complain about except pure political connections. With Sessions he is not only politically conflicted as an appointee, but also a member of the team being investigated and also a subject himself. ( But do try to remember its a hoax, and recusing from a hoax is truly irrelevant ).

          It is painful to see such hypocrisy from alleged Trump supporters who in a nanosecond would argue 180° opposite when the shoe is on the other foot. Indeed, many loudmouthed Trump supporters ( e.g., Hannity, DiGenova, Jarrett, Dobbs, Hoft ) are simultaneously telling Sessions to unrecuse while harping on the obvious conflicts of Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein and Mueller. If they keep doing this they will cause a rift in the space-time continuum from cognitive dissonance. Sessions is playing it perfectly straight. And if the perpetual handwringers would remove their heads from their asses they would perhaps see that Sessions was protecting the government ( including the President ) by taking himself and the administration out of the Russia hoax investigation.

          And why is that? Because we would have now endured 15 straight months of 24/7 propaganda attacking Trump for allowing his Attorney General to investigate the President, his campaign and himself rather than appointing an independent counsel. This would go on until one gets appointed or Congress intervenes and passes a new statute and a panel of judges repeats the Fiske/Starr affair. That would be just about now. So instead of being at the end of Russia Russia Russia like we are today, we would be just at the beginning. How would that factor in your thinking, and the 2018 mid-terms, and 2020 re-election campaign?

          Need proof? Here is Schumer February 27, 2017 at the very beginning of the hoax. This would have been the Watergate 2.0 strategy and repeated ceaselessly until they relented and appointed a special counsel …

          “Those prosecutors should not be reporting to the first senator who endorsed Donald Trump’s campaign, who served on the same campaign committee as Michael Flynn, and who nominated Donald Trump at the Republican convention,” Democratic majority leader Chuck Schumer said at a press conference last week. “The Justice Department’s own guidelines demand that Attorney General Sessions remove himself from this matter immediately.”

      • Rita Camp says:

        Sessions would resign if he had any integrity. He doesn’t and he won’t. He is not serving the president or the country well. He’s the ultimate bureaucrat, he’s weak and I don’t trust him. He’s pathetic! He should be fired and so should Rosenstein. For heavens sake, Rosenstein signed one of the FISA warrants.

        • kroesus61 says:

          ta da ta da..the SDS crowd is out again and some of them are just as uninformed as always…..the AG has offered his Letter of Resignation to PDJT at least two times and it was REFUSED…….the first right after POTUS’ tweet about not knowing about the recusal and another selection had he fore known…….as POTUS he can FIRE anyone in the executive…..a power he has not withheld using in the past…..another “trust Trump except on this one matter” advocate

          • Paintingjan says:

            It gets so tiring, doesn’t it? I’m skimming past the SDS conversations. Our VSGPDJT has it covered. I trust him. Period.

    • Fools Gold says:

      Guess we’all have much more clarity after IG report comes out and Sessions let’s the cat out the bag.

    • Padric says:

      There’s good reason why nobody can point to who is going to carry out the prosecutions: Because the investigations are still ongoing.

      It’s pretty clear that Sessions/Huber have decided to wait until after the 3rd IG report is out, the one that will detail the FISA abuse, before announcing prosecutions. Why? Because many of the same actors that were involved in the HRC email investigation, Come, McCabe, Strozk, Page, etc were also involved in the FISA scandal. You want people to act as they normally would when investigating them. Otherwise they take defensive measures and avenues of investigation are lost.

      Further, the last thing you want is for insane amounts of political pressure to be brought to bear on whoever the prosecutor(s) turn out to be before the prosecutions begin. Again, that’s a good way to lose chances at nailing people to the wall for as much as possible.

      When they unseal indictments, and they will, it will be for the whole laundry list from leaks to MYE to FISA. Again, with good reason: You want to make absolutely sure they feel the boot on their neck and they squirm. A lot. Why? For an even better reason:

      Horowitz can only investigate the FBI/DoJ. He can’t investigate the Intelligence Community, specifically the CIA. Given that the CIA IG was only just recently named, they are going to need as many people facing prosecution willing to cough up as many details as possible. You want an entire choir of wrong doers singing. Especially if you have dreams of indicting the top people in Obama’s administration, including the man himself. If you’re going to go that route you have to ensure the cases are absolutely air tight.

      This whole saga was years in the making and it will be years until its finish. The scope and depth of this alone insures that. I honestly can’t say how much President Trump knows about the details of all this, I suspect not much. Not because he is a stupid man but because the details have been kept from him for the simple fact that for about half of this investigation he was the victim.

      That said, however, I do think he understands the massiveness of it all and has for some time. I also know that when its time to pay the butcher’s bill for what they did, and given his well known views on payback, president Trump will do his utmost to exact a deep and lasting punishment that very well may push the Democratic party into the abyss.

  15. daizeez says:

    I would have like to know why he did not attend the Priestap hearing. I don’t want to hear about any MORE congressional hearings that they don’t do anything about.

    • steph_gray says:

      The Priestap hearing was limited to 2 majority, 1 minority party. Sundance posted an update to that article. Perhaps you missed it.

  16. wait a minute says:

    At about the 4:03 mark Maria starts talking about James Comey and asks if there will be any consequences (paraphrased). The look on Goodlattes face was classic “oh, you have no idea what’s coming”. He was almost giddy about it.

    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “oh, you have no idea what’s coming”

      I was going to say as much to Flight93Gal a little upthread from you, after breezing quickly down the thread (again).

      I reference the saying “Those that talk do not know, those that know do not talk”. There is a time and place for everything, this interview was not the place to do any revealing.

      I hope and pray that is the case, anyway. The reputation of the swamp precedes PDJT to cover up their messes and keep on messin’ like a victim of cholera.

  17. Chuck Stephens says:

    It’s been over two months since McCabes criminal referral, why hasn’t Huber indicted yet? I have big questions about Huber and his intent to do anything that will come close to holding these people to any level of legal accountability…

    • marko says:

      agreed. don’t need IG report since criminal referal was already made. I don’t need to see any more hearings or read more text messages. Where is huber and where are the indictments?

    • jrapdx says:

      Could it be that Huber is awaiting bigger and better charges from next OIG report? Wouldn’t want to jump the gun and issue indictments before the report is made public. One possibility anyway.

      • marko says:

        nope..McCabe lied. Criminal referall by IG 2 months ago. This is BS. In the mean time Mueller is destroying everyone in Trump’s orbit with anything he can find.

        • rf121 says:

          Concern noted.

        • jrapdx says:

          What I meant is McCabe has done other and worse things for which he will be referred for indictment. Just my guess that Huber is waiting to indict on the more potent charges or bundle ’em all up together. But me too, I’m eager to see it happen to a deserving criminal.

          • YeahYouRight says:

            Arkansas US Attorney is also currently running an investigation into the Clinton Crime Syndicate…

      • Donzo says:

        Huber is not the assigned prosecutor in McCabe’s referral. I imagine Jesse Liu is doing further investigation beyond the confines of the IG.

      • Payday says:

        Why? They can always add additional charges. Look what Mueller has done to manafort.

        • jrapdx says:

          I couldn’t say, maybe more than one way to skin cats? I figure one baseless speculation is as good as any other. Just gotta wait to see what, if anything, happens, not a thing I can do to make it any different.

    • L4grasshopper says:

      Only reason I can think of is that there is more in the Report coming that relates to McCabe.

      • Oldschool says:

        There is nothing that stops them from adding charges. They can charge McCabe with lying today and murder next year if evidence supports that. It’s done all the time.

        • Koot Katmando says:

          Just look at Mueller and Maniford

        • mimbler says:

          No kidding! Otherwise you would never arrest a criminal because they might commit other crimes you could charge them with!

        • rayvandune says:

          I think the first charge will set the perception of seriousness for most Americans, who after all, have no idea that any of this is happening. Shocking, but pretty accurate.

          So if they will ultimately be charged with aggravated conspiracy to commit electoral fraud, don’t lead off with a process crime.

    • Dutchman says:

      Read the lettrrs, between McCabes lawyers and Congressional committee, (IIRC, GRASSLEY) where the lawyers are negotiating the terms, for McCabe to testify.
      The dates span a month or two, and after 4 letters, they are just starting to get close to the heart of the matter.

      Do you honestly think McCabe and his lawyers are putting ALL their eggs in one basket?

      They are having similar exchange of letters, with prosecutors, to negotiate his plea deal. And that takes time.

      McCabe lawyers say, in their letter, that there are emails, that the FBI has, and that McCabe and lawyers have seen, as part of discovery, that show clrarly that Comey and others at 7th floor KNEW McCabe eas leaking, and countenenced or approved.

      IF this is true, this is YUGE. They say they can’t show to Congress, cause they had to sign NDA, in order to see.
      Doesnt sound like coverup, otherwise why allow lawyers to see copies?

      Anyway, this is the kind of stuff that can drag on for months, as lawyers negotiate plea deals, then defendants tell what they know, which triggers MORE investigating, and so on.

      And we will know about very little of this, until indictments unsealed.

      See, the prosecution starts the case going, not the defence. So, defence can ask for all sorts of continuances, notso prosecution. View is, YOU started it, shouldn’t have if you werent ready.

      So, make DAMN sure, before you bring charges, that your ready to proceed.

      Mueller is hemming and hawing, cause he didnt follow this, and hes getting burned.

      Again, we don’t know what we don’t know. I take heart that the leaks are minor and vague, regarding IG report.

      We will see what we will see, on the 14th.

    • Sylvia Avery says:

      I’m not a lawyer, but I have formed the impression that when the IG makes a “criminal referral” it hands over to the DOJ what appears to be evidence of a crime.

      I don’t believe that means they hand over a completely investigated case tied up with a pretty bow and ready to take to court to file charges. This whole process is so opaque it is hard to know what exactly is going on, but various people have spoken about the DOJ investigating McCabe and his activities after having received the criminal referral.

      Again, I’m not a lawyer. It seems like a really convoluted process and I truly don’t get why they haven’t or couldn’t indict McCabe already. What more is there to investigate? Why is this apparently necessary? I wish I knew.

    • Texican says:

      Come on, people. None of us has any idea whether Huber (or another US Attorney) has indicted McCabe or anyone else. As we saw with the Wolfe indictment, it was all kept under wraps until last week. Stop listening to so much talk radio and pay a little closer attention to Sundance’s posts.

    • Robert Smith says:

      Best to let McCabe simmer to allow him to see things more clearly.

  18. […] sundance House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, the congressional oversight representative […]

  19. Liz says:

    Any immigration is a huge NO for me. I want MASSIVE deportation now. Trump won’t sign it if he does it’s the end.

    • trialbytruth says:

      Okay ill bite. The end of what exactly Liz?

      • Alligator Gar says:

        A lot of his grassroots support, that’s what. ‘Build the wall!’..remember that little chant at rallies? Or did you just think the Deplorables were being coy or easily duped–perhaps they were merely letting off steam?

        Enraged, more like. Fed up with unchecked immigration and translations paid for by tax dollars that are in 100s of languages. Build the wall. Deport them all. It wasn’t a suggestion. It wasn’t a slogan.

        It was an order.

        • Dutchman says:

          Seems to me, reading SD posts about trade, and NAFTA, that ending NAFTA yields more than enough to pay for wall?
          So, ka-ching!

        • Oldschool says:

          If the current flooding (50,000 last month alone) doesn’t stop, and border remains unsecured, Trump will not get a second term. He knows that. We have to see what the midterms bring.

          • trialbytruth says:

            I dont think so oldschool

            I think his base hangs with him and blames the uniparty. We know who is not trying to build the wall and it isnt Trump.

            The next funding package is coming up quick lets see how Trump plays this he has announced hes not going to sign a bill without wall funding. He may have left himself some room as to whether or not it is a full package but thats all.

        • trialbytruth says:

          Okay then.

          So if a wall gets built, MS-13 is deported. All adults who came across the border are denied any form of citizenship. A legal alien status is offered to otherwise law abiding, self supporting illegal aliens who have been here 8 plus years. Finally the illegal aliens who came across the border as young children are offered a 6 year path to citizenship.

          If that was on the table you would say Bad Trump No Biscuit?

          • kroesus61 says:

            I would….look at the border surge up to historic levels with just TALK again of a possible amnesty…..what do you think actual amnesty would do……an old axiom which Reagan used in part says if you encourage lawlessness you get more of it……to legalize the illegal is ENCOURAGING lawlessness

            • trialbytruth says:

              Trump’s not talking amnesty. He is not going to sign an amnesty bill. No one thinks an amnesty bill is about to pass.

              The only ones talking about the impending doom of amnesty are those running around with their hair on fire. Stop yelling about it and you won’t hear your self. Now get a bucket of water before you get seriously burned.

    • formerdem says:

      Well ywe have 20 trillion to repay and some help with the required taxes would lighten that; we have an aging boomer generation and help supporting them would be grand; we have factories opening and they’ll need workers. Immigration should be legal but under these circumstances ruling it out means swearing to pick up a burden that may be too heavy.

  20. Get’n close it is.

  21. pnj01 says:

    I fail to understand why conservatives would ever go along with any path to citizenship. Path to legal status? Okay, but the Law is the Law.

    The ridiculous hand wringing going on now about the Ecuadorian delivery man (Pablo Villavicencio) caught in a routine security check when he was delivering to a Brooklyn Army Base (Ft. Hamilton, I guess) shows how crazy the Libs and fellow travelers position is. The guy was ordered deported back in 2011, but never left. So, when an Army check revealed he’s subject to a deportation order he was remanded to ICE. So, the local News shows have gone bonkers and his supporters went to court and got an order from a federal judge putting off the deportation until a hearing. WHY? Villavicencio has already had a hearing and the judge issued an adverse order which he has defied for seven years now.

    QUESTIONS: First, if foreigners don’t have to obey the Immigration Laws, isn’t it unfair to make Tax Payers obey the Tax Laws? SO: AMNESTY FOR ALL TAX EVASION CASES!! It’s only FAIR! TAXPAYERS SHOULD NOT BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST.

    Second: if illegals don’t even have to obey Deportation Orders after they have received their hearings, why shouldn’t Americans convicted of crimes be able to go on the lam when they areunder orders to surrender to go away to jail?

    • Dutchman says:

      Good point. Get a traffic ticket, refuse to pay it, or even show up for hearing. Get picked up, you go to jail. No hearing, no delay, no being released b.s.

      But, if ONLY you had been an illegal alien, then you get special treatment.

      Theyve boiled the frog for so long, and distorted whats “fair”,…its b.s.

      • Oldschool says:

        And now all the parrots are squawking, “He’s separating mothers and children”. This has been picked up so fast, I am hearing it from everyone. The longer we wait, the more they come, the more time we give the enemy to plan, organize and deploy. Not winning on this one. Yet

      • pnj01 says:

        Non-discrimination principles require the US courts to give taxpayers the same right to ignore the US Government and US courts that illegals have. Anything else would be racist!

    • kroesus61 says:

      the “broken immigration system” they constantly refer to while it does have some problems stem from the fact that BOTH sides have decided to NOT enforce existing law for the last 30+ years and then they say but look they lived here “law abiding for the last __ years you cannot deport them now as they have roots in the community”….the fix is easy even by existing laws…….PUNISH employers publicly for employing illegal workers and DENY them social benefits….the flood to the border would be immense

  22. Jimmneycrickett says:

    No need for a special council..Guilty or not guilty.. Evidence says it all… No need… Here comes the soft scoop!!! Ugh….. If this ends with nothing…. Sorry to say, As long as I’ve followed this…. It is what it is…. Politics as usual… When ya know 100 percent, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Guilty is Guilty… Nothing happens …. Well ….

    Getting frustrated, Look at the timing, Republicans can not be that stupid.. This is absolutely nuts…. I fully endorse Trump but really, enough is enough..

    Mean while the Democrats just keep funneling money, Hillary knows who to pay…

  23. Labrat says:

    Nothing came out of Fast and furious, IRS, Benghazi, etc. Why should sulfate be any different? I’m done with on until I see prep walks.

  24. rf121 says:

    Double post. It was the Russians. I swear.

  25. Carrie says:

    I’m just so relieved that Maria was back this week. Pfew. At least someone is finally asking good questions again! Laura Ingraham supposedly has a legal background but cannot ask good questions, or hear any answers. Maria doesn’t have a legal background (to my knowledge) but she sure knows how to work an interview!

    • Koot Katmando says:

      Yep Maria lets them answer the question. Laura and Sean constantly interrupt to make it about them. Sean is the worst though. I can not even watch him or listen in the car. I would rather watch Shepard Smith and I turn him off too.

      • I agree, the constant interuptions and the answering of his own questions, why bother having guests on. Add in continual outrage and requoting of facts/stats, ugh….done with Sean.

  26. Karl Kastner says:

    Guess I wrote this just in time….

    “Comey Brennan and Clapper”
    (Sung to the tune of Heart of The Matter, by Don Henley)

    (From the perspective of John Huber, U.S. Prosecutor)

    I got the nod today, the peak of my career
    I had hoped that it would come
    The silent assassin, callin’ on the phone
    Needs me to prosecute someone
    And I thought of our new pres-ident,
    And the trouble he went through
    How he fired Comey, and Sessions recused
    Alone against these forces, who are threatenin’ freedom’s core
    He woke us up from our complacence
    The fight is on our shore!

    I’m working with Hor-o-witz right now
    As he inspects for crimes
    And now we know, of their insurance plan
    All the corruption that they buried, will surface again
    Now my job is to pin down
    Comey Brennan and Clapper
    Can I get one to speak?
    Cause like rats they will scatter
    But we’re talking about sed-i-tion
    Treasonous, treasonous they are rotten to the core

    The “news” is so divertin’
    The truth is undermined
    Upon the printed page
    We could use a little honesty
    How can we survive, propaganda wars they wage?
    The trust in our elections and our de-moc-racy
    We almost lost, to Hill-ar-y
    I know our founding fathers, were turning in their grave
    All the freedoms that they gave us,
    Are now our turn to save

    I’m working with Hor-o-witz right now
    As he records their crimes
    From Srtzok we know, of their insurance plan
    All the corruption that they buried, will surface again

    Now my job is to nail down
    Comey Brennan and Clapper
    Who’ll be the first one to speak?
    Well it don’t really matter
    Cause we’re talking about sed-i-tion
    Treasonous, treasonous they are rotten to the core

    These intel Directors that we trusted, to guard us all from harm
    They let us down, you know they have no pride
    Turned surveillance on our citizens,
    Fourth amendment trampled on
    These three represent a danger, that can defeat us from inside

    My indictments will come down
    Comey Brennan and Clapper
    Their de-fenses are weak
    Their lies swirl down the crapper
    Cause we’re talking about sed-i-tion
    Treasonous, treasonous, they are rotten

    My indictments will rain down
    Comey Brennan and Clapper
    Soon cause their blad-ders to leak
    Their defenses in tatters
    Cause we’re talking about sed-i-tion
    Treasonous, treasonous, they are rotten

    John Brennan
    Treasonous, treasonous, they are rotten to the core
    James Clapper

  27. JX says:

    > “solving the problem for the daca recipients”

    I hate these people. They’re traitors.

  28. Ventura Highway says:

    Hold tight wait till the party’s over
    Hold tight We’re in for nasty weather
    There has got to be a way
    Burning down the house

  29. limelite001 says:

    Goodlatte = Trey Gowdy II

    All talk, no action, just appeasement and cover up’s. He’s all hat, no cattle.

    Sick and tired how the political class cover for their own. Let a private citizen try what they’ve done and they’ll be in prison for life with no parole. Look how they’ve gone after Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. They won’t stop until they imprison both for ‘leaking’ sensitive information. Yet, politicians and a sitting president can organize a coup against an incoming president, and they all cover for each other. You try lie to the FBI and you’re in prison for years. McCabe, Comey et al, have lied continuouslyGoodlattes (proven) and they walk free, selling books, being interviewed on TV, with no consequences. So, excuse me if I don’t believe Goodlatte will actually do something of note. It’s the same wash, rinse, repeat, over and over.

  30. jameswlee2014 says:

    The money: “It is worth noting that Goodlatte directs a great deal of attention to U.S. Attorney John Huber on the criminality behind the upcoming IG report. ” There’s a grand jury hearing evidence and likely has been for a while.

    • Marko says:

      Mark Meadows was on Judge Jeanine program a few weeks ago and he said all he has seen Huber do is rack up frequent flyer miles….don’t know what he means but he wasn’t impressed with Huber and Pirro did not disagree with him.

  31. TomR,Worc,MA,USA says:

    OK kids. I have heard multiple people say that something is supposed to “drop” tomorrow. What gives?

    • mimbler says:

      If I were a fake psychic, I would say something is going to drop tomorrow:
      1) PDJT in Singapore
      2) G7 aftermath
      3) OIG report imminent (leaks?)
      4) Mueller, Comey, Brennan and Clapper all bloviating
      5) Amnesty discharge petition/
      6) McCabe about to be charged

      etc. etc. etc.

      Yeah, something might happen tomorrow.

      • rayvandune says:

        Any explanation out there of why PDJT has arrived in Singapore two days before the summit? And apparently Kim has too?

        And how come people are saying he will be out of DC when the OIG drops the big one on the 14th, when the summit happens on the 12th? Seems like a lot of unaccounted-for days in this timeline.

        • Dutchman says:

          Uh, its called jet-lag. Never experienced ut, but I hear its brutal.

          Wouldnt want your surgeon, experiencing it, to operate, now would you?

        • kroesus61 says:

          part of the extra time is for the LION to acclimatize to Singapore and meet their PM today

      • Mueller will be indicting someone close to PDJT.

  32. Sound An Alarm says:

    I watched Maria at MSNBC but she’s hit her stride at FOX!

  33. iwasthere says:

    FYI Goodlotte is totally in the pocket of Google. I know this for a fact being on the Hill and working against the AIA (gutting of the US patent system). Can’t imagine he would buck Google on the H-1B issue (collusion to suppress STEM wages).

  34. NOSNOW says:

    Thank Q for that.

  35. Koot Katmando says:

    After 27 years in the Military, I have concluded the plan lasts about 5 minutes after enemy contact. Trust the people next to you do the right thing and adapt on the go. Are their enough white hats? Time will tell.

    • jello333 says:

      Since we’ve waited this long (seems like forever), I say wait one more day. Because I’d rather this didn’t have to compete with the Korean stuff for air time and attention. BOTH are gonna be spectacularly good news for Trump (and US), so I wanna be able to really drink it all in in real-time with no distractions.

    • CollusionMyth says:

      This is nice if true but it doesn’t fall under the scope of the 6/14 IG report.

  36. Dutchman says:

    And let us not forget DWS, and Awan.

    All those incumbents, most assured re-election, dropping out to spend more time with families…..

    DWS, in a public hearing, DEMANDS the dc police return her laptop, THREATENS them if they dont.

    Gee, do you suppose she had blackmail files on many in Congress, that Awan was accumulating ‘for her’, so she could use, to coerce the votes her paymasters wanted?

    But then, Awan being investigated, so he leaves her laptop, where found.

    Busted, and sings. Resignations flow,…

    His sentencing heading coming up soon,…

    • CollusionMyth says:

      This is a huge scandal all by itself but appears that it will be buried. I’m very angry it doesn’t receive more attention but realize a lot of congress, especially Dbaggers, are involved.

  37. Huber was a distraction than and is a distraction now. Huber aint doing nothing. Jeff Sessions aint doin nothing either. He started Trumps mess by hiring Clovis, Page and Papadopolous as the head of Foreign Policy Team. He refused to appoint special counsel for FISA, twice. He has been given multiple criminal referrals from Congress and the IG but does nothing. He even threatened to quit if Rosenstein is fired. Trump regrets hiring him cause of refusal of FISA probe. Now he regrets hiring him for recusal of Russia-probe. The only one I trust is IG Horowitz and perhaps this report will give scared-ass Sessions the political push to appoint a special counsel or grand jury for FISA and Hillary/FBI scandal. If nothing happens after IG report, best believe Sessions will be replaced and that would mean Rosenstein too. We will see…

    • noswamp says:

      “The only one I trust is IG Horowitz and perhaps this report will give scared-ass Sessions the political push to appoint a special counsel or grand jury for FISA and Hillary/FBI scandal. ”

      One can only hope. I have been thinking this might be the case as well, but I now increasingly doubt it.

  38. noswamp says:

    “He even threatened to quit if Rosenstein is fired. ”

    I will never forgive Sessions for that stunt. He was the snake in Trump’s poem.

  39. RussellSteli says:

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  40. […] It is worth noting that Goodlatte directs a great deal of attention to U.S. Attorney John Huber on the criminality behind the upcoming IG report. The report is scheduled to be made public on Thursday June 14th:  WATCH […]

  41. 6x47 says:

    Just waiting to see if this falls into Rosenstein’s lap. It’s about Hillary Clinton and the 2016 election after all.

  42. ADDgolfer says:

    When President Trump met with Kim Yong Chol last week in the oval office, he provided respect also called “face”.
    In that part of the world, face is as important as air and water.

    Here is how our President further gave face when meeting with Kim Yong Chol and his delegates in Singapore. I might add, totally unscripted
    I hope this autoloads. My first time. If not, it’s cut to length of 1:20mins, or 80 seconds

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