President Trump Economic and Tax Reform Roundtable Remarks – Cleveland Ohio

Earlier today President Trump traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to deliver remarks at a business and community tax reform roundtable event.  President Trump begins his remarks by noting the importance of shifting focus within the trade discussion to bring a greater balance to the U.S. economy via America-First principles.

Three decades of economic policies benefiting Wall Street are now shifted to begin a new era where economic policies benefit Main Street.  That’s MAGAnomics in shorthand.

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42 Responses to President Trump Economic and Tax Reform Roundtable Remarks – Cleveland Ohio

  1. Publius2016 says:

    Great great program! Local affiliates will pick up these events!

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  2. Pam says:

    POTUS is constantly crushing the narrative that people aren’t seeing benefits from the tax cut package. There are a lot of wonderful heart tugging stories here.

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    • RJ says:

      I instantly received a pay increase of $2200 per year with PDJT tax cut. That is a pay raise of more than $1.00 per hour. My company then raised our pay by nearly $3.00 per hour due to the tax cuts. Based upon 2080 hours per year, that comes to $8000 per year pay increase. Thank you President Trump!

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      • Cuppa Covfefe says:

        Wow! Congratulations!

        It takes money to make money. Something the libturds, watermelons (green on the outside, RED on the inside), and DEMONcRATs will never know. Because they are doing it with OTHER PEOPLE’S money…


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      • RJ, I’m so happy for you! Thank you for sharing! History in the making. I do not ever remember a tax cut that benefited most Americans so fast and this big.

        Then the BIGGEST cut is to businesses for job creation. President Trump loves this country and its people so much! All the crap, arrows, special counsel, MSM, Soros, antifa, and the haters to him and his family, so that Americans have a better life!

        Then there’s the really ginormous stuff like breaking up the pedophile rings, taking down the CF, Soros, O, Hill. This man is more the anyone every even could have dreamed possible. President Trump is an angle in my heart!

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  3. I have to share the good stuff with you. I pray, he is right.

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  4. fred5678 says:

    I would hate to be responsible for the DNC messaging/campaign commercials this season.

    The Party of NO is pathetic. What the heck are they going to run on?? 29 different special identity groups’ rights??

    James Carville said it first in the 1991 PA Senate race: “It’s the economy, stupid!”
    Then used it the next year with Bubba to beat G H W Bush, who had enjoyed a peak of 90% approval just a few months earlier!!!.

    It IS the economy. Oh, and the WALL!!! And Kate. And Jamiel. And so many others.

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    • scott467 says:

      “I would hate to be responsible for the DNC messaging/campaign commercials this season.”


      I don’t think they even really care.

      Their outlook has diverged so far from reality that we and they cannot even agree on what basic reality is.

      They have — and I mean this literally — defined themselves in opposition to God.

      Pick a subject. ANY subject. Now look at the Left’s position on that subject. Not necessarily what they say, but what they do (e.g., the Left claims to be for free speech, you can believe them, or your own lying eyes).

      If there is a SINGLE position with any relation to morality held by the Left that is NOT in diametric opposition to God, what would that be?

      It’s a simple question, and as broad as possible, so if there is one, it should be easy to point out. I expect to hear crickets, but we’ll see.

      That doesn’t make us good or always right, but defining themselves in opposition to God certainly makes them evil and always wrong.

      It makes them Satanists.

      This should not come as a surprise to anyone paying attention, or to anyone who has read the ‘dedication’ page of Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’, where Saul acknowledges and pays tribute to LUCIFER:

      “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins – or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.” — Saul Alinsky, “Rules for Radicals”

      The same Saul Alinsky who was an idol to an impressionable young woman, so much so that her college thesis was on Saul Alinsky.

      She became one of his best students and disciples.

      Her name is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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      • redridge45 says:

        This needs to be shared widely, please….
        Thank you….

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      • Cuppa Covfefe says:

        Good points. That’s why I call them DEMONcRATs…

        We have lots of that type over here ( [no] thanks to Rudolf Steiner, of the Waldorschule and Demeter fame), including “Die Linke” (the left), the Greens, the SPD (the Marxists/Socialists – two flavors of the same poison), and even Frau Dr. Merkel’s portion of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union: sadly, neither Christian, Democratic, nor United)…

        Only the AfD (Alliance for Deutschland, who occupy the spot in the political spectrum where the CDU used to be, back in the good old days) and the more conservative parts of the FDP (our Libertarians). The CSU is the Bavarian sister party of the CDU: more conservative, more Christian, and less confused than the CDU. They would be a good fit with the AfD, but, of course, “Mutti” Merkel won’t let it happen.

        GODless bastiges all…

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      • Cuppa Covfefe says:

        Hill-the-BEAST and “Bubba” are both Satanic Black Magick Illuminised Witches. They “feed” on murder, abortion, and “sacrifices”. So the trail of Arkancides, etc., is just evidence of a “feeding frenzy”.

        Sounds odd, but REAL witches have confirmed this behaviour; indeed one of them said that Hillary outranks Bill, and is pretty much universally feared…

        But those of us with the Armour of GOD (Ephesians 6:10-18) are protected. And Hill-the-BEAST should be the one shaking in her alcoholic shoes…


    • scott467 says:

      “The Party of NO is pathetic. What the heck are they going to run on?? 29 different special identity groups’ rights??”



      That is how they organize. That is what Saul Alinsky teaches.

      He would go into a neighborhood, call everyone together for a meeting, and find out what each group of faction wanted most.

      Some demanded lower rent. Some want abortion ‘rights’ and gay ‘rights’ (or they were ‘led’ to ‘want’ those things). Whatever it is each group wants isn’t the point.

      The point is for each group to AGREE to support all of the OTHER group’s ‘wants’, in return for all of the other groups supporting YOUR ‘wants’.

      That means you go along with ANYTHING, so long as you get what YOU want. And everyone else agrees to do likewise.

      That is “unity”, Alinksy style.

      If you can get enough people to agree to abandon any and all principle or values in return for getting whatever is most important to them, you can change the world.

      Look around, see how successful they have been.

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      • scott467 says:

        edit / correction: “He would go into a neighborhood, call everyone together for a meeting, and find out what each group OR faction wanted most.”

        That’s what a ‘community organizer’ does.

        That’s Hussein’s claim to fame, isn’t it?

        The first ‘community organizer’ to ever become president of the United States of America. And once there, he did every last thing in his power to destroy America.

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        • NC PATRIOT says:

          AND THEN his acolytes set about to take the incoming President down one way or another—-and apparently they are still stalking him on the world stage

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      • piper567 says:

        scott…yes, yes.
        That what they call “Organizing”.
        And they are Very Good at it.

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    • dd_sc says:

      They will run on “free stuff”

      1. free college tuition
      2. free (single payer) healthcare – their fix for ObamaCare
      3. guaranteed livable wage?
      4. Non-specific “infrastructure spending”
      5. Open borders


  5. Dennis Leonard says:

    Here is why he needs more of these round table meetings.From CNN and note 550 hand picked stories.
    When the new federal income tax cuts went into effect at the beginning of the year, the White House said 90% of workers should see more in their take-home pay.

    But a majority of CNNMoney readers said they aren’t really feeling the difference in their paychecks.

    Of the 550 readers who responded to a questionnaire, nearly 60% said they either aren’t seeing any extra take-home pay, or if they are, it’s too small to improve their financial well-being.

    Another 11% said their take-home pay went up by between $100 and $199 per paycheck or per month, while another 9% reported getting between $200 and $1,000 extra.

    Those who reported getting extra money most commonly said they were using it for everything from buying gas and food to saving to paying bills and paying down debt. Several people noted the increase they saw was offset by higher prices and higher health care premiums.

    A number of people, meanwhile, said they saw a couple of hundred dollars more in their after-tax pay around mid-February. But they decided to have their employer withhold that extra amount so they don’t end up owing money to the IRS when they file their 2018 tax returns next year.

    Here’s a closer look at how seven people perceive the impact of the tax cuts on their financial situation. Their incomes range from $30,000 to $260,000.

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    • FL_GUY says:

      CNN said: A number of people, meanwhile, said they saw a couple of hundred dollars more in their after-tax pay around mid-February. But they decided to have their employer withhold that extra amount so they don’t end up owing money to the IRS when they file their 2018 tax returns next year.

      These people are obviously STUPID!!!!! If they trusted the withholding of their company before, why should they distrust them now? Of course, ANYONE who listens to CNN after they were exposed 20+ years ago as being the stooges and propagandists of dictators would believe anything. CNN showed their true colors with the treason of the first gulf war.

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  6. Mncpo(ret) says:

    When I heard that wonderful woman from the furniture store say, “If you hit a period of discouragement, please know that millions of Americans like my husband and I, pray for you, your eyes started leaking.

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  7. fleporeblog says:

    Just finished watching that round table from Cleveland, Ohio! For those that haven’t had a chance, it is a must watch.

    I Love that our President continues to travel the country to have locals share what he has meant to them and what his policies have meant for them and their families. One woman said today that she wanted him to know that she and her husband and millions of Americans pray every single day for his health, well-being, his family and his administration because they are all allowing our country to prosper once again.

    It was the loudest that the crowd got throughout the event. The stories are also very touching and in some cases very emotional.

    Our President seemed to be at such ease and peace throughout. He knows he and his administration are doing an incredible job. He isn’t concerned about all the naysayers.

    I loved when he said not to let anyone tell you that having trade deficits is a good thing we shouldn’t worry about. He talked about our so called friends that don’t even thank us for protecting them. The least they can do is stop taking advantage of us when it comes to trade.

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    • piper567 says:

      After watching the similar Roundtable in FLA, I came away realizing that many people are smart enough to realize there is a Direct Relationship between the President’s policies and the return of a robust Main Street.
      I, too, recommend watching these Roundtables for a real shot of encouragement.

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  8. FL_GUY says:

    The D-Rat leadership has already said when they take over, they intend to take away the tax cuts and raise taxes higher. This is their leadership goal and they rule D-Rats with an iron fist; there are NO independent D-Rat thinkers; they follow orders of their leadership. Any D-Rat running for office in Nov should be confronted with their leadership intention to eliminate the President Trump tax cuts and raise taxes further.

    Also, the reason the D-Rats want higher taxes? To continue to prop up socialist and totalitarian regimes around the world. They sure as hell don’t intend to spend it on We the People.

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Exactly. Those of us who can “make noise” and work to get out the vote, should do so, even now (though the elections are months away).

      We need to “out organize” the community organizers, and insure all is done fair and square. Call them out for their lies and obfuscations, and if the snowflakes get loud; get louder still…

      The beta males and Amazons will be choking on their yuppie Chai and SJW tears…

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    • Agreed Fla Guy. We need the voter turnout we had in 2016 . Most D-Rat candidates will try to morf all of President Trump’s accomplishmants into some warped continuation of obama’s movement. They also will attempt to minimize the (tax) contibution hike as a patriotic balance for all the FREE stuff that will be coming. This is not remote. There are millions of pathetic poor souls in Venezuela and Cuba that bought this story decades ago. D-Rats count on the invading migrant and existing ‘useful idiots’ to make this nightmare come true.


  9. Tagalong says:

    It’s great we got the tax cuts, the economy is moving along people are optimistic and jobs are opening up everywhere. Now we need to get people in Congress to support the president and make the tax cuts permanent. To fund the wall and to reduce spending starting with the waste and the fraud. Pass a bill where we could go fund the wall and just see how fast it happens. I’m hooked on this site, don’t know when I found it but am here daily.

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  10. woohoowee says:

    “Close it up”, Mr. President 🙂 We’ll let the Dims know we’re not going to stand for being disenfranchised by their laws anymore via a red wave in November!

    USA! USA! USA!


  11. zooamerica says:

    I’m tearing up…26 minutes in…

    Tears of JOY!


  12. lee faust says:

    Ohio and creepy Kaisch isn’t there. A true Rhino.


  13. jeans2nd says:

    That is Congressman Jim Renacci sitting to Pres Trump’s right, who was my Rep before my being redistricted to Tim Ryan (D) 😦

    Rep Renacci came in with the 2010 Tea Party wave of fiscal conservatives, and is now running for Sherrod Brown’s Senate seat, which Renacci will win. imo

    One big prob – Renacci’s primary challenger is 2016 Ohio Trump Campaign Fundraising co-chair Mike Gibbons, whose bona fides are impeccable.

    Tea Party vs Trump Guy. What to do????? lol

    Sheeley’s Furniture has been here on the North Coast for a very long time, and is much-loved. Pres Trump sure knows how to pick the right people. Another Great Roundtable. Thx.


  14. After watching this, it’s like the whole Mueller thing and the MSM are taking place in an alternative universe.


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