Admiral Mike Rogers Retires, Turns Over U.S. Cyber Command and NSA To General Paul Nakasone as Unified Combatant Command…

Quietly, almost invisibly today, National Security Agency Director Navy Admiral Mike S Rogers turned over his command to Army General Paul Nakasone.

Together with Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan, a small but formal ceremony was held at Fort Meade, Maryland, on the same day the U.S. Cyber Command was elevated to become the nation’s 10th unified combatant command.


It does not seem coincidental that today, in the background of events, there is also a great deal of activity within the aggregate intelligence community (FBI/DOJ).  As DNI Dan Coats and NSA Director Mike Rogers are together in a formal and official capacity for the final time, the FBI was purging usurping agents (Page, Baker). Indeed with Admiral Rogers exit from service, he is now able to testify regarding his knowledge of prior FISA issues.

The Send-off: Friday May 4, 2018, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats delivers the colors of the United Cyber Command to General Paul M Nakasone as Admiral Mike Rogers beams with pride in the background.

You might remember it was DNI Dan Coats and NSA Mike Rogers who worked together to investigate the FISA abuses and declassify the FISA court opinion presented by Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer in April 2017.  It was also Mike Rogers who went to see President Elect Donald Trump in November of 2016 and alerted him to the counterintelligence surveillance being conducted by FBI and DOJ officials within the Obama Administration.

At the official ceremony today Army General Paul M. Nakasone officially replaced Navy Admiral Michael S. Rogers as commander, and as director of the National Security Agency and Central Security Service.


Thank You Admiral Mike Rogers

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230 Responses to Admiral Mike Rogers Retires, Turns Over U.S. Cyber Command and NSA To General Paul Nakasone as Unified Combatant Command…

  1. Brant says:

    Like “others”……I hope he keeps his security clearance…..would be the only one who deserves it.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    Free to testify…
    Adm Rogers did say in his speech that he has one last hearing in which to testify before retirement.
    Stay tuned.
    Thank you Adm and Mrs Rogers and family.

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    • Diana Kardous says:

      I heard that comment as well when watching his change of command ceremony. I wonder when this testimony is to take place, as I have not seen it mentioned anywhere other than here.

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  3. Thank you for your outstanding service, steadfast devotion to duty, and your patriotism. Your intrepidity bestows great honor upon you, the US Navy, and America. We will always be indebted to you.

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  4. 335blues says:

    Sometimes, all it takes is one honest, patriotic, steel-willed, great man
    to bring down a strong, well-placed cabal of traitors who seek to destroy our great nation.

    Admiral Mike Rogers, I salute your integrity, your passion for the truth,
    and your love of America and its freedom.

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  5. SouthCentralPA says:

    The tenth unified combatant command, I suppose, but the tenth unified command was SCENTCOM Merciful heavens, those guys are funny…

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  6. H&HC, 2nd-16th says:

    Sundance said “There is a stabilizing and strengthening sense amid the force today.” How the hell can one person say so much with so few words? Amazing.

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  7. Pa Hermit says:

    There should always be room somewhere in this administration for this quality of individual! Now that he is free of the military commitment, politics should be wide open. Men like this are a rarity in this age of corruption! Thank you Admiral for a job well done! Thank God the likes of Obama didn’t force his retirement.

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    • brh82 says:

      Clapper and Brennan sure tried to! I Hope he gets the great pleasure of seeing both of them do the Perp Walk Across Water to Gitmo.

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    • darthawk says:

      “Politics wide open!” I like your idea. How about Alabama Republicans start BEGGING Admiral Rogers (Auburn Graduate) to move to Bama to run against the Democrat in the next Senate Race?

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    • Lindenlee says:

      Remember all those patriotic flag officers, like General Hamm and others, that Obama forced out? They are not gone, just like Flynn is not gone. I wonder if the ad waiting in the wings, helping, serving in an unknown and invisible capacity to save our country. I wonder if they have been in touch with Adm. Rogers. We will see.

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    • Jan says:

      In these very trying times, once and a while a hero emerges in DC.. The amazing thing is we have Adm. Rogers, DNI Dan Coats, Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Max Gaetz, Bob Goodlatte, Mark Meadows, sometimes Charles Grassley and a few others who are fighting for our country….The rest of DC,….hate us lowly Americans who go out there to earn a living every single day, 24/7. Admiral Rogers is one of us who I hope keeps getting security for a while because the scuz of society is out to torch us. Thank you for your service, Adm. Rogers….you done a lot of good!!


  8. Pat says:

    Diogenes can put his lamp down.

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  9. f.fernandez says:

    “Evil prevails when good men do nothing”

    Evil did NOT prevail as Admiral Mike Rogers, a great man DID something. One final act left sir then rest easy. This nation owes you more than we could ever hope to repay.

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    • Steve Timms says:

      I am a Brit…watching this story slowly unfold from afar.
      I am old now , a little cynical too.
      But the world occasionally produces great human beings
      In my lifetime > Churchill , JFK , MLK and Mandela. And Ali ( just the most amazing human being I think).
      I hope to see how your story concludes. I am still a little confused by it all to be honest but now have the general gist. And I am hoping and reckoning I can add two names to the above list before the big guy upstairs tells me time is up…Michael Rogers and Donald Trump.

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      • DarkLich says:

        I suggest you re-research Mandela and Churchill. Ali and maybe MLK are the only decent ones on your list.


  10. Kris says:

    Thank you, sir, for your service to our country, our President and the citizens of the greatest country in the world, United States of America!!! Enjoy!!!

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  11. phoenixRising says:

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    • Newhere says:

      Have we seen this look on the Admiral’s face . . .well, ever? Speaks volumes.

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      • Lindenlee says:

        Can you imagine the weight that this man has carried on his shoulders all this time? Even if we had a President who loved the country, how much weight it would be, to protect us from all who see us in a,oldering ruins?

        But having to endure 8 years of the Traitor-in-Chief, and then discover that Obama was doing Stasi-like surveillance on the Trump campaign? He must have had the weight of the world on his shoulders…. And yet, he did his duty and risked all to do it with honor and faithfulness. We owe him so much.

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      • Lindenlee says:

        Can you imagine the weight that this man has carried on his shoulders all this time? Even if we had a President who loved the country, how much weight it would be, to protect us from all who see us in a,oldering ruins?

        But having to endure 8 years of the Traitor-in-Chief, and then discover that Obama was doing Stasi-like surveillance on the Trump campaign? He must have had the weight of the world on his shoulders…. And yet, he did his duty and risked all to do it with honor and faithfulness. We owe him so much.


    • mopar2016 says:

      Great picture of a great man.
      Admiral Nimitz and Halsey would be proud of Admiral Rogers.

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    • Patsy says:

      Any idea of WHEN he will testify? Can’t miss TV!!!!


  12. mass55th says:

    God Bless you Admiral Rogers. May you have a long, and happy retirement. Thank you for your service.

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  13. nhgardengram says:

    Congratulations go to Admiral Rogers for his service to his country, for his dedication to right, and for his political bravery! The first one to stand up to the SWAMP!! We LOVE YOU!!!

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  14. 4harrisonblog says:

    Sir, I salute you. A job and career done well.

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  15. Alison says:

    God willing, may Admiral Mike Rogers’ torch of honor, duty & loyalty to our great nation be passed to those who follow in his Navy footsteps. May the light of his beacon shine brightly to remind us that one honest man makes all the difference.


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  16. says:

    It’s obvious today that integrity, doing the ‘hard’ right instead of the ‘easy’ wrong, is a quality lacking in a great many people in our government. I’m sure it was not easy, he was most likely attacked by Brennen and Clapper for being on the wrong side of history. Why is it that our military again has been where the real sacrifices have been made, think of Washington and what he did after victory, and then those who could have had the power just walk away. There is a great personal sense of doing the right thing that can’t ever be duplicated by money and power. I can think of a certain failed presidential candidate who could learn from this.

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  17. Kevin J says:

    Would love to get a transcript of what he said in that 0:42 second YouTube clip in this blog post.


  18. rayvandune says:

    Will any of the newsreaders who repeated every time PDJT said he was wiretapped that he was speaking “without any proof”, ever have the self-awareness and integrity to apologize? He had all the proof anyone could ask for, the word of Mike Rogers!

    I’m talking to you, Scott Simon and Steve Inskeep of NPR. Do you have enough honor to admit that it was YOU who spoke “without any proof”, because you were TOLD to?!

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Wasting your time with NPR. That globalist state funded propaganda radio network has but one function. That is glorifying the socialist Left and demonizing the conservative Right. It’s what they do. M A G A

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      • Kathleen Brady says:

        With OUR Money! NPR=National Public Radio and is in large part, funded by our tax dollars.. and that needs to stop!

        I could never hope to repay Admiral Rogers for what he has done for our country and, really the world. May God keep you safe, healthy and happy the rest of your life. Take care, Sir!

        I hope President Trump creates and gives him his OWN named medal! Medal of Patriotism, the Mike Rogers Award and make it as high/higher than Medal/Congressional Medal of Honor (I don’t know mil medals, I am not sure what is top).

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  19. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Admiral Rogers, thank you for protecting our President and our country!

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  20. Steve Pac says:

    Thank you Admiral Rogers for you service. You have been loyal and patriotic to your vows to uphold and defend this country against all enemies foriegn and domestic. Your courage to stand in the face of the enemy is historic. You are a credit to your uniform. You stand as a shining example of service to the Office of President and the citizens of this great nation.


  21. The Boss says:

    Why do I have this feeling that we’ve not heard the last of this great man?

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  22. nanny210 says:

    Well done, Admiral Rogers! Commence a retirement well earned and much needed. I only have one question for you, Sir…….how did Obama NOT relieve you of duty like he did so many other conservative, high level Military men/women, (so as to destroy our Military from the top down,) replacing with all those who shared his (obama) leanings and views?
    I, for one, thank The Powers that Be that you were not ‘replaced’ by one of Obama’s chosen ones, and was there to help We the People elect and put in place our President of the USofA, Donald Trump, despite all the attempts to destroy him!
    Thank you for your outstanding service to our country!

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  23. brenrod says:

    I never realized what an impressive speaker ADM Rogers is….. I could see a future of this sort of qualifications and competency as President…. especially since all confidence is fading in politicians leading our nation…. I foresee military leaders potentially leading our nation.


    • pyromancer76 says:

      I have had one question from the first moment I heard that Adm Rogers was retiring — could he become Atty General? Not fair, I know, he deserves a rest and many rewards.

      This question comes from all perspectives of my mind in evaluation of AG Sessions. Just take “Good Sessions” – helping with the rope (very, very long, needed lots of “space”) for the eventual metaphoric hangings. AG Sessions might like a rest after eighteen months of so of dealing with the most vicious anti-American coup attempts toward a current administration this country has ever experienced. He might get his acknowledgements and feel that this has been a job well and honorably done.

      I wont address the other alternative.


  24. Aztecpiper says:

    True American hero!


  25. Stay safe, Adm. Rodgers. I hope the military assigned you security until all the perps are in jail.

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  26. Rodney G. Graves says:

    Fair winds and following seas, Admiral.

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  27. Todd Noia says:

    God Bless Adm Rodgers. He likely saved the country, assuming a strong response to the treason we have seen is taken by the IG and the AG. I would like to see the military review the list of the most senior patriot military officers that were purged by Obama. If they have a desire to continue to serve and there is an ongoing need, they should be reinstated. We need all the “good” men in leadership positions that we can get, and not the ones weakening our military with absurd, extreme social justice policies. Those senior officers that negatively impact and distract our military combat readiness should be demoted, redeployed, or asked to retire.

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  28. thirdand43 says:

    Clapper should be scared Schiffless.


  29. fiveaces01 says:

    If there’s one true hero in the FISA abuses by the alphabet agencies, it’s Admiral Mike Rogers. Thank you Admiral Rogers for your virtue, dignity and service, a rarity in today’s world.


  30. viva says:

    Semper Fi, Adm Rogers! Thank you for leading from the front, and being a beacon of integrity and courage to those who follow. Knowing that your leadership will be emulated by the men and woman you’ve inspired, our country is in very capable hands.


  31. Jimi Helms says:

    Whole lot of things going on quietly behind the scenes.

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  32. littleanniesfannie says:

    God bless you Admiral Rogers.


  33. First time I’ve seen Admiral Rogers smile. That’s a very good sign.


  34. jello333 says:


    Mike Rogers did, in fact, let President-Elect Donald Trump know what was going on regarding surveillance on him and his team, and…

    Donald Trump wasn’t already aware of that before then, and…

    Mike Rogers, in any future testimony helps to further expose the anti-Trump, pro-Hillary conspiracy, and…

    In the end, the conspirators are brought to justice…


    One day we will see monuments and streets and buildings and warships named after Mike Rogers. I have NO doubt about that.

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  35. Everett Miller says:

    “Acting Attorney General Mike Rogers” — has a nice ring to it, yes? Someone should wake up Jeff Sessions and tell him to high-tail it back to the backwoods.


  36. America Beautiful says:

    Unable to read about this heroic Patriot, Admiral Rogers, without tears of immense gratitude and appreciation. What he had to go through during the obaMao poison years must have been torture. Hence, his heavenward gazes and silent smiles of thanks, of relief, and of delight, towards the end of the ceremony. Well done, faithful servant; the battle is nearly over.
    How can we reward him…and his lovely family? He deserves the highest honor in the land, a new car (Humvee or Cadillac?) and a huge pension…plus all the excellent ideas suggested here, such as naming a ship after him. Naming buildings, schools, scholarships, etc., will happen. For without him, we’d be dead. Dead.
    Thank you, Admiral Rogers. God Bless you abundantly, and God bless America.
    PS: Please clean up Chicago and plan to be the next Constitution Party Senator from Illinois!


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