Robert Mueller Requests Another Delay in Flynn Sentencing…

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has requested another delay in the sentencing of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, citing the status of the special counsel’s investigation.

WASHINGTON DC – Lawyers for both special counsel Robert Mueller and President Trump’s former national security adviser want two more months until Michael Flynn is sentenced.

In a court filing in Washington on Tuesday afternoon, Mueller’s office asks for a postponement “due to the status of the special counsel’s investigation.”

Lawyers for Flynn — who pleaded guilty in November to lying to the FBI about conversations with former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in December 2016 — agreed. (read more)

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557 Responses to Robert Mueller Requests Another Delay in Flynn Sentencing…

  1. Obs says:

    A previous comment believes it’s likely Mueller is a white hat hero…..
    Disinformation or just wrong…you be the judge.


    • Countrywatch says:

      He is not a white hat but has been apparently “coerced” into playing a particular role, due to all the info that they apparently have on him with regard to such matters as
      Uranium 1.The Q posts are fascinating, not actually confirming what I have just written but hinting at it. Obviously the deep state read Q’s posts as well and the hints dropped by Q have apparently got them in a panic (Q et al have the facility to listen in/intercept all their communications – EO 21 Dec 2017) as they realise that the man they trusted, Mueller, may no longer be on their side. If this is all true, Mueller has played his new role very convincingly. I hope this is true..

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      • Obs says:

        “Shakes head in silent disbelief at such rubbish”

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        • Fake Ruby says:

          Perfect ob there, Obs.

          Couldn’t have said it better.


          • Sneaky Pete says:

            I’m on the Q bandwagon. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking. However, if it’s all rubbish, then my view is that we’ve lost, and lost totally and irretrievably. So a few more days or even weeks of fantasy thinking won’t hurt anyone. Plenty of time to adjust to the new reality of my Progressive overlords if I’m wrong.

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            • litlbit2 says:

              Regarding Mueller IMO, wither he be a white hat or not makes no difference to me. During his years of corrupt work and decisions can not be made hole by turning into a leaker now to save his own a$$. Another McCain mya Karma come swiftly.

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          • Random Citizen says:

            I fail to see any redemptive social value in such postings. Can the condescension and derision. If you’ve got an argument to make, just make it!


    • mike says:

      Mueller can have a brand new, white Stetson for all I care. It’s the necktie that makes the man – his needs 9-13 hitches in it.

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  2. DanO64 says:

    Time to start a new day. Lots to read.


  3. RAC says:

    My memory is so bad you’ll have to forgive me if I’ve got this all upside down and inside out.
    Wasn’t there a report that the FBI didn’t think that Gen. Flynn lied to them.
    Wasn’t there also talk about altered 302’s.
    If this is true and was done to frame Gen. Flynn then some one is in trouble.
    Has Gen.Flynn been put on hold while this other some one is sorted out.

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    • sandra aseremo says:

      Yes, FBI said he did not lie but he plead guilty of lying. This is because he is needed to be out of limelight. Flynn knew what and where all the illegal activities of the deep state. Obama hated him. Remember, Flynn was recruited by Obama before, he was the counter intelligence. SO Flynn knew things. You have to look at his background. What did he do under Obama ?


      • covfefe999 says:

        Apparently Mueller was putting a lot of pressure on Flynn’s son too. If it’s true, I wouldn’t be surprised if Flynn’s actions had a lot more to do with sparing his son than himself.

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      • LDave says:

        Flynn put Iran “on notice” in February of 2017, just before the black hats took him down. The conspiracies to exonerate Hillary and then undermine President Trump were not the original crimes. They were the coverup. This has always been about saving the Iran deal and hiding the corruption related to it, Uranium One, Fast & Furious, etc.

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        • MTK says:

          Flynn was in DOJ sites long before Feb2017.

          If there is one thing, everyone could atleast agree on at this point time, Flynn took a bullet for the President, ie the frame job on the collusion b/s was not to find evidence but to create an appearance of collusion such that the new and transitioning adminstration, when it took predictable steps to push back in anyway that could be construed as OBSTRUCTION. It would be game over.

          SD has over months presented time lines and such that all here could agree with, “None within the small group thought HRC would lose.”

          Well, if that is true… then they totally bought their own agruments, that PDJT would react to the MSM ‘collusion’ assault and take steps the DOJ/FBI/CONGRESS would pounce on. MAYBE if PDJT had more insider DC exposure he would had reacted in a way the ‘DeepState’ was counting on.

          He DID NOT, thus VSG in my book.

          Besides everyone is asking the wrong questions about GenFlynn anyway.
          The only question that should be asked is, “What did GenFlynn refuse to go along within the Obama administration? That lead to his firing/resignation.”

          That answer cracks the whole nut of, “Why HRC had to win?”


      • amr632 says:

        Flynn has been driven into near bankruptcy. As with Mueller’s destruction of the Anthrax suspect over 5 1/2 years who was innocent when sued for millions and won, Flynn should do the same for much more. And with Mueller, with the 5 or so screw ups by him when leading the FBI, nothing seems to happen to the prosecutor or leadership. That needs to change. The government has unlimited assets to drag the prosecution out and destroy the subject of it. If the government loses a suit for such a case, the prosecutor and his case’s staff should pay a portion of it, period. See how they would like to watch their life savings/assets disappear.


        • 4sure says:

          Flynn needs new lawyers. His lawyer should not be agreeing to these delays. He should demand that the case be finalized. Time for Mueller to put up or shut up. If I was Flynn, I would want this shit over with. There’s no reason for the delay as far as Flynn is concerned. His effing lawyer should be asking for dismissal of case instead of delays. Sounds to me like lawyer is milking this thing for more money, as do all lawyers.


    • Gen Flynn took a rubber bullet. In the case that it’s a sting, Mueller is just trying to save his ars because POTUS told him day before he was hired to SC what his job was, investigate Hill/O/and scheme team. Make it look like your going after me (P. Trump) and you can “pretend” to take out Gen Flynn.

      The dots seem to connect best with this scenario.

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  4. Ned Zeppelin II says:

    Mueller is a bad guy, and is the tool of choice owing to his many deep state connections to all of the bad guys. He is not playing some sole in a scripted drama. His history says otherwise. He was there for Uranium One, plus numerous other outrages. I agree the Never-Trump Republicans hope he fires Mueller for the impeachment process to begin. This is a very big, even historic battle being fought. And it is coming to a head soon. It has to be.

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  5. Tim Holden says:

    The Black Hats seem pretty desperate. Pressure mounts against them and awareness of their treachery grows. Leaks of Mueller’s questions and Rosenstein’s claim of extortion are hardly strong countermoves. They play for time, hoping perhaps that things will go wrong in Korea, or some other political surprise, and they brazen it out. That AG report has major significance. No moves can be made against the plotters until it emerges. We wait, and hope that afterwards we will wait no more.

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  6. Ospreyzone says:

    The fact that dirty cop Mueller has now had to delay sentencing of Mr. Flynn twice, for a simple entrapment crime that he has pleaded to, speaks volumes. It could be because of Flynn’s cooperation, but how long does it take to find out what he knew, especially when there really is nothing?

    More likely, it is because this politically motivated prosecution violated the civil rights of the defendant through flagrant prosecutorial misconduct, including willful withholding of exculpatory evidence. There is too much at stake personally for Mueller to proceed right now. Imagine Flynn’s case eventually dismissed with prejudice by a reasonable magistrate and the dirty cop hung out to dry.

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    • bob347 says:

      But why are Flynn’s attorneys also agreeing to the delay? I can’t see why Flynn would want to continue to cooperate and doubt that he is anyway, if there is flagrant misconduct by the prosecutor, I would think Flynn’s attorneys would want to get that in front of a judge ASAP. I’m missing something….

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      • Electra says:

        My thinking is that Flynn’s lawyers are hoping for developments (the OIG Report release, document releases, etc.) that might help Flynn–maybe even allow him to withdraw his guilty plea. They already have several angles to work, but they’re probably hoping for more.

        Mueller’s motivation for the delays is a little more opaque. He would, of course, be wanting to sentence Flynn, now–before more info that might exonerate Flynn surfaces; so why wait? It may have something to do with the new judge (whose name escapes me at the moment) who has demanded ALL exculpatory evidence from Mueller’s team–signalling the judge’s distrust of Mueller. Maybe, Mueller is afraid the judge will throw out the guilty plea, and publicly say lots of nasty things about Mueller’s conduct.

        If Mueller is pretty certain the new judge would say or do something that would be devastating to his broader investigation, the smartest thing for him to do would be to delay the sentencing until after the midterms and hope for a Dem take-over.


  7. My gut tells me that if the GOP doesn’t get behind Trump and allows the Democrats to destroy his presidency all hell will break loose, and not just at the ballot box.

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  8. Richard says:

    Maybe it would be a good idea, to sue Robert Mueller for taking money under false pretense. In that he didn’t do what, we paid him to do.


    • Mickturn says:

      It appears Hitlery has figured all this out… ‘I can’t recall’ seems to cover the bases. Even if she is lying (always) they can’t prosecute her for being stupid. Maybe those talking to Muleface need to play that game!


      • RAC says:

        The poorest ink survives the best memory.
        These days I suppose you can substitute the word ink with internet archives


  9. andy says:

    Imagine president trump takes mueller’s questions on live TV, under oath, wave right to the 5th…..
    Imagine trump answers every one of Muellers questions in a way that reveals every aspect of the conspiracy. Everything… Declassifying every bit that crosses his lips as he speaks it.

    Victim AND a witness.


    • andy says:

      “now, i was thinking to myself… it really took a long time for weasel comey to finally bring around that dossier they sold to their friend contreras, who had to recuse himself by the way, total disgrace to justice.., but anyway. It took them so long to finally get their plan working, so 3 months after I had already assembled my defenses with Mike Roger’s help, a tru patriot mike is, true patriot. So i decided to play a joke on him and ask for his loyalty. what a joke he turned out to be”


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