President Trump MAGA Rally – Washington, Michigan 7:00pm Livestream…

Tonight President Trump appears in Washington, Michigan for a massive MAGA rally at Total Sports Park.  There are more than 10,000 in attendance. The event is scheduled to begin at 7:00pm.

UPDATE: Video Added

*Note* There are some broadcast issues from the venue due to the rural location and broadband cell coverage.  These are bandwidth issues creating low quality feeds by media who do not have independent satellite capability.  This issue results in low-grade images.

RSBN Livestream LinkGST Livestream LinkAlternate Livestream Link

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609 Responses to President Trump MAGA Rally – Washington, Michigan 7:00pm Livestream…

  1. Pat Frederick says:

    my heart is swelling with pride and I wasn’t even there!
    but thanks to all the posters here I could feel the excitement and love of the crowd!
    he really is the People’s President!

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  2. kidsndogsncats says:

    We have a Washington Country here in Oklahoma. It’s just north of Tulsa, and it’s main city is Bartlesville, a very nice place. Please consider coming here next April, President Trump. You will get a great audience and have fun. This is the reddest of red states. MAGA!

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  3. calbear84 says:

    Trump has made himself the master of the American political scene. I pity anyone who runs in November without his endorsement!

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