Pictures Released: Secretary Mike Pompeo and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un…

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262 Responses to Pictures Released: Secretary Mike Pompeo and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un…

  1. Matt Transit says:

    I want to see the photo of Kim in the MAGA hat.

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  2. thomaspain1961 says:

    How can one shake hands and smile with a mass murderer?

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  3. steve says:

    RE; State Dept./Pompeo , I remember when I was a young, misbehaving kid and my Mom would say ” you just wait ’till your Dad gets home…” Wonder who will leave before SecState returns from abroad…

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  4. permiejack says:

    Can someone clue me in on how SK and NK will come to terms. I assume both will keep their sovereignty but how will SK keep NK hordes from flooding their country? Will the DMZ act as a border? Is there already a fence/wall in place? And just how brainwashed are the NKO people?


    • Check East Germany. This will sooner or later end in unification…

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      • Mongoose says:

        And like Merkel who used to be Stazi, the North will rule the unified country eventually if they don’t already, e.g. spies, agents in positions of power and influence, etc. This game has gone on for a long, long time and aside from the peons in the countryside of N.Korea, the communists will persist in the way we have seen since our Cold War ended.


  5. 1stgoblyn says:

    Anyone watching history being made? Maybe we will have a united Korea.

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  6. glad to see 50 million people enjoy themselves


  7. n.s.Korea, USA, Japan: alliance will tame or destroy
    real enemies and do business with all other honest Peoples
    pass the chowmein it is time for feasting @Trumps New Economy


    • 4sure says:

      Now I know why Kim is throwing in the towel. It’s all due to Dennis Rodman. Kim saw those awful tattoos and Rodman told him that if he continued being an ahole, he would end up being tattooed from head to toe of Hillary Clinton’s face and Obama’s jug ears.

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  8. kenji says:

    I trying to remember the Democrap Administration that achieved this kind of diplomatic break through … by playing kissy kiss nicey nice ?


    • Abel says:

      You nailed it. It’s never happened. Even if this falls apart. The ball has never been driven down the field this far. Ever.


    • Lots of snide talk about the flak Obama got for his offer to meet the North Koreans “without preconditions”, and now Trump is opening relations all they hear from those same critics is crickets.

      Here’s the difference: Obama got rolled in every deal he ever made; he gets ripped off at a free samples boot in Costco. An Obama/Kim “summit” would have consisted to Kim giving up nothing in return for more than he demanded from Obama.

      Trump will get results, or leave with nothing. He won’t get rolled.


  9. 4sure says:

    If an earthquake did destroy Kim’s nuclear test site, he is using it as a “never let a crisis go to waste”moment and is playing a brilliant hand of poker. Get something from literally nothing.

    God’s hand at work?


    • Jan says:

      History will tell. The earthquake/nuclear testing in the mountain have assuredly changed Kim’s analysis of his physical well-being if he continues to test. China is not happy because this will leak into China’s provinces. The sanctions, even if not fully enforced, are draining NoKo’s revenue which means little rocket man knows he’s not in a strong bargaining position. Pres. Trump is not going to back down on his vow to denuclearize the Korean pennisula. We have at least an opportunity to shut Kim down on nuclear. It will be good practice for Iran. You gots to start somewhere.


  10. Che Pup says:

    What gets me is the ‘custom made for occasion’ painted murals, the North Koreans and international diplomatic groups get a snap standing in front of. Today blue skies, spring growth and white doves is much more preferable than the one Bill Clinton ( even John Podesta was there)had as a backdrop. That one featured the swirling waters of an apocalyptic wave destroying skyscrapers in a NY like city.

    One wonders what exactly Bill gave the North Koreans. The NK dignatory backdrop painting department clearly makes a fairly literal interpretation
    Of what’s on the agenda. If peace is windows looking out onto a perfect blue sky, trees with spring buds and white doves. Bill Clinton’s tsunami seems like an apocalypse weapon to give enemy North Korea all the leverage needed to perform it’s role as international nuke armed hermit crazy


  11. Pompeo looks thin next to Kim Jong Un.

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