First-Lady Melania Trump Prepares White House for First State Visit…

Video released by the White House shows First Lady Melania Trump preparing the White House for the first State Visit of the Trump administration.  French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Bridget Macron.


Here’s the arrival:


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212 Responses to First-Lady Melania Trump Prepares White House for First State Visit…

  1. Convert says:

    Again, I have to mention how fascinating Melania is– such an interesting, complex woman– That’s just how she strikes me. And yet that the press and the Left is so vile to her, how they constantly try to hurt her and embarrass her with the accusations from the various bimbos,etc. I predict that the American people will come to love and admire her very much.

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  2. Badabing says:

    Melania speaks French. Unlike Kerry, she is elegant and inviting. We are so lucky to have a sophisticated couple in the Whitehouse.

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  3. Steven says:

    I surely miss not seeing Jay Z, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Ludacris and others in White House… NOT!

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  4. JenniferVerner says:

    That should be. Dry meaningful for the USMC family, and those of us who had ancestors who fought at Bois de Belleau. Simper Fi

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  5. David R. Graham says:

    Scots and French are ancient allies against English, especially English of Hanoverian lineage.

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    • WSB says:

      PS…that is the Clinton china. Amazing it wasn’t stolen.

      Bet there are 20 place settings missing.

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    • brh82 says:

      Hmmm, Maybe it’s obsolete manners, but Mrs. Brigitte Macron(On the menu or anywhere else) would be divorced. Married to him, she would be Mrs. Emmanuel Macron.

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      • KBR says:

        Yep, kinda obsolete: see this, noting second paragraph.
        n. Used as a courtesy title for a married or widowed woman before the surname or full name of her husband: Mrs. Doe; Mrs. John Doe.
        n. Used as a courtesy title for a married, widowed, or divorced woman before her own surname or full name: Mrs. Doe; Mrs. Jane Doe. See Usage Note at Ms.
        n. Used in informal titles for a married woman to indicate the epitomizing of an attribute or activity: Mrs. Wonderful; Mrs. Organization.
        More at Wordnik from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition”

        NOTE: AMERICAN Heritage Dictionary. US Practices.

        Also look up how the French have treated Mrs. Macron, (with a petition of a very small fraction of their population) that she not be given title “First Lady” nor any staff, nor any funds to operate in the role. It actually is mostly because of former French Presidents’ cheating, mistresses’ abuses and mistresses’ unlawful gaining of riches…but that does not stop the insulting to Mrs. Macron personally. Actually she has done well in the role, dispite being under extreme scrutiny, and I admire Macron’s apparent loyalty to her. He stated that there would be transparency in the role of spouses/partners of the French Presidents in future.

        Macron has been under fire for stating he would limit/change the rules for immigration in France, also.


      • veronica says:

        Maybe in the past. As I am divorced I cannot be called “Mrs.” but “Ms.”
        “Here is the official word, which I have adapted from Emily Post’s Etiquette, 17th Edition, written by Emily’s great-granddaughter Peggy Post.”

        If a woman named Jane Wilson marries Fernando Gomez, she may choose to call herself any of these:

        Ms. Jane Wilson
        Ms. Jane Gomez
        Mrs. Jane Gomez
        Mrs. Fernando Gomez
        Mrs. Jane Wilson-Gomez
        Ms. Jane Wilson-Gomez
        Mrs. Jane Wilson Gomez
        Ms. Jane Wilson Gomez
        Mrs. Jane W. Gomez (with W for Wilson)
        Ms. Jane W. Gomez (with W for Wilson)

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      • WSB says:

        Think there is a left wing calligrapher still in the WH? I think that traditional and proper name is lost on many.

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  6. WSB says:

    One more…


  7. WSB says:

    In progress.

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  8. Lucille says:

    President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, the President of France, and Mrs Macron depart Mount Vernon

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    • Lucille says:

      Without a doubt I never paid the slightest attention to any departures or arrivals for other Presidents, but I love these with President Trump, et al. ….

      President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, the President of France, and Mrs Macron arrive at the White House

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  9. marywilbur says:

    Mrs. Macron looks great.

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  10. LibertyONE says:

    The CLASSIEST, most beautiful First Lady ever to grace the White House. You know who was the worse, but I’ll help ya out……..Michelle Obungo.

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  11. Obs says:

    Yeah, but look at the spacing of the place settings….public servants must have very limited upper body development.


  12. Artemis Gordon says:

    I can imagine………..

    VSPDJT: “Honey, we’ve finalized the dates for our very first state dinner, the Macrons and the French delegation will be joining us. Very exciting!”

    GFLMT: “That’s great, Don”

    VSPDJT: “This is a pretty big deal………….”

    GFLMT: (interrupting) “Don, I got this.”

    VSPDJT: (laughing) “No doubt in my mind!”

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