Alan Dershowitz Discusses DNC Lawsuit, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Michael Cohen, etc…

Law Professor Alan Dershowitz appeared on Fox News weekend to discuss the DNC lawsuit, Robert Mueller, and the ongoing FBI issues with James Comey.

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124 Responses to Alan Dershowitz Discusses DNC Lawsuit, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Michael Cohen, etc…

  1. thedoc00 says:

    In my mind Alan blew what little creditability he had, talking about this topic after Friday night when he announced there was no conspiracy just a bunch of coincidental incidents. This is important since it goes to how sincerer he is about anything legal other than a pay check.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      I heard that “no conspiracy just a bunch of coincidental incidents” comment and was very surprised by that. The one think I liked him saying here was “No Testifying” by the President. I agree with that.

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    • milktrader says:

      I’ve admired his logic over the years but he definitely sounds like he is giving a “meh” defense for crimes of the left.

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    • Pa Hermit says:

      There is no coincidence in this world, only synchronicity!

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    • JonMaxwell says:

      i personally tire of the, oh it was a few classified emails, just one e-mail one document and the rest of us would be in jail HRC was an original classification authority see executive order 13526.
      here is a handy reference guide
      any argument against it will not hold water in a court of law.


      • inquisitorLost says:

        Just those few classified emails….

        33k emails deleted by someone who amassed a nine figure fortune by running a charity and holding public office. Dersh needs to stick to the commenting discreet facts presented and avoid the big picture opinionating until he can explain that arrangement.


    • Rex says:

      I need more proof that Dershowitz is our friend.
      “Be as wary of a sudden friend as an old enemy” was an old saying.
      Who the blazes IS Alan Dershowitz besides an old hard core Clintonista?
      If he has “principles” (y’all remember that rino talking point?) …. where WERE those principles the past twenty-five years? Why would he “defend” Trump? When did his “Saul on the road to Damsacus” conversion take place?

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    • Sunshine says:

      I’m sorry but Dershowitz has credibility.

      It’s not because when he goes your way or doesn’t, that it affects his credibility. We should all be open to competent or opposing opinions.

      That said, the issue is COHEN, a former nobody until he recently became a somebody.

      It’s amazing what media attention can do to corrupt an individual and that is where lies the danger.


      • Rich says:

        Sunshine-you need to open your eyes and ears. Your hearing is either faulty or you simply do not understand what this ACLU Communist is saying.


  2. SteveC says:

    Including Wikileaks in their lawsuit is crazy.
    Wikileaks knows who delivered that thumb drive, and I’m pretty sure that will open up a line of questioning (Seth Rich, his murder and the Bernie Sanders scam) that the DNC will not want to answer.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      There are a lot of Democrats that have come out and said this was so dumb of the DNC to do. Supposedly not even Crying 😭 Chuck or Nancy Pelosi were advised ahead of time.

      The DNC is flat a$$ broke! There is a big difference between individual Democrat Candidates raising money and Soros and others funding PACs. The DNC gets nothing financially from that. They have to raise money from the grassroot folks. Many of them are Bernie Democrats that won’t ever give the DNC a single penny ever again.

      The Republican candidates as well as the Republican PACs get tremendous funding like the Democrats (Koch Brothers are committing $400 million dollars for their PACs for November). The RNC is swimming in money that they are strategically using in 22 Battleground States. I follow Ronna and believe in her. Our President hand selected her because of what she did for him in Michigan. He and her have put together a great plan to keep the House margin and increase the Senate margin by 5 to 7 additional Republicans.

      What the DNC can’t do is put forward the ground game that the RNC has already begun.

      THAT IS A BIG DIFFERENCE! That is why them being broke is detrimental come November.

      From the article linked above:

      The Republican National Committee (RNC) announced Friday that it raised $13.9 million in March, setting an RNC record for that month during a non-presidential election year.

      The RNC’s March haul, which was obtained first by The Hill, brings the committee’s first-quarter fundraising to $39 million and boosts its total fundraising for the 2018 cycle to $171.6 million.

      The RNC ends March with $42.9 million cash on hand, with no debt reported.

      The RNC is planning to spend $250 million on the midterm elections this year as the party looks to protect its majorities in the House and Senate. Democrats need to flip 23 seats to take back the lower chamber.

      The committee has poured millions of dollars into its data-focused field program, with a strong emphasis on the GOP’s tax-reform bill. By the end of March, the national party doubled the number of field staffers to 300.

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      • SteveC says:

        I trust Ronna, but for too long I’ve given money to the RNC, NRCC and NRSC and had them use it against the candidates I want. Now I send to the individuals, which is admittedly imperfect, guarantees that my money isn’t going McCain, Flake, Corker, Ryan, on and on… and conversely, is going to Bratt, Freitas, Nunes, et al…
        Yes, any GOP is better than the other option, but I’m sick of the establishment using my money to protect their candidates against my choices.

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        ” The RNC is swimming in money ”

        1) That does not mean a thing if they fail to use it wisely. Just look back at HRC
        2) George Soros is dumping money into buying District Attorneys at local, county and state levels so he can cause trouble for elected Republican majorities throughout the nation.

        Just ask former Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX). It cost him $1,000,000+ and 7 years of his life to be cleared of bogus charges brought by a DA on the other side of the state.

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      • Newt Love says:

        > “… They have to raise money from the grassroot folks. Many of them are Bernie Democrats that won’t ever give the DNC a single penny ever again. …”

        The DNC CHOSE to bet “the farm” and their entire future on cheating Bernie during the primaries, and running the risk of PERMANENTLY alienating those voters, for the DNC’s primary focus of delivering HRC’s failing body across the finish line of the Primary and General Elections of 2016.

        The DNC placed their bets, and they lost.
        Nobody should bail the DNC out.
        The DNC should go bankrupt, and everyone that works there should lose their paid job, and work as (poor) unpaid volunteers.

        It must suck to be a Donkey right now.

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      • Rex says:

        “Swimming in money” does not mean it will be used to MAGA.

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  3. missilemom says:

    “Don’t tweet, don’t pardon, don’t fire and don’t testify.” Sorry but the days of laying down and playing dead are over.

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      He certainly is making the rounds.

      Was fully discussed on the Presidential Thread.

      The Swamp is in for a big fall. Ol Dershowitz is trying to set up the big excuse, so to try and stop it. What is his set up?

      “It’s all politics. On both sides, just politics. So, let’s just move on.”

      That’s his set up. He’s a Dem. Always has been, always will be.

      He is out there to set up a narrative. Don’t believe anything he says.

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    • 4harrisonblog says:

      Don’t be sorry be proud and say it proudly. What that liberal snake called a lawyer said is not even good hog wash.


    • Sunshine says:

      Nice slogan but it doesn’t work that way. Furthermore, I think you underestimate DJT.

      Don’t tweet: It is said the opinion of one is equal to that of 1,000.
      Therefore, tweets are important.

      Don’t pardon is irrelevant when one’s reputation has been so horribly tarnished especially when we’re dealing with the lower fish that lead to the big fish.

      Don’t fire, well… those that remain are there for a reason.

      Don’t testify – That one remains a problem. If he doesn’t, the DAMN MSM will crucify him and if he does they’ll find another way to crucify him. I think it’s best he doesnt’t since he has nothing to gain by testifying.

      RE TESTIFYING: The only solution is he doesn’t because he’s too busy with worldy affairs and running the government.and WINNING…

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  4. VeritasVincit says:

    Jay Sekulow for IG

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  5. litlbit2 says:

    Alan just enjoying his last few days on the stag of thinking he is important. Not. Sound bites, clickbait.

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  6. Greg says:

    Is Dersh playing the long game and really trying to protect the Clintons?

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    • bulwarker says:

      Dersh realizes the Constitutional crisis that will occur when it’s revealed how much damage the Obama administration did, and the rogue agencies under him that went after American citizens and their president-elect. All credibility will be shot, there will be calls to review every action taken by the federal state and dismember it (just consider the DOJ and what they must do with the other cases they prosecuted, when its revealed the people at the highest level were corrupt and guided by bias).

      I think Dersh is for the status quo, even if it means justice isn’t served. I think this is why Sessions is moving so slow, because he needs to control the fallout that will come when heads start to roll.

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      • Karl Kastner says:

        Great point about bias in prior cases!

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        “I think this is why Sessions is moving so slow, because he needs to control the fallout that will come when heads start to roll.”

        Sundance has brought that out long ago. Mr. Sessions absolutely has to be recused from all things regarding the election. He must be in place for the fallout and to carry on afterwards. Our President will need an AG and cannot rely on the Senate for another one.

        There is way too much corruption that AG Sessions will have to handle that is not related to the election WHEN THE TIME COMES!

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    • free2313 says:

      The answer is in your question, just change Is Dersh…. to Dersh is….


  7. starfcker says:

    You hit it right on the money Greg

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  8. jkcinsalem says:

    At the end of every day, AD is a Democrat, and is not to be trusted.

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  9. hatterasgal says:

    Don’t you know the lawyers in the swamp must have tremendous job security right now.

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  10. BestBets says:

    At first I was happy that Dershowitz was making appearances on cable tv and making it sound like he was on Team Trump, but his support of some sort of independent blue ribbon commission that would simply ferret out the problems and make recommendation so that this would never happen again was really code for “none of my Dem friends should have to face charges.” Yeah, not interested in that pablum.

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    • Dudley says:

      Absolutely correct, and his blue ribbon commission would look into RUSIAN COLUSION…


    • Newt Love says:

      > “… Dershowitz … support of some sort of independent blue ribbon commission …”

      Just another ambulance chasing lawyer pitching for him to get a new (and important) job.



      • Pat Frederick says:

        i think there’s either a book on the table or one in the works and he’s trying for all the free publicity he can get. he’s just an opportunistic leech trying to balance the teeter totter to sell books.


  11. Oldskool says:

    Nothing he has to say is of any interest until he can proffer an explanation as to how his name appears on the flight logs of the Lolita Express with his buddy Bill Clinton to Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedo Island 3 times I believe it was. Otherwise, he is “one of them” and of course Faux News has him on every show now trying to diffuse this critical moment.

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  12. 4harrisonblog says:

    Shame on fox for giving Alan a soap box.


    • free2313 says:

      Not really, it did open the eyes of those, who were easily moved by the right words at the right time he spoke, but at the end of the day, it was deceptive wordsmith .


  13. SportStar says:

    He may be trying to avoid investigation of his reported flights on the Lolita Express.

    Nothing to see here …..

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    • bob e says:

      me thinks the same thing. he sounds lame most of the time. i.e. ‘A few e-mails from hillary.’ right jack .. you’re freakin’ kidding me too ..


  14. starfcker says:

    Love the red pill comments on this thread so far. Sundance has done a great job of educating people on how to spot a rat

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  15. Running Fast says:

    Dershowitz is actively campaigning and arguing that all these abuses were not a conspiracy against Trump. He makes claims that they were just “little” plans hatched by independent groups. Check out Hannity last night towards the end of the segment with digenova and this guy for proof.

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    • Running Fast says:

      Posted too soon without reading other comments… we are all on the same page with this guy.

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        Please slow down and read the thread. It is not like it is 5+ pages like the Presidential threads are getting to nowadays.


    • Dutchman says:

      Havent we heard this song before: shades of lois lerner, just a small group, independent, rougue, nothing to see here!

      B.S.! No way a control freak like BHO, who was selecting bomb sites in Seria, didnt know all this was going on, wasn’t in fact DIRECTING it.
      They’re final defence will be they really, truly thought DJT was a manchurian candidate, and were trying to protect the country. And, on some level I think THIS is the fundanental truth. They believed it, cause they WANTED to believe it.
      Their world view is so scewed, there is no way DJT, a,..boor, crude, not one of them, could legitimately win, so MUST be collusion with .muh russia.
      As we see Comey going down the same road as Hillary, as we see how f*cked up these peoples world view is, we’re actualky lucky they didnt do MORE harm.
      Also, wish msm would reflect on this;Mueeler groomed Comey, as his protege, to take over the FBI, after him. So, either he thought Comey would make a great director, in which case he has horrible judgement, or he thought “This guy will be so horrible, he’ll make me look soooo GOOD. In which case, he’s all about him, AND has lousy judgement.
      And he’s the one investigating the Pres.???

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  16. starfcker says:

    A big part of the uniparty strategy for the last 20 years, starting with the clintons was the fact that if you could have smooth-talking lawyers with no ethics explain things and what seem like reasonable terms you could fool a lot of people. We are not as easy to fool as we once were. We have seen too many people like Alan dershowitz, sounding so reasonable yet so full of s***. Allen’s another one we won’t miss when we hit flush

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  17. Cathy Lehman says:

    I stopped listening to Alan in the beginning of this clip where he said that the Republicans had tried to get Hilbilly because of ONE or TWO confidential emails leaked. OMG! The Wiener laptop had 6,500 emails from her plus the pedophilia tapes.
    Lock him up!
    I realize that PDJT has the goods on Alan w/ his ventures w/ sex buddy Epstein and he is being coerced to speak for the enemy but this is ridiculous.


    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      ” where he said that the Republicans had tried to get Hilbilly because of ONE or TWO confidential emails leaked. OMG! ”

      That is the leftist “minimization” strategy to keep repeating lies and the false narrative to try and keep the MSM nursed “sheeple” indoctrinated.

      “Alan w/ his ventures w/ sex buddy Epstein ”

      Let’s try and stick to proven facts here and not speculation. Being on a plane and going somewhere does mean you knew everything going on and/or participated in it.

      Sleeping in a king size bed with someone you have known for 40+ years because there was room and they did not want you on an uncomfortable couch does not mean you had sex with them.


      1Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

      Does not mean you participated in any.


      • nwtex says:


        “Let’s try and stick to proven facts here and not speculation. Being on a plane and going somewhere does mean you knew everything going on and/or participated in it”

        “Sleeping in a king size bed with someone you have known for 40+ years because there was room and they did not want you on an uncomfortable couch does not mean you had sex with them”


  18. Mike says:

    Dershowitz keeps trying to sell this “non partisan commission” no doubt to be headed by a non partisan like himself.

    Then they can expose and point fingers at both sides equally, no one is prosecuted or held accountable in any way, and the swamp rats, many who employ Dershowitz by the way, go on their merry way.

    Don’t forget Dersh helped negotiate Jeffrey Epstein’s wrist slap, that included an unusual agreement that no other perps associated would be investigated. This was while Deshowitz himself had been accused as being one of the Pedo Island perps.

    I am soooooo sick of democrats, Obama’s, Clinton’s and their co-conspirators being able to get away with ANYTHING, in plain sight. Meanwhile they have weaponized the IRS, Justice Department, FBI, and probably the intelligence agencies against their political enemies.

    Any one who does not believe HRC should be prosecuted is either stupid or a crook, and Dershowitz is not stupid.

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  19. Margaret Berger says:


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    • Dutchman says:

      I’m absolutely thinking Clintons didn’t just ‘use’ the island, (perverts!), they USED the island, as one way to co-opt, coerce others into their club.
      The other way was $; sex, $, and ‘power’.
      Thats why so many rinos ran as conservatives, but governed as lib. lites; they were co-opted.
      Corker on $, for Iran deal, Gowdy probably likes little boys, he looks the type, etc.
      Can’t help thinking all the Senators/Congressmen stepping down to ‘spend more time with family’ are rats leaving sinking ship.
      So, swamp draining. We should CHEER, every time we se one not running for reelection. Too bad most won’t do time!


  20. AmericaFirst says:

    People keep referencing Epstein.

    One of our regular commenters here pointed out last week that Dershowitz was never actually to Epstein Island, he only flew on Epstein’s plane, and that only to represent him.

    Re: Claims of coincidence and no evil intent, etc. There is no question in my mind that when all of the emails/texts come out in which the conspiracy is openly referenced by DOJ/FBI lawyers Dershowitz will change his tune; once seen the brazen intention to create their “insurance plan” cannot be denied.

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  21. woohoowee says:

    Don’t tweet? Don’t do anything? To heck with that! PT45 is still just tossing grenades. Wait till the MOABs drop. Charge!

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  22. He did it again – he is protecting HRC…see how he said we ‘re not going to “Get Hillary”, that its not the way to do it….he wants this all to go away for her….hell, he said he voted for her.


  23. WVNed says:

    Extreme criminal behavior is just politics as usual.

    What a sad state of affairs.

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  24. woohoowee says:

    #Free Cohen’s Stuff!

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  25. Hillard says:

    One very telling piece of news is Cohen’s dropping his Buzzfeed Fusion lawsuit. There must be a whole lot Mueller and the NY prosecutors want to protect. It may also indicate a fair amount of leverage being applied to him. One thing is certain, there’s a lot going on Dershowitz is not aware of or he’d be spinning it to portray more risk to PDT


    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “One thing is certain, there’s a lot going on Dershowitz is not aware of or he’d be spinning it to portray more risk to PDT”

      I do not know what is in the man’s heart or what he is thinking in his mind, but he just could be in a state of denial about the truth of some people he knows being Luciferians and what they do in secret.

      Psalm 44:21 Shall not God search this out? for he knoweth the secrets of the heart.

      Ephesians 5:12 For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.


  26. Paco Loco says:

    The long time political insiders like Dershowitz really believe that there’s a “protected class” that is untouchable. The “fat cats” know how the game (settle out of court) is played and it’s only the naive and the little people that don’t have the money for expensive lawyers that end up in court.

    Clinton being indicted is unthinkable to them because she’s part of the moneyed political class and Billy is an ex president. What’s going to happen when Hillaries illegal server caper is reopened and the FBI finds secret emails from Obama that should have been classified? The Dems should be desperate to keep Obama out of this which is nigh near an impossibility as we already know that he lied about the existence of her email server and sent her emails on it.

    The DNC must be out of their minds with this insane law suit because the RNC and Trump lawyers will depose everyone and their dog and make Tom Perez wish he’d never been born.

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  27. nbkilgore says:

    AD: …take the blue pill (living in the lala land) – take the blue pill! Don’t take the red pill (truth/factual)! Sorry Allen, we’ve taken the red pill long ago!


  28. AJ says:

    Please everyone, if someone is on tv, radio, or most blogs they are not Trump fans. Most of the Trump admin isn’t even on Trump’s side. It’s Trump and the voters against everyone else.


  29. evergreen says:

    If Dershowitz is as brilliant as he is made out to be, he’d have voted for Trump. Anyone of common intelligence could see who Trump was and where he would go. Ditto for Hillary.
    She, most importantly for a guy like Dershowitz, was and is a lawbreaker and flouter of ethics (in the extreme), so how could he rationalize voting for her if it would ultimately destroy the Bill of Rights? He’s blindly partisan, that’s why. Brilliant? He’s a legal sherpa–he knows the crags and crevices of the human-designed legal system, and because he is a Party member, if the system ever collapsed due to a totalitarian takeover (Party judges), he’d still navigate freely with his Party card. Conservatives, not.

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  30. truthbomb says:

    This is a great timeline outlining Clinton, DNC and Obama Administration corruption beginning in 2014 with Clinton purging her emails. Entitled “A TIMELINE OF TREASON: How the DNC and FBI Leadership Tried to Fix a Presidential Election”.


  31. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I don’t take seriously what he says anymore. He has been showing his true colors these past couple of weeks, that he is will defend Hillary and Obama no matter what. I like the way he gives advice for Trump, but then, tries to knock down anything said about Hillary or Obama. I am not buying it. I am getting suspicious that he is doing the dirty work for them while pretending to be “neutral.”


  32. Gov Jay says:

    These days… Alan Dershowitz has one primary mission: to act as a shield for both Hillary and the Marxist community organizer… and any former regime officials associated with them…

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  33. Jenni says:


    IMO Alan knows P/Trump is holding the Criminal Code unbeatable hand to destroy the Globalist/Elitist/Left forever.

    Alan is trying to say you can not Criminalize because it is political. Both sides need to be forgiven. So everyone sees the Mountain of Evidence, Identifiable paper/digital trail showing all the alleged Treason, Sedition, Subversion, Espionage, Racketeering, Perjury…etc…and he wants to just say it is just POLITICAL.

    Alan is playing the Media by playing in-between….trying to convince everyone all should be forgiven…trying to save the Left.

    P/Trump and Allan Dershowitz knows if there are No Grand Juries, Indictments and Punishments the left and Globalist/Elitist Wins the Civil War because they will Reverse MAGA in 8 years.

    P/Trump’s will make sure he uses his Ace of the Criminal Code to protect the Constitution and the United States.

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    • Newt Love says:

      > “… Alan is trying to say you can not Criminalize because it is political. Both sides need to be forgiven. So everyone sees the Mountain of Evidence, Identifiable paper/digital trail showing all the alleged Treason, Sedition, Subversion, Espionage, Racketeering, Perjury…etc…and he wants to just say it is just POLITICAL. …”

      The Motive (motivation) may have been political, but the actions were Felonies, Misdemeanors, and breaking the law.

      Breaking the law carries consequences.
      Jail time is necessary.

      The (D) Party and the RINO GOPe Party need to be broken and bankrupted from their people in this scandal going to jail for all the many and different things that they have done against the LAW.

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  34. Mike Hennessy says:

    Jeffey Sessions finally manned up recently! He said he’s going to quit and take his ball home if the DOJ’s/FBI’s point man for the corrupt state coup, Rowdy Rod Rosentsteen, is fired.

    Talk about useful idiots!

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  35. Flyoverexpat says:

    I have a lot of respect for Alan Dershowitz, he’s a brilliant attorney and demonstrating his adherence to principle by defending President Trump’s civil liberties though he admittedly doesn’t support him.

    That said, question: He keeps making the point that we can’t criminalize politics. He’s glossing over the fact that we are looking at actual crimes on the part of Clinton/Obama teams. Could it be that he’s attempting to diffuse the bomb the left/establishment had created by talking folks out of pursuing (what I consider to be) justice by holding folks like Lynch, Comey, Yates, etc. accountable via prosecution and, if guilty, federal prison? In other words, is he trying to do a solid for his friends?


  36. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Alan, were those trips you took on the Lolita Express, just political?
    Or were they professional, like legal work?

    Or, were they for something else?

    Trump knows.

    BE NICE, he has everything.

    Remember, Trump values loyalty. LOL.


  37. Newt Love says:

    Here is my (almost) daily post to the DoJ “Contact Us” form, choosing “Messages to the AG” as my subject:

    AG Sessions,
    Thank you for being a Southern Gentleman.
    It’s good for the Yankees to see your decorum.

    I like very much that you have started an investigation into the horrible fraud on the American people, from the Obama Administration’s practice of taking fines won by the DoJ and giving them to partisan groups that are tied to the Democrat Party.

    You are right, that any and all moneys paid in fines must be deposited into the US Treasury, for the benefit of all Americans.

    I like that you have started that effort.
    Please instruct the people assigned to that task, to focus, and make progress.

    If no legal actions are taken in this matter by 2019, then, again, you will have demonstrated that you have lost your power in the DoJ, and are impotent to achieve any change from the Obama Administration.

    AG Eric Holder was able to accomplish a lot in his term.
    AG Loretta Lynch was able to accomplish a lot in her term.

    Can you accomplish anything of importance in your term as AG?
    Sure, your DoJ prosecuted Medicare fraudsters, but any DoJ should do that.

    Come on, AG Sessions! Show us that you are not too over-the-hill to achieve change!

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  38. Missing Andrew says:

    Is Dershowitz Protecting Clinton?


  39. I understand those beating up on Dershowitz with his attempt to win us over just to later manipulate us into, in effect…’let bygones be bygones’. I hate to be the one to say it…but this was to be expected. Go back in time to when Alan first came out on Fox News in support of PDJT. Then, go and look for Alan in interviews on other MSM outlets during the same time period…Alan was wishy-washy noodles in his support for PDJT and playing to the audience.

    However, I also want to remind people about Giuliani during the campaign. There was a short period of time where Rudy was trying to quiet the “lock her up” chants at rallies (unfortunately, I do not remember exactly which out the over 300+ rallies). Even candidate Trump seemed a little uncomfortable with the “lock her up” chants for a short period of time there…until Hillary and Co. convinced him otherwise. For proof, just listen during the “Our Movement Speech” how candidate Trump exclaims,”Honestly? She should be locked up!”…as if to clarify and affirm.

    I think Sundance is hitting the nail on the head stating that Rudy was brought in to negotiate a deal.

    How much are We the People willing to negotiate if it means proceeding to MAGA at a significantly accelerated rate?

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  40. CanaCon says:

    My only question, the same one I had about John Roberts, is: what do they have on him?


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