Trump Appointed DOJ Attorney Not Involved in FBI Raid Authorization of Personal Lawyer Michael Cohen…

According to updated information the Trump appointed U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Geoffrey Berman, was recused from any aspect surrounding the FBI raid of President Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

One of the key points made by those who defended the highly charged political raid of Michael Cohen’s home, office and hotel suite was that a President Trump appointed U.S. Attorney signed off on the raid.  That deflection point is now demonstrably removed.

(Via ABC) […] Berman was not involved in the decision to raid Cohen’s office because of the recusal, two sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News.

The recusal was approved by senior Justice Department officials who report to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the sources said. Rosenstein himself was notified of the recusal after the decision was made.

The raid of Cohen’s office was handled by others in the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York and approved by a federal judge.  (more)

“You can call it a soft-coup, or you can call it politicization of the DOJ and FBI, but the end result is the same – the intentional effort to manipulate, influence, and ultimately subvert an election for the presidency of the United States.”  ~SD

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  1. Iamacokecan says:

    Concerned about Wray now…thought he was a white hat.

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    • Phil Bacon says:

      I am presuming that a superior can override an inferior.

      New orders to the Special Counsel: Conclude the main mission of your empowerment: Trump campaign collusion with Russia to affect the 2017 U. S. election.

      Then, and only then, pursue your tangential investigations. Evidence will keep.

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    • saintoil says:

      Where has Sundance been since Trump went warmonger? You guys are aware of possible confrontation with Russia. YES? Are you aware that Russia will not allow this again? They have the capability to take out the launch ships. How about that escalation when we get a bloody nose? Playing with nuclear fire here.

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    • saintoil says:

      What make you think that? He has done nothing by side step the corruption issue and stall document release.


    • laughernyc1 says:

      This is an obvious ploy by Mueller. Use the Stormy Daniels BS to get all of Cohen’s documents in the hands of a sympathetic SD prosecutor. Rummage through them for evidence about Russia or Trump finances, and if found refer them back to Mueller. This is trampling the President’s right to privacy/attorney-client privilege. A despicable, extra-Constitutional bit of maneuvering by a jaded, corrupt man. This is get Trump at all costs.

      Pretend there is a HORRIFYING crime at hand – dealing with an extortionist porno star and her slime lawyer – and turn it into a vehicle for a soft coup against a Republican President. Keep him hamstrung until the midterms, when you win the Congress and can impeach him, ushering in a decade of Democratic control to further globalize and neuter our country. Party on!

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  2. G3 says:

    President Trump’s home in Trump Tower was entered by Secret Service and Firefighters to check for smoke damage, the day of the fire. A few days later, his personal attorney’s office, home, and hotel room are raided.
    I was asking if anyone is familiar with the protocol with entering the President’s private residence- I would believe Mr. Cohen or someone from the Trump family or team would be present.

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    • Stormyeyes says:

      Trump’s home is 30 floors higher. Is there a link to info that says SS entered his apartment? Usually SS travels with Trump. He was not even in NY


      • G3 says:

        It was in a NYT article -The commissioner said firefighters went with the Secret Service to inspect the president’s residence. While the rest of the building had a “considerable amount of smoke,” it was not immediately clear if it reached Mr. Trump’s unit, he said.

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      • ATheoK says:

        The Secret Service are far more than the agents who actually travel with the ex-Presidents, POTUS or their families.

        The Secret Service arrive in force, before the President goes anywhere, to prep and pseudo-cooperate with local law enforcement. i.e. the Secret Service get tapped into everything, yet share nothing.

        Then after the President exits a place, another SS team cleanse everything.

        Don’t ever think that the few SS agents in evidence around a President are the only SS personnel around. Look around and you’ll spot plenty of small earbuds and collar microphones.

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Time for someone to put a “Ring Around The Rosey”…

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    • What is your source for this? I read Trump residence is 10-12 floors above floor 50 and people are confused about the actual real floor number he has as the floors are purposefully made to be unclear as far as their real floor numbers.

      If the above is true, why would there be ANY smoke damage? Where did you read these people entered Trump residence? If they did enter, for sure they are being on video camera.


  3. EV22 says:

    Sessions should have expected that Mueller would pull some really dirty moves shortly before the OIG report was due and Sessions should have pre-empted him.

    OIG report due April 30th? Sessions should have asked Horowitz to have at least the first part ready to roll out on March 31. Then anything Mueller did would look doubly vindictive.

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  4. cwf60 says:

    Where do we go from here? No one seems able to stop this travesty of justice.

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    • BebeTarget says:

      cwf60 . . . . and no one seems to WANT to.


    • covfefe999 says:

      I know it’s super unsettling … but the alternative, Hillary being President, would have been far worse. We’re all going to have to be strong and support our wonderful President any way we can, especially through our voting. Keep the GOP majority in the House and Senate, that should be our #1 priority. That will make Trump’s job less difficult and spare him the kangaroo impeachment.

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      • Newt Love says:

        > “… We’re all going to have to be strong and support our wonderful President any way we can, especially through our voting. Keep the GOP majority in the House and Senate, that should be our #1 priority. …”

        Exactly tactically correct!
        When the going gets tough, the tough fight harder!

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        • J Gottfred says:

          “When the going gets tough, the tough fight harder!”

          Bully for you!

          Trump is the only Presidential candidate I have ever contributed to. —And he is a billionaire…

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    • J Gottfred says:

      I am livid with about this search. Just who in the hell does the FBI DOJ yahoo who approved this travesty of justice think he is?

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      • Susan Bolle says:

        OB holdover who was in charge of fleecing Wall Street for slush $ to avoid DOJ prosecution, and is under investigation himself.


        • J Gottfred says:

          4th Amendement: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

          “…and is under investigation himself.”

          Ah a credible witness against the President. The Judge need to consider this when approving the warrant. Or, was this conveniently left off the warrant?


      • Newt Love says:

        > “… Just who in the hell does the FBI DOJ yahoo who approved this travesty of justice think he is?”

        Yeah, and who was the (traitorous) Communist Judge who signed the multiple warrants?

        Who was the judge that just set a precedent that any yahoo that claims reasonable doubt can VIOLATE the CONSTITUTIONAL ATTY / CLIENT PRIVILEGE ? ? ?

        That is some IMPRESSIVE (Chutzpah) at Judicial Activism!

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  5. tdwesselman says:

    First of all CTH needs to get control of their advertisers some of them are actively trying to crash the system.

    Second if I was Trump I would immediately terminate all of the top brass at the DOJ and the FBI. And I mean all of them. I would then appoint people temporarily into the positions until proper nominations could be made.
    Third I would not fire Mueller. I would though reduce his budget to the point that it will only pay for his direct salary and needs. I would move his office to North Shore Alaska. Last I would instruct my new acting AG to restrict his investigation to nothing more than Russia Collusion. And tell them to start internal investigations and purges of all political hacks within the departments.

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    • booger71 says:

      CTH has no control of the advertisers on this site. This is a Word Press free blog site so they control the advertising.

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      To deal with the ad problem install an adblocker or use the Brave browser.

      As for the second part, I don’t think firing people is going to work in this situation. It has gone too far….

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    • jeans2nd says:

      td, you might consider that the “site crashing” may not be CTH, the advertisers, nor WordPress.

      Ever heard of a DDOS attack? Denial of Service. This would not be the first time. There were times when this site actually went offline for a bit – those of us outside were wandering aimlessly until CTH came back online.

      Patience, td. Check your own pc as well. Run a virus and malware check. Check your CPU usage. There may be external factors.

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    • more deplore says:

      I hat to switch to brave.. because google would crash every time i log on to CTH… It would only crash on CTH… So i am sure google was targeting this fine website.. I have not had any problems on brave


    • peace says:

      Now this sounds like a good plan. Something needs to be done, and fast.

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  6. Donna in Oregon says:

    Reading comments today and especially reading Cold Anger on CTH. Calming down the natural reaction to this latest Globalist Swamp maneuver by Mueller, DOJ/FBI. The Swamp’s glass is half-empty, our glass is refillable.

    The best read of the day for me is:

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  7. Rick says:

    What a mess our Constitutional Republic is in.

    So, no offense for violations of Client/Attorney privilege with Pres. Trump/Michael Cohen….according to Chuck Schumer.

    Yet, one could only imagine what really existed between Hillary Clinton/Cheryl Mills. Yet, there isn’t a bit of scrutiny on this relationship.

    A total joke……

    I don’t see anything getter better……..

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    • formerdem says:

      What I see is, it was like this before we knew so. Lately it has been forced to show itself. Mueller is now trusted only by partisans. As for Rosenstein and Sessions the jury are beginning to get a hard look on their faces.

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    • daughnworks247 says:

      Remember Hillary’s mysterious fire on the 7th floor?
      Remember Cheryl Mills in the basement, sorting docs?

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    • rayvandune says:

      Schumer is the de facto AG now, right? I mean, somebody has to be!

      Mr. President, I urge you to send a letter to each Republican Congressperson and ask them to make a public statement supporting the POTUS, expressing outrage at the conduct of Mueller, and demanding he be dismissed. Just say “The Republican voters deserve to know who stands where, and so do I.” Publish the results, including who does not respond. Announce that you will let the voters decide what to do about it, you are just making everything transparent. The traitors who think they represent the Chamber of Commerce need to be smoked out.


  8. jeans2nd says:

    We have been encouraged to support AG Jeff, against our initial instincts.

    Searched and found ways to support AG Jeff. There are very good reasons to continue supporting AG Jeff. It is always best to follow every protocol stringently and silently to avoid mistakes and leaks.

    But gee wiz guys, this is getting tough. Really tough.
    this just does not feel normal

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    • cavt says:

      When I saw Trump’s tweets of the last few days criticizing Sessions(yet again), it became clear to me. If you were your boss’s right hand guy and critical to protecting and getting his goals accomplished, what would you do if your boss tells you he has lost confidence in your ability to do those critical things. An honorable man would submit his resignation and not force his boss to take the heat of firing him. Tells you all you need to know–

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      And the booting of McCabe was spurred by the Office of Orofessional Management?

      Huber’s track record may be weak.


    • singingsoul says:

      jeans2nd says:
      “We have been encouraged to support AG Jeff, against our initial instincts.

      Searched and found ways to support AG Jeff. There are very good reasons to continue supporting AG Jeff. It is always best to follow every protocol stringently and silently to avoid mistakes and leaks.”
      thick , as crazy as it sounds, that Session is a victim of his decency his trust in people and naiveté. He repeatedly said how ethical Rosenstein was and he seems to accept guidance and input from his team. He is a team player and to him the DOJ is his team.
      He does not seem to see the bigger picture. I heart him once say ” we do not prosecute our political opponents.”
      Session seems oblivious that is exactly what is going on against Tump and his team.

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      • BebeTarget says:

        Singingsoul . . . .. . Sessions is Swamp. He may be nice, even decent, but he is still Swamp, That’s all he has known in D.C.


      • Apollo says:

        Exactly—nice enough guy, but “oblivious” is the word. The Deep State is in an all-out attack against this presidency. And where is he? Nowhere to be seen. “Behind the scenes”, we’ve heard for over a year now.
        Fine—but the clock is ticking and the midterms are coming. We need the AG to fight back.


      • formerdem says:

        He thinks it is about appearing honorable. Yet how honorable is it to defend his own honor but not the President’s? Which is what he is doing. Of course he has to be ethical but he does not have to seek and pine for praise about it. The NYT will love him only if he betrays his boss. Accept it. Look honorable or be honorable. One or the Other.

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    • andi lee says:

      Some of the notably new “naysayers” have run me & others, ragged in the past, digging up Sessions’ workload & accomplishments. The list is long. The man is busy working on Trump’s promises.

      If you are not aware of how Sessions’ recusal came to be, there’s an search bar, above, available.
      Plenty of Sundance’ threads to go through to gain a better understanding. With facts.

      ~the branch manager
      J/K! 😂
      (I slay me 🙃 sometimes! That’s our Ad_Rem’ awesome job she does for us here! Much love, Ad_Rem! Thank you! ~❤~)


  9. logger says:

    Today has been a long week. Seems everything and everyone is against Trump. The few law-abiding are focused on priorities – resurrecting justice, even if Trump is badly injured in the process. I think he knew that would be the risk. He’s the only one willing to go through the fire, to put himself up against that pressure, and we will be forever grateful. The silver lining, come what may, is the intel community is spending every last bit of capital and connection it has. This can’t ever, ever happen again. I wish our leaders could only convene every 10 years, like locusts, and devour any archaic legislation, then go back underground or something. Leave us alone. They are a festering blight, perpetually.

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    • logger says:

      My one comfort in this enduring thought – that all those who commit evil against this administration and against the forgotten man will forever be despised. We will spit when we hear their names and we will teach our children to hate them. This is their legacy. And they will rot in hell for what they’ve done. And we’ve only just uncovered a fraction of what they set us up for, perhaps still setting us up for. They despise us, and so we despise them.

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      “today has been a long week” – new expression to me and I like it. Very applicable to the last 24 hours!

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      Trump is having dinner tonight with Alan Dershowitz, according to The Mail.

      Dershowitz is now claiming yesterday’s raids were unconstitutional.

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  10. Sandra-VA says:

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  11. Jim in TN says:

    Rosenstein is a total hypocrite. He has more conflicts of interest than Berman. And so too does Mueller.

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  12. TPR says:

    Calm down people.

    DOJ/FBI did not raid Trump’s attorney’s office for documents about any alleged payments made to settle alleged disputes about alleged affairs that Trump allegedly had with any women — UNLESS the purpose was/is to prosecute the individuals attempting to extort Trump.

    If the FBI can raid the President’s attorney’s office to gather incriminating evidence to impeach (or arrest or charge or w.e.) Trump, then every police office in the country can start doing the same thing to criminal defense attorneys. And we all know how impossible this would be.

    Neither Congress nor SCOTUS would allow such a breach of justice to stand, not just because it’s wrong, but because there’s no politician or judge/justice who would risk setting any kind of precedent that would allow the DOJ/FBI (or any police / DA office) to raid their own attorney’s office.

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    • Mike says:

      You are wrong my friend.

      For a search warrant all you need is a crime, and probable cause that evidence of that crime is probably in a certain place, and you can get a SW for that place. You can’t get a warrant for privileged documents, but you can get a warrant for documents that are evidence of a crime, named in the SW.

      For a no knock, you have to have pc the target is armed, or there is a high probability that evidence will be destroyed if entry is delayed a few minutes.

      I would like to see the warrant to see if Cohen was armed, or how he could destroy papers, computers, hard drives etc in minutes.

      This was done to accomplish two things,
      to intimidate,
      and to allow Mueller’s team to view ALL of Cohen’s documents while searching for the documents named in the search warrant. If they find privileged information they could not use it in court, but they may read it while “looking” for evidence of the crime they are investigating.

      I expect ANY dirt found while searching for evidence will end up in the NY Times, WaPo etc, or used any other way they can think of to “get” Trump.

      I am retired LE, and this MAKES ME SICK!!!!!

      Especially when you compare how this was done, with the various Clinton “investigation/matters.”

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      • Mark L. says:

        I too am sick of this fraud in broad day light for all to see. We are tipping towards a police state.

        Unleash the IG report and call in the Marines.


      • V says:

        Agreed, Mike. This was done to intimidate. Apr. 09, 2018

        “The special counsel’s office is investigating a $150,000 donation a Ukrainian businessman made to President Donald Trump’s charity in 2015, according to a new report.

        The donation, from steel magnate Victor Pinchuk, pales in comparison to contributions he gave to the charity Bill and Hillary Clinton set up. The billionaire has contributed $13 million to the Clinton Foundation since 2006 and had access to Hillary Clinton while she served as secretary of state.

        But Special Counsel Robert Mueller is not investigating The Clintons. Instead, he is conducting a broad investigation of Donald Trump, including the flow of foreign money into various Trump-controlled entities.”

        “Mueller began investigating the Pinchuk donation after receiving documents in response to a subpoena issued to the Trump Organization — the real estate company Trump ran before entering politics.

        In September 2015, Trump appeared via video link at a conference Pinchuk hosted in Kiev. Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, negotiated details of the event with Douglas Schoen, a former consultant for Bill Clinton, according to The New York Times. Trump did not initially request payment for the appearance, but Cohen contacted Schoen at one point to request a $150,000 honorarium, The Times reported. [IS THIS EVEN TRUE?]

        In a seemingly unrelated matter, the FBI raided Cohen’s Manhattan office and residence on Monday…”

        So, with Cohen distracted and without his papers, will he have enough free attention to refute the above if it’s a lie?

        Pinchuk Trump donation – is this a setup – a retroactive record of a non-existent donation?

        Pinchuk is CF donor, Clinton connected
        Pinchuk is Atlantic Council donor. This is the anti-Russia/anti-Trump Atlantic Council whose members include Farcas, Alperovitch of Crowdstrike et al.

        Crowdstrike – Guccifer 2.0 falsely claimed to be Wikileaks source; could this “Pinchuk donation to Trump” be a similar ploy? A false claim of money to Trump?

        Obviously, the raid on Cohen is meant to intimidate him. Since it is reported that Cohen is the one who obtained the $150,000 speaking fee for Trump after the fact (wonder if Trump even knew and whose bank account did it go into), intimidating Cohen not to fight back is a factor. Is this intimidation of Cohen meant to force him to lie about Trump?

        This claim of the $150,000 should be forensically investigated, did it occur at the time it is claimed? Or is this a Mueller deep state cyber money transfer fake setup? Like the Alfa Bank-Trump Organization fabricated DNS logs:

        See Tea Leaves aka April Lorenzen exposed on April 9th, 2017.

        We will see if these fabricated DNS logs were used in any of the FISA warrant applications or renewals. The Dossier contains the “Alpha” [sic] Bank references.

        Their attempts to set up Trump can backfire criminally on them.


  13. Dave says:

    I’ve been reading through many comments with some Treepers worried that PDJT might be impeached should the dems win big in the midterms. Remember, should that horrible event actually occur, he would still have to be convicted in a Senate trial. Only two U.S. presidents have been impeached by the House. Both were acquitted by the Senate. Andrew Johnson was way back, of course, but let’s look at Bill Clinton’s trial. The House charged him with perjury and obstruction of justice, and he was impeached on 12/19/1998. The Senate acquitted him on 2/12/1999 of all charges. That new Congress had 55 Republican senators out of 100. Conviction would require 67 against the president. Does anybody here really think that the Senate before OR after the midterms would have the numbers to convict? I say NO WAY!

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    • Gary says:

      Well GOP only has 8 Senators up for election soooooo


    • BebeTarget says:

      Dave . . . . .. .I think you need to count all the Democrats and all the Republicans who do not like Trump.. They voted for the Omnibus bill which put a knife in POTUS’ back. Do you really think these anti-Trump Republicans would vote ‘no’? Remember, Clinton prevailed by one vote . . Joe Lieberman’s. I don’t think PDJT would have as many votes in his favor as did Clinton.

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      • AdamSelene says:

        While that’s true, keep in mind:

        Just about every Trump voter also voted for their Republican senator. So voting to remove Trump would be voting against their own voters. Lots and lots of people will be calling up their Republican senators and saying “I voted for you, and I voted for President Trump. If you vote to overturn my elected president, I will never be voting for you again.”

        Second, as much as some Republican senators hate Trump, the idea of giving his scalp to the Democrats is too much. No Republican wants to turn on the news and see Rachel Maddow or Anderson Cooper grinning ear to ear because they finally got Trump and those evil Republicans.


    • covfefe999 says:

      Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. We knew it was going to be a rough ride.

      Vote all GOP in every upcoming election. It’s the best way we can support Trump and suppress the Dems.


      • Mark L. says:

        Who in their right mind could ever vote for a Dem.


        • J Gottfred says:

          I voted for Feinstein in 2012 thinking she was level headed even for a Democrat. How I rue that day! She is absolutely worthless in her roll as majority/minority member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Nunes has demonstrated leadership she will never know.—She is the swamp.


    • J Gottfred says:

      I agree,but impeachment is such a distraction. Even if Trump wins, we loose. These rabid liberals have absolutely no respect for rule of law and due process, much less the Constitution.


  14. Rob says:

    It does not matter if there are enough senators to remove Trump from office. If Democrats take control of the House, they will impeach, which is the equivalent of a political indictment. Because it is a political proceeding and not a judicial one, the charges can be totally bogus. It cannot be challenged in court claiming the charges do not constitute high crimes and misdemeanors.
    Impeachment alone will cripple the remaining two years of his presidency and likely prevent his re-election, which is the goal. Removal would be merely icing on the cake.

    Also, unlike in the Clinton impeachment senate trial where not one Democrat senator voted for removal, you can expect some Republicans to vote to convict such as Mc Cain,if he is still alive and Graham. It may not be enough for removal, but it would not matter. Many in the GOP want him out of office or at least not running in 2020 as much as the Democrats do.

    How many Republicans criticized raiding Cohen’s office? The silence is deafening. Grassley just praised Mueller. Sadly, Trump has no real allies anywhere in positions of power. I am also not convinced the GOP wants to keep both houses of Congress. They certainly have not motivated rank and file GOP voters to go to the polls in November after that omnibus spending bill . They would be happy being in the minority where they don’t have to govern and can pretend to be the conservative opposition.

    Personally, I am losing patience waiting for indictments for corrupt FBI and Justice Dept. officials. I will believe there are honorable white hats when I see action.

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    • Suncc49 says:

      I disagree… following through with the impeachment of Clinton really hurt the Republican Party way back when….


      • thedoc00 says:

        Not only did it hurt (in my opinion ruin) the Republican Party, the impeachment of Clinton set the very low standards for all Special Councils that followed and created a blood feud atmosphere in Congress vs serving opposing party presidents. President Trump is reaping the fall-out from Newt Gingrich’s blind stupidity.


  15. They got him now……………Yawn…..


  16. Charlotte says:

    REPORT: Alan Dershowitz Huddling With Trump At White House Amid Rumors POTUS Wants Lawyer To Join Legal Team

    This is good news. Dershowitz is a brilliant lawyer.


    • jahealy says:

      I realize everyone’s having a slobbering love affair with Dersh at the moment, but he voted for Crooked and continues to say he did so proudly. Which means he has a screw loose, imo. I’d much rather see DiGenova in there instead.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      So we need to keep in mind that these are just unsubstantiated rumors. I’d like to think that Trump called Dershowitz after seeing him on Dobbs’ show last night. And they are talking strategies. Trump can get a lot of good info without actually hiring Dershowitz.


  17. Richard says:

    Really looks like our government is imploding on his self.


  18. mikey says:

    Trump is going to deposit all these dolts into the septic tank of truth. Despite their belief they have it all in the bag.


  19. km says:

    With this raid, doesn’t the FBI now have all the emails between him and Trump also?


  20. ForGodandCountry says:

    Does anyone know who the federal judge was who signed off on the warrants?

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  21. thedoc00 says:

    While I am no fan of Charlie Gasperino, he is a pretty smart guy and a good source for insight into how the globalists on Wall Street see the world and he also says things that are true no matter which side of the economic debate one ascribes.

    This morning he briefly discussed the raid and offered that the warrant included files that involved Cohen’s contacts with a prominent Russian Oligarch (of course with ties to Putin) regarding Trump’s pursuit of building hotel(s) in Russia. So, as a minimum there was a Russian angle in an attempt to justify the raid.


  22. Tiana says:

    Berman is at this time an INTERIM US Attorney… Maybe, just maybe, Rosenstein is protecting the guy and is helping to keep his record clean… so that Berman is above par when it finally comes to confirming him as a permanent fixture… just a thought…

    I believe that there are white hats… and that they follow the law… and not stoop to the methods of their enemies… their will be secrecy and public deception in order to catch the enemy of guard… this is hard on us who try to understand and want to know what is going on… but I believe it has to be for the mission of ‘draining the swamp’ to be successful…

    I continue to believe in our President and his white hats, whoever they may be… and the only way we can help him is to vote in November for Republicans that support our President’s agenda… and with that support they help us… the American people… so let’s find decent candidates and support the hell out of them and vote them in in November… don’t give up… don’t stay at home… don’t vote Democrat…

    Long live the republic… the constitution… freedom…
    I believe in HOPE… in MAGA… in WE THE PEOPLE…

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  23. Charlotte says:

    Trump Attorney Uncovers New Unmasking Docs Showing Samantha Power Actively Worked With Media to Undermine Trump During Transition (VIDEO)

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  24. CNN_sucks says:

    Sessions is sooo..incompetent. He should have not recuse himself. He has lost his cajones. Millions of dollars spent on russia collusion and more people’s lives destroyed, while the biggest criminal still free giving speeches for 25K.


  25. steven Pier says:

    Was gone all day lots of Sessions bashing today was there any info that came out today to cause this? Saw someone post on twitter that Sessions knew before the raid?


  26. Mark Wothe says:

    No, that couldn’t be! Patriot Ted Lieu said so!


  27. rayvandune says:

    Notice how almost all self-recusals are from Republicans? That’s because most Republicans love the Constitution and the rule of law. On the other hand, most Democrats love power. It’s as simple as that.

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  28. andi lee says:

    ‘CrowdStrike’ received enumerous passes, too.
    Was it because owner(s) Sean Henry, (with his *Russian* co-partner) was former FBI?

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  29. MTK says:

    After reading this SD post, I am of opinion that the Berman’s recusal is NOT of an equivalence to the more famous Sessions recusal.

    Whereas Sessions recused himself, Berman was likely bypassed, in other words the application for the warrent to the Federal Judge may have specifically sought to limit Berman’s involvement. A decision made by those under Rosenstein. What is not appearnt is…

    Rosenstein himself was notified of the recusal after the decision was made.

    Does this mean Rosenstein’s approval was not sought but he was mearly notified after the fact. And does after the fact mean after or before the warrent was issued, or executed?

    These are valid observations that need answers!!!

    It is part of our nature, our humanity, since it is hard wired in our brains (Psychology101) to fill in missing details… people make assumptions… lets face the truth, part of the narrative here at the CTH is grounded in PDJT, “Has got this.” so the argument goes.

    Is it even valid to make this assumption, has not a recurring post of Sundance’s been about the Orb speech. There is an ‘us’ in that speech.

    For the 5D chess players…
    Without answers to my inquires…
    It is a falcacy to rationalize a way out of this development, meaning I can game theory it out, but can not test the hypothesis to draw out the divergent and convergent arguments.
    They all fold onto themselves into a duality.

    Hence, my post the other day about Jesus in the desert.
    We maybe asking the wrong questions?

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Julie says:

    Ok, now I know that Q person is not legit. They promoted the story about Cohen’s raid being approved by a Trump appointed judge.


    • MTK says:

      I’ve have watched more than a few Q related videos, I am highly sceptical however respectful, they are on to something that I can not totality dismissed out of hand.

      The out of hand part is… the role faith should be playing in our lives, without faith, “Is life just a Pink Floyd recording barking at the dark side of the moon howling at money.”

      Call it a conspiracy, who does not like a good conspiracy, however if there is a ‘Big Ugly’ there is also a over riding ‘Big Lie’ that has enable this mess.

      Maybe that is question that answers more forerightly, “Why there is this impass to Justice within our political landscape?”

      I don’t think anyone can answer this?
      It is not so simple, anyone can put out an answer, just as surely as anyone can disprove it, specifically in the hyper driven world of consensus building.

      I’ve thought long and hard, what could it be?
      And, the questions I ask of myself are not of a Q type conspiracy…
      Let me pose some questions?
      “Does human happiness resides in a social comformity to live well?, Have our modern set of comformities been usurped in a manner that makes it easier to see ourselves dealing with problems far removed from past generations?, Just what are these usurping problems? what would Aristotle say of the kind of citizen’s produced living that Newspeak, they bear what easily?


  31. andi lee says:

    Gosh. Michael Cohen is really being put through the ringer.

    McClatchy News piece (#2nd) story, (a correction piece to erroneous yellow-journalism)
    about 4 properties [Cohen] sold for cash to “mysterious buyers”.

    McClatchy-D.C. had reached out to Cohen at the same timeframe Cohen was readying his Congressional “invitation” to testify before Congress in 2016 over russian interference campaign involvement.

    McClatchy News #2 article is Cohen’s response to the cash-price property sales to the mysterious buyers & their equity evaluations (& after the congressional gauntlet of torture was over & completed. Say. Why didn’t Congress invite Huma, Cheryl Mills, & the other 5 or so, lawyers w Hilliary’s teatime date & the FBI courtesy call to testify before congress?).


    • andi lee says:

      The original story was found here w/Falco. Falco says in first tweet, give it 36-48 hours for more info to come out on Cohen’s raid before getting upset over the Trump Executive Branch.

      Good threadread but … not quite accurate.
      Legitimate sale handled through an private family trust estate lawyer.

      A complicated business, family trusts, that I do know & know little of, except to say, give me a gordian knot, instead!


  32. OH NO! fb and tweeker, both run by raging leberals, is not being “fair” to real Americans!!!! I’m shocked…. I naturally assumed if we signed up some years ago to have our whole lives sucked up in their liberal sewer vacuum they would be straight shooters ! You know, like Roy Rogers…….



  33. noswamp says:

    “You can call it a soft-coup, or you can call it politicization of the DOJ and FBI, but the end result is the same – the intentional effort to manipulate, influence, and ultimately subvert an election for the presidency of the United States.” ~SD”

    They just gave Trump a ‘get out of jail free’ card. They have so publicized what these people did. Manafort paid money for clothes, and his lawn. Cohen gave his own money to a porn star.
    Now you have given Trump carte blanc to pardon anyone he wants. Remember Obama pardoned Chelsea Manning who committed treason? No one is going to get mad at Trump for pardoning a person who fudged his IRS return?

    He ought to pardon every person that Mueller even STARTS to investigate, before Flynn sells his house, before Manafort signs a plea deal.

    People in the middle are getting angry because of the piling on to Trump. I sense it. When have they ever gone after the personal lawyer of the President of the United States. We all know about Kennedy and Monroe in the 60’s. And that happened while Kennedy was in office. This stuff with Trump was not even while he was office.
    Who are the people around Trump telling him about how to fight this?

    All Trump needs to do is say ” I want to help you focus on Russian collusion, I will pardon everyone Mueller even BEGINS to investigate. Period. I find that pardoning someone for paying money to a porn star(Cohen) and IRS irregularities(Manafort) is no more egregious than pardoning someone for treason(Obama and Manning). I want to encourage Mueller to keep up the good job, I will continue to help him in any way possible to find evidence of my campaign’s collusion with Russia. ”

    Nuff said. Where are the people around Trump giving him this piece of advice?


  34. SharkFL says:

    I just figured it out. The SC is trying to get fired. Mueller is literally out of gas. There is no evidence of wrongdoing .. anywhere.

    However, there are enough votes possible in the House to pass an impeachment vote. The only play left for the Dark Side is to force Trump to fire Mueller for any reason, doesn’t matter.

    If Trump fires Mueller, even for totally valid reasons, the congress will still impeach him. Expect more wacky, out-of-bounds, illegal behavior from the SC.


    • V says:

      You are right, Mueller wants to be fired by Pres. Trump. The left are organizing marches in advance. So, it has to come from Rosenstein or Sessions. With every outrageous move Mueller and his gang make, they sink deeper into their own quicksand.

      Dershowitz seems to be the one sent with the white flag, but his terms are unacceptable; i.e., no or few indictments on either side.

      It’s going to be total capitulation of the deep state and NWO, so someone better whisper in Mueller’s ear to resign and have Kissinger publicly “advise” it on the Mika Brzezinski show.

      And there will be no NWO-deepstate created war in Syria.


  35. noswamp says:

    I am hearing that Sessions needs to fire Rosenstein. That would take the wind out of Mueller’s sails.
    But will Sessions do this. It is clear to me that Sessions is a politician first (his friends want Trump out, and things delayed so they can continue their gravytrain at the tax payors expense) a law enforcement AG, second.


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