Common Question: “How do you square Mueller in all this?”…

This is a common question I receive:  “How do you square Mueller in all this?”

Well, there’s a good reason why I don’t discuss him.  The bigger picture is not about Mueller, he’s irrelevant.   Yeah, I know, my perspective runs 180° counter to the common refrain within exhaustive discussions expending energy upon myriad of articles about the ridiculous “Trump Russia Collusion” stories.  Funnily enough, that’s why.

CTH doesn’t log research to convince anyone of anything. Why expend energy on a task that’s exhaustive?  Robert Mueller is not the issue; he never has been.  He’s no more relevant to the actions within the Special Counsel team than anyone else.  Mueller is a DC figurehead, intended to give a name and possible face to an organization that selected him.

That’s the key point everyone misses.  Robert Mueller didn’t appoint or select a team of lawyers and investigators…. the previously assembled team of lawyers and investigators selected him.  Within that PROFOUND difference is the reason I ignore him.

The corrupt second tier DOJ/FBI officials, the lesser known names behind Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Sally Yates and Andrew McCabe, are the actual DOJ and FBI officials who carried out ‘Operation Trump’.  The “small group of co-conspirators” (as I prefer to call them for accuracy), are not political appointees; this specific crew was about 25 to 30 ideologically-minded career officials behind the prior political appointees.

If you want to understand the “small group” or Scheme Team, don’t look at the person at the top of this dynamic (Mueller), look at who assembled the Special Counsel team.  That would be former FBI Chief-Legal-Counsel James Baker, not Robert Mueller.

After prosecutor John Huber began his criminal investigation James Baker was removed from responsibility inside the FBI, but still exists within the organization without a specific role or position.  Likely because he’s cooperating with the Federal Prosecutor and Inspector General, he’s still showing up to the office doing something irrelevant while investigative officials monitor his contact network.

As a person familiar with such specific investigative measures shared:

“They are sat down, told to not do anything, say anything or discuss anything UNTIL they get an attorney. At which time, the attorney is handed a letter from the investigating unit. That letter says in essence, this is how screwed you are. If you want to be less screwed you will sign this letter of cooperation and assist us. When we don’t need you, you sit there. When we do we will call you and you will provide what we need. Any deviation from this agreement lands you in jail for the full term.”

Remember, the “small group” career officials needed to continue their group effort after the election.  Therefore they needed to stay assembled as a group.  They needed to stay on task, to facilitate the original intent of their association.  The Special Counsel was merely a way for this team to continue their efforts after the election, nothing more – nothing less.

That’s why the same people behind Phase 1 (Clinton Exoneration ’15, ’16), and Phase 2 (opposition research, counterintelligence and surveillance against Trump ’15, ’16, ’17), became the same people in Phase 3, the post-election vast Russian-Trump Collusion Conspiracy; also known as “The Insurance Policy”.

With the political appointees changing out (Lynch, Yates and later Comey) the small group needed a cover story to retain their professional association and carry out phase 3.  The Special Counsel became that cover story.  That’s why so much political, intelligence community and media capital was expended December ’16 through May ’17 to generate the demand from both Republicans and Democrats.

The team already existed.  The objectives already existed.  The only thing they needed was a willfully-blind leader and an excuse.  Robert Mueller became that willfully-blind leader because the small group already knew him and knew they could manipulate/use him.

I doubt Mueller has much of an idea what his team even does.  They bring him things; he signs them; and they go about their tasks regardless of his appearance.

Now, having said that, this in no way excuses Robert Mueller or lets him off the hook for being an active participant in the ongoing fiasco.  After all, he’s presumably not a stupid man, and if he can’t see the ridiculous nature of the Russian-Conspiracy-Collusion-Narrative, well, he’d have to be an actual idiot instead of a rhetorical one.

Absent the existence of early onset dementia (ie. Alzheimers’) Robert Mueller is willingly going along with a clearly visible fraud.   So he’s also transparently corrupt, complicit, terrible, unlawful, etc. and all other appropriate descriptions.   However, Mueller has no more control over the “small group” investigation than the owner of McDonalds has over your cold french fries.

The entire Special Counsel scheme is a political justice department fraud of historic scale and consequence.  They might as well be trying to prove the existence of the Yeti.  And if the CIA, ODNI, DoS, FBI and DOJ-NSD had laid down the foundation for a Yeti discovery, they could probably just as easily pull it off.

The remaining political officials inside the “small group” know they don’t have any actionable value within the available facts and investigation, that’s why they -and their media enablers- dispatch the use of facts in favor of fighting a propaganda war.

Robert Mueller could shut down the official Special Counsel tomorrow and nothing would change much.  The ‘small group’ shifts back out of government work and reconnects with Fusion GPS (or similar).  Although they may have to inform their media allies to change the official name of their tasks from ‘investigation’ back to ‘opposition research’.  Sans Mueller all tasks remain consistent, and three days from now it’s just another Tuesday.

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  1. Rjones says:

    Personally, I’d be prepared to let Mueller walk away from all this IF there was no evidence he was a part of the “small group” (meeting, discussing the objective of removing Trump) prior to the election.

    I think the figurehead argument is a bit strained, but plausible enough for me to buy. But, If he was in it it hip deep prior to the election and knew he was the contingency plan if a Comey were to be fired, I would do total war with him. And I would expect these people to go to ANY lengths to win, which I’m sure the white hats already do given the breathtaking things they’ve already done. These people must be exposed and then crushed…completely.

    Rosenstein seems like a sort of tragic figure to me. My intuition says this man has integrity but may have gotten pulled in. I hope that if he had any involvement he came clean early. I sincerely hope that a man who devoted most of his career to public integrity was not involved.

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    • Alonzo says:

      Rod Rosenstein signed one of the FISA applications, therefore he had to have known what was happening behind the scenes. Unlike you, I do not believe him to be honorable in any manner.

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      • cozette says:

        Team Trump were running a sting operation on the FBI and DOJ rats. They were investigating and tracking their every move. The OIG investigation began in January although the rats seem to be so full of hubris that they paid it no mind. I have no idea what role Rosenstein is actually playing so I am waiting with great interest to eventually find out. That being said, signing the last FISA does NOT prove Rosenstein is a bad guy imho. President Trump was already well aware of the surveillance and was, in fact, surveilling the surveillers. If Rosenstein had refused to sign off on the last FISA request for renewal after 3 previous ones had been oked wouldn’t that have tipped the rats off that something was up? Isnt it possible that the good guys didn’t want to scare the rats just yet? Again, I don’t know the truth yet but I don’t consider Rosensteins signature to be conclusive evidence that he is on the side of evil. I also know Rosenstein knows more than any prosecutor in America about the evil Clinton Foundation. He’s the only one to successfully prosecute the CF apparently motivated by the outrage he felt when he learned how they ripped off African aides patients.

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        • I don’t get the theory that Rosenstein knowingly signed off on flawed FISA warrant in order to avoid tipping off black hats. Basically what this theory is saying is that it is sometimes okay to intentionally mislead the FISA court and surveil a U.S. citizen if your motives are pure enough. BS!

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          • Helz says:

            Maybe Rosenstein signed off on the last FISA application to test whether the judge was honest or not? If so, this is just another piece of evidence that the whole system is corrupt.

            I don’t want Rosenstein to be a swamp rat but I have no faith in any of them at this point. My biggest fear is that they have co-opted Sessions.

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      • Leane Kamari says:

        yeah he signed it because he thought what a wonderful mousetrap that could be for the “coup players”


      • Gloria Albertini says:

        Rod is a dirty guy, period. He signed an extension FISA knowing what was happening behind the scenes. He even looks like a weasel. lol

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        • LULU says:

          I watched his hearing appearance. Talk about twitchy! If he is an innocent bystander, he certainly doesn’t play the part very well.


      • RLC2 says:

        +1. I was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt after the glowing praise bestowed upon him, until I learned of this item. And that he supervised the DOJ side of the Mueller run URANIUM ONE investigation, when it was slow-walked to a close, the first time…

        Now they all have to be checked, down to the pubes, to see what they are hiding…lice and all.

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        • bliss3609 says:

          Additionally, a special counsel is not supposed to be set up unless there is actual evidence of wrong doing! There was none and there is still none. Rosenstein appointed the SC and set it up!!! He is in it up to his eye balls!

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    • stringplayer55 says:

      I’ve been mulling over whether Comey baited Trump into firing him just so the cabal could get to the appointment of the Special Prosecutor. As Director of the FBI, Comey has to watch his back. He is called into meetings with Sessions (and occasionally with Trump). How does he manage the rather visible office of Director of the FBI AND promote the small group effort to effect a coup at the same time? It would be quite the tightrope that he would be walking.

      Now, if he managed to get himself fired and should his memos denigrating Trump get “leaked” to the press, then wouldn’t his firing be seen as evidence of Trump working to obstruct justice? That would then generate demand for a Special Counsel. Having already eliminated Sessions (because everyone at the FBI and DOJ who was in on this knew that Sessions was an honorable man and that he could be coerced into recusing himself from anything to do with investigation of muh-Russia), the Special Counsel could operate with minimal oversight. In fact, it is almost required that the SC work without supervision, because if the SC had any sort of real supervision, that would take away the appearance of that other moniker for the SC, that if Independent Counsel.

      Remember that after Comey’s memos came out, he did admit that he had them leaked for the particular purpose of getting appointment of a SC. Remember, too, that President Trump stated when he fired Comey that Comey had told him on three separate occasions that he was not under investigation. But Comey would not state that publicly, leaving a cloud of suspicion over the Trump presidency that gave legitimacy to The Resistance. It was only a couple of months after he had been fired and after the appointment of the SC that Comey did state in his congressional testimony that Trump was correct. Director Comey had told Trump on three separate occasions that he was not under investigation. But now that there was a SC, any suggestion of pulling the plug on that would be REAL EVIDENCE of Trump attempting to obstruct justice!

      The cabal knew that they could play the system to get a SC appointed. And once a SC was appointed, then they had the Trump administration tied up in knots for the duration of the SC’s appointment. Now, with overly broad instructions to the SC, the SC’s investigation could be extended endlessly.

      I believe the appointment of the SC, and Comey’s homie Robert Mueller in particular, was the intended purpose all along!

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      • nimrodman says:

        “Remember that after Comey’s memos came out, he did admit that he had them leaked for the particular purpose of getting appointment of a SC.”

        Yeah, but small point:
        They didn’t “come out”. They’re being held secret.

        We haven’t seen his “muh notes” “muh memo” account of what transpired in his meetings with PresTrump. We’ve only seen a NYT article by his reporter friend purporting to describe what his “memo” says.

        Comey Memo Says Trump Asked Him to End Flynn Investigation

        But WE haven’t seen the “memos” and don’t know what they say or even have any bit of assurance that they were written at the time as claimed and not simply fabricated out of thin air later, after he had time to strategize his agenda and what the memo content should be.

        So, at the risk of sounding pedantic over semantics, and not to pick on you at all, but:
        No – Comey’s “memos” haven’t come out.

        Hey, I’m just sayin’

        Comey memos will stay with Mueller, not be released, judge rules

        Byron York: Why are the Comey memos secret?

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        • nimrodman says:

          … as to the rest of your points, stringplayer, yeah – you’re right-on.

          My entire point is the “released” aspect. We’ve been over so much ground I wanted to clarify what ground we’ve actually been over and not fall into a trap of imagining stuff that hasn’t actually happened.

          So seeing your comment on that, I thought “hmmm – I don’t ever recall reading what Comey had to say, in his voice. Why is that? Did I ever get to read an actual “Comey memo”?

          So I did a quick keyword search and answer was no.

          But thank you for your very well-considered comment, I’m informed by all the other points you made.

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          • stringplayer55 says:

            Indeed, my language was a bit sloppy on the point of actually knowing what is in Comey’s memos. You are right on that we haven’t actually seen any of them. We’ve just been told of the leak and the purpose for the leak. But I should have stated the case as “After statements appeared in the press purporting to summarize contents of Comey memos leaked to the press…”

            I do appreciate the reminder to be careful about word choice, to be as accurate as possible in how we describe what we do and do not know. That is one if the things that I appreciate about TCTH, what makes this site a fount of wisdom, knowledge, and insight. Careful description gives the best possible understanding.

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            • svenwg says:

              If I remember correctly, one of the White Hat congress men or Senator who had actually read the memos stated categorically that the memos of Comey would exonerate President Trump if they were released. As I said I may be completely out of order on that account.

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            • nimrodman says:

              aw, no, stringplayer, I really wasn’t expecting you to apologize or re-think your post. it was fine.

              it was more about me pulling up short and saying “wait a minute – I don’t actually remember reading any Comey memo” and then confirming that to myself and then making that point for all to see.

              your statement was fine, I was just unfolding it to get a little more explicit. not intending to say in any way that you need to be more careful how you phrase things. you said it the way most here would have, I suspect.


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        • flyboy46 says:

          Ok “legal eagles”, what happens IF Mueller is named in one of Huber’s sealed cases and he get the treatment SD has described? As I , a non lawyer, think the whole sham investigation goes up in smoke, and the poor schlubs accused get to sue the govt for false prosecution. Ture, or false.


      • Leane Kamari says:

        at the same time, with Rosenstein Knowingly overbroad authorities given to SC, they already knew whatever Meller takes to court outside the “Russia medelled in the election” would have to be thrown out as the warrants / indictments where achieved from the “rotten tree” i.e. without proper legal authority. In that regard Trump could easily ask Mueller to produce proper authority and for what crime he is accused of before sitting down with him. Come to think of it, how cleverly palyed.

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        • 196ski says:

          Manefort played that card last Tuesday. It didn’t get a lot of news coverage, surprise surprise, but it is pivotal to Mueller’s investigation. There is a very strong case being made that Mueller overstepped the mandate of the SC with regards to Manefort’s indictment which revolves around actions that are unrelated to Trump/Russia “collusion”.

          This is a must read.

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          • buckeyeman says:

            Mueller did not overstep the authority granted in the mandate. The point which was made very will in Manafort’s Motion to Dismiss is that the authorization itself was illegal. Rosenstein violated the SC regulations and purported to grant Mueller investigative jurisdiction that Rosenstein had no legal authority to grant.


      • nigelf says:

        Director Comey had told Trump on three separate occasions that he was not under investigation.

        And we know now that was a lie because they had been investigating Trump since at least early 2016. Why is nobody mentioning this?

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        • stringplayer55 says:

          So, question: were they “investigating” Donald Trump or were they just snooping on Donald Trump, hoping to find something that could be used to derail the Trump train? There is a difference between the two. An investigation is opened because there is some existing evidence of illegal conduct. Were that so, I’m sure Comey would have let the public know about that sometime after the Republican Convention and before the election. In fact, the timing would probably have been right after all states finalized their ballots.

          An investigation would also have required assigning a considerable number of field agents who were not part of “the team” to look into the possible criminal activity, would it not. Engaging field agents in the investigation opens the criminal enterprise from the 7th floor to observation.

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      • 4sure says:

        Then that would make Rosey a rat, since it was he who appointed the SC and that was his and Comey’s best bud, Mueller. Rosey is corrupt as sin. If a SC was needed to keep the team and scheme alive, then Rosey is key. His wife has always been involved in defending the Clintons.

        I may be proven wrong. But I don’t see Rosy as anything but corrupt.He probably hates an outsider like Trump. Hey, every one of the career DC swamp critters both elected and appointed hate him.


        • stringplayer55 says:

          Oh, I don’t see Rosey any other way. He is a swamp ctitter. He appointed Comey’s homie – without even articulating any reason why a special prosecutor was needed in the first place. Then he allows Mueller to go down any path he chooses. The appointment was drawn up in such a way as to promote bringing charges against anyone associated with the Trump campaign even if we have to charge them with jaywalking.

          Of course, during the past year we have gotten very strong evidence of criminal behavior at the FBI and DOJ. Has any of that evidence resulted in criminal indictments brought by Mueller against the FBI/DOJ scheme team? No, what we have seen is Mueller trying to hide evidence that implicates the cabal. Meanwhile, Mueller also hides evidence that is exculpatory for people affiliated with Trump. And Rosey sits by idly and let’s this all happen without any direction of Mueller.

          Yeah, Rosey is corrupt. I would like to know who recommended Rosey for appointment as Deputy AG. That appointment has been so bad that one has to question how it came about.

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    • lokiscout says:

      Mr Jones, I believe you are correct. I have had similar thoughts particularly about Mr Rosenstein. I will go one step further and say that Deputy Rosenstein is the key to any investigations Re Uranium 1, the HRC illegal server/emails and the several other items she may be investigated for. He was there when everything went down and knows where all the skeletons are buried.

      I think Rosenstein was brought back into the fold with the skathing letter recomending Comey be fired. Perhaps the only thing he contributed to that letter was his signature at the bottom. Comey had to go. He was the head of the snake and the timing of his firing (5 months) after the inauguration suggests he may have been given the chance to redeem himself and refused. If not Comey then next in line was Rosenstein and he was easier to convince.

      I agree with Sundance about Muller. Once the indictments start rolling based on IG and Federal Prosecutor Huber’s work the Muller organization will crumble and blow away. He has already lost his principle reason for existence once Congress via Nunez, Goodlatte and Gressley announced there was no Trump campaign/Russia collusion. Or as I call it, “The no crime crime he was appointed to investigate didn’t happen even though it wouldn’t have been a crime if it had!” Bad optics and terrible politics but not criminal.

      After Nunez made the announcement what was/is Muller going to do? Get into a (you know what kind of) contest with Congress? Don’t think so!

      Could go on but I hate long posts and I’m not going to convince any non believers and the rest of us already have our pet theories on how this is all going to wash.

      Good talking with you!
      And Happy Easter!

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    • Mark L. says:

      After what happened to Flynn, walking away is not a word that comes to mind.
      We have seen how this game is played. If you are going to play, play to win.

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    • Old Dawg says:

      I suggest Mueller saw this as an opportunity to protect himself from the “drain the swamp” promise made by candidate/President Trump, particularly his part of the Uranium One deal. Mueller knows that any serious looking into the Clinton deals links back to him and this isn’t the only place Mueller has ethics problems. While I agree he was and is a patsy, he also hoped to be able to contribute to the overall objective of removing Trump, because he already had a vested interest in as a result of his previous actions. He thought he was helping in a “twofer”!


  2. Alonzo says:

    Do you have any thoughts on our five eyes allies and their possible spying on the Trump campaign for the DOJ and FBI without a warrant? I have had a hunch for some time that the five eyes group may perform those tasks for each other, to one extent or another, while evading privacy protections for private citizens.

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    • iwasthere says:

      Of course they do – that’s the whole purpose of five eyes.

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    • FBI Counterintelligence didn’t need a warrant for a counterintelligence investigation. FBI Counterintelligence used warrantless FISA 702(17) queries to acquire the contents of emails and phone calls to Trump Campaign officials. With the FISA warrant on Carter Page and the two-hop practice, the FBI “legitimized” the prior warrantless surveillance.

      None of this is to say that Five Eyes didn’t play a role in this scandal. All I’m saying is that it wasn’t necessary for Five Eyes to play a role in this scandal.

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  3. iwasthere says:

    Further, if Rand would support his opposition to the FISA court – he would be demanding – that FISA court issue a ‘show cause’ order on the fraud committed on it’s office. And yes, Robert’s has a role is protecting the FISA process if he and SCOTUS are going to continue to support this Consitituional abomination. Sorry, but SCOTUS cannot have a free pass on this.

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  4. f.fernandez says:

    As always, great write up.

    Misdirection kept Sessions true colors hidden until recently. I’m not saying Musller is a white hat or black hat but rather we won’t know until Trump administration wants us to know.

    So many times it appears the plot is heading in a direction then the script flips and we find out what the actual story is.

    Sit back and be patient.

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    • cozette says:

      I believe its more helpful to think in terms of redemption and/or leverage rather than white hate or black hat. In other words has President Trump found a way to make positive use of a person. POTUS is a builder. Builders see what can be salvaged or repurposed.

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    • Mark L. says:

      I love this line from “The Shooter”,
      “Senator Charles F. Meachum: This is a country, where the Secretary of Defense can go on T.V., and tell the American public, oh, that “This is about freedom! It’s not about oil!” And nobody questions him, cuz they don’t wanna hear the answer, because it’s a lie! There are only so many places at the table, Gunnie. Now, are you on the INSIDE, or are you on the OUT?”


  5. Kim Kelly says:

    A few things come to mind…
    First, Comey releasing his memos so a SC would be appointed…he didn’t say I leaked these so that Rosenstein will appoint Robert Mueller as Special Council…there is no way anyone would know that Rosenstein would appoint Mueller SPECIFICALLY. They (the small group) just wanted a SC to continue with the plan. According to Sundances comments about Mueller being irrelevant…we can substitute anyone/whoever that Rosenstein appointed as Special Council in to this position…his name could be Popeye or Brutus. This person would be irrelevant.

    Rosenstein picked Mueller, Not the small group. The small group picked a Special Council (by way of Comey leaking memos) in order to continue the insurance policy plan. Rosenstein happened to pick a bad actor with some dead bodies in his closet.

    Both Rosenstein and Mueller met with Trump the day before Rosenstein appointed him as Special Council By this time Sessions, Rosenstein and Trump all know what is going on thanks to Admiral Rogers, Devin Nunes and Horowitz. I am sure that Mueller, who is a private citizen in private practice who would be stepping back in to the limelight taking a bunch of political heat and personal/professional bashing from the public, at this point would need to be asked if he would take on the position and then briefed by Rosenstein on the situation and circumstances of the investigation that he was being asked to lead for the country.

    He had to have known what the small group was up to when he accepted the appointment as SC.

    Trump and his team keep the MSM/Fake News (including Fox) distracted with speculation on Mueller wanting to interview him. Trump is eager to meet with him, but the opinion pundits and analysts keep spewing their garbage all over the television…he is going to fire him, he shouldn’t meet with him blah blah blah…I don’t think Mueller needs to interview him. Trumps team has turned over everything that wasn’t obtained illegally from the bad actors on the SC team. The small group has tainted his investigation by their unlawful behavior. The only people he can go after he has already nabbed. Gates/Manafort/Russians. But it keeps everyone distracted while the IG, Huber, The AG in Arkansas, Grand Jury investigations roll on.

    It was necessary to allow the small group on to the SC team, catching them in the act is very effective while garnering evidence for prosecution. Unfortunately Flynn was ruined by this, but look at the crimes that were committed and caught. I wouldnt be surprised if we find out Flynn took one for the team in order to catch a criminal.

    Second….regarding Rosenstein signing off on the last FISA warrant…to catch a corrupt judge possibly????? (or others involved in the plot). by the time he signed off on this, they already had what they needed on the small group, now they needed to catch the judge…who was in cohoots with Strzok…who by this time was probably cooperating with the IG. Lots of spiders in this web all needing to be caught.

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    • nimrodman says:

      “Both Rosenstein and Mueller met with Trump the day before Rosenstein appointed him as Special Council. By this time Sessions, Rosenstein and Trump all know what is going on thanks to Admiral Rogers, Devin Nunes and Horowitz.

      Thanks, Kim, that adds a really crucial perspective, that they “all know what is going on”.

      That really places a constraint on motives and agendas and sweeps away a lot of extraneous speculation on those. Any speculation has to square with that.

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      • cozette says:

        Q made a point of reminding the chans that Mueller was a decorated Marine. Once a Marine always a Marine? Semper fidelis? It will be interesting to see how this turns out. Bottom line, wittingly or unwittingly, he created the perfect honey pot and media distraction.

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        • buckeyeman says:

          That must make General Mike Kelley feel just peachy. Reports today that he has just sold his house to pay for this “diversion”. It seems to me that some people want so badly to believe that Sessions, Rosenstein, and Mueller are really good guys acting out some complex fairy tale plot that they have simply lost their minds.


          • Kim Kelly says:

            I am not wanting to believe anything. I was simply stating some points that didnt add up or make sense to me.


          • FredZarguna says:

            A number of years ago I did consulting work for a large agricultural co-op that was absolutely destroying its competition. The competition hit on a scheme to effect a hostile takeover by inserting a useful idiot as the board president, who would undermine the CEO, the board, and eventually destroy the organization from within.

            Sadly, they succeeded. I warned the career staffers at the organization when the useful idiot became board president that they had about two years before the organization was either taken over by their competition or bankrupt. Again, sadly, no one believed me.

            This is actually pretty similar to what rank-and-file FBI/DOJ have experienced over the last few years. in order for it to succeed, Mueller doesn’t have to be stupid, he simply has to be more vain than he is intelligent. An appeal to his vanity that he is the only one who can “save” the Justice Department while the “small group’s” real manipulators are working behind the scenes is, I think, pretty much what we’re seeing.

            And I agree that a number of people with too-clever-by-half theories about Robert Mueller’s career as a Marine, and their study of his “character” indicating he’s a white hat secretly working for Trump have missed the point. We already know that ruthless underlings in the past have maneuvered Mueller into pursuing terribly unjust prosecutions against innocent people, and that is why I also agree that he is irrelevant; it’s the folks on his team who matter, and they are NOT good people. Not by any conceivable stretch of the imagination.


          • I know that I have to be very careful not to overthink things and get too far ahead of the game.
            SD has given us such a treasure trove of information that it is often tempting to over complicate matters when all we have to do is follow the Yellow Brick Road.
            There is no one else out there who is doing this level of research and writing and who can connect the dots so coherently.
            Easter blessings on Sundance and may he never falter.

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    • Marica says:

      Excellent Kim Kelly! Happy Easter Everyone!


    • L4grasshopper says:

      So why, then, has Mueller gone after Flynn and Manafort the way he has?


      • Kim Kelly says:

        Strzok went after Flynn, he was still on the SC at that time….Manafort is a bad actor and needed to be prosecuted


        • FredZarguna says:

          Mueller deliberately withheld exculpatory evidence about Strzok, Page, the 302’s, and the presiding judge which were all known to him. To ignore those facts in order to mitigate the case against Mueller/Mueller’s team is wrong.


    • Patsy says:

      Totally agree Gen. Flynn took one for the team. Obama HATED him because he refused to buy into their foreign policy/theory. As DNI, Gen.Flynn knew where the bodies were buried. He informed POTUS when he came on board as his NSA. McCabe made it known that he intended to nail Gen. Flynn and then PDJT.


  6. LafnH2O says:

    TY, SD!!
    I hadn’t look at it that way… before!

    Cold fries.. Great analogy!!


  7. Mueller and Rosenstein are part of the Trump/Sessions plan. Immunity will be their reward.

    Enjoy the show.

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  8. boot says:

    To me it’s relevant to look at the short timeline leading to the Mueller appointment ….
    Paraphrasing, PDJT fired Comey on May 9 2017 based on Rosenstein’s written justification concerning Comey’s actions with the HRC emails. Controversy arose within a couple of days because PDJT stated in a TV interview on May 12 that he was going to fire Comey anyway and mentioned the “Russia thing”. Also it was alleged that, in a meeting in the WH on May 10, PDJT told the Russians that “I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job. I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”

    Consequently there was a lot of talk about impeachment of PDJT for obstruction of justice. On May 17, Mueller was appointed SC.

    It appears that the Mueller appointment was made at that time as a quick decision in order to divert attention away from any immediate impeachment stuff. To me, that was a good decision because Mueller, as Comey’s mentor etc, could not realistically investigate PDJT for obstruction of justice because of conflict of interest.

    Therefore the cabal got their SC and could stack Mueller’s team with black hats however I assume they were probably disappointed that the obstruction of justice issue could not be pursued by Mueller. Also, the SC’s main task is to fully and thoroughly investigate and report upon the Russian Government’s efforts to influence the presidential election (and that would include the alleged illegal acts of hacking the DNC servers and Podesta’s email account) … investigating any alleged contact between individuals in the Trump campaign and the Russian Government is incidental to that main purpose. Therefore it’s not all about collusion, collusion, collusion.


    • ARW says:

      Trump, as the head of law enforcement and with personal knowledge that a crime was not committed, could never obstruct justice. Period. Congress’ investigation collaborates no crime and so does Mueller’s with each passing day.

      Liked by 1 person

    • bookman says:

      Sorry, Boot, but your analysis is deeply flawed.


  9. jello333 says:

    Okay, it’s really late here, and my brain is only working at about half speed. So hopefully this question isn’t TOO dumb. But Sundance’s comment about Baker putting together the Special Counsel team is bothering me a little bit. That’s because I’m not sure how that relates to who put together the Scheme Team itself. THAT wasn’t Baker, was it? I mean it had to have started higher up, right? Because we SURE don’t want indictments to reach only as high as Baker-level.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. bobw says:

    The simpler assumption is that Rosenstein is dirty like Mueller and the rest of them with Sessions either incompetent or blackmailed on the sidelines. They didn’t need to drag Trump’s associates, volunteers and family through the mud to nail a bunch of DOJ and FBI second stringers. Trump’s agenda, reputation and fortune is at stake while these 25 lawyers continue to go through every bit of information he has. Rosenstein talks Sessions into recusing, talks Trump into firing Comey (or “lets” him) and days later appoints his and Comey’s BFF as a Special Prosecuter – with no named crime on the paperwork! Just go see what you can find!

    I’ll believe all this complicated skull-duggery about Sessions being a super cop rather than an old man who was outplayed because he underestimated the evil around him. This site has done amazing work about the crimes of the swamp and frankly the few people who know anything about it learned it from here either directly or indirectly. And for that – thank you!


    • buckeyeman says:

      So, in your world, the simplest and most obvious explanation is the correct one and not the Hollywood style 17 dimensional chess explanation? Sundance is good, but where is the explanation of the attempt to ruin Mike Flynn? Or the middle of the night raid on Manafort? You’d have to believe that Flynn is in on the deception and agreed to have his name dragged through the mud in furtherance of “THE PLAN”.

      BUT WHAT PLAN? It doesn’t make any sense. There was OVERWHELMING evidence of criminality at Obama’s DOJ and FBI before Trump was ever elected. Remember? That’s why we elected Trump. Anyone with half a grain of sand’s worth of brain power knew that the DOJ and FBI FIXED the “investigation” of HRC. That’s all we needed to know.

      Now with Sessions dithering and Trump flailing it just seems that the Sundance worshipers have convinced themselves that there will be a magical outcome to all this and that can only happen if they believe there is an insanely complex plan that will finally be revealed to us mere mortals at the end of the movie.

      I think this will end more like every Stephen King movie ever made – a complex but intriguing plot which ends with no satisfying explanation of anything. It’s quite clear than NONE of the players in this movie want the public to know what actually happened.


  11. RAC says:

    Yikes !
    ” Robert Mueller didn’t appoint or select a team of lawyers and investigators…. the previously assembled team of lawyers and investigators selected him. ”
    I had never considered it from that viewpoint, this whole article gives a lot of food for thought, doesn’t let mueller off the hook though, allowing himself to be used makes him guilty as sin just like the rest of them.

    Liked by 2 people

    • boot says:

      Comey/McCabe already had an FBI team investigating the Russia stuff … reasonable to speculate that all/most/some of that team would be sympathetic to the cabal’s objectives. Mueller brought in some of his own staff and appointed others to his team but probably most would have been a direct transfer from the original FBI team and/or recommended by cabal members.


  12. f.fernandez says:

    Mueller couldn’t be the FBI Director again. Then he was escorted there by Rosenstein for…….what? He didn’t initiate that meeting; Trump summoned him.

    Nothing is as it seems. Omnibus, North Korea, etc….


  13. amwick says:

    Listening to a Congressman on the news, the argument for a second SC boiled down to this:

    “They got Mueller so we want one too” (my own wording) SMH….

    This is really a childish view… I mean, it is the same as “They started it” kind of reasoning/excuse. So much of the criticism really sounds like that when you think about it.

    Now, if you think of Mueller as irrelevant, this is even more tedious.


  14. G. Combs says:

    I think Flynn was a part of President Trump’s ‘Canary Trap’

    1. On November 18, President Trump and his National Security Team became aware of the Coup.

    Adm Mike Rogers saved the country. On nov 18 he met the NATSEC team of PDJT transition team and briefed them on it all…. At that meeting were current DCI Pompeo, former DCI Woolsey, now ambassador, Mike Flynn, Jeff Sessions, and PDJT. – name redacted

    Please note that General Flynn and AG Sessions are ‘in the know’ but VP Pence is left ON THE OUTSIDE.

    2. General Flynn was well aware that McCabe hated him for standing up for the ex-FBI agent he harassed. Flynn would also have a lot of white hatted FBI ‘little birdies’ singing in his ears since McCabe was know for his harassment.

    3. General Flynn would also be well aware that the Russian Ambassador was playing on the Democratic Party’s Team.

    4. General Flynn walks into the trap set by the DemonRats

    Dec 29 2016 Obama Sanctions Russia Kicks out 35 Ambassadors
    Dec 29 2016 Flynn Kislyak Meeting
    Dec 31 2016 Kislyak Phones Flynn

    Mike Pence closes the Deep State trap on Face The Nation during “Live” Sunday Television, Jan 15 2017
    Do you really think General Flynn was so dumb he did not keep notes of his meetings with Kislyak? That he did not keep President Trump updated… ESPECIALLY after Obama Sanctioned Russia and Kicked out 35 Ambassadors?

    5. Jan 17 2017 Patrick Leahy tries to tie Jeff Sessions to the Russians…
    Jan 24 2017 Flynn during FBI entrapment meeting Peter Strzok ‘reports Flynn as saying “I did not discuss sanctions” THERE IS NO RECORDING and the other FBI agent says no laws were violated…. HMMmmm
    Jan 26 2017 Sally Yates visits with POTUS team lawyers…
    Feb 10 2017 Reports say Flynn and Kislyak have been discussing sanctions. (Leaks)
    Feb 13 2017 Flynn Resigns

    Now does ANYONE think a Top Spook like Flynn could not have figured out the a member of the FBI Coup Team MIGHT try to entrap him?
    Did not know the FBI Coup Team WOULD have a complete recording of all his phone calls with Kislyak AND probably reports from Kislyak to the Coup Team of any face to face meetings.
    Knowing this would lie to the FBI?
    Would not have asked point blank if this was a Formal FBI interview?
    Would have DEMANDED he be allowed a lawyer?

    So yes, I think General Flynn intentionally sacrificed himself as part of the counter trap on Peter Strzok and his buddies on the Coup Team.

    Liked by 3 people

    • G. Combs says:

      buckeyeman says:
      “That’s just insane.

      For one thing, Horowitz and a few others already knew about Strzok. The text messages were revealed MONTHS before Flynn was attacked….”

      Your dates are mixed up. You are a YEAR OFF!

      Horrowitz was not allowed to look at the FBI ‘Small Group’ in 2016.

      “The Obama administration formally announced that inspectors general will have to get permission from their agency heads to gain access to grand jury, wiretap and fair credit information — an action that severely limits the watchdogs’ oversight capabilities, independence and power to uncover fraud.”Sundance

      So IG Horowitz in his bi-annual report to congress complained about the Obama Director of the FBI stonewalling him.

      Horowitz: “….This is an issue of utmost importance, as evidenced by the fact that 47 Inspectors General signed a letter in August 2014 to the Congress strongly endorsing the principle of unimpaired Inspector General access to agency records……”

      So the INSPECTOR GENERAL ACT OF 1978. [Public Law 95–452; 5 U.S.C. App.] WAS amended Through P.L. 114–317, Enacted December 16, 2016.

      This was Only a couple of weeks before Obama kicked the Russians out.

      It was in the summer of 2017 NOT 2016 that Horowitz notified the DOJ (It must be done prompty) and Peter Strzok was demoted.


    • Conservativeinny says:

      So someone else hired the outside investigator in Utah and his tram? Not Sessions?


  15. lunalee says:

    And what about Richard Burr and Mark Warner running this senate “investigation”? Is this little team running them too? It seems like it.


  16. zucccchini says:

    Oh, Mueller should not be allowed to walk on any of this. He was OVER the FBI when the Uranium ONe deal went down and HAD to be in on it or well aware of the what was happening. His hands are forever dirtied just because of that.

    Liked by 2 people

  17. susanphd says:

    sundance mentioned loretta lynch. I wonder what her role was in this grand theatrical production replete with villians and heroes. spies and traitors. very interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. drljr says:

    Excellent article. The “Progressives” have been distorting agencies for a while now and we are seeing them get scared because the person at the top knows what their agenda is and the people, i.e. US citizens, understand what is going on as well.


  19. Sugarhillhardrock says:

    A couple of months ago, I concluded that Mueller was the insurance policy. I was mistaken. Mueller was used to advance the insurance policy and continue it in perpetuity.
    if I understand, the policy existed to deep six Trump if useful evidence appeared pre election, and then, via the small group and the FISA Warrant, the tool for obtaining the means for his political destruction post election. A prearranged sedition, waiting for a plausible scenario.
    We learned this week that McDonough, Obumbles Chief of Staff, had contact with DOJ personnel in the small group. Waiting for the puzzle pieces to start falling into place on that aspect.
    Notice how very quiet Lynch has been for months?
    Happy and blessed Easter, Sundance and fellow treepers!

    Liked by 1 person

    • none other says:

      Wrong conclusion , fed by misinformation and drama. My statement below is 100% fact based on Testimony and a simple interpretation of testimony and or Documentation of financial dealings.

      Everyone except Flynn ( A diff discussion all together ) Indicted so far all HAD RUSSIAN CONNECTIONS. And all worked hand in hand with the FBI = Page , State Department = Papadopulus and Manafort/Gates = Podesta Brothers.

      And All worked for Trump , To undermine him and tie him To Russian officials.

      Mueller’s Mandate
      any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals
      associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump

      Where does it say those links or coordination MUST BE ON TRUMPS BEHALF ?

      And Flynn, His plea burst the swamps dam. From McCabe to Strzok. Every swamp pig was outed and the Judge was told to Recuse by Chief Justice Roberts. AND we now know his plea is being held . UNTIL exculpatory evidence that may show innocence is released to Flynn’s lawyers.. . Evidence HELD back prior to his plea.


  20. Well Treepers, my head is spinning so fast I want to indict the ham in the oven; disbar the vegetables on the stove top; convict the Easter Bunny for trespassing last night and disbar the relatives who brought their own tupperware today to bring home MY leftovers. Its supposedly a religious holiday and I want to go out and accost a liberal and disparage local Democrats. Thanks a lot.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. DanO64 says:

    I sure hope Sundance isn’t some young whipper-snapper with a Ben Rhodes journalism degree. I need him/her to be older than me so I don’t feel so STUPID! j/k


  22. none other says:

    WHY ARE YOU HOLDING MY REPLIES AND POSTS ????? Are you shadow banning me like Twitter does to people ?? I AM TAKING SCREEN SHOTS … You need to explain yourselves


    • sundance says:

      Moderation filters are applied when a review of commentary reflects the potential for instability from the user. As highlighted within your “I AM TAKING SCREEN SHOTS” aspect to this comment, the prior concerns are valid.

      No we don’t need to “explain ourselves”.

      This is a discussion blog and you are a guest…. conduct yourself accordingly.

      Warmest regards.

      Liked by 2 people

      • jello333 says:

        I normally get a bit angry when I see some newbie attacking you, Puddy and others, or the site in general. But for some reason, this person’s “I am taking screenshots!” just cracked me up. 😀


  23. daughnworks247 says:

    Interested to hear other Treepers thoughts on this subject.
    While we refer to the 25-30 powerful underlings (under Yates, Lynch, Comey) at DOJ/FBI as the small group, I would like to refer to the Treepers as the “smart group”.
    Last week, Sessions mentions and OIG Horowitz confirmed he was starting an investigation into FISA abuse. At the bottom of his statement or mandate was a sentence — allowing Horowitz to wander in his investigation to follow the facts.
    We all smell something rotten with the FISC warrant obtained on Carter Page but do we really think this is the first time the FBI/DOJ has misled the FISA Court?
    Many on these threads have mentioned this fact.
    Well……., if we follow the logical conclusion, that means ….. perhaps….. someone in Mueller’s FBI abused the FISA court as well.
    Hmmm, that might make a big mess.
    Ruin Mueller’s legacy…
    And, I seem to recall, when Rosenstein went to Ryan to “beg” Ryan not to disclose. There were many articles at the time, speculating, a major scandal at the FBI would unravel a decades of closed cases, calling the verdicts into question.
    Well, a decade of problems takes us back to Mueller’s FBI.
    …which creates the big problem.

    When did the FBI/DOJ go sooooo bad?
    You and I may think it started with Fast and Furious or the Black Panther case. We can point fingers and think it started with Obama, and it might have started with Obama.
    Yet, we need to know.


  24. Noble Patriot says:

    Fascinating analysis. It is almost exasperating waiting on truth to be revealed and justice to be dispensed, but carefully thought out pieces like this give hope and renewed faith that it WILL happen and that what we see isn’t necessarily what is! Reminds me of Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen”. Patience is indeed a virtue.


  25. Ned Zeppelin Ii says:

    The abuse of the FBI/DOJ It either started with Bill Clinton or George H.W. The Bushes are no enemies of the Clintons. That is why this mess is so entrenched. Not just Obama.


  26. Mongo says:

    Mueller may not be important but what about former UK GCHQ chief Robert Hannigan? The guy quits his dream job January 23, 2017 because of “personal reasons” just four days after Trump is inaugurated. That’s a heck of a coincidence. Trump has had an extraordinarily frosty relationship with the Brits from the start of his administration (and generally continues to this day) which considering his investments into the UK is eye opening.

    UK is part of “Five Eyes.” Did Hannigan pass along Trump surveillance to Clapper who used it to instigate the Trump/Russia angle? Did Hannigan do it with approval of the U.K. Government?

    Why hasn’t the Hannigan story been looked into?


  27. AH_C says:

    Excellent example of how bureaucrats run their own agenda regardless of their political bosses. Until they run into one that’s tough, then they collude to run the appointee out.


  28. Will Janoschka says:

    What we still do not know is why “Mueller had all the top global financial investigators on his team”? Perhaps some very interesting tidbits there!


    • bookman says:

      Actually we do. It’s called money laundering and racketeering and influence peddling. Everybody knew that Manafort and the Podestas were knee deep in it.


  29. w5ovf says:

    daughnworks247 says: April 1, 2018 at 3:41 pm
    “Interested to hear other Treepers thoughts on this subject.While we refer to the 25-30 powerful underlings (under Yates, Lynch, Comey) at DOJ/FBI as the small group, I would like to refer to the Treepers as the “smart group”.”
    The FBI and perhaps DOJ needs be reduced to 20% of salary\expense across the board. Any of the DC remaining; need be reassigned to border patrol\ICE, for 2 year on the job training, then those surviving; to some other remote assignment for useful investigation of criminal activity, not any claimed ‘matters’!


  30. none other says:

    Am I still being shadow banned


  31. zucccchini says:

    And now Manafort lawyers are claiming Mueller CANNOT indict anyone other than with regards to Trump Campaign collusion with Russians since that is all Rosenstein is able to appoint him too do…since Rosenstein is NOT the Appointed IG, Sessions is, and he Sessions, only recused himself from the Russian investigation of the Trump Campaign…NOTHING outside that. This should be interesting. It will null and void Mueller period.


  32. Please says:

    If Mueller hasn’t flipped, he probably wishes he had. He has a dirty past in the Swamp. If he didn’t flip, he will go down. Whether he can cop a plea deal remains to be seen.

    His work now is under such scrutiny of white hats who have all the data and evidence, that he has no choice but to perform properly. He can do no great harm to others, only to himself.

    Rosenstein is in a similar situation.


  33. In the Land of Poz says:

    Brilliant, prescient analysis confirmed 16 months later.

    Was Zebley’s job in the SC to control Mueller, as a chief of staff? Mueller brought Zebley, Quarles and Rhee with him from Wilmer Hale, and Zebley had been with him at FBI. Rhee seemed in over her head as seen from the cases actually litigated. Mueller wanted friendly faces that he knew, and Weissman brought in the rest of the team, mostly FBI and the small group circle, to do the heavy lifting.

    Liked by 1 person

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