Good Friday Reproaches

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10 Responses to Good Friday Reproaches

  1. Carrie2 says:

    Remind me of being in a Jewish temple because most of the songs sound like whining but are effective! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Nordic Breed says:

    The Reproaches are heart rending, even when only read privately. We never hear them in the parishes of our diocese.

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  3. Donna in Oregon says:

    Thank you! Exactly what I needed to hear today.


  4. All American Snowflake says:

    I’m pretty religious but I have never heard or heard of the Reproaches. Haunting.


    • frankie says:

      The Reoroaches are a Catholic tradition, but after Vatican II, cut down or not used much. Worried about sounding old-fashioned instead of owning our sins and our ingratitude.

      Thanks again. Menagerie..

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  5. MaryfromMarin says:

    We use a different sung form of the Reproaches in our traditional Anglican church. They are powerful.

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  6. quintrillion says:

    Reminded me of going to church every Friday for the stations of the cross, Humbling and heart rendering that the sins of all the world caused God to suffer such humiliation to save us from ourselves. Mercy beyond human comprehension. Truly divine love.


  7. Carnivore says:

    I am a Christian and I believe the Bible is God’s Word. I’ve read it and can’t find any verse that teaches me that Jesus died on a Friday afternoon. I did find a verse where Jesus said he would be in the heart of the earth for 3 days and 3 nights. I don’t think the day of week is as important as what happened on the cross. But …

    I will say that I believe he died on a Wednesday afternoon as we call it. The Jews believe the day starts in the evening so Wednesday night and Thursday day (an annual Sabbath) equals one night and one day. Thursday night and Friday day. This is the day the women bought the spices then observed the weekly Sabbath starting Friday at sunset. Two nights and two days. Friday night and Saturday day (the weekly Sabbath). Three nights and three days. I believe that Jesus was raised late on Saturday day or early Saturday night (the first day of the week) at twilight. I lean towards early on Saturday evening. Why spend a minute longer in the grave than he had to? He is the Lord of the Sabbath after all. Anyway, that is what I was taught.

    I am aware of other opinions and don’t have a problem with others believing them. Knowing the day of the week Jesus died won’t get you to heaven. I’m not trying to start an argument here so don’t blast me with corrections. I’ve read all the arguments and don’t think this is that important but I do think it is important for people to realize that there may be more than one understanding of what happened during that week in Jesus’ life. Kindest regards to everyone. CHRISTOS ANESTI!


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