One Day After Felony DOJ Charges Against FBI Agent for Media Leaks, Andrew McCabe Starts Legal Defense Fund…

Curious timing.  One day after the Department of Justice announced felony charges against FBI Agent Terry J. Albury for leaking confidential information to the media, fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe launches a legal defense fund.

(Reuters Story Link)

Andrew McCabe was fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and DAG Rod Rosenstein on the recommendation from the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility.  The recommendation followed an Inspector General referral which outlined how deputy McCabe had constructed leaks to the media, and instructed his team (Mike Kortan, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page etc.) to contact media outlets, feeding them information in an effort to shape the stories of financial connections between McCabe’s family and Hillary Clinton.

When confronted by the IG about his involvement leaking stories to the media, Andrew McCabe lied.  His initial denial, in the face of overwhelming evidence provided by the cohorts he instructed, prompted the IG referral to the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility.  The OPR recommended McCabe’s termination to DAG Rod Rosenstein.

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465 Responses to One Day After Felony DOJ Charges Against FBI Agent for Media Leaks, Andrew McCabe Starts Legal Defense Fund…

  1. Mongoose says:

    Perfect execution of the saying “Never do with your own money what you can do with other people’s money.” Suckers born every minute.

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  2. Mickturn says:

    Translation…I had your back…give me MONEY! (OR I’LL take you down with me!)

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  3. Annie says:

    I posted on Daily Mail last night re his legal defense fund..I basically said that he has to be laughing his b**t off over this..and the same people who are sending him money are probably the same ones sending Cruz money in jail. Well…that made some monitor at DM a tad upset and they sent me a notification that the comment was blocked because they had “numerous” complaints about the BS since mine was the first comment and when I went right back and looked there were only 4 someone had complained you can bet that they would have complained on the thread…I sent them back a reply re that..but they held ..firm…


    • nbkilgore says:

      Annie, I know how that goes. I got a smack down and put in corner for calling out 3 Disinformationist or PR Activists at the GP site for a couple of weeks until I said sz..szz…sz,orry, that was one tuff time trying spit the word “sorry”! Cheers!


  4. nbkilgore says:

    Hmm, things getting rocky between McDweeb and wifey? We know the wife is loaded or did that half a mil get redirected, redirected where? We know HRC/Bill C are screwed because Al Aweed is in the Saudi lock-up and Obama is running around scrounging for Crumbs! Saudi and Aussie money line has been cut off, Soro’s money is primarily used for propaganda machines, so where did that half a mil go? The triangle money machine is now reduced to wobbly A frame with the bottom wide open with the money draining out pretty fast! I don’t think any of those Politition’s so called Institutes are crazy enough to open up their laundry machines at this point of the game, they open the door to their washing machines, its going to be like oops where did that money come from! The price to pay for lining up behind a HR-Crooked is not paying any dividens, hey maybe McCabe can dip into Brennon’s dark money stash since he was so eager to come to your defense or was his words a code for “keep your mouth shut or else”! Oh how the world turns!


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