McCabe Fired ! – *Update* McCabe Responds

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announces Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has been fired.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz recommended a review by the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility.  The referral was based on IG Horowitz interviewing McCabe and identifying McCabe was lying about his instructions to FBI Communication Director Michael Kortan leaking to media on his behalf.

Mike Kortan, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok then proceeded to leak to Devlin Barrett (WSJ and WaPo), along with other journalists, with approvals from Andrew McCabe.

After IG Horowitz referred McCabe’s false statements to the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), the OPR investigated and recommended to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and AAG Rod Rosenstein that Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe should be fired.  Moments ago Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced McCabe is fired:

Update: Andrew McCabe responds: (Via ABC)

Obviously McCabe had this statement well prepared in advance of the public notification of his firing.  The timing is too immediate.  This intellectually honest acceptance goes to the heart of the defense posture we previously outlined.

As we previously shared, now that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has fired McCabe, the controversial narrative will be that he’s desperately doing the bidding of President Trump who has tweeted about McCabe being corrupt and unaccountable.

McCabe’s response after his firing is exactly along this narrative.

McCabe will not assist, turn, or cooperate.  People selling this possibility are entirely foolish.  McCabe will dig in deeply and the deep state along with James Comey, Robert Mueller, the “small group of conspirators” and the deep state media, will defend him all the way.


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947 Responses to McCabe Fired ! – *Update* McCabe Responds

  1. joninmd22 says:

    “McCabe will not assist, turn, or cooperate. People selling this possibility are entirely foolish. McCabe will dig in deeply and the deep state along with James Comey, Robert Mueller, the “small group of conspirators” and the deep state media, will defend him all the way.”

    Does that mean that Strzok, Page, and the rest aren’t cooperating?

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    • KeithInTampa says:

      Just a gut feeling; but I have a sense that both Strzok and Page are singing with the choir and telling all….How else could either one of them still retain their jobs?

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      • cali says:

        @KeithInTampa: Strzok is tooo dirty to sing and a really bad guy. Page well what choice does she have since her husband and her daughter are damaged by everything that has come out about her that includes that relationship with Strzok.

        @Sundance: I honestly believe that McCabe did sing not because he wants to do right but in hope to reduce the upcoming punishment. His swan song is that of a desperate guy trying to save face. Like Hillary playing dumb after caught using her own private server so does McCabe playing dumb while whining.

        His swan is titled: “What Happened”. Just like the woman he helped from facing justice and take part in the plot against the president he now looks everywhere to fault the president, Sessions, OIG and others rather than the reflection looking back at him as he stares into the mirror.

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        • Kenji says:

          Page’s family… damaged? How is that possible? I thought Progressives like her believed in “open” relationships? Page isn’t “kept” by her husband like those Trump voting “wives” that SHE just lectured us about! So there’s no problem for her … or “embarrassment”. These people don’t feel the same “Christian guilt” as you and I …

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          • Risa says:

            Even atheist husbands tend to not appreciate being publicly cuckolded.

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          • All American Snowflake says:

            I think McCabe is embarrassed that his wealthy wife will have to support him in retirement. Or failing that he’ll have to get a job where he’ll actually have to work. His statement about supervising street gangs in New York during the attacks shows that he is totally incompetent.

            Furthermore, I have no sympathy for his whining about all his service and how he deserves his magnificent pension. He and his ilk had no such sympathy for General Flynn.

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  2. covfefe999 says:

    A friend just called me and told me the good news! I was completely unaware,it hadn’t happened by the time I logged off last night. Wow. THANK YOU JEFF SESSIONS! Keep draining the swamp!

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  3. Chewbarkah says:

    Let’s hope this classic is underway:
    1) Outraged over the firing of poor lil’ McCabe for business-as-usual leaking and perjury, the Left/Media stooges sing his praises for a week. The evil Trump ruined a good man because McCabe stopped Russkii mobsters, then saved us from terrorism!
    2) Once they are way out on the limb…evidence of McCabe’s full perfidy comes out in the IG report, or other venues, proving he was a major scoundrel subverting the elected government.
    3) Indictment.

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  4. dotherightthing4 says:

    Amazing this smug little turd wants sympathy for 20 plus years service but did not give a rat’s patoot about General Flynn and his 40 years service. General Flynn has been disgraced, had his name WRONGFULLY smeared and is losing his home. Does McCabe think we do not know about his comments “First we f*** Flynn and then we f*** Trump?” Really???? If he ROUTINELY speaks to reporters then why could he NOT correct the record about Trump not being under investigation when Reince Priebus asked him to? Well….McCabe told Reince that it was “not the role of the FBI” after discussing it with Comey.
    Hope criminal charges are quickly forthcoming.

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  5. Jack Rail says:

    Poor Andrew. To listen to him his efforts, fully authorized under FBI rules, included lying under oath. Lying to the FBI, and not even under oath, cost Mike Flynn everything he had. Little Andy wants to have the same protection he’s enjoyed for several years now, to do what he decides is politic for himself. If others’ lives are wrecked, that’s not Andy’s problem. He sounds like nothing so much as a German who just followed orders and was in no way to blame if others came to bad ends.

    Drew, here’s hoping you and your lying, sellout, traitorous friends go to jail, exactly as youse had in mind for Mike Flynn. You can play politics there all you want, blaming each other and coming up with fantastical reasons why nothing you ever did was wrong or blameworthy or your fault. Just know that you’re sounding more and more like Hillary.

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  6. Chris says:

    You know how much sympathy I have for McCabe……..ZERO! I am so tired of these swamp RINOs acting like they are victims. McCabe tells a good story. He makes it sound like he was a dedicated, humble, civil servant who worked tirelessly for the greater good. We all know that’s a bunch of nonsense. He may be able to fool the lying, left-wing, communist MSM, but he can’t fool us. He shouldn’t get a dime of his pension benefits.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      It’s Democrat taqiyya! They have deluded themselves into thinking that they’re lying and dirty deeds were what’s best for the country. Delusions of grandeur, superiority complex, whatever it is that whole bunch is totally afflicted and need psychiatric help.

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    • All American Snowflake says:

      He should get a “dime” alright. A ten-year jail sentence.


  7. click52 says:

    I don’t believe McCabe has been “singled out”… He is just the first of many to fall! The smug Mr Comey needs taken down soon…

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    • dotherightthing4 says:

      Many have already fallen–resigned, been demoted, etc—how many? Sally Yates was fired; James Baker demoted; Mike Kortan and James Rybiki resigned; James Carlin resigned; Comey fired; Bruce Ohr demoted TWICE; Strzok and Page demoted and sitting in a room somewhere without a phone; McCabe now fired—-Oh yeah, nothing to see here, move along.

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  8. So for the rest of the year going up to the mid-terms the nation will be awash in stories about the corruption and malfeasance of Clinton/Obama and totalitarian Democrat Party.

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  9. TheWanderingStar says:

    I have to say that McCabe takes the best pouty-face ever!


  10. RAC says:

    McCabe is an arrogant fool, he would have done well to go silently into anonymity and enjoyed his freedom and his remaining (probably large) wealth.

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  11. Mr. T. says:

    I think that too many of my fellow treepers are jumping the gun here about what McCabe will do to have his employment termination overturned. First, McCabe was given prior notice that his employment was going to be terminated. The Agency, in this case, the FBI, had to provide McCabe with a notice of termination, which includes the reason(s) for termination. McCabe then had 30 days with which to respond. This is of course, assuming that the FBI personnel responsible for handling McCabe’s employment termination properly followed federal polices and procedures for doing so. You may recall that on Thursday, McCabe spent over 4 hours at the FBI headquarters, pleading his case as to why his employment shouldn’t be teriminated, leading me to believe that he was given written notice as required.

    McCabe can appeal his employment termination with the MSPB, Merit Systems Protection Board. You should know that as a sworn federal law enforcement officer(agent), that McCabe, just like every other sworn law enforcement officer(agent), is held to a higher standard than civilian federal employees are. A law enforcement officer’s credibility is extremely important, and must be maintained to a high standard in order for a sworn law enforcement officer to effectively do their job. Without that credibility, that officer or agent’s effectiveness for performing their duties has been compromised. That’s exactly what McCabe did to himself, and he has nobody to thank but himself. His misplaced loyalty to Comey and everyone else involved in protecting Clinton and trying to bring down a sitting U.S. President has cost him dearly.

    As previously stated, McCabe can appeal his termination with the Merit Systems Protection Board. It remains to be seen as to whether or not he will do that. If he does, it won’t be easy. He would be foolish to attempt an appeal on his own, and will more than likely need to hire an attorney to represent him, which will be costly.

    Unless I am wrong, and if so, I would hope that someone corrects me, but should McCabe appeal his employment termination if he does appeal to the MSPB, and should they rule against him being reinstated, he can’t file a wrongful termination lawsuit against the federal government, but rather, he can bring suit against the federal employees he believes harmed him by way of what McCabe believes was a wrongful employment termination. Good luck to him if he tries, because I doubt that he’ll be successful. Any sworn law enforcement officer(agent) will tell you, YOU NEVER LIE. When something happens, whether it’s an accident while driving an agency vehicle, or some type of complaint, such as from a person who was arrested by you, you ALWAYS give an honest statement, whether to your direct supervisor, someone higher up the admin chain of command, or even to internal affairs. If you did something wrong, unless it was something extremely serious, most of the time you will get a reprimand, a letter or reprimand in your jacket, usually removed after a year, a suspension without pay, or sometimes a demotion, which is rare. However, give a false statement to your superiors, even for something considered petty, and you most likely will lose your job.

    My support goes out to the good agents at the FBI, who complained about the wrongdoings by all of the rogue FBI agents and DOJ personnel who are or were involved in the conspiracy to protect Clinton and bring down President Trump. Many of those good agents were reprimanded for doing the right thing. McCabe was a vindictive son of a bitch as 2nd in command. He abused his authority and because of his arrogance, he thought he was untouchable. Let his employment termination serve as both an example and a reminder to those at the FBI and the DOJ, that no matter how high up you are in the chain of command, that you are NOT untouchable, and you will be held accountable for your wrongful actions as a federal employee.

    To FBI Director Wray, get your house in order and stop protecting the bad players within your agency as a means to keep a lid on things. Instead, focus on restoring the public’s trust with your agency by terminating the employment of every single rogue agent involved in the conspiracy to protect Clinton and bring down President Trump. Then and only then can the FBI’s integrity be restored to the high level it should be. You owe that to America’s citizens and to all of the good sworn agents and civilian employees who work for the FBI.

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    • Mr. T. says:

      I did a little digging and found out that if McCabe does appeal his employment termination, that he must file an appeal with the Merit Systems Protection Board within 30 days from the termination date. I wrongfully stated that the FBI had to give him 30 days advance notice of his employment termination.

      Should McCabe lose his appeal and the MSPB rule against him, that he can then file an appeal against that ruling in Federal Court. Again, that gets expensive and there’s no guarantee that he will be successful at having his termination ruling overturned, for the purpose of having his retirement benefits reinstated.

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      • PBR Street Gang says:

        McCabe is 49 – when he turns 57 he will get his pension. And that, as they say, is that.


        • Mr. T. says:

          The mandatory retirement age for federal law enforcement officers is 57, unless grated a waiver because the LEO has a critical high ranking position. So yes, he would qualify to receive retirement at that age.

          Wouldn’t it be nice if Congress had a mandatory retirement age of 57?

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          • PBR Street Gang says:

            That would be nice! Just a few days ago a DemocRAT from NY died in office at the age of 88. Term limits please!!


  12. thomaspain1961 says:

    The firing of mccabe is a “crumb” I am going to savor. I’m hoping for an “enchiladas supremos” of justice to dig into soon.

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    • Mr. T. says:

      I believe there are thousands more who agree with you, Thomaspain1961, including myself.

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      • thomaspain1961 says:

        One thing that nags me is that this mccabe firing may very well be an isolated incident, because of mccabe’s retirement date rather than the start of a firing and indictment deluge which has been way overdue.
        I started my life in occupied West Germany and imagine my delight and gratification when the Berlin wall fell 30 years layer. That experience of anticipation is at least quadrupled waiting for the perp walks in this present matter.
        What would history think of Trump if he defeats and imprisons the deep state traitors without much bloodshed?

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  13. Ned Zeppelin Ii says:

    So, let’s play chess:

    McCabe is fired, but there is a condition subsequent to that event that applies. His pension is restored IF he gives the testimony as to which he has already made an offer of proof acceptable to the special prosecutir who is operating in the shadows.

    Why? First, his firing and apparent loss of pension, at least on its surface, signals to his co-conspirators that he has not been turned, and they can rest easy that their loyal soldier will remain silent, heed the omerta code, and not dime out the higher ups. So watch McCabe for now. If his firing was really unjust, it is a simple matter to find an employment lawyer, file suit, and go to civil courts to have the pension restored. Civil suits over employment dismissals are commonplace and frequently settled. So McCabe is not out of options. But, of course, the employer has the right to depose him and use discovery to also ascertain the truth. Pleading the 5th won’t work in a civil matter. Part of the deal may include McCabe filing this suit, and letting it sit as events play out. His suit would then be settled by the Feds if he keeps his word and testifies.

    And this scenario offers reasons why McCabe, like the rest of the small group, has been awfully quiet before this. Interviews, negotiations, etc. all under cover of a media and leak-free blackout have been ongoing, and the timing determined by the White Hats. His statement is a necessary part of the camouflage for the deal, in order to allow him to express the predictable and usual protestations of outrage and indignation, and incidentally provides cover for the past few months of silence.

    Another benefit? Sessions gets a public scalp, and his impatient detractors back off and give him some space to operate. Funny isn’t it that all of this is tied to an imminent IG report. Not a coincidence.

    It may be that McCabe is a die hard, but I give the above scenario much better odds. If so, I hope he is in protective custody or some arrangement guaranteeing his personal safety.

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  14. Ned Zeppelin Ii says:

    Mr.T. Your analysis is excellent and obviously far more informed as to the avenues of appeal available to our poor Mr. McCabe. I merely a shorthand version of your explanation, i.e., McCabe has avenues of appeal available to him, and due process is thereby served. In D.C, his ultimate recourse is to a civil court in Federal court. Nonetheless, to do so, he will have to prove his firing was improper, which opens the door to his employer being entitled to discovery, depositions, etc. to prove he was justly terminated. He’ll have to face what he has done. But, none of this affects my proposition that he has already made a deal and testify. We get the fun part to watch and see if this is true.

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  15. Li'l D in the Big D says:

    Sundance: McCabe will dig in deeply and the deep state along with James Comey, Robert Mueller, the “small group of conspirators” and the deep state media, will defend him all the way.

    Inasmuch as the “deep state media” is a key component of this ever growing criminal and conspiratorial cabal, may I suggest that you insert a suitable and representative image of it into this collage, thereby visually joining the two together to be seen with each posting of the collage.


  16. Jane in Florida says:

    BOILING POINT: Decorated FBI Heavyweight Spills the Beans on McCabe; Drops Devastating Bombs on Crooked FBI Cartel

    Decorated FBI agent Robyn Gritz, who maintains embattled former deputy director Andrew McCabe ruined her career, dropped a combination of Tweets late Thursday excoriating McCabe’s leadership and his inner circle at FBI HQ.

    “Because of McCabe’s vicious retaliation against me for filing an EEO discrimination complaint, I lost everything, my career of 16 years fighting terrorism and protecting the American people, my role in bringing Americans out of captivity,”, etc.


  17. Jane in Florida says:


    More regarding McCabe’s vicious retaliation against former FBI Special Agent Robyn Gritz

    Live with Former FBI Special Agent Robyn Gritz and Thomas Paine of True Pundit


  18. Missing Andrew says:


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