President Trump Reluctantly Signs Omnibus – MAGA Community Feels a Little “Less Great” Today…

There’s no escaping the reality that today’s Omnibus spending bill is a significant slap in the face to Trump voters and supporters. The $1.3 trillion UniParty spending scheme is a bitter rebuke from the legislative branch. A twitter comment outlines an understandable, albeit emotionally charged, reaction:

“You did have a choice. There’s always a choice. You betrayed us with what you did. We have fought for you. We have lost friends/family for you. We have become targets for you. Yes, you did have a choice. Fix this.”

Despite the valid and understandable reaction, ‘betrayal’ is harsh. From POTUS Trump perspective the lack of “choice” stems from a cornerstone that Making America Great Again is dependent on a strong U.S. military.  Protecting Americans writ large is contingent upon ensuring our military is solid. Unfortunately, the only way to ensure the #1 objective was to acquiesce/concede to the blackmail of the UniParty in DC.  –  FUBAR.

~ “Leadership is often painful” ~

There ain’t a single part of this that seems ok, regardless of necessity. Worse still, is having to accept the republican side of the UniParty would enjoy nothing more than losing their majority position so they can go back to being comfortable enablers of the unholy DC alliance, and expel the annoying disruption known as President Trump.

Yes, this self-preserving UniParty approach is by design; it is a feature of the swamp – not an anomaly. Our only current solace is a historic reference; generally speaking when President Trump retreats from a fight, he tends to re-advance his force with greater severity. But on this singular day, if there’s a larger push-back yet to unfold, the commander-in-chief is conceding to the opposition a great deal of valuable ground.

FUBAR….. Cue the Wolfmoon:

Again, Wolfmoon’s explainer more true today than it was a year ago:

“Well, I don’t really have to do any holding together, now that I figured out what Trump is up to. He is shaking things out, but counting on Trump gravity to pull things back together as he moves along.

He is moving “forward” at speeds Obama could not even dream of.

You and I will be anti-Trump trolls one day and MAGA heroes the next. Get used to it. Trump speed is the new normal. Some will call it flip-flopping, but that’s not what it is. Trump is dodging and weaving through reality faster than the reality can react to disrupt his plans.

I was explaining this to my wife. This is a roller-coaster now. Trump is no longer waiting for people to keep up. He is taking his bewildering art-of-the-deal campaign schtick into geopolitics, and for a lot of people who can’t keep up or hold on, it will be a rough ride.

Trump is no longer playing only with evil and cunning players who are still predictable, easily beatable dopes, like Hillary. He is playing against killers, with his own team of killers, and all the while he has scheming creeps like Hillary, BGI, SPLC, and the neocons gunning for him. Snake Ryan ready to bite when nobody is looking. “Warhead” McCain screaming for Russian blood. Psycho Kim and Samoa Obama plotting some kind of intrigue to take him down. And THOSE are the lightweights.

This is the majors now. Trump has to outwit world-class adversaries and “frenemies” by defining the deals that they will agree to. One minute they will think Trump is their friend – the next minute, a cunning, bitter foe.

And he has to do this with evil cheerleaders like Warhead, Linderace, Dipsy Dowd, Maggie Haterman, and Fake Yapper trashing him or praising him alternately, no matter which way he goes. They can’t keep up, either.

Neither can many around him. I think that half of the problem with advisers crashing into each other is they don’t realize what Trump is doing.

And people will trash you, and they will trash me. Get used to it. I’ve already caught plenty of people mocking me. Well, just wait a week in Trump time. Look stupid and conned by Trump one minute, and you look like a sage three days later.

Trump will not find perfect solutions. He will find OPTIMAL solutions. We cannot ask for more. Trump has stood by and watched Perfect murder Good for 8 years – maybe longer. He’s not gonna do it. He’s going to deliver the best outcome possible, and he’s not waiting for us to feel relaxed about it.

Best presidency ever! Just hang on. More winning is coming, but a lot of people are going to scream that it’s all over at EVERY turn.

The best way through this is to define viewpoints, not people, because people will shift as they change position and velocity in Trump gravity. Bash the neocon, warmonger, and dopey globalist positions – not the people who are going to hold them one moment and come loose from them later.

Trump is Jupiter moving through the asteroid belt. He is going to pull people into his orbit. A few will get slung off into space, but most will come along for the ride of their lives.

I am ON the Trump Train for good, even if I scream that I want off and can’t take it.

In the end, I only want to scream “TOO MUCH WINNING!!!” (link)

Today I pray for our nation. ♦I ask that you would give our President wisdom beyond his own understanding and the courage to chose the right path no matter how narrow the gate. ♦I pray for all in authority over us that you would give them the grace and strength to stand against the temptation to use power as a weapon but rather to carry it reverently as one would a child. ♦I pray for the spiritual leaders of our country that they would hear your voice and know your heart. ♦I pray that they would lead from their knees and by that simple grace bring each one of us to our knees before your throne. ♦Have mercy on our nation Lord, In Jesus name, Amen

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2,242 Responses to President Trump Reluctantly Signs Omnibus – MAGA Community Feels a Little “Less Great” Today…

  1. Ditch Mitch says:

    So much “PDJT just killed his reelection, Ryan and McConnell have given midterms to the Dims etc. etc.”

    Folks, there is more to this than meets the eye. PDJT signed the Omniblowout bill which funds the executive, with Congressional oversight (i.e., make sure the funds are spent legally). PDJT can spend the funds how he wishes as long as it is legal. Hence the Trump play here, highlights from the following thread:

    3. Once the President is given the money with the instructions to spend it, he has a number of choices to make in spending it. There are some rules he has to follow & some of the money is fungible and some isn’t.

    4. However there are some other factors that are in play here. One of them is that the President has declared a Human Rights Emergency AND has notified Congress that he’s invoking the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985.

    5. This opens up new options.

    6. By making these two declarations President Trump has just communicated that he has the authority to NOT spend any funds he doesn’t deem necessary and will return them to the US Treasury. So, funds for Planned Parenthood? He can simply not allocate the funds.

    7. Also, these declarations make some funds fungible. For instance if he determines that building a Wall on the Southern Border is a defense against Human Trafficking? He can move funds from anywhere else in the Defense Dept Allocation & simply build the Wall.

    And hear is the thread:

    Anyone want to bet on how much of the funds are returned to the Treasury in Sept 2018?
    $300 billion? $400 Billion? more? I say over $300 Billion as that brings the spending under the “magical” $1 Trillion mark.

    Happy spending, and believe in PDJT. I do.

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  2. maga2004 says:

    Excellent article about those whose sole intent is to “divide and conquer ‘ us.

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  3. aredtailblog says:

    I did see his tweet where he mentioned building a wall to keep out “enemy combatants ” from Mexico. That was a little bit of nice news.


  4. jeans2nd says:

    Now that the dust seems to have settled, pls allow one to return to a previous life.
    Being at the very end of a bazillion comments, no one will read it anyway. But, that never stopped me before…

    The CLOUD Act was attached to this Cromnibus bill. This is not good. imo

    The CLOUD Act “gives a great deal of leeway to the executive branch when it comes to determining which countries are allowed to subpeona U.S. tech companies, removing a judicial review.”
    This included U.S. persons.

    The CLOUD Act gives “…law enforcement organizations — both foreign and domestic — (the ability to) obtain the personal data of users on U.S.-based tech services. The idea is to encourage countries to sign mutual legal assistance treaties with the U.S. that set out rules for how such requests are processed, and clarifies that data belonging to U.S. citizens is subject to a lawful warrant even if it is stored overseas”
    You know where this is going, doncha?

    “The CLOUD Act creates both the incentive and the framework for governments to sit down and negotiate modern bi-lateral agreements that will define how law enforcement agencies can access data across borders to investigate crimes,” Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith said in a blog post
    Bi-lateral? How about CPTPP?

    The CLOUD ACT “allows the executive branch of the U.S. government way too much power to decide which countries it will share information with…There is language in the bill that says the executive branch can only negotiate treaties with countries that adhere to human rights agreements, or demonstrate respect for due process when it comes to seeking information on their citizens, but there is no specific definition or remedy for how to determine if a country’s laws really offer things like “protection from arbitrary and unlawful interference with privacy”
    Whose definition of human rights, exactly?

    “(T)his bill exposes individuals to abuse by law-enforcement agencies and also puts an undue burden on smaller tech companies to respond directly to requests from foreign governments”
    Can anyone say monopoly? No more etrepreneurs? Who needs Net Neutrality? We own CONgress.

    —>>>removing a judicial review

    Even bypasses the FISA process. What joy for the DOJ/FBI small group.
    We are back to the Patriot ACT Section 215, on steroids.

    Now imagine Crooked H or (Lord help us) another Obama as POTUS.
    But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me. 2Tim 4:17


  5. moe ham head says:

    we the people have been flushed again


  6. Boots says:

    NOTHING ANYONE can, has, or will say here can EXCUSE in ANY way Trump’s signing the Omnibus Bill. Paint it anyway you will, it f*cking s*cks and was a f*cking slap in the f*cking face to everyone who got spit on, slapped, pushed, beat, chased, ridiculed, booed, threatened, targeted, and ostracized for going to Trump rallies.

    As far as I GAF, Trump sold gun owners out to their mortal enemies, e.g. Schumer, Feinstein, et al. The Fix NICS bill allows a court to declare you a “fugitive from justice” for failing to respond to a traffic ticket, or failing to pay one. Fix NICS then REQUIRES the court to report you to the NICS gun ban list. And just like THAT, you’re a prohibited person.

    NO. NO. AND F*CKING NO AGAIN. Trump HAD a choice. Sundance, you’re the greatest but even you can’t turn this Judas betrayal by Trump into a walk on water miracle. EVERY gun owner in the country has just been stabbed in the back by the very guy THEY GOT ELECTED.

    NO. Trump sucks in this. He HAD A CHOICE. He REFUSED to TAKE IT.



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