Another Leaker Removed? – President Trump Removes National Security Adviser HR McMaster

President Trump has just announced the removal of HR McMaster as National Security Adviser.  He will be replaced with former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton.

The National Security Council is a massive intelligence apparatus consisting of dozens of principals and hundreds of staff.  There has been a series of leaks from within the NSC over the past year. We suspected, there was a concerted effort to track down the leaker(s).

There is a similarity to White House staff leaks, under Bannon – prior to Kelly, and recent NSC leaks under McMaster.

Given the timing of the removal in relationship to another NSC leak about President Trump’s phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin; and knowing the content of that specific leak was isolated to a small circle that would include McMaster’s personal staff; it is not a stretch to connect the dots and surmise McMaster (et al) was an IC leaker.

In the first assembly of his team, outsider President-Elect Trump took the advice of DC and professional voices familiar with the apparatus of the swamp. [See Reince Priebus, Rex Tillerson, HR McMaster etc.]

It makes logical sense after President Trump gained increased familiarity with the systems, patterns, organizations and institutions therein, that he would replace positions with people he feels would be more comfortable executing his administrative policy agenda.

Additionally, the NatSec challenge has changed.  POTUS is now positioning to confront Iran directly and is about to engage in direct talks with North Korea.  [Each new batter faced requires new pitcher skills.]

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758 Responses to Another Leaker Removed? – President Trump Removes National Security Adviser HR McMaster

  1. Sayit2016 says:

    See… this is how President Trump rolls….I leave the tree-house for 2 hours, I come back we have a new NSA. ; )

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    • lokiscout says:

      Makes your head spin sometimes doesn’t it? Know the feeling well!

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      • Ken says:

        I know right. It’s also fun to watch the lame stream media hacks especially over at the Crappy News Network whine like crybabies with the Bolton pick. It makes me laugh. Go PDJT. Keep on rolling Mr. President.

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        • nbkilgore says:

          Noticed that Lame Stream reporters are starting to flood over to Daily Caller and The Gateway Pundit, very said Jim Hoft is getting undermined by 3 of these fake news activists. I called these three out on their disinformation agenda on a conservative site and I got a smack down and tossed out! Had to email Jim to apprise him of what was happening on his conservative platform before getting unblocked and getting back in the groove, its very saddening with whats happening over there.


    • Howard Cosell says:

      Can you imagine yourself in his shoes? What he has to deal with – in back stabbers. In leakers. In turncoats. In deep staters. And on and on. But he persists. I would not question a single thing he does or decides. There is no one. And I mean no one here who could or can do what has to be done.

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    • Ospreyzone says:

      Imagine if you left the treehouse for 8-days, and the last story you read was how McMaster’s rumored firing was just “black hat hunting,” and there was no truth to it. Wow. …makes you want to see a pic of the suspicious cat again. Just sayin…

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  2. andi lee says:

    Interesting …

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    • jello333 says:

      Wow. If true, I’m suddenly much more comfortable with this pick.


    • cali says:

      @andi lee: The mockingbird media will not be able to keep up as the snowball is just now rolling down the hill that began with the McCabe firing.
      Eventually they will be so overwhelmed with it all because each one of their darling in politics and the deep state and party is facing justice. In the end the mockingbird media itself will find themselves ensnared and are helpless to get out from facing justice themselves.
      The Q team emphasizes “No Deals” and “Nobody escapes” and particularly calls out the Mockingbird media as well as all the tech giants like FB, Google and twatter out over and over for them failing miserably.

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    • williamk says:

      Bolton has been warmongering on TV for 2 decades. We’ve all seen it.

      I trust Trump, but this “actually Bolton isn’t a warmonger” angle is revisionist crap. Let him do whatever Trump wants him to do, but don’t try to tell people he’s an angel.

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    • nbkilgore says:

      Lee, the sad part is Tucker Carlson is on record for carrying on that fake narrative and trying to do a smack down on Bolton on show. I keep thinking how is Carlson missing the factual background on Bolton! I like Tucker, but he’s not doing his home work like he use to, hope he’s not catching the lame stream disease.


  3. The liberals and the MSM heads are already exploding with the appoint of the ‘neo-con’ ‘war hawk’ Bolton. 🙂

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    • singingsoul says:

      Haha someone needs to watch Joe and Mika they will have canipchen


    • MTK says:

      Yup, libs and MSM scared of their own shadow.

      By the way
      ‘neo-con’ ‘war hawk’ Bolton.
      That is their label. Not Bolton’s.

      Been listening to what Bolton has had to say for nearly thirty years. Not, once does he start off speaking, I’m a ‘neo-con’ ‘war hawk’.

      However the MSM does to no end.
      Why… because it puts people on a fence, and closes their minds down to critical thinking.

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      • Mike13 says:

        Trump could have appointed someone with less baggage? Why give libtards ammunition to target independents? Americans uniformly are against wars in Iraqi, having someone associated with it is idiotic.

        Can’t find a patriot to serve in that role? Plenty of candidates chomping at the bit.

        Midterms anyone?

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        • Twodees Partain says:

          Mike, anyone who questions Trump here is going to be smeared as a liberal. The commenters here are as crazy as Bonkers Bolton.

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          • tony5460 says:

            At least liberal is a human. Even worse, you would be called as a troll. I notice that in the last few months the spinning on this board has reached a whole new level. One bad news is called winning. Multiple bad news is called dominating the news cycle and more winning. Is this still the place for people with common sense?

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          • Foxy says:

            hmmm sounds like you’re complaining that others disagree with your position…

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        • I have this discussion with someone very close to me on a consistent basis. “Why does Trump do these things knowing that the enemedia will go after him.” Rebuttal: “It doesn’t matter what he does, they’re going to go after him anyway.” So, Pres Trump does what is right to help move his agenda forward. That’s it. If he has to give something to get what he wants, he will. If we don’t want him to have to give to get, then we need to put more Republicans that will support him in positions to do so. It’s really very simple.

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        • JoAnn Leichliter says:

          Bolton was in no way a part of the planning or execution of the Iraq war. That is simply a left-wing fabrication.

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    • Mark McQueen says:

      Appears there are a few other heads exploding too. 🙂


    • Michael T says:

      So something good is happening already as a result of Bolton’s appointment. McMaster was a traitor and firmly in the enemy camp. Why did it take so long?

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  4. Are some of the Branch Hangers getting restless? It seems like a lot of people I don’t recognize are shaking the hell out of the limbs here in TCTH. I hope they are just impatient and are not some kind of ugly moss that’s attacking the trunk and working its way up to the branches. It could get slippery hanging on……..

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    • lokiscout says:

      Let em shake away my claws are dug in and locked. Seen them sparrows too but not talking to them. They will fly away soon once they realize they aren’t welcome.

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      • Howard Cosell says:

        I saw the loss in Penn. as the sign to shine on deep deep pessimism within our ranks. Perhaps rightly so. This is a war we are in and right now it seems the battles are being won by the wrong side. I was always (personally) critical of the “popcorn and tired of winning crowd” as they are always the first to abandon ship in deep waters. The ONLY thing that is going to save our side is the mid terms. Lose them and our Master is toast. Please don’t abandom our cause because of some personal agenda you have is not being met. Remember the left is united – destroy President Trump. Back him with every fibre in your body or kiss everything you hold dear goodbye. There is no next time.

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    • G. Combs says:

      More like mistletoe than moss.

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  5. Beenthere says:

    Here’s a nice little bio of John Bolton & from the NYT —- go figure!


  6. MTK says:

    Bolton… Excellant Choice.
    When fighting Swamp Critter’s one needs a Blog Monster.
    Bolton will generate more blog talking points in day, than entire staff of MSM empty suits could ever dream of.

    Proven record at articulation, proven loyality to speaking his mind and does not shoot from the hip. He is well thought out, he plans what he is going to say.
    In my opinion the only reason he is so universal hated by beltway insiders is they don’t like what he says. They can’t argue with it.
    And, WE will piss off the DC chatting classes entrenched in their irovy towers to no end, armed with Bolton’s statements to MSM.

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    • Beverly says:

      The ‘Stache tells the truth, not unlike The Donald — which is why they’re both hated. Bolton will be a strong ally with the President, and he sees our enemies the jihadis & co. very clearly indeed.

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  7. Rockindubya says:

    One of PDJT’s best appointments!!!!

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  8. tony5460 says:

    Who said it was fake news last week?

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  9. Mark McQueen says:

    I have a question about Bolton’s actual role. How much actual contact does the National Security Adviser have with foreign entities as far as negotiations, conferences, talks, etc? Seriously wondering just how Bolton could “start a war”?

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  10. Twodees Partain says:

    I guess we’ll see now whether Trump is even awake. Once Bolton gives him some advice, Trump should be able to see that Bolton is insane. If Trump doesn’t fire him immediately, we’ll know that Trump is as deranged as Bolton.

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  11. OmegaManBlue says:

    Bolton knows his role. Think this will be a good hiring.

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  12. Nchadwick says:

    I have faith, patience and love for our President. I voted him in office for numerous reasons and he has continued to impress and confused me as a voter, however in the end — he demonstrates courage, commitment and loyalty — in ways I have never seen in an elected official.

    One thing that I know for certain — in his career as a businessman and now, as a President, is his practice of surrounding himself w/ advisers that are experts in their fields, that HE TRUSTS.

    The experts are tested on every level imaginable — especially in ways that “common politicians” are not even prepared for. In the event that the adviser/expert/etc proves to not be of use, falls out of that trust circle, or just not performing at the level expected – they are discarded/fired/resigned, etc. immediately, with no hesitation.

    To think that I know best who and whom the President selects to advise him in the most important aspects of this country would be stupid and asinine. THEREFORE,

    I have faith, patience and love for our President. He has not let me down and deserves it!

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  13. BMG says:

    Let me see if I understand the newcomers convoluted thinking-or better said-trolling.

    Bolton is insane as is Trump because they will confront the evil that is Iran and NK; but Obama is a saintly statesman for sending pallets of cash to Iran, caving on the nuke negotiations, not supporting the Iranian protesters,re-setting with Putin and showing “flexibility”, as well as winking away 20% of US uranium to him.



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    • lokiscout says:

      Pretty well sums it up!

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    • WFO says:

      Trump didn’t win over us Deplorable’s on a platform of regime change. John Bolton is all about US forced regime change against any country that opposes American (really Israeli) policy. You may have supported Trump for militaristic purposes, but many of us with son’s in the military fell for the “getting along with countries” BS. There will be no getting along with anybody, and Hillary isn’t going to jail.

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      • Mind reading must be your strong suit … /s

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      • There sure are a lot of pearl-clutchers in here who think Bolton is going to come in and change President Trump into Bush.
        It just shows how little some have been paying attention over the past 2 years.
        Sad. 😦

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      • Ken says:

        Ambassador Bolton’s is going to be the new National Security Advisor emphasis on the last word. He will advise President Trump ( a man who makes his own decisions mind you) on foreign affairs and will give him good council. Do you really think that PDJT doesn’t know what he’s doing? Also whatever happens to the Hil-pig I could care less about. All I know is that she will never set foot back into the White House.

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    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      Spot on, BMG.

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  14. Jenny R. says:

    I think that McMasters has done the job that was given to him, and now he will be going to another job that is in need of his talents — he is still active serving. I also think that the appointment of Bolton to this position is very clever indeed.

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  15. NJ Transplant says:

    Lou Dobbs has a lot of respect for John Bolton. He is on the show almost every night. Bolton is still trying to defend the Iraq war, but he won’t be disloyal to PDJT. Bolton was a Trump supporter since before the election.

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  16. lokiscout says:

    Bolton has been in the on bat circle since the election. Looks like it’s his turn at bat. Always been impressed with him. Articulate and not afraid to say what’s on his mind. Did a good job as UN Ambassador.

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  17. jello333 says:

    Never liked Bolton…. too much of a warmonger for my taste. HOWEVER, Trump obviously thinks the guy will be good for the team, and that’s good enough for me. Besides that, regardless of his personal beliefs on any given subject, Bolton seems to have some Liddy-esque qualities when it comes to loyalty. That’s a plus.

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    • The Defiant One says:

      Precisely… Pres. Trump is STILL President Trump. We didn’t vote for McMaster or Tillerson, we voted for Trump.

      And at the end of the day he’s still the man in charge. MAGA is still happening and if a cabinet member isn’t up to spec, Trump will FIRE HIM or HER!

      So trust in Trump! He’s already accomplished more in less than 2 years than any Republican has done since 1989! And he’s our literal last best hope to making America great again!

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    • Justmom says:

      plus this appointment may satisfy the Mercers who lobbied for Bolton’s appointment as SOS during the campaign and transition. Trump will need the support of the Mercers going into midterms, so hopefully, they are placated by Bolton as NSA rather than delivering hardass ultimatums as SOS rather than actually negotiating.


  18. JimmyJack says:

    I am NOT being an Eeyore by saying I knew McMaster was a problem and said so before, I am just EXCITED he has been busted. With every bust, not only is another one gone but it serves as a deterrent to others.

    House cleaning is liberating and exciting.

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  19. Elizabeth Carter says:

    I think John Bolton will do a good job for us.

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  20. jeff says:

    I’ve been a TREEPER since 2015 and no one has a better understanding of the TRUMP DYNAMIC than SUNDANCE .

    MY OP was / is still holding reservations that this is not just another ploy like with Mitt Romney meeting , DACA , and the gun control thingy that resulted in nothing .

    I’ll hold reservation wondering it this is not just another TRUMP “LUCY ” telling CHARLIE BROWN enemy domestic he’s picking a CFR member and former BUSH appointee only to rip the football at the last minute.

    The beauty of this is a multitude of outcomes . One being that Bolton was not directly involved in pushing WAR IN IRAQ as Colon Powell took that role . Second is the fact that anyone can be a patriot on any given day . And lastly that Bolton’s tough stance on the Islamic world may make him the correct pitcher for Iran .


    With that said , SUNDANCE leaves us hanging in mid air with his comment .

    ” Additionally, the NatSec challenge has changed. POTUS is now positioning to confront Iran directly and is about to engage in direct talks with North Korea. [Each new batter faced requires new pitcher skills.]”

    That is not exactly a ringing endorsement from SUNDANCE but rather a statement of conjecture as to president Trumps possible reason for the Bolton hire .

    The implied ” new batter ” being IRAN and ” new pitcher ” being Bolton .

    LEST we NOT FORGET the mini GREEN REVOLUTION PROTESTS in Iran just a short while ago .…/donald-trump-tweets-iran…

    The goal being to end Iran as the CIA ” CLOWNS “BOGEY MAN to project FEAR to fund the Military Industrial DEEP STATE COMPLEX . From what Q has posted clues to this may have already been done with DPRK . The CLOWNS have been removed !!

    Recognizing the goal of the SHADOW GOVERNMENT to incite ” KINETIC MILITARY ACTION ” so the private bank cartel owners of the NOT federal and NO reserve can profit from funding BOTH sides of all these undeclared wars ( Weather Underground Manifesto reference ” two , three , many Vietnam’s to bankrupt the Imperial army fighting unwinnable wars all over the globe ~ paraphrasing )

    My guess is that SUNDANCE is gathering more information to present a better thread on Bolton and his potential role as pitching for the HOME TRUMP TEAM MAGA .

    If Bolton is TEAM TRUMPS MAGA pitcher for the batter Iran …they lets PLAY BALL !!

    Still holding out to see if this is not TRUMP “LUCY ” promising CHARLIE BROWN UNIPARTY to hold their GLOBALIST FOOTBALL . Then ripping it away at the last minute with someone else as NAT SEC ADV !! ???


  21. EddyC says:

    The left defines their enemies so people across the political spectrum will know who to hate and/or distrust. Many of the comments here illustrate their success at it. I also find it interesting that even though PDJT has been quite solid in sticking to his beliefs and promises as he governs, so many on our side, including the pundits, feel that he is being swayed by this person or that person to betray us.

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  22. jbrickley says:

    Can you imagine the outrage that would have occurred if Trump installed his real picks for cabinet and staff in the beginning? Now he’s slipping in the replacement hitters one at a time. Not that he would have cared about the reaction but that it would distract from the MAGA mission. He also stepped in with some swampers so he could examine them under a microscope, keep your enemies closer so to speak. Trump is not perfect, he’s made mistakes, cough; Bannon and then The Mooch! Well, unless you want to think that was all a Reality TV tactic; which might well be the case. It certainly shook things up in the West Wing! It was one way to get rid of Priebus which would have caused big trouble if he was fired. The Mooch did his job to drive out Priebus and exited stage left clearing the way for Gen. Kelly. Now McMaster was caught leaking and Bolton is in.

    I like Bolton a heck of a lot. I like his strength and his disdain for evil nations and loved his work at the U.N. The U.N. gave these tyrants a form of legitimacy that they don’t deserve. Bolton did not hold back on his disdain for those wicked regimes.

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  23. G. Combs says:

    If, as some are saying, Bolton is viewed as a ‘War Hawk’ I think that is a GOOD THING.
    Why? It makes our enemies nervous as President Trump goes into negotiations with them.

    Nothing like a bit of saber rattling to convince people you mean business. 😈

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  24. Patriot 1 says:

    I really like Bolton. I was disappointed when Bush removed him from the UN. Globalists hate Bolton.

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  25. NoJuan Importante says:

    Bolton’s entry means Mueller’s departure. Watch. A steep price to pay. But the gridlock is too intense. With Bolton’s entry, and the Omnibus bill over, things will start getting easier. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad.


  26. nbkilgore says:

    Attention to established TCTH family: It was shift change last night on Friday, March 23rd 2018. Today (03/24/18) TCTH will be contending with “double dippers”, Soro’s Trolls who have a regular job M-F! So TreeHouse commenters will be bombarded with these trolls (more than usual) for the week-end, damn trolls. Cheers!


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