President Trump: “A More Prosperous Future”…

The White House releases the following President Trump video along with a message to submit your own tax relief success story to them.  Smart plan:

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36 Responses to President Trump: “A More Prosperous Future”…

  1. HBD says:

    Loving this administration more and more.

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  2. CM in TN says:

    Every little bit helps. Extra gas money and grocery money. Thank you Mr. President!

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  3. Alonzo says:

    President Trump needs to be very careful. If he isn’t careful, he will become a living legend before he passes on. BTW: I think he is already a living legend. Thank You Mr. President for all you do for all of us.

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    • Rebcalntx says:

      Alanzo, that is so sweet. Having people be appreciated while they are alive. Yes hope he hears from so many people. Drowns out the negative noise and makes a distinction between his ideas and the “let’s raise taxes” dump o crats. Rino’s as well.

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    • eagledriver50 says:

      Use that link up there and go and give PDJT a personal message…If everyone did this it would be something big that he can say, “I have received so many …” messages!!! And that is what wins elections…

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  4. billrla says:

    It feels good to have a president who likes his job and likes Americans.

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  5. Steve says:

    For years, I’ve said the main job of President is to be America’s cheerleader. I never thought I’d actually see it in action. What an amazing choice we made last November.

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  6. Kenji says:

    Little more than a year ago, wife’s local UNION … OUSD (Oakland United School District) crowed to the membership how much MORE $$ they finally negotiated from the District after 10 years of a flatlined salary … which was set to increase her paycheck in 3 delayed increases. Woo Hoo! The Oakland School District was finally recovering after being seized by the State of CA for financial incompetence leading to a $ 50 million DEBT.

    Her Trump TAX CUT added MORE $$ to her Monthly paycheck than ALL her UNIONS gains combined. At once.

    Thank you, President Trump!

    Although Jerry Brown has threatened to INCREASE our taxes in exact proportion to Trumps TAX CUT. So our joy may be short lived. And since the overwhelming leading candidate for Governor, slimy Gavin (any twosome) Newsom has just promised single payer health insurance for every body in CA (no such thing as an illegal – body) … the State will be even MORE BROKE and will surely come collect my wife’s Trump TAX “windfall”.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      I don’t know how it is that the people of California don’t show up at The Governor’s Mansion with pitchforks (or shovels…) and politely escort Jerry Brown to the nearest psychiatric facility for evaluation. He has surely lost his marbles.

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      • lokiscout says:

        Evaluation my butt! Just get him in there and nail the door shut! I’ll bring the hammers and nails!

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      • Carrie2 says:

        Sylvia, we need to do that with a couple of democrats just drooling to be governor and save the state from being downgraded and sanctuary. Glad to hear a city in So. CA filing suit for getting out of being sanctuary. I pray they win because we sure in heck didn’t vote this state or any city to be a sanctuary for illegal voting.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Kenji, and we have to stop the dictatorship asap. I am voting for Travis Allen for governor because no more of uber rich stupids telling us what we can and cannot do! We already pay way too high taxes and where does the money go? Just guess! Nothing gets done or repaired but a lot of blather from moonbeam. We also some rebuplicans running for the legislature and we need to make sure they are the TOP TWO that the democrats now want to be only two democrats! The legislature is short just a few republicans to balance and block the democrat half and it is up to us to do our part to locate, study and then donate and vote for as many decent republicans we can find. Wish we had more of Devin Nunes in CA! I also suggest not voting for anyone with already 2 terms in state or in Congress and start electing real employees to represent us both locally and in Congress.


  7. intercesser says:

    The American people have conducted an experiment in economics in the 20 th century , and the progressive agenda has proven itself to have been a spectacular failure for most Americans . The Obama agenda was to use the stimulus to reward friends and insulate allies from the worst effects of the great recession , and leave his opponents to suffer . Pres. Reagan , and now Pres. Trump , have policies that benefit the great majority of Americans , regardless of their politics . This is exactly how it should always be . Thank God that Pres. Trump truly believes in putting America first ! MAGA for the entire 21 st century .

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    • kenji says:

      You got it EXACTLY right. The Obama stimulus was spent propping up state and local governments who (like the private sector) would have had to lay-off nearly ALL of their employees. That would mean a reduction in leftist economic POWER. Can’t have that. So $ 1.7 Trillion (of your great grandchildren’s $$$) propped up the TAKERS.

      BTW during the ObamaCONomy, my employer went from 272 employees to 60. And only that many were saved because of one single big fish client.

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  8. NJF says:

    We are positively benefiting via fed tax cuts ($600 a month) but living on Long Island negates it bc of our very high state income taxes. Way above the $10,000 threshold.

    However, we are fortunate and we believe the overall benifit to the economy as a whole is much more Important.

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  9. 4harrisonblog says:

    Very proud of this great President and his agenda to KAG!

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  10. Lovearepublican says:

    Wonderful idea! So very smart.

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  11. Crawler says:

    How refreshing it is to finally see a president telling us how prosperous American families are becoming instead of one scolding us about pubic bathroom rights and mandatory maternity insurance for American males.
    We are witnessing a very interesting — and prosperous — time in American history. What a sight to behold. I doubt there will be enough popcorn to last for the next seven years.

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  12. I don’t know how interesting this will be to anyone not interested in economics or finance (or who doesn’t have much invested in stocks), but I finally fully understand Trump’s plan around managing the debt and his overall economic strategy. He’s trying to thread a needle, here, and could never state all of this publicly.

    Realistically, the two most important metrics with respect to the National Debt are 1) it’s overall size as a percentage of GDP and 2) whether that percentage is increasing or decreasing year over year.

    Essentially, if the economy is growing at 3% per year, as long as deficits remain under 3%, the relative size of the debt will actually shrink. Critically, it’s actually nominal rates that matter here – ie debt as a percentage of GDP can decline if the nominal rate on debt is under 5% while real GDP grows at 3% with 2% inflation.

    So, why does that matter here? Glad you asked.

    Our economy hasn’t grown at a 3% annual rate for some time, and there are headwinds to get it back to that, particularly the already low unemployment rate and the low rate of growth in the size of the labor force. The main remaining avenue to additional growth, then, is in worker productivity. Unfortunately, without a growing population, productivity gains would tend to lead to deflation, unless either the domestic economy can support increased consumption or a larger quantity of that productivity can be exported to markets capable of consuming that production.

    So, what would be the goldilocks scenario for our economy, given the constraints Trump faces (particularly already low unemployment and very limited growth in the workforce)?

    Ideally, you’d do 6 things at the same time(hence my saying he’s trying to thread a needle – this is hard, but maybe doable by a Very Stable Genius): 1) get real GDP growth up to 3% via productivity gains, 2) increase take-home pay of workers to increase their ability to save while increasing consumption, 3) substantially increase exports to absorb additional production and reduce/eliminate the current account deficit, 4) increase domestic inflation to about 2%, 5) maintain the purchasing parity of the dollar in spite of domestic inflation without increasing imports, and 6) maintain nominal interest rates on debt of 4% or less.

    I recognize that’s a lot to unpack, but it’s increasingly evident this is Trump’s goal, even if he can’t state it outright (as that would jeopardize points 3 through 6). But, if you follow his actions, they’re exactly what one would do to hit these targets – goals which make the most sense taken together as part of a package. Basically, he needs to drive growth, he needs that growth to lead to better conditions for US workers, and he needs that growth to also trigger some inflation without cutting into those gains for workers (because there’s no other way to shrink the size of the debt relative to GDP otherwise given the existing constraints).

    How does he do that? Get companies to repatriate money, incentivize them to spend it on productivity-enhancing initiatives at home (the tax bill did both), restrict immigration so the benefits disproportionately flow to workers while also triggering some inflation, increase exports (especially liquefied natural gas and oil products), decrease imports (tariffs), and make the economy the best bet out there for global investors seeking a safe haven for their cash (to hold interest rates down despite increased inflation).

    I know this is boring to most, but, at least for me, it helps tie together many of Trump’s initiatives into a coherent package, and, altogether, the concept is crystal clear. I hope he can also get some more people, even covertly, on board – if it succeeds, it’s a brilliant economic agenda, especially considering the challenges he has to navigate to pull it off. It could also be useful for anyone thinking about how Trump’s moves will impact markets and investments going forward.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      rationalnational, reminds me of when I got my BS in Business and Economics when it was real back then. All you state is what I have believed is Trump’s end goal and he is doing it in such a way the democrats won’t understand it or how it will be done and be very angry as each step is completed and successful. Love it!


  13. Dwight P says:

    The results of President Trump December 21, 2017 Executive Order stating that there is an Emergency has repercussions for the criminals.
    Initially there was a list of 13 hardcore global criminals which has now been expanded to 1110 pages of assets frozen or seized as stated on the US Office of Foreign Asset Control

    Thank you President Trump

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  14. fleporeblog says:

    My wife just got her regular check on Friday last week as is earning an extra $70 per check. Over the course of the year, that is an additional $1,680. I am receiving $207 extra in every check I get. That is an extra $4,968 over the course of the year. We are both extremely grateful for the extra money.

    In her case, she will get back an additional $2,000 next year when she files her income tax return as a resident of Florida with one dependent. In my case, because I am a resident from NYC who has gotten away with murder for the past 20 years because our tax code was bias to those living in states where the city and/or state taxes you to death on your income as well as your property taxes, I will get hammered come next year on my Federal Tax Return.

    I absolutely don’t blame our President at all! He did what should have been done decades ago. He leveled the playing field for Americans that live in states with no state/city taxes or very little state/city taxes as well as less property taxes.

    Also the state I reside in will never vote for our President in 2020! I am so happy that those states that did vote for him and those that will in 2020 that didn’t (MN, NH, all of ME as well as possibly NV & NM) are benefiting BIGLY from the Tax Reform Bill.

    Voters in states like NY, CA, CT, NJ, IL etc. need to take up this issue with their damn Governors and or Mayors. They are the ones that deserve the entire blame.

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  15. Rynn69 says:

    Just want to thank President Trump for stepping forward to save our country. He has the courage of a lion and the strength of steel.

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