Larry Kudlow Speaks About NEC Interview By POTUS Trump…

CNBC had an exclusive interview with Larry Kudlow (CNBC is his former job), it is laugh-out-loud interesting to hear (second-hand) how Kudlow explained the NEC Chairmanship perspective at the conclusion of several conversations with President Trump.   WATCH:


It appears from the second-hand account within the interview above that Mr. Kudlow appreciates his position.  He can now practice making sandwiches.  (I kid. Well, sorta)

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26 Responses to Larry Kudlow Speaks About NEC Interview By POTUS Trump…

  1. ForGodandCountry says:

    Yep. You were right. It’s all about appearances.

    Sit, Larry. Now bark, Larry. Good Larry! Now go eat some brie.

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  2. wheatietoo says:

    Will the Uber driver write a book?

    I’ll bet there are media operatives who are busy looking for that Uber driver right now.

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  3. scott467 says:

    Man, those people on the CNBC panel are awful.

    That woman, Elvira, reassuring baldie in her best Thurston Howell the 3rd voice (talking down from her Ivory Tower) was puke-inducing.

    Good idea, get more ‘new blood’ who don’t have any historical perspective at all, just the lies indoctrinated by globalist business schools for the last 40 years.


    Just genius.

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    • 🍺Gunny says:

      Yep… I stated on the other thread….like a professional toast master.

      Nothing but accolades for our Presidents’ policies…

      “ Have another drink ladies and gentlemen…How about those tariffs….aren’t they great?”. “Take my wife….please…”

      “No respect I tell ya….no respect”😎

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  4. CNBC..

    Still the biggest group of schills and puppets for Wall Street.

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  5. fleporeblog says:

    I actually appreciate Larry saying that once a decision is made by the President, there is not going to be any chatter and the NEC will back the decision. One of the biggest reasons TREX was let go was the fact that even after our President made a decision, he was still talking about why it was the wrong decision.

    Larry is also a friend to our President. I don’t see anything wrong with our President having people around him that he has known for decades in his private life.

    Our President is very serious about a Tax Reform Bill 2.0. He brought it up when the Astros visited the WH and Rep. Kevin Brady was there and again today in Missouri. I see this being a campaign promise by Republicans running for either reelection or against an Incumbent Democrat in the House or Senate. It is actually brilliant! Larry can work with Kevin on the details pertaining to what our President wants to accomplish.

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    • AndrewJackson says:

      This. Trump is hiring an ALLY with no chance of logger heads. Ultimately, Kudlow knows America will be successful if Trump is successful. This is a major positive compared to Cohn.

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  6. Uncle Max says:

    I used to like Kudlow back in the day. I don’t really trust him. Especially not to undermine policy. All that talk in the CNBC clip about.. well.. threaten tariffs to get concessions… BS. You lay on tariffs.. and you mean it… it’s a tool to coerce but too… for national security… we need our mills open and smelters running. We need well-placed power production to serve heavy industry. Period. It’s not about just throwing up tariffs to scare others into negotiations. These globalists are fine and dandy with buying world steel, etc… just as they are fine with those industries losing all their workers.

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    • AH_C says:

      Still a negotiating tatic albeit from a position of strength as opposed to soft style of the past several decades where it was more important to the elites to be agreeable at our own expense. Even Trump said it. We’re not going to give exemptions to tariffs, but from tariffs. Meaning the bar is up here, comply and we’ll drop the rates in response, double cross us and bam, back up to the bar on a word from POTUS.

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    • Bud Klatsch says:

      Agree 100% Max, a country without industry is not a country and cannot even defend itself. Additionally, what has happened to all those workers that have had their lives destroyed by our POL’s is treasonous.

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  7. WSB says:

    The Kudlowbutter and Jelly Sandwich…

    It’s gonna be FUN, Larry!!!!

    Really! Can’t wait! A BIG, BEAUTIFUL sandwich!!!!

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  8. sunnydaze says:

    Fun interview, esp. in light of the other SD article.


  9. Ari says:

    I went straight to google and searched for ‘potted plants’. I actually got some good candidates for my own office. Thanks sundance.


  10. Scout says:

    Larry, liken Cohn, will eventually resign when he realises he doesn’t believe in core Trump.
    Globalist Larry wants bigly immigration for the standard UniParty reasons.
    Don’t quite understand what putting a media talking head temporarily near Trump achieves.
    It’s almost as if PDJT can’t find anyone to appoint who agrees with him, except Wilbur of course.
    Hint: not yet, but one day, middle America will regard these musical chairs as instability. Better stop it Pres.


    • Hissing girl says:

      Scout, Trump came from a private sector and ran an election where it’s like to touch a leper and many came together to bring him down. Many in his govt are working against him…..he needs to keep changing to get those he can work with.

      That’s the disadvantage of a freshman politician.


  11. Donzo says:

    I thought Stormy was getting the job.


  12. Reminds me of how giggly Pelosi and Schumer got when the President invited them over to chat. “I think he likes me! He really likes me”!

    Shallow people respond to ego stroking.

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  13. Kudlow said he understood that when the POTUS made the final decision then that was it and he would support it. I think that is what went wrong for Tillerson; he was still going around the globe saying he was going to continue to try to change POTUS’s mind on Iran deal.


  14. Pilot44236 says:

    I think this appointment is much bigger than most people realize. Trump has a desire to return to a gold-backed dollar. Kudlow is HUGE gold-backed dollar advocate and knows how to achieve the transition away from our current fiat dollar. A gold-backed dollar is very good for Main Street and the real economy and very bad for Wall Street and their army of financial engineers.

    Trump is a builder that openly detests those on Wall Street who create nothing and extract value from the economy the way the Street’s FE’s tend to do. Trump will continue to use the threat of tariffs to achieve other policy objectives, ie NORK, NAFTA, etc. Once those objectives are met he will then move on to Tax 2.0 and a stable dollar, backed by gold.

    With a gold-backed dollar, tariffs become unnecessary as commodity prices stabilize and US competitive advantages are realized. With stable commodity prices, a dollar defined in gold, and a more favorable tax regime, US entities will be able to compete and win in any market and the benefits will accrue to the American worker in a way we have not seen since the 1950’s. This would truly MAGA.

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