Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran Announces His Retirement Effective April 1st…

It was the Mississippi primary race between 40-year-term Senator Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel in 2014 that revealed just how far the GOPe would go to keep a grip on their power.  The establishment and Mitch McConnell were willing to do anything to protect Thad Cochran despite his infirmity and near certain senility.

Senator Cochran was barely awake for the past few years.  Today his staff announce his retirement effective April 1st:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Thad Cochran (R-Miss.), chairman of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, today announced his intention to resign from the U.S. Senate effective April 1, 2018.

“I regret my health has become an ongoing challenge. I intend to fulfill my responsibilities and commitments to the people of Mississippi and the Senate through the completion of the 2018 appropriations cycle, after which I will formally retire from the U.S. Senate.

“It has been a great honor to serve the people of Mississippi and our country. I’ve done my best to make decisions in the best interests of our nation, and my beloved state. My top concern has always been my constituents in Mississippi. My hope is by making this announcement now, a smooth transition can be ensured so their voice will continue to be heard in Washington, D.C. My efforts, and those of my staff, to assist them will continue and transfer to my successor.”

Cochran was first elected to the Senate in 1978, becoming the first Republican in more than 100 years to win a statewide election in Mississippi. He is the tenth-longest serving Senator in U.S. history. Cochran previously served three terms in House of Representatives. (LINK)

Chris McDaniel (pictured above) was already planning a primary challenge to Mississippi GOP Senator Roger Wicker.  It will be interesting to see what comes next.

Mitch Tyner (circled) was Chris McDaniel’s lawyer in the divisive 2014 GOP election.  The 2016 Donald Trump Republican primary race was a national example of the same conflicts between the establishment and outsiders that existed in Mississippi 2014.

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217 Responses to Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran Announces His Retirement Effective April 1st…

  1. A2 says:

    Need a MAGA senator from Mississippi (hope I spelled that right).

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  2. Cat Lady says:

    VSGPDJT can do better than McDaniel!!! I’m speaking as someone who voted in that MS election in 2014!!!

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    • sat0422 says:

      Our current Governor is on the hot seat if an appointment is to be made. Former Gov. Haley Barbour was supposed to take over Cochran’s seat but he ran in to a little trouble a month or so back when he tried to board a plane with a loaded pistol. Hmmmmmmm, do you think it was a honest mistake or was he set up???


  3. jeans2nd says:

    We need to start working on Chris McDaniel’s appointment to fill Cochran’s seat. Where do we sign up?

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  4. Covfefe-USA says:

    And he never should have run for re-election in ’14 – he was way past his shelf life then.

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  5. simicharmed says:

    Democrat’s and RINO’s Galore in the Statehouse! Sadly these folks are the SAME bunch of America arsonists! A destructive bunch who ALL need to go! I say they ALL should retire effective immediately and lets see how life is after each and every one of these scoundrels are GONE! Lets do a – Make America Great election in November for all congressional positions!

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  6. fleporeblog says:

    I actually hope that the Governor gives the seat to Chris McDaniel and allows him to run against the Democrat challenger. I think the fact that our President endorsed Roger Wicker the day before McDaniel announced his intentions would allow us to beat both Democrats in November. This would make all the sense in the world.

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  7. WonkoTheSane says:

    We’re gonna have so much new blood in The Congress next year that it’s might be possible to MAGA at a slightly quicker pace!

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    • Sunshine says:

      I agree. New blood, but as seen everywhere, that new blood that wins is much younger in age. And that’s where the new blood must be focused.

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  8. wheatietoo says:

    So…Zombie Cochran is going to twaddle off after April 1st?

    Will the Mississippi governor appoint an interim Senator to replace him, until they can have a special election?

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  9. Albertus Magnus says:

    And NO Cruzbots!

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  10. 4sure says:

    The Ms swamp GOPe will appoint one of the swamp critters and it may be Hayley Barbour or one of his kin. Put nothing past these crooks.

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  11. Running Fast says:

    I wonder what the “Q” naysayers will say now? He hinted at “watch the news”. You may not have noticed but the number of declared “retirements”, those no longer seeking re-election, is massive. Either they are working to ensure a democrat majority OR the swamp is being drained.

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  12. flowerbelle says:

    I bet McConnell and Karl rove are already colluding with the governor to give the seat to Haley Barbour or one of his relatives. No! Give it to McDaniel.

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    • stats guy says:

      This is the truth that the MS election proved. Mitch is the most powerful man in the RINO party. The RINO party is a machine. Like any machine they raise money via graft. Mitch raises money thru requiring Senators to contribute $$$…and if you want a chairmanship you have to pony up.

      Then Mitch gets to decide who gets the campaign cash nationwide. He is the machine Boss. Mitch runs a tight ship and he will stab you in the back if you are conservative every time. I doubt he likes Trump at all..it was all so cozy when the Bush family and prog Rs were in vogue

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        The same thing goes on in the House of Representatives. I heard about that years ago, that the congressmen have to spend so much time fund raising on behalf of the party that they do not have enough time to evaluate legislation or work with their own constituents. The phone banks for both parties are nearby and they are constantly running back and forth.

        Two or three weeks ago, Rep. Mike Gallagher was on Steve Hilton’s Sunday evening FNN show where he reiterated the same thing. In order to break this cycle, campaign finance laws are going to have to be redone so that each representative is not beholden to the party for:
        1) funds for their re-election
        2) raising money in order to serve on committees, etc.

        The current system is rigged for the Majority Leader and Speaker of the House to have way too much control. They are like little dictators.


  13. There’s more dead wood in the Senate than at a free ED clinic. And that includes females.

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  14. Pam says:

    When they stay in the house and senate for that long or longer, it just reinforces the need for term limits!

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  15. Barry Odinga says:

    40-year-term Senator. Christ! We need term limits.

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  16. Nightcrawler says:

    I’m from Mississippi and I can tell you that we need a stronger candidate than McDaniel.

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  17. TwoLaine says:

    Thank God! It is ridiculous that we are paying this piece of decaying, decrepit flesh a salary and a pension.

    Get him out of here! And take his coat!

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  18. Garavaglia says:

    We don’t want any more barbour’s in politics here. I don’t think that would go over well..just my opinion. I know they are bought and paid for, I assume many others do too.

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  19. daughnworks247 says:

    Mississippi here.
    We could make the argument of “drain the swamp” and vote McDaniel if McDaniel was even halfway good.
    But McDaniel is a sawed off, arrogant, rude, runt, that no one who works with him, likes.
    Over the past 4 years, I have done everything humanly possible to be nice to the guy, when he was scheduled to come and speak to our county.
    He is an ass.
    His staff is full of asses.
    They cannot keep a commitment and have personally cost me money, no apology, no thank you, not even a “go to hell”.
    Incredibly unorganized and inept.
    On the other hand, Wicker is a good guy, at my first wedding, at my son’s baby shower, nominated him for a military academy. He’s okay.
    The other side (McDaniel) in this primary is rabidly angry about 2014, which has NOTHING to do with Wicker.

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  20. Gil says:

    Please let this usher in a wave of MAGA representation. This was a hideous example of swamp fraud by way of his incapacity for votes. Swamp critters get out!

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  21. daughnworks247 says:

    AND Mississippi, who is used to strong and powerful Senators (Trent Lott and Cochran), would shoot themselves in the foot by having TWO junior Senators with ZERO power.

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  22. Katherine McCoun says:

    As soon as I saw this on another site I zoomed here as I knew we would be rejoicing and saying “good riddance!”

    That race did serve to open many people’s eyes to just how corrupt the RNC was as well as how out of touch and how the GOPe manipulated the system to get the results they want. They went too far that time and we were watching.

    The GOPe isn’t dead yet. We are seeing their expensive efforts on a state level in the TN Senate district 14 race. Chamber of Commerce puppet all the way won the primary after spending BIGLY and has now admitted the smears against the MAGA candidate were not really true but “just politics”…and he is running on Zero issues but talking Faith, Family and political clichés full of hot air emptiness. The GOPe hasn’t given up at all. Just like Bush 1 after Reagan, the GOPe is obstructing, slowing and still fight for each and every election and will be waiting as soon as President Trump is no longer POTUS.

    Anyway, that primary was a terrible punch in the gut to the GOP base but it was a watershed for many. When I saw and understood Mississippi ’14 (and watched how Cruz and Rand Paul acted that day on stage when they jumped the shark to reveal they were now with the establishment), I then looked at the last 30 yrs with a different understanding and much clearer hindsight. Glad this guy is out.

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    • Old Lady says:

      I’m glad he stayed long enough to keep McDaniel out. What do you know about McDaniel? You, and others, just wanted Cochran out. NO NO NO to McDaniel.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “talking Faith, Family and political clichés full of hot air emptiness”

      There are consultants that teach politicians how to do that, especially on how to deceive evangelicals with phony stories of conversion and testimonies.

      . 2Corinthians 11:13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
      14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
      15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

      In context, those verses are specifically referring to [deceiving] false teachers, but you get the point.


  23. Summer says:

    So, will the seat be empty until November? Or will the Governor appoint someone until then? Empty seat means minus one vote.


  24. todayistheday99 says:

    Was the April 1 effective date a tip off to the loony tunes joke the Senate has become?

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  25. Average joe says:

    What’s the difference between Cochran and Pelosi, Pelosi is better for the republicans. ….

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  26. mike says:

    No doubt many Senators need a 40 year term, with some extra accoutrements and free meals…

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  27. Blue Moon says:

    another one down, hey where is John McCain at? Has he returned to congress yet or is he still in the hospital?


  28. NoJuan Importante says:

    Whoever it is, they better be good, with no skeletons, because I can see what happened in Alabama happening in Mississippi if they’re not careful.

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  29. mashall says:

    Now, repeat after me!
    To MAGA America must have Constitutional Convention of States for Term Limits!

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    • WSB says:

      No Constitutional anything until we have better people representing us. Do a bit of studying. It would be like feeding your children to wolves.

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    • filia.aurea says:

      No, NEVER. Surely you jest?


    • piper567 says:

      NO NO NO, No Constitutional Convention.
      That’s all we need: soros buying up our beloved Constitution.
      If you think such a Convention would not be hijacked by communists, you are being a bit of a Pollyanna, sorry to say.
      No personal offense, just think ab this a bit.


  30. Gary Ingle says:

    Old bastard gonna help his comrades till death do us part…..

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  31. MAGAbear says:

    One of the most shameful episodes in GOPe history, up until the Roy Moore episode.

    McDaniel should play his cards smartly here and let Wicker run unopposed and take the Cochran seat. McDaniel will look like the team player, making it harder for GOPe to challange him.

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  32. pacnwbel says:

    Dear Ad rem, please how do I get this blog restored to my e mail?, there have been no postings received since March 3rd Presidential thread,thank you.


  33. COS Patriot says:

    Looks like that hand is propping him up.

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  34. lav48erne says:

    Is the governor of Mississippi an establishment Republican or a true conservative?


    • He’s pretty conservative and doesn’t really care about what outsiders think of MS or the bills he signs into law. Our state house/senate is pretty conservative and establishment all at the same time on specific issues. It is still dominated by the Bible-belt preachers (of the politicians), ie, Religious Right.

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  35. William F Buckley's Ghost says:

    ….talk about The Walking Dead!


  36. I’m in Mississippi and while I really hated what the Uniparty did to McDaniel in ’14 ( I voted for him), I realized during the presidential election that he was Cruz’ biggest fan. He campaigned for Cruz here. That showed me that he too is establishment, just a different vein of it. Screw him! I’d rather see Bryant himself or Delbert Hoseman but to lose Delbert’s position to all the thieves in Jackson would be bad. I know I don’t want to see Tate Reeves matriculate to Governor or be appointed to the seat. He’s a crooked sack of $hit and a do-nothing.

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  37. MaineCoon says:

    Guess who.

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  38. WSB says:

    For a thread, I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Carry on Treepers!


  39. Blade says:

    [ reponse to a comment above that was getting too deeply nested ]

    Did they say if they’re going to ‘reset’ the term…to be for 6 years? Or will the election be to finish out the remainder of Cochran’s term.

    There is no reseting the 6 year schedule which is defined by the Constitution and has been unbroken since the first Congress ( well actually the 3rd Congress since the 3 classes of Senators first began their staggered terms in 1789 and it took 3 biannual elections to complete the schedule. ( Interestingly, the new Senators of the 1st Congress drew lots to determine who would face election in 2/4/6 years and would therefore have artificially shortened terms ).

    When a new state comes into the Union they get their two Senators but one receives a full term and one gets a shortened term ( faces re-election 2 years before the other ). This also is dependent on the date that the State enters the Union so it is possible both terms will be shortened as they don’t sync up to the ongoing Senate election schedule.

    The Class-2 seat that Cochran sits in is scheduled for 2014 ( infamous GOPe Cochran election ) and is naturally up again in 2020. Nothing can alter this schedule since it was initiated since 2 years after Mississippi entered the Union. So, we can safely assume that the Governor will first appoint an interim Senator to sit in that seat, then a special election this fall ( it saves money to use an already occurring election ) to fill out the remainder of that term, then the scheduled 2020 Class-2 normal election occurs.

    Because of the length of time between now and 2020, there is no choice except for scheduling a special election this fall. This is no longer optional since the 17th amendment controls vacancies and took control from the States to determine their Senator through the legislature. Therefore the interim appointment will be very short, just 10 months until next January.

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  40. A name popped into my mind as I awoke this morning….Dave Dennis. He served three terms as the chairman of the New Orleans Federal Reserve Board and lost to Gov Phil Bryant in 2011 in the primary. Keep an eye on this guy as things move forward.

    I think I’d rather see him run for Gov if/when Bryant appoints himself.


  41. Mongoose says:

    Damn, people like that poster boy are the reason we need 1. term limits, and 2. mandatory retirement ages. Damn!


  42. Ralph DeVane says:

    thank goodness Cochran is leaving. He was always a butt boy for McConnell.


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