Secretary Wilbur Ross Talks Trade and Tariffs With Lou Dobbs…

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross appeared on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs earlier tonight for a discussion of Steel and Aluminum tariffs and ongoing U.S. trade initiatives.


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91 Responses to Secretary Wilbur Ross Talks Trade and Tariffs With Lou Dobbs…

  1. TrueNorthSeeker says:

    Great photos Sundance. The Wolverine and the losers! Ha!
    Love that last photo of POTUS with his grandaughter! Priceless! Oh, and great book title too.

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    • C R Lord says:

      Equally impressive is who is on the cover of the book. LOL! Dr. Seuss must have had a day off.

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    • Kenji says:

      Sundance is soooo damn in-touch with our culture … of course he(she?) knew it was “Read Across America Day” yesterday. My First Grade teaching wife had her kids ALL reading the Suess chronicles yesterday (my personal favorite – Go Dog Go … which was a book conspiratorially-created by Suess with the aid of Big Oil, Big Auto, and Big Millinery !). I would love to see her add the Trump book to the collection.

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  2. NJF says:

    Good interview. Lou likes to talk, but he made good points in the convo.

    Wilbur is so concise and plain spoke in his answers, much like POTUS.

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    • rf121 says:

      Would prefer to have heard more Wilbur, less Lou. He keeps this up he will be off on another medical vacation.

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    • Turranos says:

      Lou seems to always have to insert his own talking points into every interview plus he learned from Hannity how to interrupt people. He could be really good but he is his own worst enemy.

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      • pyromancer76 says:

        I have such a hard time listening to these guys. I used to listen to Lou a lot; Hannity got on my nerves too much right at the start. I have always liked Maria.

        All that being said, I have great admiration for them for sticking it out in an unfriendly environment, to put it very mildly.

        Also, I am grateful for the huge egos they must have — much like actors (not communists playing at being actors, but the real thing) who are good. To remain in the spotlight year after year, to want to remain in the spotlight, to desire that kind of spotlight — It boggles my mind, and more power to them.

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  3. HankM says:

    I just spent several minutes posting a comment about the Steel tariffs etc in a previous article and it appears to have ended up in the Bin to Nowhere. This has happened before so I have to give up posting here as it’s too frustrating.
    But before I go, I wish all the posters at CTH all the best and thanks to sundance for the insights.

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  4. covfefe999 says:

    It’s sickening that the people fretting about prices are so concerned that a can of soda or beer will increase but don’t care if workers have been put out of jobs by cheap imported materials. Just like the excessive flow of H1B visa-holders has put US tech workers out of jobs, and lowered wages for the ones who are lucky enough to still be employed.

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    • Pam says:

      Very well stated. My sentiments exactly.

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    • tdwesselman says:

      I am a stem worker and until late 2017 my AGI has essentially been flat lined since 2007

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    • maiingankwe says:

      Peter Navarro mentioned earlier today that a six-pack of beer will go up one whole penny because of the aluminum. These people are screaming and shouting either with complete ignorance or disregard to the truth.

      It is up to us to get these numbers out to the rest of the sleeping public. Navarro shared these numbers with Marie B on Fox News and was posted in one of the articles here today if you’d like to hear more numbers.
      And yes, it is frustrating, however, we are armed with the truth and we will win.

      So one of the companies will be giving out a $1000 bonus to more than 2,300 of their employees and it’s not even Christmas yet. I have a feeling other companies will be doing the same just like what happened with our tax cuts.

      Plus, after a year and when Americans see that the world has not ended and we are actually benefiting and prospering under these new tariff agreements, a good number of Americans will be more apt to listen to our President and ignore the pearl clutching of the msm and their puppet masters. This is a win-win for us today. Bigly. We are in great hands, and if I had any alcohol in the house, I think I’d have a toast tonight and go back to fighting in the morning.

      I know it can get real frustrating, but laugh at them. There is nothing they can do that will work in their favor right now. Our President and his team have this and we will prosper because of them.
      Be well and hold strong, and have a fabulous weekend!

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    • MTK says:

      As Mr. Ross broke down with his two cans of soup comparison. That factored the tariff cost per can as very small. I think he used factions of a cent.
      How much you want to bet the cost increases dramatically, with corporate marketers selling the tariff perception as the reason for ten and twenty times multiples of the extra tariff added costs to products containing aluminium and steel. The vast majoity of chuckle headsin the Nation will, “Go figure, it is PDJT fault.”
      The tariff excutive order should also have a mechanism to watch out for price gouging, otherwise it will artifically increase inflation.


      • ladypenquin says:

        There has already been inflated grocery store prices for the past 9 years. Grocery prices have more than doubled. It all flew under the radar of that supposed “Consumer Price Index” or whatever they use to measure inflation – because they took groceries OUT of that measurement. Government just removed the big movers which were inflating exponentially to fool the people. Then it’s easy, peasy to pretend that people aren’t paying more for groceries, let alone the fact we’ve been paying more for other non-durable goods in the same time frame, but had stagnant wages on full-time jobs along with only being able to get 29 hr/wk jobs.

        Whenever a Democrat is in office, and especially under Obama, whose disastrous policies hurt us in all sectors – destroying out healthcare…they fiddle with the numbers and hide the true rising cost of living, etc. etc.

        Of note, Campbell soup company, and other process food manufacturers have to be careful, they’ve already priced themselves out of the market. A 10oz can of Cream of Mushroom soup was over a dollar the other day at the grocery. Soup! People aren’t buying, not just because of the process food factor, but they’re not going to pay exorbitant prices for a silly can of soup. We just go without.

        The tariffs, along with other repaired economic policies will improve competitiveness in our own markets, grocery and otherwise. H1B visas are going to bite the dust, so sorry Paul Ryan, and this President is going to know if our jobs are being outsourced. Eventually there will be enough companies who will refresh their memories that they’re American and start thinking about making us happy.

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      • Beverly says:

        Nerp, that’s where Domestic Competition comes in! If I own a can factory and see that happening, I can easily beat that guy’s price and take his market share!

        So, no worries, mate. 😉


    • Albertus Magnus says:

      So right, Covfefe. Plus when people have good jobs that provide wages that support their families, they get less government assistance, families actually get built and stay together, and people taxpayers are able to pay less (if food stamps, Medicaid, housing vouchers, etc. are reduced). People get the government we deserve. Hope people realize our country deserves better and PDJT is the one to give it to us….if we trust him.

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    • Texian says:

      They just don’t get it.. because they’ve never seen and never have been taught of what a Great America could be like.. Sure y’all may pay a few cents more – but not only is that extra few cents going into another working American’s pocket, you are getting a quality product from spending the increased income from a higher paying job you have gained from the Great American Economic Engine..

      Why work for a pittance or wait for a gubmint check and drive a hoopdie..

      When you could be paying a few dollars more to buy American Made and could end up a few years from now driving a car like this.. Believe me.. it’s worth the effort.. chick magnet.. been there done that.. Get out of the basement.. Make America Great Again Grasshoppas..

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    • TreeClimber says:

      My husband is one of the best IT techs you’ll ever find. Right now he’s doing cable installation – it’s a total waste of his talents (and education.) -spit-

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    • We have been brain-washed into accepting a defeatist “free trade” narrative that is bogus. We clobber each other with words like “free trade”, “free markets”, “deregulation” rendering us senseless and powerless against the enemy. We are the only ones playing by the rules in a global jungle of cheaters and as a result, we are losing our economy and culture. Yet we are clobbered by those words in every discussion so that the only choice we have is to surrender. Why is it a given that we are the ones who would lose in a trade war? “Free trade” in the global jungle without rules has taught us that we have yet to prevail over “might makes right”. And we are surrendering our might. We can win this and all we have to do is believe it and suck it up to do what we have to do.

      The US is being sucked dry by parasites who steal our technology and intellectual property while reaping the short-term and temporary “benefits” of a slave population in a war against what were once the freest and most prosperous people in history. We still hold all of the big and most important cards in this game and it is time we start using them. We are still the only economy that doesn’t need the rest of the world for anything to thrive. Food, energy, manpower, technology and everything else. We’ve got it all in abundance. Plus we have geography on our side.

      Forcing China to face the financial consequences of their parasitic house of cards economy that feeds off of the wealth of the efficient and prosperous economies must be done and now is the time. China is planning on an eventual all-out war against a paralyzed enemy that grows weaker as the parasites feed off of them. Yet China is NOT in a strong position to fight a strong and determined America that chooses to protect itself. That is NOT protectionism. Drop the “ism” already. Survival is the prime directive to existence itself. Where is it written that adding “ism” to “protect” renders that concept to be foolish?

      It is we who CHOOSE to be weak. We are not even strong enough to fight our way through a war of words. We should at least be tough enough to accept any short-term pain and discomforts that come with fighting for survival. We still have the strongest economy and military in history! We are still the ESSENTIAL host for these parasites! That means we have power! If we fight, they starve. Yet somehow, our freedom is killing us because we just can’t seem to wake up and see that the enemy is standing right in front of us, in our country, and staring us right in the face?

      There was a time over two centuries ago when “the flat earth future” of mercantilism was the status quo. America defeated it by first incubating a free-market domestic economy that encouraged free enterprise and the resulting wealth creation. We PROTECTED that economy from the ravages of global “free” markets where mercantilist parasites operated in a lawless jungle in looting and pillaging hapless weaker nations.

      Wealth is best when allocated to the most efficient. That is what truly free and WELL-REGULATED markets do best. But today, “free” markets and “free” trade means rules are for suckers. So the lawlessness of the jungle has crossed our borders. What were once vices have become virtues. Let’s bring back the rules that favored the most efficient while punishing the parasites who bring nothing but pain and misery for the vast majority of humanity.

      Someone wins in these trade wars and there is every reason to believe that it will be us this time. We’re certainly not winning as it is and we have to do something. You can’t negotiate with an enemy that doesn’t honor agreements or follow any laws. Like I said, we hold all of the strong cards. Let’s start playing to win already.

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      • spren says:

        Excellent comment, Pasadena Phil. It really sums up what I wanted to say. Protectionism is a process where a country tries to insulate its industries from foreign competition, and ultimately enables inefficiencies and lower productivity as the now protected industries don’t have to worry about being truly competitive.

        What is taking place here with the imposition of tariffs on imported steel and aluminum does not fit that definition of protectionism. These tariffs are first an attempt to level the playing field against unfair competition, and secondly, a shot over the bow of those trying to abuse us and will be used as a negotiation tool.

        I’m so tired of the luminaries on Fox Business who become apoplectic at these actions as “starting a trade war.” These foreign competitors levy much higher tariffs on our goods that we seek to export to them. And these two industries are vital to our national security and military preparedness. If we enter a conflict with China, are they going to sell us their steel and aluminum so we can resist their aggression?

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        • Before we had the income tax, the major source of federal government revenues was from tariffs and duties. Regulating trade is one of only enumerated powers in the US Constitution. Used to level the playing field, it ensures the fair trade that rewards the worth. Used purely as an economic,tactical weapon, it becomes protectionism that rewards cheating. All we are trying to do here is negate the cheaters. If we are truly the most efficient operators in the most coveted economy on earth, cheaters will be defeated by basing their production in the US. We need to be a magnet for the best, most honorable players. Hard to accomplish with the corrupt Masters of the Universe running our country these days.

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        • Here is an excellent article that describes the state of US steel production and discusses the many factors involved:

          It doesn’t address my key question (and apparently yours) regarding what our domestic steel production capacity would be required for national defense purposes but clearly we are far below by at least one-third. And with capacity utilization hovering at around 75% while capacity declines, we are clearly going in the wrong direction while surrendering control of our destiny.

          And it’s not all about steel production. Steel processing and competing materials (aluminum e.g.) need to be considered. We aren’t losing national defense capability if we are building with aluminum, titanium or other US-produced substitutes.


      • bumpsmart says:

        Phil, You are right on. Watch PDJT double and triple down and fight the globalist. The base will rally behind him. Just watch. Can’t wait for the rally next week in PA.

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        • Beverly says:

          We need a YOOGE turnout in Pennsylvania! because the Prez realizes that the Dims have marked Pa. for a takeover. They’re still livid that he won that state, so the gerrymandering ruling by the Dim court etc. are power plays to make sure that Republicans never win there again. Pres. Trump is trying to hold you all in the camp: he knows this fall will be CRUCIAL.


    • Blacksmith8 says:

      that’s how I know we (and I mean to say our noble band of wolverines) are doing it right.

      With a level playing field, a maker will employ folks to make stuff. Those folks pay taxes. Taxes that DID NOT EXIST YESTERDAY. That means more revenue to the fed. I’m not liking that part, but stay with me. This is my fairy tale land.

      What will PDJT do with more revenue? more wall, more tanks, more high tech cyber wizardry toys, more Border Patrol, or my personal favorite because I’ve seen it up close and personal like, could we finally pay the enlisted people in the armed services enough basic salary to keep them of welfare and food stamps? Is that too much to ask?


    • Beverly says:

      THANK YOU! This is the point, isn’t it? The multinational corporations get cheap (practically slave) labor overseas, everything they make in China is crap, and the solid build quality we enjoyed in AMERICA is nowhere to be found, even when we’re willing to pay for it!

      I have taken to buying some of the old things on Ebay just to get Made In America items! One example out of, literally millions: I needed a new glass knob for my stovetop percolator. Simple thing, right? Well, no: the company that makes them outsourced the manufacturing to China, and the GLASS they use is brittle and flawed, so there were many bitter reviews of this on Amazon complaining that the knobs would break and shatter!

      Off to Ebay, where I found an OLD, Made in America version by the same firm: but with good, solid glass!

      And Pres. Trump is VERY familiar with the ROTTEN quality of the cheap Chinese steel: very poorly smelted, with many impurities and weaknesses! but hey, you can’t buy anything else because our guys have been driven out of business!

      Another example: a washing machine that used to be rock solid, made in Canada, is now made in China: the dratted fittings that are supposed to screw onto the hose pipe just fall off because their machine tolerances are so CRUDE: it’s the wrong size by just a millimeter!

      And on and on… so we lose all our jobs, our national security is demolished, the stuff we import for a discount is garbage that MIGHT last a year, and we keep going down the drain? I don’t know about y’all, but I’d be more than willing to pay good money for something that will LAST longer than five months.

      FED UP to the BACK TEETH


  5. Pam says:

    Wilbur Ross was one of POTUS’ greatest choices for his cabinet. The MSM don’t get him or Mnuchin and that’s ok with me because that’s why we like them. They aren’t there to make nice kind of like POTUS. 😉

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    • Ms B says:

      MSM “don’t get” them because they don’t seem to “get” logic. It’s the darndest thing I have ever seen. And if they don’t understand Wilbur Ross, then they are more lost than I ever imagined.

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      • ladypenquin says:

        I think it’s more of a deliberate “don’t get” – they get it, certainly after explanation, but since they starting from the globalist worldview and elitist class thinking – power and control – they have to fake their outrage and their “concern” – all part of pushing their agenda forward. Funny, under Obama everything the government did was “good” – under Trump, now the government is bad.

        IMO, Barack Obama raped this country of everything he could, but especially its Americanism. It will take a while longer to undue the amount of damage he did.

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      • Beverly says:

        Oh, they “get it” alright — they just don’t Want it.


  6. fleporeblog says:

    Wilburine had the best line I have heard in along time! He said, “ We should be exporting products instead of exporting jobs.”

    Folks that sentence right there describes what GHB, Bill Clinton, GWB and BHO administrations have done to this country for the last 28 years. Their job was to destroy the USA 🇺🇸.

    By the will of God we were given one last chance to save our country. It is now or never!

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  7. treehouseron says:

    Long time in the making. Here’s a video from 2011 where President Trump is angling for the same thing.

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  8. How does Soros make it through all of this? I hope he’s a Bigly loser.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      I don’t understand why Soros can’t be arrested for espionage, treason, or all around national security threat.

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      • Cuppa Covfefe says:

        Sedition, at the very least.

        Conspiring to bring down a sitting government… He should be swinging from the gallows…
        along with his family… Just like Haman…


  9. olderwiser21 says:

    Wrong thread, Lyon….

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  10. ed357 says:

    I thought this previous CTH article explained what has been happening to our trade economy pretty concisely….

    It was broken down into terms and concepts that I easily understood…..Thanks.

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  11. JimWVa says:

    Back in the 1970’s, I worked in the steel mills of the Ohio Valley helping to turn rolls of steel bands into pipe and steel tubes by the operation of a continuous weld furnance. That segment, and the entire steel industry, supported whole communities in all of the states along the Ohio River for many years. Over the years since then, that industry and most of the actual furnance equipment, was sent to Asia and South America. The finished steel products now return to the USA at a higher cost, without the US jobs or local community investment. The US politicians, over the years, have reduced the business communities in the Ohio River Valley to a conglomeration of second-hand retail stores.

    President Trump says that America will now be first. President Trump’s trade program is the first real help the Ohio Valley communities have seen since the 1970s. I’m looking forward to see what our country has been able to achieve at the end of President Trump’s term of office on January 20, 2025.

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    • deplorabledaveinsocal says:

      ” I’m looking forward to see what our country has been able to achieve achieved at the end of President Trump’s term of office on January 20, 2025.”

      …has achieved… Just suggestion for an improvement to your already awesome post…

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Jim, your grammer is fine. What is important is, those who are still associated with the Trump Revolution are all over the Ohio and Mahoning Valley. After 30 years someone finally realized we are still here. Many Trump people have already been here, and many more have def dates to come, Dr. Sebastian Gorka being just one of them.

      Jobs are appearing everywhere, as are small companies, and the resurgence of old companies. In a couple three years we will be booming once again.

      Oh, to have Wilburine come. What a treat that would be!

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    • spren says:

      Great comment, JimWVa. During that same time period and into the 80s, I worked upstream from you in the Mon Valley. It was a glorious time. From the outside these mills looked like concentration camps, but on the inside they were filled with energy and activity.

      I remember one time after my shift, I drove up onto a ridge overlooking the valley and it was magnificent. All you could see was fire raging in all of the mills, and all you could hear was the clanging of steel, and all of the railroads (for which I worked) moving back and forth among all the mills. I truly loved that job and that period of my life. It was so sad to be a part of it while it went through its death spiral. It is so heartening to see the chance for many of these mills and jobs to come back into not only existence, but prosperity.

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      • Cuppa Covfefe says:

        Ahh. And the railroads too – many fallen flags since the 1970s. The great C&O via mergers, etc., devolving into CSX; AT & SF becoming BNSF (if they’re even still around).

        And the glass and artisan glass factories/workshops. Owens-Illinois, born in West Virginia and thereabouts is no longer a (true) American company. Blenko, Pilgrim, and all the art glass and milk glass factories – are they even still there?

        As the commercial said “the heartbeat of America”… Thank GOD for President Trump and his Wolverines for rescuing a very, very ill patient. We need to insure that China and the bloodsucking globalists NEVER have another chance to do us (or any good people) harm…


  12. MaineCoon says:

    The jobs that are and will be created will give people the financial means to buy product at the higher price that they couldn’t ever afford when the product was cheaper because they didn’t have a job. Hope Wilburine and Navarro keep stating that fact.

    Lou did a great job. He really emphasized the facts. People love him and they need to hear what he thinks. Good interview. Both got good points across to the public who might not have all the Sundance information. I think Lou has it though!

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    • Remington..... says:

      Yes Maine, Lou killed it – with passion. Charles Paine gets it as well. Problem is I had to turn his program off because he had nitwits on who were clueless. I don’t suffer fools greatly, and wife gets pissed when I yell at the TV.

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      • westray hazzard says:

        Two television marriage here…plush “TV bricks” and fox news for me…600 pound teenage moms that have been cat fished on Dr. Phil for her. We are content.


      • spren says:

        Remington, you sound like my lost twin. I’ve had to significantly ration my viewing of FBN the last couple of days because of exactly what you’re describing. I’m done with Cavuto and go elsewhere until Trish Regan comes on – she gets it as well. My wife gets seriously agitated as well when I yell at the TV, but that is still better than throwing my shoe at it:)


      • Bonitabaycane says:

        It’s nice to see someone passionately on our side. Lou is one of a handful IMO.


    • Bonitabaycane says:

      I enjoyed the interview. It is clear IMO that our President and Wilburine are committed to creating American jobs. It’s difficult for me, as deplorable as I am, to think anyone would oppose an Administration that is fighting for America.


  13. Guyski says:

    Solution 1: To the ‘huge massive increase’ in the price of beer – reduce the alcohol tax. And cities like Philadelphia and Chicago that have a ‘sugar tax’ reduce that.

    Solution 2. People complaining about the ‘huge massive penny increase’ on a six pack of beer, refer them to AA.


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  14. frank field says:

    Dobbs has a brilliant elderly billionaire before him and he STILL parades his own positions instead of asking open ended questions so the masterful expert can speak! I love Ross!


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    • Rosie says:

      Yup. I had his show on last night and found myself screaming at the TV “SHUT UP LOU! LET HIM TALK!” He’s so frustrating. We finally get one lone Trump supporter in the media, and he’s more interested in his own opinion than those of anyone else, President Trump’s cabinet included. Maddening.

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  15. nikkichico7 says:

    Great article, great video! THANK YOU Sundance!

    Time to take names and KICK A**!

    Sh*t Hell on all those rat-bastard US government sell outs! Strip them of US citizenship and deport them to China and Canada! … and take their coats. 😤


  16. Andy says:

    What the average person doesn’t realize is we’ve been in a trade war for almost 40 years — on the losing end. We’ve been getting our brains beat out as the other side took advantage of weak leadership in Clinton, Bush, and Obama whose first instinct was to throw up the white flag and give the other side everything they wanted. Trump is trying to make trade fairer for America. God bless him.

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  17. Mike diamond says:

    Right on Wilbur !!! Mr Ross is a very smart man ! We need more like him!!!!


  18. bkrg2 says:

    The good news is MAGA agenda has room for all types of business – manufacturing, construction, service, intellectual property/research…

    This tariff is just a short term blip. Trump is the only one with a will of steel to do it – fight back against the dumping. Ultimately, we need the production capacity for our national defense & infrastructure – along with all the good jobs.

    Trump hit another GRAND SLAM. Anytime you make all 4 or these groups start screaming about “Evil Trump”, you know he is 100% correct and something awesome will happen:
    1) DemonRats AND UniParty Republicans
    2) Wall Street
    3) Fake News
    4) Foreign Governments

    All will be well.


  19. dufrst says:

    The U.S. would win any trade war. All you have to look at is how much a country relies on exports for their economic growth. If you look at Germany, China, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, and Japan, who are our biggest trading partners, it’s not even a contest. As of 2016 here are the value of their exports as a percent of GDP:

    Our Leading trade partners:
    Canada – 31%
    China – 20%
    Mexico – 38%
    Japan – 16%
    Germany – 46%
    South Korea – 42%
    Others for comparison:
    U.K. – 28%
    India – 19%
    Brazil – 12.5%
    And the U.S? The value of our exports comes to only 12% of our GDP.

    Now, if you look at Net Exports, which is the component of trade that contributes to economic growth, it’s the same story. The U.S. is in a far stronger position in a trade war because we benefit less from trade than other nations (as of 2017, from CIA):

    Canada – (-1.3%)…..(-19.9 billion)
    China – 4.4%……$495 billion
    Mexico – (-1.3%)……(-$13.1 billion)
    Japan – 1%…..$51.4 billion
    Germany – 8.6%….$300 billion
    South Korea – 8.5% …..$120.5 billion
    U.S. – (-4%) ….. (-$752 billion)

    As Wilbur Ross has said, there was a time in the past, when the U.S. was generous with trade terms to assist nations to rebuild after WW2 and to reward allies during the Cold War against the USSR. The Cold War is over. Europe is unified and strong, Japan is an economic behemoth, South Korea is an economic engine and China is a manufacturing powerhouse with a billion people (Canada and Mexico will always be attached to us economically because of geography). We can no longer watch a country like China get rich off of us while having ambitions to supplant us as the world’s superpower. It’s time for the U.S. to balance it’s trade and rebuild itself, so that we can pay down our debt, invest in our infrastructure, invest in our schools, and continue to be the world’s superpower for the rest of this century. That’s what MAGA is all about.


  20. Sentient says:

    Waiting for Paul Ryan to say tariffs are “not who we are”.


    • Blacksmith8 says:

      As you know the lyin rino is wrong.

      Tariffs are who we were when we didn’t income tax. Tariffs were the major source of federal revenue.


  21. thomaspain1961 says:

    My free-trade libertarian instincts make me cringe with the thought of tariffs. However I think Trump is regarding his proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum as military defense in nature as opposed to economics. Trump claims, and I believe him, that we cannot construct an aircraft carrier or any significant amount of air frames without imports of steel and aluminum. That fact makes us dependent on fair weather friends and Trump won’t have that. To my knowledge Trump is only calling on tariffs for these two metals and not for anything else.


    • Beverly says:

      I hear you, But we haven’t had “free trade” — well, really, Ever. Other nations have no problem hitting us with tariffs, import duties, trade restrictions, communist state-dumping, etc.

      America needs to protect herself. We’ve been getting gang-raped for far too long.


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