President Trump Tweets About FISA Abuse – AG Jeff Sessions Responds…

Boy howdy, it only takes a tweet from POTUS to get everyone fired up on the AG Sessions battle-front; including AG Sessions himself.  It seems, generally speaking, responses to the tweet vary in direct relationship to the disposition of the reviewer:

My personal view is somewhat different than most.  President Trump is highlighting a genuine frustration, not necessarily with Jeff Sessions per se’, but rather within the institution Jeff Sessions dutifully represents.  This is, after all, what happens when citizen government runs into the bureaucracy of the institutions.

The same issues surfaced in May of 2017 (when Jeff Sessions tendered his resignation), and it’s not as big an issue as people make out. In fact, it’s rather ordinary and expected.  POTUS Trump is a change-agent, a wrench in the machine. AG Sessions is a machine operator; retooling for a change in outcome, yet retaining the machine.

We are seeing nothing more than the typical frustration of a ‘results oriented president’ who, like many of us, has had enough of these seemingly endless investigations and wants the DOJ to get-on-with the indictments, arrests and prosecutions.

The frustrations are real; however, the punditry opinion of those frustrations is mostly ‘fake news’.

There’s a middle ground that seems to be obvious, from the perspective of having watched the entire Horowitz investigation very closely, and I doubt even President Trump -surrounded by the typical concentric circles that create political distance- even realizes it.

The DOJ lawyers, that is to say: ‘the prosecutors President Trump wants to see activated pronto’, are already in place… and they have been for some time.

Due to the sensitivity of politics, elections and recusals, none of which the disruptive change-agent-Trump cares about, there’s almost no communication between the White House and DOJ on these investigative matters.

(U.S. Code Link)

Inspector General Horowitz talks and coordinates primarily with AAG Rod Rosenstein… who relays information to AG Jeff Sessions…. who can’t necessarily brief the White House due to POTUS Trump being the actual victim of the criminality.   We’ve talked about this dynamic before.

POTUS Trump is head of the Executive, head of the law enforcement apparatus, and simultaneously the primary victim of the politicization of the apparatus, and likely criminal conduct, which IG Horowitz has been investigating for well over a year.

It’s a weird dynamic, and it’s not like the DOJ can brief the victim (president) on their success at gathering evidence against the criminals (DOJ/FBI small group).

Hence, the frustration surfaces and POTUS tweets.

The conflict is no big deal really.

This is citizen government (common sense) meeting/hating the political swamp.

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1,077 Responses to President Trump Tweets About FISA Abuse – AG Jeff Sessions Responds…

  1. ATheoK says:

    It is a boss’s duty to build fires under subordinates!

    Especially, when things appear to not be proceeding.

    No are all things proceeding under Jeff Sessions!
    While you have me convinced that Sessions is working smart, that is only from one perspective.

    One duty of a prosecution is seizing evidence and all records involved in the criminal activities.

    Along with those seizures, every blatant criminal offender is best removed from public freedom and kept incommunicado.

    Prosecutors allowing miscreants to freely discuss wander the public domain and coordinate their stories had better be capturing every word and nuance electronically!

    But all involved files, devices, records, databases, accounts, ledgers, calendars, meeting notes, communications, etc. had better be under the prosecution’s lock and key.

    Which, as far as I can tell, definitely has not occurred. From appearances, the FBI and DOJ are following Comey’s very lackluster investigation methods.

    Skip the DOJ lawyers!
    The President should send in Military IGs to fully investigate and clean DOJ house. Once the DOJ is fixed, then allow the DOJ and Sessions to skow roll their prosecutions,

    At least, with Trump; we know he is demanding action just as most Americans are!


  2. C R Lord says:

    I just found this interesting news item on Canada Free Press. I wonder if there is some way to get around this.


  3. Mickturn says:

    Sessions Translation: We have various Processes managing other Processes that sub-manage other Processes. I am confident that the Leftover Obama Lawyers and Staffers in charge of each of those processes will do an ‘honest’ job in finding out what we need to do so we can schedule a series of meetings to decide, among the things they come up with, we will do. As an aside, no one else has visibility nor input in to any Process they come up with. I have recused myself but am in full control.”

    This is maddening! Trump needs to send Sessions BACK to the Senate via a new election in his state and hire someone that is a REAL Attorney General…one that will purge the DOJ of all Obama Thugs and go about Indicting all those responsible for the FISA abuse, email scandals and every other thing that was done ILLEGAL!

    WE are tired of all the delays…what are they waiting for, the statute if limitations to run out so they can say, Oh, Darn, another Crooked Democrap escaped! I want to keep the Hangman VERY BUSY!


  4. georgiafl says:

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  5. MikeN says:

    Because of Trump’s tweet, we see a defense of Michael Horowitz at CNN, New York Times, AP Factcheck, and Washington Post(less so).


    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      Right on cue! Our President is playing them like a kazoo*.

      *A fiddle takes much more finesse. It doesn’t take much finesse to steer these (inset your own descriptive term here) right into a cliff!


  6. Dave says:

    if anything was really happening it would have leaked long ago and the Dems would be on damage control not defending Horowitz also Nunez and his crew wouldn’t be screaming to high heaven for a special prosecutor if that was the case. you guys should get together with the 8chan team and qanon you sound the same and would work well together.


    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      Please pick up a copy of the “St. Martin’s Guide to Writing”, because your run-on sentences are painful to read. thanks in advance.
      See you next semester.


  7. MinnesotaMan says:

    How do we reconcile Horowitz vasca white hat (I still think he is) with sharyl Atkinson statement that as IG his team changed hard drives when they returned her computer to her?

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  8. jeanmarc says:

    I can understand President Trump’s frustration with AG Sessions on the lack of an additional special counsel.

    I expect the plan for many people in the DOJ/FBI is to wait this out until the election now 8 months away. If the Democrats take the house back, their risk may go away. I doubt the Democrats can get enough Senators to be able push through an impeachment, but 51 Senators would allow them to set the agenda for the Senate. Either option could make those people in the FBI/DOJ almost immune to further adverse action, with the possible exception of strongly worded verbal counseling leading to “we are sorry we got caught and we will not do that again”. That compares to the extensive legal costs and emotional burdens incurred by people with White House connections who were targeted. There seems to be a lot of history for “obstruction of justice” in the FBI/DOJ, as well as Mr. Muller’s staff, that is ignored.. Two standards of justice.

    I am always perplexed that somebody in the leadership of the Federal intelligence agencies did not stand up and say the monitoring actions for Candidate Trump were just WRONG. Any intelligence investigation of a realistic presidential candidate (unless he was running as a card carrying member of the communist party), should have triggered all kinds of alarms, starting at the While House. President Obama should have signed a letter to the intelligence community on the day after the Republican Convention, noting the electoral process and reinforcing the Hatch Act requirements for Federal officials and elections. That never seemed to have happened, until the email by his aide as he was leaving the White House, a nice CYA touch but no more.

    One unappreciated benefit of creating such a Special Counsel external to the FBI/DOJ is that it could be used to reinforce actions by the Congressional Committees and the DOJ IG, like “good cop-bad cop”. For example, if a government official (present or past) declined to respond to the letter by Congressman Nunez on Steele Dossier matters, he/she could find himself/herself in a nice chair, with counsel, in front of the Special Counsel answering those same questions. If a government worker was having problems finding requested records (ala Lois Lerner and the IRS), there would be another opportunity for the Special Counsel to assist in the proper functioning of the Federal Government. Further, some work on the “rot” in the FBI/DOJ would make a lot of people much more attentive to their jobs.


  9. Bill Henslee says:

    I think Sessions truly believes he is setting an example of how an AG should run an apolitical DOJ after the weaponizing of the DOJ by Obama. He means to strengthen the institution for the long run.
    Unfortunately, the President and the public are rightly impatient with the progress toward legal action against DOJ malefactors. I hope Sessions is only waiting for the IG report in March to appoint another Special Counsel. I have no hope that the DOJ and the FBI can cleanse themselves and return to the public’s confidence.


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