Mitt Romney Makes It Official – Utah Senate Candidate…

Mitt Romney made it official this morning, he is running for the Senate seat currently held by retiring Orrin Hatch.


Mittens confirmed his plans Friday in an online video. Romney is the epicenter of anti-MAGA and has continued to be a favored son of the GOPe chamber of commerce republican apparatus. A failed presidential candidate with a severely vindictive disposition cloaked in parseltonue and decepticon skin.

Unfortunately, Romney is considered a heavy favorite for the Senate seat held by Orrin Hatch.

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512 Responses to Mitt Romney Makes It Official – Utah Senate Candidate…

  1. MIKE says:

    The answer to our new Willard “mutt” Romney problem is easy. Why don’t we just hire Candy Crowley to take him out?

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  2. positron1352 says:

    God help us1

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  3. positron1352 says:

    God help us!

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  4. positron1352 says:

    Sorry to post twice.

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  5. Sylvia Avery says:

    Oh Utah. You used to be so reliably red. But you’ve done gone globalist. I admit I am bewildered WHY this is so, but it is.

    Mitt Romney is NOT a good choice. I wouldn’t care what the people of Utah do, except this is likely to do nothing but hurt PDJT. Unless of course in some way I am unaware of, PDJT neutered Mitt during their meeting in New Jersey.

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    • AM says:

      I don’t know what has or is happening to the LDS, but it’s clear that the leadership has gone globalist, unfortunately.

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      • . InAz says:

        You are correct.
        The Mormon leadership has abandoned Conservative values and now embraces Marxist globalism.

        It is very disturbing for me as a Mormon to have witnessed this transformation.

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        • Janie May says:

          Can you help non-Mormons understand why they might do this?

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          • MaineCoon says:

            IMO it’s all about $$$$$ (I’n a non-Mormon, but this motive is true for many, as we all know!)!

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            • Lindenlee says:

              I had some Mormon acquaintances, a dentist and his family, lovely people (although they were always trying to convert me). But in the few business dealings I had with Mormons, there was a really predatory greed involved. As a Believer, I was surprised to see how little Jesus’ admonition against greed was practiced. It was as if non-Mormons were “heathen” of some type, and therefore could be preyed upon in whatsoever manner.

              BTW, the dentists household could not make headway with me, as I know my scriptures well, and could counter all theiir assertions with actual bible passages, and eventually they gave up. But the greed really bothered me.

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            • Lindenlee says:

              I had some Mormon acquaintances, a dentist and his family, lovely people (although they were always trying to convert me). But in the few business dealings I had with Mormons, there was a really predatory greed involved. As a Believer, I was surprised to see how little Jesus’ admonition against greed was practiced. It was as if non-Mormons were “heathen” of some type, and therefore could be preyed upon in whatsoever manner.

              BTW, the dentists household could not make headway with me, as I know my scriptures well, and could counter all theiir assertions with actual bible passages, and eventually they gave up. But the greed really bothered me.


          • churchmouse says:

            Janie May, what follows are Bible verses which are relevant.

            With regard to our humanly perceived good works:


            All of us have become like one who is unclean,
            and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags;
            we all shrivel up like a leaf,
            and like the wind our sins sweep us away.

            Also see Romans 3:


            10 as it is written:

            “None is righteous, no, not one;
            no one understands;
            no one seeks for God.
            All have turned aside; together they have become worthless;
            no one does good,
            not even one.”

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            • A real documentary is due on how he was the instigator of a health plan in Massachusetts that was the precursor of Obamacare.
              And then his behavior at the debates.
              and then his opposition to making American jobs.
              and then exposure of how much of his wealth is owed to foreign labor and free trade that sells out America.
              An elitist, career politician who has benefited from the same inside information from which regular Americans are excluded.
              And let’s not leave out HIS safety detail and inaction on matters relating to American safety from illegals and criminals who have no problem getting guns when law abiding citizens are blocked from obtaining them.

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      • TwoLaine says:

        Romney’s, Marriott’s, Dirty Harry…


    • formerdem says:

      I am convinced Mitt hopes to be made president via Trump impeachment. If House goes to the Democrats, and Pence is got rid of, and Trump is impeached (which will not happen), then to keep the presidency with the GOP will require senate confirmed VP replacement. If the Senate holds out, they can make Mitt the only possible choice. I think this is where Mitt is looking. What it would mean is that in the Senate, every second of the time, Mitt would be working toward impeachment and guilty verdict of Trump, as Mitt’s own way forward. No. No. NO. NO. This is not about 2020. This is about 2019, and even if Mitt’s hopes are due to be dashed, it also means he intends to be a pain in the a** the whole time. No. NO.

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    • AH_C says:

      Well, he did save the winter Olympics… Beyond that, I see no value from Mittness.

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  6. Betty says:

    All Romney want to do is torment Our President. We all know how the media love to repeat any rotten thing a never-Trump globalist has to say.

    Haven’t we suffered enough? How can we reach the people of Utah and beg them to leave Romney at the alter, same as he left us when we trusted him to run for president.

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    • lokiscout says:

      Concentrate on what he says and his policies. He crumbles under pressure we saw that in 2012. He is no Lion not even a cub. I see him as McCain version 2.0 without the POW “War Hero” cover to hide behind. If that sounds a bit harsh on the senior senator from Arizona I’m a Vietnam Navy Vet. I earned the right to be critical of him.

      Leave Romney’s religion out of the argument. His First Amendment rights are just as sacrosanct as your’s or mine.

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      • Larry Bucar says:

        I agree since he forsaken most if not all of LDS precepts anyway

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      • auntiefran413 says:

        Thank you for your service and your wise comment about First Amendment rights, lokiscout

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      • Dave says:

        I was sickened at the local supermarket today when I noticed they were selling special commemorative magazines dedicated to “John McCain, Hero”. What BS!


        • lokiscout says:

          National Enquirer or Hustler?
          He would have been washed out of Naval Air after losing two aircraft were it not for his Fathers and Grandfathers services. Saving the Forrestal disaster including loss of over a 100 sailors lives. All over a damn wet start prank to scare the next pilot behind him.


      • JimmyJack says:

        I don’t think he crumbled under pressure. I think he was controlled opposition to the uniparty and threw the debates – and election – intentionally. Go back and watch them again if you can stomach it. He was completely calm and had Obama literally stuttering. Then Romney backed off.

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        • lokiscout says:

          He didn’t want the job! The GOPe as we call them now may have selected him as next in line but he really didn’t want the job.
          That’s what surprised the crap out of everyone in politics about President Trump. He absolutely refused to back down. Everything they threw at him he just shook off and came right back in their face. The clincher for me was when he told Hillary if he were president she would be in jail! Must have caused her some pause knowing what we are starting to find out.


  7. Big Jake says:

    I think I’d rather see Dim win than elect Romney. Perhaps this is his MO. HES DONE IT BEFORE.

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    • scott467 says:

      At least with a demonrat, they’re in uniform, a declared enemy.

      RINO globalist Trump-haters like Mittens of Queensberry are traitors and liars, pretending to be ‘conservative’ while stabbing you in the back like a slasher movie.

      In fact, Mitt Romney ought to be taken down with the rest of the Deep State treason cabal. I have no idea what’s wrong with him, or what his major malfunction is, but beyond his incompetence (or did he throw the election to Hussein?), his hatred toward Donald Trump and his supporters (we Deplorables) revealed a side of him that is plain evil.

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      • Big Jake says:

        This is the typical Greek tragedy arc of vengeance. The same thing that made W invade Iraq is causing Mittens to run for the Senate. Ultimately he wants to thwart Trump. McCain Redux.

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    • boogywstew says:

      I’d take Flake over Schumer any day. If you don’t vote than that’s a vote for the Democrat.

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      Jake, the people of AL rejected the McTurtle RINOs or whatever name you want to call them.

      A dim won there because of it. However, the script is in. You put up RINOs they may not win. Gotta put up acceptable candidates.

      McTurtle RINOs or whatever are not idealistic they are only loyal to their donors. PDJT is leading the charge and telling the McTurtle RINOs or whatever it is my [PDJT] leadership that is winning not McTurtle or for that matter Lyin’s. So if you want to continue to win and stay in office, follow my [PDJT] lead.


  8. The Raven says:

    Utah…honestly…is Arizona’s dumbass leaking across the border? Mike Lee was bad enough but Romney? The idiot is an eastern carpetbagger and an establishment goon.

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    • scott467 says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the entire leadership of the Mormon areas is 100% corrupt anti-American globalist Chamber of Commerce types.

      Those are the only kinds of people they ever send to Washington. Even Mia Love was a bitter disappointment. Chaffetz. Lee. Hatch. Romney. Not one MAGA patriot in the bunch.

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    • Remington..... says:

      Raven….it may be just the opposite. The infection, the seepage, from TEAM UTAH has infected Arizona with Flake…Nevada with Dingy Harry and Heller. Even Mia Love, everybody’s up and coming star, has shown her true colors.


  9. Hillyard says:

    Very sad day in the western US when the resurrection of Mittens is any kind of news at all. This is the guy who gave Obama 4 more years to wreck the Nation. Also, that anti’Trump speech he made should have been enough to kick him out of the GOP. Mittens is not in anyway a person who should be back in DC

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  10. boogywstew says:

    Let’s see … we could wait and see who our President Trump wishes to see running as the Republican candidate … OR … maybe we run a MAGA candidate that puts off all the Democraps and part of the Republican base. Let’s not repeat Alabama again. Romney is probably better than any Democrat. I’d like a MAGA candidate with crossover appeal if it’s possible but I want a Republican. I’d go with who President Trump suggests as I’m … in for the penny, in for the pound.


  11. LOL…. Romney will come around once he finds out he was part of Obamas spy ring
    Until then… may you lose

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  12. Pursang says:

    Mittens 2018! MASA! *

    Make America Swampy Again.

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  13. TwoLaine says:

    I’m sticking my finger in my mouth if anyone needs me.


  14. MaineCoon says:

    OK. I accept it. Romney will be Utah’s senator. Now let’s make him use his own $$ – no R party $$ — and we’ll use that money to win another race. He’s on his own.

    Also, I’m really wondering what that dinner was all about….We all know POTUS sees around corners. Maybe he made a deal the rat couldn’t refuse. The general conses of Treepers on the below picture was POTUS looked like the cat ate the canary…

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  15. Troublemaker10 says:

    It’s hard to get past his attack on Trump during the primary. That was truly vicious.

    I can’t imagine why he would want to run for Senate. I am wondering if it is because he plans to run for president again (either primary Trump 2020 or run in 2024)???

    There is no way to know how he would perform as Senator. I think he would likely be good on budget, debt, fiscal matters as well as confronting China on it’s manipulation and cheating. Other than that I would expect to find disappointments. Not sure in foreign policy. He did seem to have a grasp on the face of our enemies (both real or geo-political), but not sure how he would address those issues.

    His weak spot will be immigration, although he did call for an end to chain migration etc…. so who knows? He seems to have supported business interests in having immigrant cheap labor in the past though. I don’t think he aligns with Dems on it….but he is not Trumpist on it either.

    I haven’t heard him be negative on Trump since the election. The media will keep trying to get him to trash Trump. That would be a mistake on his part. I hope he follows the Reagan rule on that one.

    This is the only negative thing I could find on Mitt about Trump since the election (other than that it seems he’s been quiet)…


  16. The Defiant One says:

    The thing I have admired from the start with President Trump is his ability to fight! Not only can the President take a punch he can dish it out. After nearly 2 years of the Establishment and the Media trying to take Pres. Trump down he’s only gotten STRONGER! You can’t say that about Mittens.

    If we as a movement decided to give Mittens 1% of the crap the Establishment and Media threw at Pres. Trump not only would he run and hide, he’d probably need therapy.

    If Mittens were to win the Utah Senate seat, he could try all day to try to derail Pres. Trump and MAGA but in the end he’s no fighter… that’s his character. He couldn’t even sustain a fight against the Grand Zero in 2012, how could he even last against Pres. Trump days worth of Tweets.

    That said I don’t want him to win in Utah… but I have faith and confidence in Pres. Trump. So just keep your chin up and don’t lose hope on Trump or MAGA!

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  17. Rob Howarka says:

    He could crash his bike like Kerry and get hit by a garbage truck like Danny DeVito.

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  18. Ari says:

    Forget congress! This is a Trump-only revolution.
    Let’s face it, the republican electorate are as dumb as a box of rocks. How did they get this uninformed? Follow the money.


  19. linda4298 says: Notwithstanding a political miracle, Mitt Romney will become the next U.S. Senator from Utah. Once elected, he will abandon his supposed concern for the people of Utah and turn his attention toward criticizing the President with the ultimate goal of challenging him for the 2020 GOP presidential nomination.


  20. Rogers says:

    Agreed, sundance.


  21. For this election every voter needs to pick the most important issues(top three) and do the home work on anyone running. Dont take BS for an answer. Attend their rallies. This election is as important as the Presidential election. Our families futures depend on how willing WE are to make the effort to pick the right person. The condition of our country is a picture of the results of OUR past selections based on political party and OUR creation of “professional politicans” WE can do a hell of a lot better with very little effort.


  22. frank field says:

    Romney and Ryan. Rot and Reek.



  23. William Dorritt says:

    Is Rino Mittins really the best that the Mormons have ??


  24. john graham says:

    hillary clinton carpetbagger part deux

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  25. IMO says:

    Mitt Romney: Just Another Corrupt Bush Son – American Intelligence Media


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