Just Plain Goofy…

The “official portraits” of former President Barack Obama and former First-lady Michelle Obama have been revealed.  The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery unveiled its commissioned portraits on Monday.  Barack Obama image, painted by artist Kehinde Wiley, shows him seated in front of an ivy backdrop, while Michelle Obama was painted by Amy Sherald in a pale blue setting.

Art is subjective.  The portraits are just plain goofy.

Even the furthest-left liberals intrinsically know those portraits are goofy.  That’s what is funny about them.  The loons begin a process of high-brow philosophical discussion about the bold dynamic within the medium, the inherent nuance, invisible overtures, fascinating artistic meaning and deeply elevated intellectual stimulation…

And there it is; amid the subtle head-tilts, high-minded discussion depth and shallow chin-clutched adoration we see a glorious display of a naked emperor convincing a particular mind how his robe is such magnificent splendor.

The portraits are goofy.


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640 Responses to Just Plain Goofy…

  1. 17CatsInTN says:

    To me, these aren’t portraits, they are caricature art. In both pics, the body proportions are completely off. I know portraits aren’t 100% exact, but, come on. There isn’t anything exact here.
    As to the rest, I’ll leave analysis up to other “art” critics. Suffice it to say, if there is hidden symbolism, I ain’t a’gonna like it, that’s fer dern sure.

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  2. Kintbury54 says:

    When half the kids in high school could do this, or better, it is not art.

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  3. Have Gun Will Travel says:

    Where can I buy one?


  4. limelite001 says:

    Perfect. Goofy portraits for 2 clowns.

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  5. Margaret Berger says:

    The 4chan guys have pointed out that the “ivy” is photo shopped. Wouldn’t be surprised if the whole portrait was photoshopped by the artist then painted in china.
    Not only does obummer hate white America he hates his mother. To pick this artist known for the horrible paintings of black women beheading white women is racist. He and his wife are racist.

    The young woman who did moochela probably really painted that. She knows moochela thinks her firm arms are her best feature so she played them up. The face looks nothing like her.

    The portraits are filled with hate and they got that part right.

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    • The Jimmy Jack says:

      Her adam’s apple is also conveniently covered up.

      Looks nothing like Michelle. It looks like Kerry Washington.

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    • Vince says:

      Not only is the ivy photoshopped, it is 2 dimensional. Obama is not sitting next to a wall covered in ivy, the chair is attached to the wall some distance above the ground.

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    • Meatzilla says:

      You’re right. 4chan is all over it. I won’t link to the thread – it is 4chan after all and they’re pretty darn disgusting and over the top in their comments – but they’ve pointed out very well that the entire background of the pResident Obama portrait is basically just a huge litho of photoshopped/cloned background. They even got bored detailing the photoshopping and stopped before they completely finished. Some straight clone photoshopping – some reverse clone photoshopping – mirrored clone – etcetera. Basically, it’s just a big poster of a typical photoshopped internet meme. The alleged “painting” of Barack Hussein himself may even be a photoshop of a photograph made to look like it was produced with brushstrokes…. and that’s a very routine tool/feature of all image manipulating software be it Gimp, Photoshop, Corel PaintShop Pro, and all others above and beyond Microsoft “Paint” minimal capabilities.

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    • Winston says:

      At least he left Michaels Adams apple and junk bump out.

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  6. Zippy says:

    One of my favorites:

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  7. Just like his presidency and his husband Michael’s First “Ladyship” their portraits are f***ing cartoons.

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  8. lizzyp says:

    I finally figured out what his reminds me of.

    “We like the moon….”

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  9. kenmar1965 says:

    None of us are authorities on what “art is.”
    That said, clearly the prior portraits were painted in a particular style. The Obamas should have kept with that precedent.
    These particular portraits are more appropriate for his library.

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  10. southernsue says:

    can’t wait til it comes out that this pos is not a citizen of the USA

    as for michele/michael,she is painted as looking very african
    she/he looks like a bag lady not a beautiful african woman

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  11. ForGodandCountry says:

    Sundance, you wrote:

    “Even the furthest-left liberals intrinsically know those portraits are goofy. That’s what is funny about them. The loons begin a process of high-brow philosophical discussion about the bold dynamic within the medium, the inherent nuance, invisible overtures, fascinating artistic meaning and deeply elevated intellectual stimulation…

    And there it is; amid the subtle head-tilts, high-minded discussion depth and shallow chin-clutched adoration we see a glorious display of…

    …just plain goofy.”


    Sublime. I can almost hear the liberal oooo’s and ahhhhhs! Folks like Conrad Black, James Taranto, and John Nolte would be proud of you, sir.

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  12. KittyKat says:

    The portrait of Michelle doesn’t look like her at all, imo. I guess in the pomo world, portraits aren’t supposed to look like their subjects.

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  13. trapper says:

    Here is the National Portrait Gallery collection of presidential portraits, below. thumb through the pages of portraits. Then look at Obama’s. Well … it’s different.



  14. Kristin says:

    Sylvia…. are you missing your shovels?? The O hands look like shovels here….

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  15. Michelle’s does not look like her at all. At least his looks like him, but to me it looks like he is sitting in a field of poison ivy.

    It’s kind of like the MLK Jr Memorial in DC. I saw it this past fall and it does not look like him!! Face shape is wrong and the lips are massive! And no I am not a racist, I talked to black man on the airplane flight home and he said the same thing…lips are massive. And the sculptor was Chinese! You meant they couldn’t have found an American, even a black American, to sculpt this? At least they would have known what he looks like. I found it sad…I really loved MLK Jr. A great man.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Obama’s “looks like him” because it’s not even a painting.

      It’s a photograph that’s been run thru a computer and added “paint” to to make it look “kinda like a real painting”.

      In that respect, kudos to Michelle’s artist for at least not using photoshop……even tho she’s obviously not a realistic portrait artist.


  16. Gil says:

    The artist must have plagiarized!

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  17. Leeroy Jenkins says:

    The Spanish call that sitting position “el caganer”


  18. sunnydaysall says:

    Yes, there is lettering on the front part of the seat but even enlarged 200% I can only make out but a few letters and one is a “Y” on the end… I also made out an “E” so maybe it is the artist’s name being as there is no signature anywhere. Have you noticed that there is no ground/shadow under obama’s feet, nor a shadow anywhere? What is with that?

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  19. History Teaches says:

    When ‘climate change’ is eventually exposed as a fraud this symbolism will be perfect. A fake President cut and pasted over a backdrop reminding everyone of his endorsement of the deception.

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  20. yakmaster2 says:

    “Small man in Ivy” and
    “Portrait of a Dress.”

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  21. lettruthspeak says:

    I believe they look hideous on purpose. Everything about these two clowns is to piss on America, and all her glory and traditions. The hater-in-chief and his trusty sidekick are out to mock every single decent thing possible. They should forever be shunned as the radical dimbulbs they are, and we shouldn’t waste anymore breath on them, well at least not until the trials.

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  22. PoCoNoMo says:

    On this YouTube clip, David Harris Jr. a black guy & cool dude, calls Obama out for being the racist that he is, saying there’s no way Obama didn’t know that his portrait painter, a Mr. Wiley, was doing paintings of black women holding swords, and the heads of white women, ala Kathy Griffin.
    It starts @ 16:35 on the clip:

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    • WSB says:

      Are these on velvet? We can only wish that the sittings, if there were any were surveilled! Would love to listen to that over joints being lit up!

      In fact, someone would make a fortune releasing a great spoof and then unleashing it!

      Has anyone found out the cost? Needs to be clawed back.


  23. jackphatz says:

    Up close, the chair looks 3-D, the legs aren’t matching up overall. This looks like more of the really bad photo shop these “folk’s” produce.

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  24. 4harrisonblog says:

    Goofy, is being more than kind. The barf and subjects of the barf would defile a garbage pile.

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  25. freddy says:

    The artists hides sperm swimming in his paintings so if you have the stomach look at the high res photo and see what surprizes he left like the big vein on the side of his head………..These people are so sick it’s hard to even look …….

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  26. itswoot says:

    I don’t think former President Obama got the kind of portrait he might have dreamed of.

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  27. The thumb on his right hand is on the wrong side of the hand. He has a thumb pointing out with his arms crossed.


  28. Meatzilla says:

    As for Moochzilla’s portrait – the portrait is most definitely not representative of the actual Michelle LaVaughn Robinson-Obama, I think the artist lady on the right may have put her oh-so stylish skirt on backwards, and Mooch’s wide stance reminds me of a pic of Oprah Winfrey in her penìs dress.

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    • Tegan says:

      The penis dress…LOL! Then there was the piñata dress Michelle wore to Mexico…the baby doll dress…etc.

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      • nimrodman says:

        “Mooch’s wide stance reminds me of a pic of Oprah Winfrey in her penìs dress.”

        I recall there was a legislator got in some trouble about a “wide stance” awhile back.
        Airport restroom, I think it was …


  29. kenmar1965 says:

    Obamas own Dorian Gray portraits.


  30. all i can think about is Clint’s empty chair stuck to the Wriggly Field wall

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  31. 6079 Smith W says:

    GOING… Going … gone!

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  32. platypus says:

    The truth is that God has turned them over to a depraved mind and therefore they literally cannot see accurately. They cannot see what we see because their hearts are seared. I believe if we pray for them it would be wasted because they have chosen their father and he isn’t our father.

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  33. woohoowee says:

    Well, sombody has to call the baby ugly. They’re ugly.


    22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

    23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”


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  34. sunnydaze says:

    Can you imagine if a Repub politician hired an ISIS-inspird artist to do their portrait?

    My God, we’d be hearing about it for the next century.



  35. The one of Obama actually looks like him, but I wonder about the symbolism of being surrounded by so many Chinese flowers and plants. That isn’t Ivy btw The one of Michelle looks nothing like her and my 10 year old Granddaughter can paint much better!


  36. LM says:

    I think 0 gifted us with an accurate summation of his presidency and what it meant to him.

    The arrogance of have gotten away with fundamentally transforming the country and of not being found out for what he is apparently spurred the choice of an “artist” who, charmingly, and in keeping with 0’s favored religion—celebrates beheadings—particularly of white women.

    I thought perhaps the artist gave him an extra middle finger with which to flip us off, and painted him with his left shoe off his foot and available to throw at those whom he holds in contempt—us.

    The painting, to me, perfectly allows him to lie to stupid Americans, many of whom will continue to blindly adore him even if reality intrudes upon their worship, while revealing the truth to his bretheren.

    JMHO .

    As far as the painting goes, I find it….fitting.

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  37. hyacinthclare says:

    Kudzu. It’s kudzu, per Dora and Dana Loesch earlier today in another thread. I was trying to explain kudzu to Arizona tax clients today. It’s a predatory leafy vine in the south that grows up and smothers everything… bushes, flowers, buildings, even trees. Almost impossible to kill. Couldn’t be more appropriate.

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  38. Maquis says:

    Zero’s contempt for America required the creation of a third middle finger..

    We see you, Fabled Faux Firsts.

    No mulligans.


  39. Just Curious says:

    After these two clowns have pretty much succeeded in destroying our country during their reign and even beyond, and now they will be honored with portraits done by their comrades. I wonder sometime how much taxpayers like us will have footed the bills to pay for these destroyers while they are laughing at us with our hard earned money enriching their bank accounts. It is what it is, and our complaints are as good as the day someone will bury us six feet under without portraits to show that we have ever existed in this world.


  40. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    Goofy indeed. An affirmative action president painted by an affirmative action artist.

    Not even smart enough to consider the joke is on them…

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  41. gretaherndon says:

    You do realize this “artist” is well known for his divine black woman art in which a black woman is holding the severed head of a white woman??? I have no words but deepest prayers for our nation. Only .God can heal hearts and minds destroyed by this radical left cult that seeks to destroy our nation theough identity politics.


  42. Jane Smith says:

    I beg to differ. The painting of President Obama is not “Just Plain Goofy”. I’m trying to post a rebuttal to that assessment and keep getting blocked by CTR.


  43. Linus in W.PA. says:

    The ‘portraits’ can’t sustain any criticism because the ‘artists’ are black. Just like the Obama presidency.

    Almost like “The Soft Bigotry of Reduced Expectations.”


  44. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    How fitting…
    ‘ Snake in the Garden”

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  45. maiingankwe says:

    Looking at the first one centered in the ivy, it looks like his head is way too small and his hands far too big for it to be a decent portrait.

    After our current President has his done in 2025, the portraits will revert back to decent art rather than a caricature. 44 will look foolish and out of place in no time. Our future historians will laugh and ridicule, not only for being the most corrupt president, but he just looks silly sitting in a bunch of bushes painted by underpaid assistants. They willl laugh when they look up the so-called artist and find he’s a straight up racist. A racist painting a racist.

    I wonder if the Smithsonian will take it down after it has been shown in court #44 is a criminal. Heck, what if we find out it is true, he was never a U.S. citizen? Will his picture be removed? All the laws that he signed become null and void? I wonder if it will ever go that far, but I do hope it will go far enough to see him behind bars for a very long time.


  46. thesitrep says:

    Certainly not masterpieces.
    I don’t think the artist that created these should charge.

    It is actually an abomination for an artist to perform for a fee unless they stopping dropping the clubs or hitting the wrong key depending on the act or art form..
    It is tantamount to producing a shitty product and foisting it on to the public.
    The level of skill on display here is that of a beginner or someone with limited ability.

    But, It is more PC to tell them it is really beautiful and hang it on the fridge.


  47. MVW says:

    Obama ‘won’ the Nobel Peace prize. Shame it was not painted into the picture as that prize was his biggest accomplishment.

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    • MVW says:

      The reality is that Mr. and Mrs. Obama’s portraits are a permanent reminder to all that voted for him and thereby elected him, what a huge, failed 8 year long experiment it was.

      The portraits are a monument to the colossal stupidity of American Libtards.

      I think I want all my future Christmas cards to have these two portrait beaut’s to be sent to those that voted for him.


  48. TheLastDemocrat says:

    A modern update of the Esther story as represented in a painting, or, simply a “kill Whitey” theme?
    In 2012, Kehinde Wiley provided a clue…

    “But one already stands out: a tall, elegant black woman in a long blue dress—the canvas is enormous, eight feet by ten feet—calmly staring down the viewer. In one hand, she holds a knife. In the other, a cleanly severed brunette female head. “It’s sort of a play on the ‘kill whitey’ thing,” Wiley says.”


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