Sunday Talks – Extensive Devin Nunes Interview With Maria Bartiromo…

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes appears on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo for an extensive interview discussing the ongoing investigation into the DOJ, FBI and State Department; and their collaboration with the Hillary Clinton campaign to weaponize political opposition research in the 2016 election.

Chairman Nunes describes how the Democrats on the HPSCI put classified information into their memo intentionally in an effort to create political benefit; and now refuse to redact and release their own work product.

Chairman Devin Nunes keeps a big picture focus while also describing how corrupt officials within the DOJ and FBI continued to use the “Title-1” surveillance warrant in 2017 to monitor and track all of the communication between Carter Page and congress. In essence, the ‘small group’ within the DOJ and FBI were likely spying on the congressional investigation into their own unlawful activity.  WATCH:


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244 Responses to Sunday Talks – Extensive Devin Nunes Interview With Maria Bartiromo…

  1. teacherofenglish says:

    I love Maria, but would somebody please tell her to get some voice coaching? That shrill, hectoring tone is a real turnoff.


    • HankM says:

      IMO only of course, Hillary certainly has a “shrill, hectoring tone” to her voice but not Maria. Given what is at stake for the country and the 2 entrenched and divided political camps in America, the tone of a supportive voice is the least concerning to me.

      Nunes would probably agree after all the contrived spiteful Schiff generated personal criticism he’s been receiving from every angle and MSM outlet. Maria’s pleasant voice was likely music to his ears and a morale booster.


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