February 8th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #385

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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1,164 Responses to February 8th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #385

  1. Zennalou says:

    Minnesota: Teen Woman Charged with Terror, Arson After Urging Students to ‘Join the Jihad’

    A 19-year-old Minnesota woman has been charged with attempting to provide material support to al-Qaeda, committing arson out of anger because of U.S. military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and lying to the FBI about urging fellow St. Catherine University (SCU) students to “join the jihad” against the United States, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced.



    • tazz2293 says:

      I had to click the link to see if there was a pic of the teen.

      Just as I suspected. A muslime that has been allowed into this country. Deport Them All. Build The Wall. No more rapefuees from muslime countries

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  2. phoenixRising says:

    chillum has twitter thread – https://twitter.com/chiIIum/status/961790320647327744

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    • tazz2293 says:

      The corruption and stench coming out of the swamp is mind boggling. At this point I’d say arrest them all and let a judge and jury sort it out. Almost everyone of them need to be kicked out of their cushy jobs and sent to jail to await trial on charges of Treason, Sedition and High Crimes Against the United States of America.

      Those that are found guilty should suffer the ultimate penalty.

      Do we have, oh say, around 515 good honest Americans who would want to serve this nation with honor to replace the scum sucking parasites now serving in Kongress?


  3. phoenixRising says:

    twitter thread – https://twitter.com/lukerosiak/status/961669003965026304

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  4. phoenixRising says:

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  5. phoenixRising says:

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  6. duchess01 says:


    British Intelligence Now Shown Leading The Coup Against Trump; We Can Defeat Them


    LaRouchePAC’s “Robert Mueller” dossier, if circulated en masse, can do that.

    And it should not be forgotten that President Trump is getting “the LaRouche treatment” from the same Robert Mueller who launched the prosecutions of Lyndon LaRouche 35 years ago.

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  7. NewfTea says:

    No doubt all the Paul family cultists (Ron and Rand worshippers) out there are very proud of the gRandstanding Sen. Paul is doing right now.

    Why didn’t Rand-ego man do this earlier? He loves cameras more than his corrupt dad, and that’s really saying something. Remember, Ron Paul energetically (and sensibly and reasonably) called for an audit of the Fed for years. When he became a powerful House Committee chairman with the power to do so, he did…NOTHING. Then promptly retired.

    Rand Paul, cowboy: all hat, no cattle…no horse even. Oh, and lots of narcissistic hot air!


  8. phoenixRising says:

    FROM THE HILL!!!!!!!!!

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    • roccoboy1 says:

      OMG was just reading the comments to that article. I don’t know why I do it- I guess I am hoping these kind of articles will open some people’s eyes. But I am always disappointed- the level of attack and just plain stupidity. Like Gorka and Nazi ties. Where does one begin.I can go on and on. You can’t fix stupid.


  9. phoenixRising says:

    You can’t make this stuff up. Donld Jr must be really enjoying this tweet!!!

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  10. Pam says:

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    • Hollywood Bungalow says:

      I’ve been critical at times of Rand in the past, but learning more about this budget, it should fail and they need to go back and pass a more responsible bill.

      What would we say if Obama tried to pass a bill that increased spending by 13%? We would all be howling that it was irresponsible. Rand is right – it’s just as irresponsible if it passes with help from the GOP.

      This bill tosses billions around like they are quarters. Imagine the next four budgets each get just a 10% increase. Well, that means spending would have increased 65% over the course of five budgets! This is unsustainable and it has to stop.


  11. phoenixRising says:

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  12. SeekerOfTruth says:

    The markets confirmed their vote on this budget today. Down down down. Bad for us.
    ==> A Fed board member spoke today and in a comment directed at President Trump and Congress mentioned that if the government makes the economy grow faster and too fast, the Fed will counter with faster tightening – faster rate increases and more money tightening.

    It is not personal it is just business. Too fast economy = we are way late in the tightening process and need to accelerate it much faster.

    Who is more powerful in controlling the stock and bond markets?
    Fed or Pres&Congress?

    Wall Street top fears?
    rising rates and if they will go up faster than current old forecast.
    inflation and will it go up faster than current old forecast.

    Today Wall Street traded their fears – bond yields went up a little and stocks way down. Just like what will happen if rates go up a lot faster and money is pulled out faster.

    Debt forecasts are already moving up very fast to over a trillion dollars a year for the next 2 years. Who will buy our debt. Not US Fed, Not China. the 10 yr and 30 yr bond auctions this week were pretty weak and will get much weaker. Foreign buyers dropped 10-15% this week auctions.

    Stock and Bond Markets may struggle but the economy will be great for a while.
    Then in 2019 Fitch may downgrades US debt rating from AAA to AA+ on too much debt and increasing too fast and too much debt cost. Then it all goes down. And nobody in Congress responsible enough to watch the cash register.

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  13. Convert says:

    All the Dem media is reporting on is the Porter story and all the Dems on my social media are all on board with the talking points, that Trump, of course, would have a wife beater in his inner circle. It’s round 1 of Campaign 2018 designed just for American women….

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  14. blognificentbee says:

    In casw the Warnee news doesn’t make your day, there is this. Sory if posted earlier, haven’t had a chance to do my nightl scroll here yet.

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  15. phoenixRising says:

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  16. phoenixRising says:

    Rex has a twitter thread – https://twitter.com/Imperator_Rex3/status/961795811985145856

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    • phoenixRising says:

      I recall reading that a “van” was used for this spying (you know… like you see on TV where the GOOD FBI guys…
      Holder ought to hang right beside Hussein and Killery for what they have done to this country.

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  17. patrickhenrycensored says:

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  18. phoenixRising says:

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  19. Pam says:

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  20. phoenixRising says:

    Oh my … look who’s going to prison… twitter thread https://twitter.com/SebGorka/status/961811128652259328

    and across the pond, coming tomorrow

    Can this mean that word on Clinton Foundation child trafficking ring in Haiti will get exposed soon?

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  21. Lucille says:

    February 8, 2018 – Daniel Greenfield

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  22. Paul Killinger says:

    Yeah, the very LAST THING the GOP Senate clowns want to do is take a RECORDED VOTE on giving up Reconciliation and pumping up domestic spending. Again!

    Hang in there, Rand!


  23. waltherppk says:

    All the news keep using a 20 year old file photo of Peter Strzok. Here is a more recent photo.

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  24. joeknuckles says:

    Might as well rename the senate intel committee “The Warner Bros.”. Time to put an end to their little looney tunes show. Th-th-that’s all folks!

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  25. dogsmaw says:


  26. I went over to thread reader to look at a thread and then I seen this thread and thought that i see what the other side were talking about

    The left are so lost if they are following this guy seth

    Unbelievable with no facts to show for



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