President Trump and Leadership Remarks From Camp David…

President Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence and leadership from the administration deliver remarks from Camp David following extensive meetings on this year’s administrative priorities.

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288 Responses to President Trump and Leadership Remarks From Camp David…

  1. HMelville says:

    Trump did very well in the Press Conference which goes against the corrupt and fake media’s fabricated story line about his mental state. Some of Trump’s alleged eccentricities like bragging and hubris do not concern me. A meek, cautious, humble leader would be a dismal failure during this ultra contentious political war.

    Given some of the early glum and tense facial expressions in the video, I was wondering what was happening behind the scenes with this assembled group and what each mind was thinking. I wonder if we would be pleasantly surprised if we were able to read everyone’s mind or appalled at some of the thoughts. Life would be more chaotic and stressful if we could read minds.

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    • Benson II says:

      There’s chaos enough just listening to some of the remarks from these mental midgets let alone being able to read their mind. 🙂


    • sat0422 says:

      Thank you for stating the obvious. “A meek, cautious, humble leader would be a dismal failure during this ultra contentious political war.”

      I have always believed that a meek, coutious, polite, and humble candidate would have been swept into the ocean during the primary too. Trump knew that he had to be harsh and brash or they would dismiss him and he would never control the talk.
      Yes, the reporters, talking heads (that’s Wallace, M. Kelley, CNN’s crew etc.), and so called comedy pundits would have dismissed him like a dirty diaper (oh, they did that anyway. LOL


    • RoscoePilsner says:

      I agree that only an unusual man like Trump could accomplish what has been done. While I refuse to ever like his tactics, I am certain that they are being effective and I would be a fool to try to stop him from continuing to use them.

      As for the folks standing up there with him…I think they are still trying to sort out what happened. They are perplexed and unused to winning. But I think deep down they really like it.


  2. RedBallExpress says:

    Yesterday (Friday), for the first time in 3 years I visited Rush Limbaugh’s website to compare it to the CTH Friday edition. If anyone thinks Rush is on the cutting edge of societal evolution or that he educates the masses they are delusional. The difference is stark, very stark.

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    • sat0422 says:

      Rush is a talking-head. He was once needed by those on the right who were uninformed and blind to the corruption. Now, he restates and still has a place. It’s just that those of us who get our information elsewhere, don’t really need Rush like we once did. I hope he doesn’t go away as my brother is old school and still doesn’t read anything on the internet. He does listen to the radio,


  3. treehouseron says:

    “I’m not Under Investigation.

    Hillary May be. I don’t know.”


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  4. RoscoePilsner says:

    The Republican Party leaders seem to be warming up to Trump. He’s like a tough and demanding coach who takes a team full of losers and retaught them what winning is like.

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    • Pardon my cynicism, but I believe their newfound “warmth” towards the President is strictly due to the fact they know he is not going anywhere. I believe they all hedged their bets initially, as they thought the POTUS would have caved in to the Swamp interests, or be a total failure. They wanted the space to denounce him if he did fail.

      Now, in typical politician style, they are jumping on the bandwagon, all the while claiming they had his back from the beginning. They failed on repeal of Obamacare, provided no funding of the wall ,no concrete movement to stem the tide of illegal immigrants and H-1b visa holders, etc. TRANSLATION: No support for the Trump agenda. Up to this point, the Rep. leadership has ONLY answered to their masters at the US C of C.

      I think they did the tax reform only to benefit corporate interests. Us little people getting a break was a secondary consideration. Even with the tax reform, they are STILL doing the bidding of Tom Donohue, etc. The Rinos continue to get big campaign dollars from big business, so they aren’t worried. McConnell was recently talking about the Trump agenda (a very popular subject of the base at the moment), which he will certainly do, at least till after the midterms. There will be a LOT of talk, but not much real substance coming from Congress.He has no real intentions of pursuing ANTHING not in line with the best interests of Wall Street, or Mitch McConnell.


  5. cali says:

    I actually like presidents Trump combative style against the media trolls and fake news artists. He keeps them on their toes and trolls them bigly driving them straight nuts. What’s not to like about that? He does not cow to them or anyone for that matter and they hate it. On the other hand Trump played chess with them and they all ended checkmated.

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  6. Sean Supsky says:

    Good presser.

    Everyone on camera committing to President Trump’s MAGA Agenda, with the stern warning that the incumbents need to stay in line or they’ll be tossed aside.

    Don’t really know that guy behind Scalise, yet seems something odd about him, won’t say what for now.

    Good comebacks concerning Mueller.

    Good stance on Bannon. Made it clear that he thinks Bannon was doing a smear campaign against him in the shadows, hence remarks about maybe Bannon brought in the fake writer.

    Good sense of, ‘Now that we have our pieces in place, it’s time to MAGA.’

    It’s going to be an awesome year.


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