CBS Tries To Find Negative Middle-Class Tax Outcome, Fails Miserably….

After reporting for weeks on the DNC talking points about how horrible Trump was going to trick them with tax cuts, CBS News engineers lost one of their false narratives today.  Despite their earnest efforts, they were forced to broadcast financial results from three families they used as representative examples of the Trump tax plan.

The weeks-long media spin ran into the wall of reality: (Via CBS) “We asked an accountant to crunch the numbers for three working families to see how much they could be saving. Tony Dokoupil reports.”  WATCH:

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279 Responses to CBS Tries To Find Negative Middle-Class Tax Outcome, Fails Miserably….

  1. Michelle says:

    I wonder what that couple from California think about their congresspeople voting against their $13,000 tax cut.

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  2. Dennis Leonard says:

    I found it inieresting the reporters little dig starting out,most Americans are against the tax bill,than the overweight educators,they need a CPA,and at end he says these deductions are going away in a few years,really,a few is 2-5.not even true.


  3. mcfyre2012 says:

    Anyone notice the childless, college-educated, college-employed, in-debt-to-college forever couple looked the dumbest of the three stories?


  4. mcfyre2012 says:

    Merely doubling the standard deduction will save on taxes. Merely doubling the child deductions will save on taxes.

    Bit of a no-brainer.

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  5. Donald says:

    The CBS video above featuring the accountant’s preliminary analysis of 3 individual families represents an extraordinary sea change in media coverage that is corroborated by media reports I have sampled within the last 48 hours! Do they now recognize they had been ‘unfair’ to the President, and want to improve their impartiality in reporting?? Not on your life!!
    The word is now rumbling through the canyons of liberaldom that a massive conspiracy within the Obama Administration is now CLEARLY INSIGHT. Hence, the brightest lights within liberaldom know their only chance to save themselves is to make a deal with the President to have him CALL OFF HIS DOGS.
    This change in coverage can be seen everywhere I look.
    Schumer and Pelosi are probably going to offer up McCabe to end the thing.
    What will Trump do?

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    • whirlwinder says:

      The liberal cabal of DC swamp dwellers, FBI & CIA miscreants lncluding Mueller and his losers are still out to topple the legitimate government. And their media mouthpiece (MSM) is there to assist, as always.


    • MouseChop says:

      Let them offer up whatever they will! Insufficient and unacceptable!
      Our war is the taking back of Our Country the United States of America. Our war has a time stamp of January 20, 2017. Our Commander in Chief is President Donald J. Trump. Our 45th President of the United States of America gives his allegiance to Our Constitution. Our President is faithfully obliging Our Declaration of Independence.

      With regard to the adoption of Our Constitution George Washington said” It will demonstrate as visibly the finger of Providence as any possible event in the course of human affairs can ever designate it.”

      President Trump does not own any dogs. 45 has introduced us to some incredibly bad @$! friends he calls WOLVERINES! MAGA and Thank you FATHER GOD for you are the Great I AM.

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  6. Mike diamond says:

    CBS liberal news media has not a clue ! They are paid by George Soros !


    • pac7071 says:

      They are so thoroughly ignorant and incapable, no matter what they do. There is NO WAY we can lose Trump unless he turns his back on God and I doubt he will do that. God has his hand o protection on Trump.


  7. guitar107 says:

    The liberal hit piece failed miserably. So nice to see!


  8. guitar107 says:

    The liberal hit piece failed miserably. So nice to see!


  9. maiingankwe says:

    I really believe when it comes to benefiting from these tax cuts and families finally realize what a break they are getting, things will change. Both sides of the aisle pay taxes and I don’t care who you are, when you see savings, you see smiles. I’m talking about the regular folks who work hard for their families. They will either have to jump on another bandwagon to continue their hate for our President Trump or they will have to admit he did do a good thing for all of us.

    I do believe it will get some people to stop and think about all of lies that were told to them about the taxes and how they’d be screwed. This is not good for the dem leaders since it was them yelling the loudest people will die.

    I believe every year our President Trump will gain more support from the liberals just by the good he’s been doing for all of us. Our lives will get better and better and as each year passes it will become more and more apparent. As long as they are honest with themselves and what is going on around them, it will be a win-win for all of us. And yes, my cup is half full rather than half empty. I’ve said this from the beginning and will continue to say so through his presidency.

    I pray and hope it will be a two-term presidency, and if we all keep winning, it will be true. It will be a lot more difficult for the lefty politicians to bash our President Trump with all of us winning. The only thing they have is to try and destroy him again by made up sex scandals, by then the public might just be to sick and tired to hear about another one, even if it is our President.

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