President Trump Has Lunch With Senators…

You hired a man who developed a life of very specific skills.  A man who knows how to use those unorthodox skills to generate intensely competent results.  Relax, enjoy them…


Two thoughts:  Oh, POTUS is enjoying this; and the pine-cone-on-his-chair-look on Flake’s face is, well, priceless.  Also, remember that NAFTA prediction about timing, strategic patience, etc.? Well…

THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you very much. I appreciate everybody coming in.

We had some very late nights getting the tax-cut bill to conference. Last was very smooth, and I think we’re going to make it so that it comes out very beautifully. I call it “the mixer.” It’s a conference where everyone gets together and they pick all the good things and get rid of the things they don’t like.

But it’s a fantastic bill for the middle class. It’s a fantastic bill for jobs and for companies wanting to bring back massive amounts of money into our country. It’s really — I view it more than anything else, is it’s a tremendous bill for jobs and for the middle class.

And I think people see that, and they’re seeing it more and more. And the more they learn about it, the more popular it becomes. And I think the end result will be even better. We had a choice — we could have gone directly for a vote, and we decided, though, let’s put it into the conference and let’s come out with something where everything is perfecto. And that’s what we’re going to do.

This group of wonderful Republican senators is here to discuss the tax bill — very important. And we’re also going to be talking about trade and NAFTA — what’s going on with the NAFTA negotiations. We have tremendous losses with Mexico and losses with Canada, and covered by NAFTA. Last year, we lost approximately $71 billion in trade deficit; we have a trade deficit with Mexico of $71 billion. With Canada, it was about $17 billion.

We have trade deficits with everybody. Virtually every country in the world we have trade deficits with. And that’s going to be changing — it’s already changing — but it’s going to be changing fast. We went to China; we brought back over $300 billion worth of contracts from Asia. It was a very successful trip.

But now we’re going to look at NAFTA very seriously. We have Bob Lighthizer here, we have Gary Cohn, and we’re already starting the negotiation. Not easy to have an election coming up, so we’ll see how that plays. But it’s going to be very successful.

So we’re going to be talking about trade, we’ll be talking about healthcare, we’ll be talking about other subjects. The taxes, we’re so thrilled about and so popular. And I think something is going to be coming out of conference pretty quickly, as opposed to long term. I think it’s going to go pretty quickly. We’re all on the same page. There’s a great spirit in the Republican Party like I’ve never seen before — like a lot of people have said they’ve never seen before. They’ve never seen anything like this, the unity.

So I think a lot of very good things are going to happen and it’s going to happen very fast. I want to thank you all for being here. And let’s have a great lunch, and let’s talk about trade. And let’s make great trade deals instead of the horrible trade deals that we all got stuck with.

Thank you very much. Thank you, everybody.

Q Mr. President, why did you decide to formally endorse Roy Moore?

THE PRESIDENT: I think he’s going to do very well. We don’t want to have a liberal Democrat in Alabama, believe me. We want strong borders, we want stopping crime. We want to have the things that we represent, and we certainly don’t want a liberal Democrat that’s controlled by Nancy Pelosi and controlled by Chuck Schumer. We don’t want to have that for Alabama.

Thank you all very much. Thank you. Thank you very much.

END 12:36 P.M. EST

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204 Responses to President Trump Has Lunch With Senators…

  1. SoCal Patriot says:

    Hahaha…Trump is the ultimate BOSS…he has Flake sitting next to him. Flake’s body language is very uncomfortable. I am laughing hard.

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  2. Pam says:

    I have to admit this was very entertaining. haha Jeff Flake looked just like the cat that swalled the canary. Heh. Speaking of Flakey…..

    Liked by 15 people

  3. Niagara Frontier says:

    Flake looks like he needs immediate medical attention. I bet it took everything he had to not run out of the room screaming “I surrender!”

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  4. georgiafl says:

    LARGE AND IN CHARGE. At last – a real Executive leads the Executive Brancy!!!

    A Boss!

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  5. Flake’s face & body language is so damn funny. OMG dying laughing here.

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  6. James says:

    Like a boss

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  7. wheatietoo says:

    Jeff Flake looked like he was in need of a diaper change.

    He was sitting there stinking up the room.

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  8. quintrillion says:

    Love how P45 know how to showcase the “hot seats” next to him. Flake looked like he wet his pants he was so squirmy or perhaps he was tied to his chair and wanted to bolt.

    The President never fails to amaze and dazzle with blunt force truth and conviction. We are blessed while we have him as leader of freedom.

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    • H.R. says:

      President Trump whispers to Flake right after Flake is seated:

      “There’s a pressure switch on your chair wired to something… ahem… unpleasant. Don’t even think of leaving early and… enjoy your lunch!”


  9. avgjosephine says:

    “Keep all the good things” (looks to his right) and get rid of the things we don’t like (looks to his left –
    Jeff Flake). Yer outta here, Flake.

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  10. mo says:

    Poor Flaky. How delusional do you have to be to think you can best Donald Trump?
    Pine cone–ha ha ha!

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  11. ecmarsh says:

    There is flake on his left and Joni on his right. What’s up with that?

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  12. Just look at how out of control Trump is in that meeting!! I mean it is so apparent he is unfit to serve! He’s obviously senile-I’m not even sure if he knows where he is. He has no business being in that room with someone as respectable and smartish as someone like Senator Flakey. I mean, when you see just how out of control and stupid this man is it is just terrifying to think he has his finger on the nuclear button.

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  13. Craig W. Gordon says:

    ‘The truth is like a lion. Set it free and it defends itself.’ – Someone Smart Said

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  14. Liked by 23 people

  15. chojun says:

    That’s more like sitting-on-a-pineapple. Jeff Flake looks like he’s seriously uncomfortable.

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  16. andi lee says:

    Meanwhile DACA reform act… about as irresponsible & unaccountable as our Congress members. I’m out of Senators to vote for in Texas.

    … and no mention of a WALL. Hope Mr. President sees through this farce on the American people.

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  17. TeaForAll says:

    President Trump is a master at 3D chess. CHECKMATE

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    • jmclever says:

      Senate democrats and RINOs are so stupid, President Trump is only playing checkers with them at this point. They are still losing HUGELY.


  18. StanH says:

    Get’em Mr. President! I just love the seating arrangement. Flake looked incredibly uncomfortable…good.


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  19. n1ghtcr4wler says:

    what was that lunch about?


  20. Bayouguy says:

    Flake looks like he has a bad case of Him Roids.


  21. wyntre says:

    Flake looks like the kid in church who has to pee but his mom told him to hold it!

    LOVE that POTUS put Flake next to him, especially after news of Flake sending a check to Doug Jones came out!

    Flake is Soooooo agitated and embarrassing it seems even the camera person couldn’t bear to fil him.

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  22. trapper says:

    Stroke the panda, pat the elephant, kick the donkey in the ass.

    My take on Flake is that the R wing of the uniparty convinced Flake to step aside so they could hand the Senate to the D side of the uniparty to block Trump. Flake was on board with the scheme, but is now realizing that he backed a lame horse, that the Trump train has a full head of steam, and that he gave up his seat at the biggest American show in a century. “Oh my God! What have I done?” That’s my take.


    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Pinch the panda, kick the elephant, and watch them chase the donkey…


    • Risa says:

      I think Flake’s approval rating in Arizona has been in the 12% range and because he probably could see the humiliation in store for him he opted to not run for reelection.

      My question is what’s wrong with the 12% who approve of this miserable waste of oxygen.


  23. Budman says:

    Notice how PT looks at Joni Earnst when he says ” things they like”, and then turns to (my senator) Flake and says “things they do not like”. Pretty revealing ha? When is flake going over to the other side? Looks like pretty soon with the donation to commie Jones. Barf!

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  24. D Lo says:

    Joni, to Potus’s right … and as he speaks with a nod of recognition of what is “good and right and things we want to keep” … And Flake, to his left … With an exact reverse acknowledgment
    All done so nonchalantly … 😁
    TRUMP 🇺🇸

    On a side note, Senator & retired Lt. Colonel Joni Ernst looked beautiful today. Proud of her.
    Pretty good for a girl that worked at Hardees. ⭐

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    • MfM says:

      Trump is smart he usually has a woman seated next to him. When he had the sheriffs visit early in his term, to his left was a female. I’ve noticed that repeatedly. The media can’t get a ‘War on Woman’ rap on him because there are too many woman in pictures right next to him.

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  25. where is the Selsun Blue when you need it!


  26. alliwantissometruth says:

    Look at the dynamic

    When Trump was running his companies, he’d sit at the table with true professionals, with people dedicated to their craft & with people who expected results. People bold in their idea’s & people who fused integrity with producing within financial perimeters

    Now he sits with professional politicians, those who’ve shed their integrity & their moral duty in order to gain personal benefit, in order to game the system at the expense of those who placed them there

    These Senatorial carpetbaggers must be squirming in their seats as they face the one man who actually works for & cares about the American people

    They’re not used to dealing with bona fide honesty, integrity & honor, & I’m sure it’s uncomfortable for them

    Hopefully in the very near future we give the Boss a few more people like the ones he’s used to dealing with

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  27. MfM says:

    I realized something in looking at the first picture. I’m following Pres. Trump a lot, because I immediately knew where they were eating! I never before would have been able to pick out numerous rooms in the WH and West Wing other than the Oval Office with previous Presidents.

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  28. All American Snowflake says:

    The First Lady did a brilliant job with the luncheon Christmasy table floral.


  29. barbarahigbee says:

    I adore our president! Always working, always making America great again!

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  30. Suncc49 says:

    Flake is looking worse for wear these days… really aging. I would like to give 100.00 to whoever broke his nose years ago lol


  31. cyn3wulf says:

    The only thing missing is a dunce cap on Flake. Can anyone with photoshop skills make that happen?


  32. Flake looks like he’s having a colonoscopy and the local anesthetic wore off. Polyp head!

    Liked by 3 people

  33. mrt721 says:

    via AoSHQ:


  34. drdeb says:

    I loved what WTP’s President did to Flake-good riddance to him! I love WTP’s strategic table arrangements, I do not sense that Jody Ernest has WTP’s interests in mind. What am I missing here, fellow treepers?


  35. ladyliberty11 says:

    Flake is a flake. In his first campaign for Senator (actually am not from Arizona, so correct me if it was also his only one), he told a Democrat political reporter that he was not really like a Republican – white men who hate brown people. She was disgusted and, although a Democrat, was quite happy that he is not running again. Heard her tell this little vignette on a local Tucson radio station approximately one month ago. Yes, Senator Snake, we conservatives are all racists, bigots, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah, but you, sir, are a liar, a deceiver and a truly despicable excuse for a human being. Soros funded?

    Liked by 1 person

    • TwoLaine says:

      “he told a Democrat political reporter that he was not really like a Republican”

      That is because he isn’t a Republican. Even his nose leans left. I call it the Pinocchio effect.


  36. free2313 says:

    I thought it was kind of neat that the President invited Flake to his last supper in the White House.
    It seem highly appropriate.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. bessie2003 says:

    I like the buffalo strutting his tough over the braying wolves statue. Stunning symbolism, subtle placement?

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Vince says:

    President Obama never held these types of meetings, for the press or for people in Congress. even the congressional black caucus complained that they never met with him. President Trump uses them very effectively. But I disagree that Flake was on the hot seat. This was a reminder that EVERYONE ELSE is on the hot seat.


  39. Atticus says:

    Nice to see a BOSS living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Liked by 1 person

  40. Lucille says:

    Soon-to-be-Ex Senator Flake considers himself aristocracy, being in the direct line of the man who founded the LDS town of–get this–Snowflake! LOL! When I first heard that, I thought it was a joke.

    So, the Senator feels it’s beneath him to be around the bold New Yorker. He likely gets apoplexy whenever he reads that many of President Trump’s supporters believe God placed the President in office to bring our nation back from the brink. Thus his look of great discomfort.


  41. Ditch Mitch says:

    Finally watched the video and contrary to a number of comments there is no hot seat. Flakey is where he is so PDJT can show the world who Flakey is. PDJT lets us know right from the start. Looking at Joni he says”pick all the good things”. Turning to Fakey saying “get rid of the things they dont like”.

    Arriving late, someone already mentioned the Flakey colonostopy so I will add Flakey constipation. The eyes on Flakey remind me of a school boy getting a long slow talking to (as sis Joni looks on with a big beautiful grin). Joni looks like she needs some popcorn.🍿

    Liked by 1 person

  42. TwoLaine says:

    Meanwhile, yesterday in AZ…

    Opening arguments in Joe Arpaio lawsuit brought by Sen. Jeff Flake’s son
    by Gregory Re | Fox News


  43. tonyE says:

    Donald Trump just dumped a 5 ton beam from a high crane on top of that Flake.

    Ka BOOOM!



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