President Trump Holds Live Teleconference With Military….

Earlier today President Donald Trump sat at a desk with large computer screen and a phone as he teleconferenced with troos stationed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey Bahrain and aboard the U.S.S. Monterey.

♦Army: 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan; ♦Marines: Direct Support Team Golf (2ndMarine Raider Battalion) in Iraq;  ♦Navy: The USS Monterey 5th Fleet at sea;  ♦Air Force: 74th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron in Incirlik Turkey; and ♦Coast Guard*: USCG Wrangell at Kuwait Navy Base.

President Trump thanked all of the troops as a group and then addressed each group individually.  The media were then excused from the room as the president began to take questions from the troops:


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28 Responses to President Trump Holds Live Teleconference With Military….

  1. Minnie says:

    Thank you, sir!


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  2. jrapdx says:

    It’s great to see President Trump support our military. I’m sure his teleconference with the men and women fighting for our country will be a boost to their morale. lt has to be meaningful when the CIC says thanks for doing a great job and even better means exactly what he says.

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  3. hillbilly4 says:

    We are witnessing the rebuilding of the Military both in physical assets and in morale. Trump is proving WHY he won. Every sailor, soldier, airman, and Marine has a family back home – brothers, sisters, Moms , Dads, grandparents, friends, etc. They too will know the POTUS loves the modern fighting men and women who serve today.. It is the Call of Tomorrow for those thinking of serving. Support our young folks who are considering military service.

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    • Lost one of four sons due to the War on Terrorism. He served out of Fort Drum, NY. Did three tours in Afghanistan aka Pakistan with the 2nd 87th Mountain Men. He did not die in combat, he died from the aftermath of war, PTSD, injuries, prescription drugs from VA and eventually heroin on the street. God Bless all of them who serve and have the strength to survive after “coming home”.


  4. Former lurker says:

    I was a Marine when President Reagan took over from President Carter, the father of the Desert One debacle.

    I think I have an inkling of how the majority of our military feel about serving with President Trump at the helm. I wouldn’t trade my own memories, good and bad, for a pot of gold, but I’ll admit I’m envious.

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    • Wink says:

      Thank you so much for your service! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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    • Maquis says:

      I know how you feel! I’m so happy for our Troops today. There has to be much pride felt serving under such a President. One that not only respects and loves them, but does so quite openly, encouraging the Nation to remember and appreciate them.

      I got out shortly before the Obamanation, and felt terrible for our Troops serving during the maladministration. Had to be much worse even than Clinton, who I did not appreciate much. Reagan was a privilege to work for, I got in during his first year. I know Ronaldus Magnus has to be so pleased with 45 at the helm. I have no doubt that, save the rare Moonbat or BLM, PDJT is greatly admired and appreciated by our Service Members.

      Our military is neither a photo op nor inconsequential cannon fodder to PDJT. They are the beating heart of a grateful Nation, as he had said, and I do not believe he will ever tire of praising and thanking our brave men and women in uniform. No one dare question his sincerity in this, it’s indisputably genuine.

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  5. joshua says:

    For all the criticism that POTUS is not “presidential” with tweets, etc….President Trump is the hardest working, most FOCUSED, consistently moving FORWARD, and energetic person in Washington DC and all other places of Government, ….state, county, city….ALL of them.

    Anyone criticizing his PRESIDENTIAL performance needs to just LEAVE the nation and not let the doorknob hit them in the butt going out the door.


    Thank you President Trump and ALL of your magnificent family members for everything you and all of yours do thanklessly for US as a Nation.

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  6. H. Jorgan says:

    “The media were then excused from the room as the president began to take questions from the troops:”
    This is how an excellent manager treats employees; with respect and consideration of their concerns. MAGA This is also how that same manager treats those that refuse to do their job “THE PRESS”, you are dismissed!

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    • Eks Mann says:

      “The media were then excused from the room as the president began to take questions from the troops:”

      Interesting, considering what’s likely going on just out of our field of vision…

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  7. NJF says:

    Wonderful. So happy he does this for
    The troops.

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  8. treehouseron says:

    I want to make a point about why they can’t stop Trump. It’s the positivity. Norman Vincent Peale was President Trump’s pastor when he was a little boy, and preached about the power of positive thinking.

    This is what the media is up against. Let me highlight a few words from his speech in the video above, to the troops. I’m going to play it, and type what pops out. This is verbatim. You may not notice the extreme (and it is extreme) level of positivity President Trump pumps out at all times. He cannot be defeated because he is attempting to bring just a small piece of the positivity and love GOD has for this world through in his speeches. He’s a man, and this is about the most a man is capable of in that regard. Play the stream and read along.

    How can any politician defeat this? This is what our subconscious brain hears from this man. You can feel the love.

    He accomplished all this in 7 minutes.

    You’re Very Very Special People to Me, and everybody in this country
    Bravely Representing
    Live Right Now
    Honor to speak with you all
    God, Thanks for the blessings of Freedom
    Heroes Tremendous Courage
    You Do to Defend Us
    Defend Freedom
    Thank you All Very Much
    Very Very Special People
    It Doesn’t Get More Special
    Operation Freedom
    Thank You Toby
    I hear so many good things about you Toby
    That’s Good News

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you
    Everybody’s talking about the progress you made since I opened it up
    We opened it up, we said go ahead
    We’re going to fight to win, we’re fighting to win
    You people are really
    You’ve turned it around
    Nobody’s seen, and they are talking about it
    Thank you very much
    Brave Incredible Fighters
    Great Marines
    Operation Inherent Resolve
    Semper Fi!
    Semper Fi!
    Great Mariner
    John Kelly is doing an incredible job, like any Marine Would
    Great Work

    Delivering Defeat after Defeat to ISIS
    What you’re doing with ISIS is being again, talked about
    We’re being talked about again as an Armed Forces
    We’re really winning
    We know how to win
    We have to let you win
    We’re letting you play even, we’re letting you win
    Thank You To Everyone Aboard
    Thank you very much
    Your Squardon has done a Tremendous Job
    We appreciate it
    It’s coming our way
    It’s coming our way
    Big Big Difference
    Lot of things have happened
    We’ve made more progress against ISIS than they did in years the previous administration
    I’m letting you do your job
    We’re very very proud of you
    Everybody in this country is watching
    They’re seeing positive reports
    It’s all positive

    Happy Thanksgiving
    You’re doing incredible Work
    Thank you Very Much for your service
    Very Important Area
    We’re doing well at home
    The economy is doing really great, when you come back you’re going to see
    companies coming back into our country
    The stock market just hit a record high
    Unemployment is the lowest it’s been in 17 years
    So you’re fighting for something real
    You’re fighting for something good
    Lotta things have happened with our country over the last short period of time
    We’re good
    We’re really good
    I especially like saying companies are starting to come back
    We’re working on tax cuts
    Big Fat Beautiful Tax Cuts
    You’ll really see things happen

    We give thanks
    We totally support you
    In fact, we love you
    We really do, we love You!
    You won’t forget
    You’re doing a job there
    Thank God for you
    Thank God for you
    Loved Ones
    Amazing Military Families
    They Miss You
    They miss you so deeply, and so badly
    They put up with so much
    They endure it
    They love our country
    They love you
    They respect and appreciate what you’re doing for this country
    They respect and appreciate what you’re doing for them as a family
    Your families love you
    They miss you
    I’m surround by reporters and press, I’m going to ask them to leave
    It’s wonderful what technology can do
    Media, Happy Thanksgiving
    Have a good thanksgiving
    Thank you all

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    • treehouseron says:

      The best part, is he said to service men and women stationed across the sea on Thanksgiving, he said

      “The economy is doing really great, when you come back you’re going to see”

      That’s so beautiful just reading it makes me tear up . Think about what he’s saying to these people. He’s saying we’re all doing good, and we can’t wait until you get home to see how good.

      Just beautiful, such a beautiful time to be alive and witness this stuff. Open your eyes folks, and remember these days.

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      • Maquis says:

        Mentioning the economy they will see when they come back suggests to me that he was essentially informing them of the rewards that await them, and their families.

        Many young people serve a hitch or two, without ever really planning to be a “lifer.” Having a strong economy is such a blessing to us all, but to these young short career Troops, without whom our Military model could not function, a positive private enterprise environment is often the deciding factor in whether they feel confident enough to make the leap back to the Civilian world.

        In a way, a strong economy makes it easier, I suspect, for young folks to decide to do their part in serving their Nation, without fear that they might miss a rare opportunity in an economy struggling under the maladministration of Commies.🤡 They can serve with pride, and with confidence that great opportunities await them when they leave Active Duty.

        Great times. Great times.


    • CiscoKid says:

      I wish I was back in uniform with President Trump as my CIC!

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    • nimrodman says:

      Treehouseron, that was a really cool way of extracting and highlighting the inherent positivity. Thanks for taking the time to write that.


  9. Sayit2016 says:

    President Trump is so engaging and sincere it just rings true…. seriously people who was the last President that you can recall that referenced LOVE as must as President Trump does.

    Happy Thanksgiving, President Trump and family. You make us proud !

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  10. Cindy says:

    I’m continually impressed at our amazing president. The naked love that he has for every one of us is astonishing. Further proof that God exists. He gave us this extraordinary man to be our president. What a great time to be alive.

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  11. I love how he keeps thanking them and telling them how good they are….it wasn’t that long ago (Bush years) when they were denigrated and despised….then the Kenyan took office and pretended that he had respect for them but it was easily seen to be a facade when he couldn’t even pronounce the word corpsmen correctly and the Kenyan’s wife was touted as being a friend to families of servicemen….and she was…for as long as the camera was rolling then it was back to her selfish old ways again.
    I remember when I was in the service….it just felt nice to get an “atta-boy” from a superior officer …PDJT makes sure he heaps the praise on them ….and the best part is…he’s sincere and they know it.

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  12. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    This was great to see , I had only caught a snipit of it earlier in the day.

    You know, we all see what we see with PDJT, he’s amazing! every day he sets a new precedence for the next president, raising the bar higher and higher and really showing what anti americans we have all grown up with at every level of our government, from both parties. And it just boggles the mind that the left just can not see it or does but won’t admit it because the inbred hate is just so strong. and yes i meant inbred, I swear they all must be second cousins or their parents were..I digress.

    I was able to check twitter for a few minutes earlier today and it disgusted me to no end…the hate , vile hate that was flying on soc. media today…. I got some tweets personally that were just disgusting, I just can not fathom that level of nastiness any day of the week much less Thanksgiving…. Christmas will no doubt be worse as “Merry Christmas” will trigger a tsunami of exorcist neck twist….

    Anyways, God Bless PDJT and all those who help him to #MAGA

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