President Trump and First Lady Melania Visit Coast Guard Station for Thanksgiving…

Earlier today President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited a Coast Guard station in Riviera Beach, Florida, to thank them for their service and celebrate Thanksgiving.

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42 Responses to President Trump and First Lady Melania Visit Coast Guard Station for Thanksgiving…

  1. Snow White says:

    I’m so thankful for our beloved President and First lady ❤❤❤❤Lord bless them and protect them with your mighty hand.

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  2. ken says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Coasties
    Semper Paratus
    CGC Chase WHEC-718

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    • Borealis says:

      My step-brother is a Coastie, serving on Lake Michigan right now, I think. According to my dad, he’s one of the top snipers in the armed services. All of them. Go, Mikey!

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      • ken says:

        If only that rating was around when I was in…but gunnersmate and fire control technician was all they had back then. Give my best to your step-brother.
        Semper Paratus

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    • Jim Bowlin says:

      I was on Coast Guard Base New York for 2 1/2 years, got to watch them build the WTC. Base New York was heaven on earth for for many of us, spent a short stent on CGC Dallas and CGC Sagebrush in San Juan PR; greeting to all Coasties.

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  3. Lord, protect the entire Trump family from harm and evil. In Jesus name, Amen.

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  4. emet says:

    When our first revenue cutters were built, under the direction of Alexander Hamilton, he promptly inquired if they could be operated with smaller crews, to save money. Do they make government officials like this anymore? Looks like they are making a comeback lately

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    • ken says:

      the Coast Guard (originally called the Revenue Cutter Service) has always functioned with a smaller number of personnel (around 45,000) then other branches. The Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton WHEC-715 was the first High Endurance Cutter of the Hamilton class cutters. Serving on the CGC Chase (WHEC-718) we had a crew of approx. 150 enlisted and officers.

      Semper Paratus

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  5. amwick says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that our President took the time for selfies with every single person that wished to have one… He is the real deal, Melania too. Genuine!

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  6. Lucille says:

    Such gracious people. Such a pleasure to see them interacting with our troops, who all respond in kind.

    His being a very public person, we’ve known about Donald Trump almost from the day he went into business. We also know he’d thought of running for President for many years.

    Hahahahahahahahahaha…oh, how his Presidency chaps the bosferinis of the H8Rs….

    We also know that Melania Trump grew up under very different circumstances in communist Yugoslavia, though her father, being a communist community leader, gained certain privileges for his family.

    More than wondering about the President, I often contemplate whether the girl from Sevnica, pinches herself on occasion. This is a photo of old town Sevnica, located on the banks of the Sava River. Melania Trump spent her childhood and teen years there, though she was born in Novo Mesto.

    Destiny…it was and is destiny for them both…and for us…for which we are truly thankful.

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  7. POTUS is so funny! He just makes me laugh! God Bless him! He looks quiet relaxed without the tie!

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  8. treehouseron says:

    Almost Time Folks!

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  9. nuthinmuffin says:

    i meet mr trump at his casino in atlantic city decades ago…our band was playing for an affair that he was hosting at the hotel. he was nothing but gracious and complimentary to us. if anyone has worked as a musician at a public venue, it is common knowledge that musicians are treated as lower than the wait staff by the management.

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  10. bluegirl says:

    Happy Thanksgiving and God bless our military, at home and abroad. Also, thanks to all our police, first responders, and all those that serve our country faithfully. Thank you all for your service and sacrifice.

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  11. fleporeblog says:

    I love our President and our FLOTUS because our troops mean the world to them!

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  12. tgmccoy says:

    I’ve work with and for Ex-Coasties. have family in the Coast Guard. Thank you President Trump and Lady Melania.
    Coast Guard Anthem:

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  13. William Friday Buckley's Ghost says:

    I sent this to my daughter who is an O-4 in the Coast Guard and her husband and O-4 in the Marine Corp. I bet they see our President and love every second of the video. 😎

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  14. Borealis says:

    Did Selfie-Stick ever do anything like this with the military? Or did he treat them with the same contempt he treats all whites and non-Muslims?

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  15. freq says:

    Happy Thanksgiving and Godspeed to President Trump…
    and Happy Thanksgiving to all the fine people here as well…

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  16. lorenetn says:

    How can the media can be with PDJT day after day, see him in action and still they hate him and spread lie after lie? How is that even possible?

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  17. TONYA PARNELL says:


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  18. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    When you are beautiful on the inside is shows on the outside…. They are such beautiful People.
    Perfect role models for this country – Love them both so much!

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    • New Nonna!!! says:

      Amen, Amen, Amen, Deborah.

      God bless our incredible POTUS and FLOTUS. Forget those fortunate enough to get pictures with them, I’LL never forget them and this time in our country’s history and my life.

      Thank You, God! Thank You, Jesus!

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  19. Jim says:

    For the first time in 9 years, I am proud of our First Lady.

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