Macron and Trump Agree on Coalition Plan To Counter Iran and Hezbollah – Saudi Grand Mufti Forbids Killing Jews…

Holy Cats… things are moving exponentially fast now…

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri is now disclosing the nature of his resignation, and why he left Lebanon to spend time in Saudi Arabia.  It appears the Saudi and regional partners provided evidence that Iran and Hezbollah were planning an assassination targeting Hariri and his family.

Saad Hariri traveled to France for a meeting with French President Emanuel Macron.

Yesterday President Trump and President Macron had a phone conversation where they agreed on the need for continued cooperation and partnership with regional allies, namely Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Gulf States and coalition members to confront the destabilizing efforts of Iran and Hezbollah:

JEDDAH: US President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday agreed on the need to partner with allies to respond to the destabilization activities of Hezbollah and Iran in the region.

The two leaders’ telephone conversation came in the aftermath of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s resignation, which he announced during a recent trip to Saudi Arabia.

“Both presidents agreed on the need to work with allies to counter Hizballah’s and Iran’s destabilizing activities in the region,” a statement from the White House said.

Hariri has accused Iran and Hezbollah of dominating Lebanon and attempt to covertly target his life, which prompted his resignation, and drew comparisons to the similar “atmosphere that prevailed before the assassination of martyr Rafik Al-Hariri.”

“I refer explicitly and unequivocally to Iran, which sows sedition, devastation and destruction in any place it settles in, as proven by its interferences in the internal affairs of the Arab countries, in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and Yemen, driven by a deep hatred of the Arab nation and an overwhelming desire to destroy and control it,” Hariri said, when he announced his resignation on November 4.  (read more)

Meanwhile the Arab League held an emergency meeting to discuss the ongoing threat and destabilizing efforts of Iran:

The Secretary-General of the Arab League has said that Iran seeks to be a “dangerous dagger” in the region, especially toward Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries.

Ahmed Aboul Gheit also confirmed a recent missile launched by Houthi militias targeting Saudi Arabia was Iranian-made.

[…]  The Arab League is currently holding an extraordinary meeting at the request of Saudi Arabia to discuss “violations” committed by Iran in the region, according to a memorandum.

Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates supported the Saudi request, which was also approved by Djibouti, the current chair of the pan-Arab bloc.

Tensions have been rising between Saudi Arabia and Iran, including over League members Qatar and Lebanon. (more)

And just to prove how serious the shift is amid the outlook of the coalition members in the region, one of the most prolific hate-speech-advocates against Israel, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Abdulaziz Al Sheikh, has just announced that war against the Jews is forbidden and Hamas is a terrorist organization.

…wait,.. huh,… what?

Yes, this pronouncement by the Grand Mufti is a paradigm shift akin to former President Obama telling all his followers and supporters that President Trump is the true light-bringer and delivering a full-throated endorsement for Trump’s platform.

Yea, it’s a stunning shift in Saudi religious approach toward Israel:

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia issued a ruling forbidding war against the Jews and proclaiming that Hamas is a terror group.

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Abdulaziz Al Sheikh, issued a surprising religious ruling, saying that fighting against Israel was inappropriate and that Hamas is a “terror organization.”

The Muslim cleric issued the ruling while answering a question on a television program regarding the Palestinian riots surrounding the Temple Mount in July, Turkey’s Anadolu news agency reported.

Israel’s Communications Minister Ayoub Kara welcomed the unexpected decision and invited the Mufti to visit Israel.

“We congratulate Abdulaziz Al Sheikh, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia as well as the head of Ulema (Islamic scholars), for his fatwa [Muslim religious ruling] forbidding the fight against the Jews and forbidding to kill them,” Kara, a Druze, tweeted on Monday.  (read more)

And then there’s this:

Which, when added to all the other rapidly sequencing events takes us all the way back to the original discussions about the formation of the Freedom Coalition and how President Trump was assembling a vast assembly of partners, policy positions and alliances that was going to reshape the entire middle east.

With the actions of King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, it’s all coming together now at an incredible speed.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait and the Gulf Cooperation Council states are assembling a peace coalition with Israel and all Arab partners, you can find more info at  Egyptian President al-Sisi has positioned the Palestinian Authority as a partner and Hamas, Hezbollah and the extremists within the Muslim Brotherhood have been cast out.

To counter the peace, Iran is moving to prop up the terroristic sympathies within Yemen, Qatar and more importantly with Hezbollah inside Lebanon; and that was the precursor to getting Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri the hell out of there – until the peace team could assemble and plan for any adverse action against their coalition.

“With regard to the political situation in Lebanon, I will go to Beirut in the coming days, I will participate in the independence celebrations, and it is there that I will make known my position on these subjects after meeting President (Michel) Aoun,” Hariri said after holding talks with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris.

Hariri declined to take questions, but is set to return to Beirut by Wednesday when Lebanon celebrates its independence day. He thanked Macron, who has been mediating as part of French efforts to try to ease tensions across the region, for his help.

Macron had leveraged France’s close relations with both Lebanon and Saudi Arabia to secure a deal that saw Hariri travel to Paris and open the door to a resolution of the crisis. (more)

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249 Responses to Macron and Trump Agree on Coalition Plan To Counter Iran and Hezbollah – Saudi Grand Mufti Forbids Killing Jews…

  1. Gil says:

    This was not pandering and just show. They meant it, this time.

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  2. Looks like “Merkel’s Boy” has decided to look to a role model “Father” instead of the Motherly model he’s been taking orders from.
    Good Job, Macron! There’s hope for you yet.

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  3. this just shows our PRESIDENT is NO FOOL and KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING.

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  4. Katherine McCoun says:

    Its almost like the ME countries were freed when President Trump took office. I think the dark evil of the world was working through the US to hold many countries hostage and now they are being free to succeed and rule as they actually see best.

    McCain is not worried about the loss of US influence abroad but of US Control abroad.

    Less Control, demands and deep state, under handed approach to foreign policy will equal much more success for all and Much Greater US influence and respect abroad.

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    • Vince says:

      Its almost like the ME countries were freed when President Trump took office. I think the dark evil of the world was working through the US to hold many countries hostage and now they are being free to succeed and rule as they actually see best.

      I believe this is more true than we know. The deep state ran Middle Eastern policy, especially since 2001. President Trump was elected and in the first meetings with ME leaders, explained that things would be different, we would be allies and equal partners, not overlords. This was a direct torpedo to the deep state.

      I still expect the deep state to fight back, probably an attempt to create a Saudi Arabian civil war and overthrow Mohammad bin Salman. If the deep state fails, they are finished in the middle east, and are probably limited to running drugs in the Western Hemisphere. (With Sessions doing a good job rounding up MS-13).

      Things are moving so fast right now to keep the deep state off balance and preventing them from acting to stop the changes.

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  5. citizen817 says:

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  6. Publius2016 says:

    Wait for DEEP STATE to leak President Trump’s call with Macron…in the call it will be revealed the Iran Deal is DOA and the funds held if any will go towards resettlement…Extreme Media will ignore the leak since it makes President Trump look good.

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    • Comrade Mope says:

      My first thought was the Iran Deal. During the Obama administration, Israel was looking to bomb Iran’s centrifuges but lacked the tankers to refuel its jets. Inquiries were made with KSA about a refueling stop, someplace to jump off from with special forces to illuminate targets and place(s) to land damaged aircraft. The plan never panned out because Obama preferred to send pallets of cash.
      What this looks like is they used the leverage from squeezing either some of those princes or that GCC member they had accused of helping Iran, to create more leverage.
      This has al Sisi’s fingerprints all over it. And Kushner’s.

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  7. FofBW says:

    Fat Boy is fast becoming history. Now on to PT’s next target.

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  8. FofBW says:

    The accomplishments PT is having globally makes the gaslighting here at home seem very very petty!

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  9. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Didn’t swamp creature get caught on the microphone saying that Trump wants things done too quickly and that’s not how we do things around here. Heck, Trump is moving faster with world affairs than the Swamp Creatures in Congress. The Senate can’t even get a Tax bill through.

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  10. President Trump’s next target may already have started. The Deep State itself. The CIA.

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    • nimrodman says:

      The comments aren’t very kind to that report.

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    • SoCalPatriot says:

      Come on…these types of posts take away from serious discussion. The Marines haven’t landed at Langley to take over the CIA. Give me a break.

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      • TimeIsNow says:

        The SA stuff is interesting, but Thomas Wictor has been covering it for two weeks, and is way ahead of here. He even has material on the teams, weapons, and details on tactics used to take down the militias in Lebanon.

        The CIA is heavily Black Hats, so the above is not unlikely. They created and trained ISIS for BO.

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      • Eric Kennedy says:

        Agreed. There have been a few links to “content” like this on CTH in recent days and this kind of wacko conspiracy stuff diminishes the site.

        The military did not attack the CIA. SMH.

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        • Pharnham says:

          But if they did, there would be a whole lot of operatives going onto blogs saying they didn’t. 😛

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          • TimeIsNow says:

            Yep, It’s called Flack, or shills, usually paid.


            • TimeIsNow says:

              In the next few months, a whole lotta stuff people now think of as “Moonbattery,” will be just facts. If someone told you a month ago , that what SA is doing now would be true, most would have said,, “You’re crazy.”

              The world is about to “roll wholly over.”

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              • wolfmoon1776 says:

                Seriously – had Sundance not warned us about the basis for current goings-on in the Middle East, I would be totally unmoored in understanding what’s happening.

                Now – THIS is the interesting question. Obviously these huge shifts are the work of McMaster. He and Trump have been planning this stuff from the moment they met. Trump surely heard these ideas when they talked, and Trump said “I like this solution to my problems. You’re hired.”

                Thus, who was REALLY trying to get McMaster fired? There are a LOT of people who needed the “anti-Iran right” to do their dirty work. So I’m starting to think that it wasn’t just Soros and Hillary feeding the “Bannon / McMaster”, “hard on Iran / soft on Iran”, “Israel First / America First” split. There was some seriously weird stuff going on there. Who the heck was backing which horse? Who was PRETENDING to back which horse?

                What a MESS that was. Perhaps a beautiful and fully anticipated mess, but WHAT A MESS!

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  11. keeler says:

    Another way to drain the swamp… clean up the foreign policy messes the Deep State keeps simmering for those lucrative crisis-on-demand.

    Less foreign instability= less State Department = less foreign lobbying money.

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  12. sundance says:

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  13. fleporeblog says:

    What is happening in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦, Egypt 🇪🇬 and other parts of North Africa and the ME is truly divine! The fact that all of this has occurred in the first ten months of our President’s presidency is completely shocking. I had said a few months back that the leaders of SA, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Israel etc. saw the election of our Lion as their one and only opportunity to correct their region. For them, everyday is precious.

    Israel will absolutely back SA if they decide to confront Hezbollah and Iran. The money that the Saudis can commit to Israel 🇮🇱, Egypt 🇪🇬 and Jordan 🇯🇴 is astronomical. The four of them with the support of the other GCC countries is a force to be reckon with.

    Thomas Wictor has shared multiple tweets about the firepower that these countries have. Weapons never seen before. The Rod From God according to him was created by the Israelis with the funding from SA. They are literally killing top Generals of the Syrian, Hezbollah, ISIS armies etc. with these advanced weapons.

    Eliminate the Mullahs in Iran 🇮🇷 and peace in the ME is a real possibility. There will be a day in the future where going to the ME is far more safer than Western Europe.

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  14. TreeClimber says:

    Nobody else concerned about the possible rise of the Antichrist of Revelation through all this? Just me? Okay… I’ll go sit back in my corner and just watch…

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    • FofBW says:

      When it is time, God decides. Nothing I can do about it except keep my side of the street clean.

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      Do you mean because there is so much potential for peace, more so than the world has seen in many years? Well, even if there is peace in the ME, I don’t think there will be world wide peace. The world is moving toward more peacefulness but not perfect peace. Also, I don’t think that President Trump will be accepted by the leftist snowflakes or credited for this no matter what he does!

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    • jeans2nd says:

      If that does happen, what will you do? Stop it? Hardly. So don’t worry about it. Jesus has yer back on this one, no worries.

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    • oldschool64 says:

      You mean the blue turban guy from that 80’s film about Nostradamus? I gave up on that one years ago! 😉


    • Sharon says:

      Not concerned – but aware. Remember that the information given in both OT and NT regarding the events of end times is not there to make us analysts or to freak us out. It is given so that “when these things come to pass” we will have some sense of orientation, some understanding of what’s happening, and because of that – we may be better able to weather the events from day to day and also be of some use to those around us.

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    • vicschick says:

      I follow on FB a Christian Jew who lives in Jersalem.. His page is called “Behold Israel.” He strongerly asserts that Macron could very well be the anti-Christ. We shall see shortly.


      • thinkthinkthink says:

        Maybe. Maybe not. The question is how will this change the way you live? The Chinese during Mao thought it was the Great Tribulation. Reformers taught that the Pope was the anti-Christ. Hal Lindsey wrote the Late Great Planet Earth that set up a fatalistic mindset in an entire generation so that they never brought their “salt and light” into the public square.

        Someone asked a holy man what he would do if he knew Christ would return before the year was out. His reply, “I will plant a tree.”

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      According to many interpertations God will return 70-80 years after the reformation of Israel. The reformation occured on 14 May 1948 @12 midnight. So between 2018 and 2028? Many things have to happen first though.

      You mention Revelations, also read the Book of Daniel.

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    • Shimei says:

      I am all for peace in the Middle East and pray that it come to past. But Israel is still a secular country. The following passage comes to mind. I’m not sure what it means but it makes me wonder. In the mean time I will stay alert and sober.

      1 Thessalonians 5:1-6 (NASB)
      Now as to the times and the epochs, brethren, you have no need of anything to be written to you. For you yourselves know full well that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night. While they are saying, “Peace and safety!” then destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains upon a woman with child, and they will not escape. But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that the day would overtake you like a thief; for you are all sons of light and sons of day. We are not of night nor of darkness; so then let us not sleep as others do, but let us be alert and sober.


  15. Minnie says:

    Absolutely stunning, thank you for posting this update.

    Pray unceasingly 🙏

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  16. Jenny R. says:

    Just a hunch, but keep an eye on what happens in Qatar in the coming weeks.

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      Great comment Jenny. Qatar has already been in the news recently. Qatar arms and funds ISIS and the “rebels” in Syria. Qatar has natural gas to sell to Turkiye and needs a pipeline through… you guessed it…Syria. Hence the “civil war”. And of course the globalists want this also.

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  17. SoCalPatriot says:

    I made a post here during the election about the political views of my friends in the UAE. They absolutely loved Trump and detested Clinton and Obama. They told me the only people that supported the jihadists/Iran were the uneducated. They felt the only chance the Middle East had for peace was for Trump to win the presidency.

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  18. Katherine McCoun says:

    For those who have been here for a while, I thought of “she who shall not be named”/”Monique” when reading this post, about all of the peace potential and new/better partnerships where there has been war for so long and her total freak out back in the spring after the bombing of Syria.

    I have thought how extremely odd it was that she was such a one issue supporter and that that was her issue and that this was the issue that made her completely flip in such a bizarre way. Anti War was never even a key Trump Campaign issue and he has changed our foreign policy so much for the better that I really didn’t get her at all. The situation was so odd that it made me wonder if she was who she said she was and if all of her religious talk was genuine.

    Anyway, I wondered if she had responded to all of the peace that this chain of events has the potential to unleash and our President Trump’s role in the situation. Just checked now. She hasn’t tweeted anything since spring. Will her eyes open? Not yet, but maybe some day.

    Just thought I would share in case anyone else was curious.

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    • I followed her till she went off deep end. I’ll have to Chechen again

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    • Ksenia says:

      I was wondering just the other day what have happened to that poster. She totally freaked me out talking about some vision or dream of hers where plain will fall and that President might be in danger. Hope she’s well.

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    • CoffeeBreak says:

      I missed the hoop-de-doo that occurred and wondered if she was around. I’ve missed her presence here.


    • TAS says:

      Monique was throwing up red flags before she flipped out.

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    • WSB says:

      Interesting point.

      I also could never understand the reaction since no one was harmed save a few military guarding weapons. And SD’s research and presentation offers a revealing of the smaller events that add up to a larger picture so I was confused as why there would be confusion of why the bombing was necessary.

      And now we are seeing the large picture play out. I only hope that this mufti and the Gulf States are for real, and we can trust the plan.

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      I was very shocked at her reaction… it was way off the charts.

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    • A2 says:

      I think, therefore my opinion, that her decision to ‘leave’ had to do with not only her deeply felt religious convictions, but also the constant battle with some posters here that seemed to support racist memes, and those who wish to deliver violence to those whom they politically disagree with, and that can not be denied.


      • Patriot1783 says:

        Name the posters.


        • A2 says:

          Look above. They are on every thread. I am not here to name names. But you are blind if you have not read it here.

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          • Patriot1783 says:

            You are using a straw argument…name a poster you refer above to as being racist or violent:
            “…but also the constant battle with some posters here that seemed to support racist memes, and those who wish to deliver violence to those whom they politically disagree with, and that can not be denied.”


            • A2 says:

              It is not an argument. It is factual. Lots of examples. If you have not read them, I have. They appear on every post, usually the Presidential thread. I ignore them for the most part because they are idiotic. I was giving an opinion about the former poster Monique who often was very upset about race used as a criteria and pushed back over violence as a solution.

              I have specifically called out some over the years and thankfully they vanished and were ephemeral as their ill-considered comments.

              You may spin your straw into gold, but we know how that ends.


          • thinkthinkthink says:

            A2: “some posters here that seemed to support racist memes, and those who wish to deliver violence to those whom they politically disagree with”

            I too am troubled when I see these types of posts. It reminds me of the training I had before working with troubled children. We were never to respond in kind or lower ourselves to their tactics. We were to be models of how genuine people treat each other.

            Our President is such a great example of this. I sometimes wonder if he ever learned the “Love and Logic” methods for leading others.

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      • Katherine McCoun says:

        According to her Twitter her exit off of the Trump Train was 100% about “war”/bombing in Syria. I do not remember that President Trump’s position re Syria was ever a lynch pin position, major talking point or key issue during the campaign, to her or anyone else. As a matter of fact, he Never claimed to be a pacifist, instead promising to treat our enemies harshly, swiftly, without first advertising our plans and to thoroughly defeat them.

        There are some who voted for and supported President a Trump on single issues but they were things like conservative judges, trade and immigration law enforcement coupled with border security.

        I just don’t understand the single bombing as being a complete deal breaker, esp. in light of the bigger picture of President Trump’s foreign policy.

        When President Trump bombed Syria and then visited the ME, calling for peace, working with countries there, etc. she went berserk. Again, her derailment based on this one event caused me to question if she was who she said she was all along and what the real reasons for her support of President Trump’s candidacy all along. And she posted many anti American sentiments as well. I think many of us dupes agree with what has been done abroad by the deep state append covert action, etc., in the mp name of our great country but President Trump is not responsible.

        Anyway, the whole thing was pretty illogical to me and downright startling. It seemed that illegal immigration was an important issue to her, both here and in Europe, and President Trump has not changed on that.

        As for other red flags: her constant speaking of visions and dreams was uncomfortable for me and yet I do believe God does use those means to communicate to us even today. But is seemed a bit much and to have constantly been receiving from God and yet to have jumped the rails on one foreign policy act…does not add up. If one feels that strongly that God hand is leading &/or is on President Trump then how could one possible desert him so quickly and emphatically over one issue/action? One would at least wait and see for a little while. She then used the same language to attack him. (Imagine suspicious cat picture here as God doesn’t change His mind that quickly nor was He surprised by the actions and policy of President Trump in the ME!)

        Anyway, neither here nor there. I found her exit very odd at the time and was curious if she had comment recently in light of developments in the the ME, many of which seem toward a time of peace. Her Twitter remains inactive since spring. Weird and illogical or perhaps she wasn’t who she said she was all along and had other purposes in supporting/promoting Trump’s candidacy.

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        • G. Combs says:

          Remember that Hillary was originally ‘supporting’ Trump in the primaries because the Left thought he was the easiest to defeat. Monique could have been an ‘operative’ who needed a reason to disengage …. at least under that name.

          That was in the first week in April and only 6 people were killed. So yes her response was completely over the top considering nearly nine people have been shot a day, on average in Chicago.

          Apr 26, 2017 – Report: 1,000 shooting victims in Chicago this year so far – CBS News
          “[…]The number hit 1,000 on 2017’s 115th day, meaning that nearly nine people have been shot a day on average, according to the newspaper’s data.

          At least 174 victims have died.
          The tally of 1,000 shooting victims doesn’t include four people who were shot by law enforcement officers. Two of them died.[…]”


  19. DemsRTheRealRacists says:

    Finally, a president that prioritizes Israel’s national interests! Praying for Bibi.

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  20. Oldschool says:

    The center photo of POTUS&FLOTUS super imposed at the wall is breathtaking.

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  21. DemsRTheRealRacists says:

    One of the greatest things about Trump’s election is he’s getting the Russians in line. They support Iran and Hezbollah against Israel. They’re white orthodox Christians with a long and disgusting history of anti-semitism and pogroms. Putin wants to turn Israel into a new Pale of Settlement!


    • wj2016 says:

      Actually he is cooperating with the Russians. He agreed to cut support to the terrorists fighting Assad in Syria and as a result that war is on the way to being won by the relatively good guy, Assad.


      • A2 says:

        Assad is not as you say ‘a good guy”. That will become clearer to you as the Syrian jihadist defeat moves forward. I guess you haven’t kept up with the President’s policies and the evidence that has been presented to the UN by this administration and US allies.

        Only Russia is blocking this at the UN. Assad has lots to answer for, and eventually he will when the situation stabilizes and free and open elections occur. Assad is not a ‘winner’ he is part of the problem, not the solution. (and even Russia has acknowledged that truth).

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    • reggiemeezer says:

      There is a long & disgusting history of anti-semitism & pogroms by Non-Orthodox Christians:

      In 1492, for example, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain expelled all Jews and Muslims from the Iberian Peninsula except those who agreed to convert to Christianity. Throughout the Middle Ages, Jews everywhere in Europe faced limitations on the occupations in which they could engage as well as the kinds of property and titles they could hold.

      Some church leaders and secular rulers tried to convince or coerce Jews to abandon their religion and convert to Christianity. But even conversion did not necessarily solve the problems of intolerance. Converts from Judaism to Christianity in sixteenth-century Spain found that they were still viewed with deep suspicion and regarded as somehow tainted by supposed “Jewish blood.” . . .

      The Protestant Reformation did not improve the lot of European Jews. At first its leader, the German monk Martin Luther, hoped that his break with what he considered the corrupted church of Rome would inspire mass conversions of Jews to Christianity. When the anticipated wave of baptisms did not occur, Luther turned against the Jews, whom he derided as stubborn and hard necked. In 1542 he wrote a pamphlet called Against the Jews and their Lies. That tract, with its vicious characterization of Jews as parasites and its calls to “set their synagogues and schools on fire,” would later be widely quoted in Hitler’s Germany. Other medieval images—the association of Jews with the devil; charges that Jews used the blood of Christian children for ritual purposes—also survived into the modern era . . .


    • Blacksmith8 says:

      Slow down there just a minute, NO way are dumping Stalin’s pogroms on the Christians who couldn’t get away from Stalin.
      That’s like blaming the Holocaust on the few Catholics who could get away from Hitler.

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  22. A2 says:

    This was the lede on Foreign Policy (this is where former officials and unemployed State ‘experts’ go to die) just a few days ago:
    “Israel Is Growing Increasingly Worried About the Trump Administration
    As Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Russia rush to fill the vacuum of leadership in the Middle East, the United States is AWOL.


    Are we laughing yet?

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    • daughnworks247 says:

      Bwwhahahhaaaaa. Pffffttt to the Foreign policy nitwits.
      We are dancing.

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    • dilonsfo says:

      We only have to remember the debacle in Iraq. GW Bush appointed a member of the State Department (Paul Bremer) to head up the Iraqi government following the war rather than a military leader. Iraq fell apart because of Bremer’s boneheaded leadership using State Department protocol. Sunnis set upon Shites, Sunnis and Shites set upon Kurds and the birth of ISIS was brought forth by lack of respect and fear of the US Military. This carried on throughout the Obama years under Hillary. Members of the liberal Department of State are the useless creatures when it comes to understanding the world and how it works.


      • Scottyguitar says:

        You need to check your history. Bush first appointed a retired Army 3-star to head up the military government in Iraq. He lasted about six months and was in way over his head. Bush replaced LTG (ret) Garner with Bremer. I served under Garner in Germany in the 1980s and had deep misgivings about his appointment by GWB. He was a wannabe John Wayne who talked the talk but didn’t walk the walk. So I wasn’t surprised he didn’t last long in that position.

        The two main mistakes in that mistake of a war was 1. Having no real plan for a post-Sadam Iraq and 2. Allowing the Iraqi army to melt away into the civilian population without surrendering or turning in weapons. The chaos there continues to this day.

        -Scott, a retired Air Defense Artillery soldier

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        • dilonsfo says:

          Well, you are correct. However, Garner was only in charge for a little over 2 months along with a British General. They were appointed awaiting a final appointment by Bush. Bush then chose Bremer of the State Department. This decision was based on the premise that someone currently serving in the military would give the impression that the US was going to occupy the country. I believe that Garner had a plan that was much superior to what Bremer installed. In fact, Bremer completely tossed Garner’s and British General Tim Cross’s initial implementations (selecting Iraqi representatives pending elections) and removed anyone with any former Bath Party affiliation,. Bremer also completely dissolved the Iraqi army. This turned out to be a huge mistake. I didn’t serve under Lt. Gen. Garner so I don’t know about his personality or ability and will defer to your experience. My experience was many years ago in a different war but found a lot of Generals like you describe.

          PS: I was an 11B and all I can say is thank God for artillery…saved a lot of us in dire need praying for that heavenly heavy rain.


      • Blacksmith8 says:

        You’re blaming isis on W?
        One quick question “Who was the man in the pink shirt?”
        hint: He was later killed in Benghazi.


  23. Turranos says:

    PDJT changing the world for the better, quickly. He is the Lion
    Chase Rice – Lions

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  24. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    “And just to prove how serious the shift is amid the outlook of the coalition members in the region, one of the most prolific hate-speech-advocates against Israel, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Abdulaziz Al Sheikh, has just announced that war against the Jews is forbidden and Hamas is a terrorist organization.

    Wow! At this rate, how many problems will the next administration have left to solve? Not trying to sound snarky. I never thought I would read those words from a Muslim cleric towards the Jews in my lifetime.

    Liked by 6 people

  25. daughnworks247 says:

    Sundance, I could kiss you (apologies and great deference to your wife).
    We knew it!!!!!! You pegged it!!!! We’ve been watching the moves. Macron in Saudi last week. I thought it might have to do with French banks/Saudi princes at the Ritz.
    This is so much better. Now the Bastille Day trip all falls into place.
    Saudis presented evidence and scared the crap out of Al-Hariri.
    Turning point against Iran.
    Guess we know why President Trump never sleeps.
    We’re in an epic war between good and evil. Thank God we have President Trump on our side.
    Never in our lifetimes did we think we would see the House of Saud protecting, working with the Jews. I could cry. Last week, Israel said they were willing to share intel.
    FINALLY, we back on offense.
    Captain, I’m giving her all she’s got but we need some more dilithium crystals for Wharp Drive.

    Liked by 8 people

  26. wj2016 says:

    I am confident that our president, a man whom I voted for twice, is not going to get sucked into a war for Israel or Saudi. That’s George W. Bush level of stupidity and is not something PDJT will do. You are dreaming if you think he will back that charlie foxtrot.

    Liked by 2 people

    • pyromancer76 says:

      That’s because Bush was/is a globalist who was intent on bankrupting this country and spilling the blood of young America men and women. Follow the money from that “war on terror.” Follow the money from the compromising of the U.S, border and the selling of our assets to foreigners.


  27. bessie2003 says:

    This article, which is one of those side-bar stories found after reading the first “read more” link in this post

    talks of an upcoming meeting of 41 Islamic countries that have formed an organization to fight terrorism

    also mentions this organization was formed as a result of the big summit that President Trump had in his visit to Saudi Arabia seems interesting. Here’s the link:

    Liked by 2 people

  28. Sedanka says:

    If Hillary had successfully defrauded her way into the presidency, Israel would be gone by now and we’d be at war with Russia.

    That’s the world that Bill Kristol, John McCain and the entire Bush family still dream of.

    Liked by 1 person

    • A2 says:

      I disagree. If Hillary had won, we would be best buddies with Russia as long as the cash flowed.

      Liked by 1 person

      • scott467 says:

        I disagree with you both (A2 and Sedanka).

        If Crooked Hillary had ‘successfully defrauded her way into the presidency’, I don’t believe she would have survived to inauguration day.

        To allow that criminal to perform the coup de grace of ending our Republic was not going to happen.

        And I said so many times, both before the election and since.

        Liked by 1 person

      • WSB says:

        I believe the cash originated from the US.

        I mean, why would Russia use their own money when they had a perfect spy ring and money laundering operation in the US with Hillary and Obama? Money just has to go through Latvia or third world countries and be shuffled through Foreign Aid back to Russia.


  29. scott467 says:

    “Yes, this pronouncement by the Grand Mufti is a paradigm shift akin to former President Obama telling all his followers and supporters that President Trump is the true light-bringer and delivering a full-throated endorsement for Trump’s platform.”


    That is an interesting proposition.

    If a person of such demonstrable evil as Hussein did any such thing, my first thought would be to wonder whether — maybe even assume — DJT had been compromised. Because evil does not endorse good, wrong does not endorse right, treason does not endorse loyalty or patriotism. To do so would be self-annihilating. Self-canceling. Paradigm suicide.

    Hussein supporting DJT would be like the rot and decay of Death touching a newborn infant. It can only be an attempt to taint.

    So in the event that such a thing appeared to have occurred, the only possibility is that things are obviously not as they seem. Either Hussein was not really evil — in direct contradiction to literally all of the evidence, every single day, from 2008 to 2016 — or DJT is not who we have been led to believe he is.

    To say that Trump supporters would be suspicious of any such praise from Hussein would be the understatement of the century.

    And how would Hussein’s cultists react? How would the professional treason-class (Uni-Party and media) react?

    It’s beyond anything but fantasy speculation, because there is no historical frame of reference.

    So likewise, imagine for a moment how the current situation might be received by the islamic people of the Middle East — and adherents of islam everywhere else…

    We are not talking about free People for the most part (if there even are any free people in the world at this point in history), so to a large extent any public outcry can be stifled. But how can such a radical change in worldview simply be ‘declared’ without explanation?

    I don’t mean *only* the People, but also the powers that be. The powers that be must be able to rationalize their worldview as well, even if it is nothing more than a ‘rationalization’. There has to be ‘something’, lol!

    It is certainly fascinating, and will be fascinating to watch how this develops going forward.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. jello333 says:

    I don’t think there’s enough room to squeeze Trump in there between Roosevelt and Lincoln. Hmm… but maybe Don could go just to the right of Abe? Ah well, we have plenty of time to figure it out…

    Liked by 2 people

  31. n1ghtcr4wler says:

    The idiotic German foreign minister Gabriel had no clue and attacked Saudi Arabia.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. mikgen says:

    Re Gabriel see my post above yours on Mr Bildt. Par for the course for euro-politicians. Macron, due to the influence of PDJT and France’s long relationship with Lebanon may be the odd one out.


  33. C. Lowell says:

    Remember how fervently Valerie “Iranian Spy” Jarrett, Ben “Rat Face” Rhodes, and Barack “Hussein” Obama supported Iran? I do…


  34. sukietawdry says:

    “…the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Abdulaziz Al Sheikh, has just announced that war against the Jews is forbidden and Hamas is a terrorist organization.”

    Wow. Did hell freeze over last night?


  35. tonyE says:

    Grand Mufti…. I got to say, it sounds like something Frank Zappa would write a good song about.

    “Dreamt I was a Grand Mufti oh…” ;-D

    War with Iran next?


  36. Pingback: Trump: The End of Jihad? | Real Patriot News

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