Nudges – Egypt Opens Gaza Border For First Time Since Palestinian Authority Unity Agreement…

It was massively unreported in 2014 when Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi took control of the Gaza Sinai border and began removing the Hamas Terror tunnels.  As we watched the local media reporting, it was almost unbelievable how western media were ignoring the events. (example)

A full one-third of all homes on the Gaza border with Egypt contained Hamas tunnels used to smuggle weapons.  One of the discovered tunnels was 1.5 miles long (link).  In order to deal with the scale of the issue, al-Sisi ordered the removal of houses to facilitate an almost mile-wide buffer zone.   During the effort massive tunnels were discovered that the terrorist network Hamas was using to smuggle weapons.

It was al-Sisi’s efforts on that border that eventually forced the terms of a 2014 ceasefire between Hamas/Palestinian Authority and Israel.  By forcing Hamas and the Palestinian Authority to speak with one voice President al-Sisi changed the paradigm of willful blindness supporting terrorism.

Since 2014/2015 the border area has been secured by Egypt and no weapons have been able to flow into Gaza.  The inability of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas to fuel further terror created the space for the Palestinian Authority to extend it’s influence.

Eventually, absent their ability to fuel terrorist activity, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood diminished in influence; later granting the PA with unified governing authority.  The “big squeeze” paid off.

Almost three years later, the efforts of President Sisi to raise moderate voices to the top of the political dynamic, are yielding positive results:

Egypt opened its largely sealed border with Gaza on Saturday for the first time since a reconciliation agreement saw the Palestinian Authority take control of the crossing from Hamas.

A Palestinian official at the Rafah crossing said it had opened at 0700 GMT and was expected to stay open for three days.

“Egypt will open the crossing for humanitarian cases registered with the interior ministry,” the official said, adding that civilian and security personnel on the Palestinian side were all employees of the reconciliation government headed by Rami Hamdallah.

Up to 20,000 people from Gaza have applied to enter Egypt. during the brief reopening.

Egypt’s border with the Gaza Strip had been totally sealed since August, and was largely closed for years before that.

Under the terms of a Palestinian reconciliation agreement reached last month, Gaza’s Islamist rulers Hamas are supposed to cede civil power to the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority by December 1.

As a first step, they handed over control of its border crossings on November 1.

The Egypt-brokered deal is expected to lead to more regular opening of the Rafah crossing.  (read more)

This is another significant step toward a possible Arab/Israel peace deal.

“The impossible is just where we begin”..

~President Donald J Trump

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68 Responses to Nudges – Egypt Opens Gaza Border For First Time Since Palestinian Authority Unity Agreement…


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  2. Tossed Salad says:

    President Sisi…redefining the road ahead.

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  3. Plain Jane says:

    That man has to be a closet Christian. Just love him. Prayed for him through the summer. Have to get back to doing so again.

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  4. Ditch Mitch says:

    SD, glad you are keeping track of these important events. I knew about El-Sisi’s efforts to close/destroy tunnels in 2014. US wanted to be an ally. El-Sisi is becoming the tip of the spear in fighting Middle East terror.

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  5. M. Mueller says:

    I’m waiting for the day our President Trump can make a trip to Egypt.

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  6. fleporeblog says:

    What is happening in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦, Egypt 🇪🇬 and other parts of North Africa and the ME is truly divine! The fact that all of this has occurred in the first ten months of our President’s presidency is completely shocking. I had said a few months back that the leaders of SA, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Israel etc. saw the election of our Lion as their one and only opportunity to correct their region. For them, everyday is precious.

    Israel will absolutely back SA if they decide to confront Hezbollah and Iran. The money that the Saudis can commit to Israel 🇮🇱, Egypt 🇪🇬 and Jordan 🇯🇴 is astronomical. The four of them with the support of the other GCC countries is a force to be reckon with.

    Thomas Wictor has shared multiple tweets about the firepower that these countries have. Weapons never seen before. The Rod From God according to him was created by the Israelis with the funding from SA. They are literally killing top Generals of the Syrian, Hezbollah, ISIS armies etc. with these advanced weapons.

    Eliminate the Mullahs in Iran 🇮🇷 and peace in the ME is a real possibility. There will be a day in the future where going to the ME is far more safer than Western Europe.

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  7. Kent says:

    Sundance called it out in 2014? Earlier?… on the links….

    Read and understand the links…or miss the big picture.

    Good reading……………..


  8. Grandma Covfefe says:

    “This is My Story. This is My Song. Praising my Savior, All the Day Long.”
    “To God Be The Glory, for the Things He hath done.” (this was sang at our wedding)
    A miracle has happened…prayers are still needed for the terrorists to be subdued for good, and for the angels of the Lord to stand guard at the gates.

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  9. I want to know what happened to Gadhafi’s weapons and gold after Benghazi

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    • Minnie says:

      Thank you for the link.



    • wondering999 says:

      And the abundant child labor of Gaza is used to build those tunnels. “…During a police patrol that the author was permitted to accompany in December 2011, nothing was done to impede the use of children in the tunnels, where, much as in Victorian coal mines, they are prized for their nimble bodies. At least 160 individuals have been killed in the tunnels, according to Hamas officials….

      When you look for this article in Journal for Palestine Studies, “Gaza’s Tunnel Phenomenon: The Unintended Dynamic of Israel’s Siege” by Nicolas Pelham, there is a disclaimer at the top that says the 160 child fatality number is incorrect. I don’t know — possibly Pelham was threatened for reporting something that is distasteful in the West. For darn sure children are used for dangerous activities in Gaza

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  10. Minnie says:

    Peace in our lifetime, if not in the lives of our children’s children.

    Pray unceasingly!

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  11. Sam says:

    Ougt tis thif id id isd if pysttyret lst time sntimf n it got lot. Pll olede otry oty fur mfnn I m ib ad. Jo’$ 7”$ hosp. On slsenvsy wiyh trspsirtoty arototy ditur nd gtiinig better. Bylut may dirle. Ptayetylradlds pptedlciared . Tgahns.$Sam.


  12. In Az says:

    How is the Palestinian Authority going to be any better than Hamas / Muslim Brotherhood?

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    • Jenny R. says:

      It’s hoped that the PA can be turned. Hamas and the MB are receiving funding from Iran/Hezboallah, and they have links to ISP (Islamic State Palestine). This creates an existential threat to the countries concerned as well as the PA leadership, which those groups have called traitors to the cause.
      PA isn’t a nice organization, but in order to combat the worse ones before things get out of hand there needs to be an inside faction to work with. Consider this to be the carrot.


    • KPomeroy says:

      Actually, I had the vague impression Hamas were the good guys.


  13. yakmaster2 says:

    Look what can happen when we have a President determined to MAGA, instead of bringing America down or equalizing the rest of the world. Good riddance to the globalist Spook, the other nations-building war-monger, and the clandestine ‘Imperialist-America’ hater.

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  14. Sylvia Avery says:

    I’d love to see a buffer zone like that on our southern border, and of course THE WALL. Grateful for al-Sisi’s actions and leadership. Glad to have him as an ally.

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  15. Irons says:

    Never would have happened like this with a hussein/hillary as US President.
    Thank God the US and the world is on it’s way back to sanity.

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  16. bkrg2 says:

    Every day I am amazed at the things Sisi, MBS, the GCC etc. are doing to make the middle east (and the world) a safer place. Yet, I am even more amazed at the total lack of coverage in the USA media (aka evil MSM).
    It is so hard to find out what is really happening in GCC, Syria, Iran… Thank you so much Sundance and other Treepers for all this wonderful “secret” information! That includes all the things going on with team Trump, Koreas, EU…
    Sending another donation now to keep the good news flowing

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  17. Bendix says:

    I love President Trump.
    Those pictures made me think of that.
    Speaking of poor reporting on the Middle East, my foreign friend was quite perplexed when I happened to mention the other day that Sirhan Sirhan was not Muslim.
    “But wasn’t he Palestinian”? was his question.
    See? Younger people don’t get it, and he’s someone who makes the effort to be informed.


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