Deadlocked Jury – Trial of Senator Bob Menendez Ends in Mistrial…

According to the general legal outline that surfaced in the trial of Senator Bob Menendez, quid-pro-quo agreements between “abiding friends” can never be considered corruption or defined as ‘bribes’ because,.. just like non-public officials or business associates, close friends would do favors to help and repay each other.

In essence the legal definition of bribery for public officials now comes down to how long the two parties have known each other, and if they can show an abiding friendship. If two parties can show an “abiding friendship“, of undefined duration, no action taken by one party -to the benefit of the other party- can ever be considered bribery, regardless of the scope of the action.

You can bet a social networking strategy and Christmas Card lists of a whole bunch of politicians and public officials will be much longer this year. Everyone involved in paying-off public officials will now begin creating evidence of a much deeper friendship – which is now a proven legal defense.

(Reuters) – The corruption trial of New Jersey’s Democratic U.S. Senator Bob Menendez ended in a mistrial on Thursday, after the jury said it was hopelessly deadlocked on bribery, fraud and other charges.

Menendez, 63, a longtime fixture in the state’s political circles who first joined the Senate in 2006, was accused of accepting private flights, campaign contributions and other bribes from a wealthy patron, Florida ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen, in exchange for official favors.

The hung jury was a victory for Menendez and a major setback for federal prosecutors in what was the Justice Department’s first high-profile corruption trial since a U.S. Supreme Court decision last year limited its ability to bring such cases.

It was not immediately clear whether prosecutors would seek to retry Menendez, who is running for re-election next year, and his co-defendant Melgen. In a statement, the Justice Department said it would “carefully consider next steps in this important matter.”

[…] The case was seen as a test for prosecutors in the wake of last year’s Supreme Court ruling vacating the bribery conviction of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. In doing so, the high court narrowed the grounds for corruption cases.

The trial judge, Williams Walls, strongly considered a defense motion to throw out the case mid-trial in light of the McDonnell decision before deciding against it.  (read more)

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129 Responses to Deadlocked Jury – Trial of Senator Bob Menendez Ends in Mistrial…

  1. tax2much says:

    Deep State version of catch and release.

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  2. FL_GUY says:

    And people wonder why AG Sessions is moving slowly. This is why people!

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    • presuming that you want sessions to DO something, what’s your opinion of who he will prosecute and WHEN…we are all aware of the actual criminals and the evidence that’s in the public domain, so…


      • Summer says:

        Hillary Clinton said that prosecuting her would be a gross abuse of power. General Sessions has no reason to doubt her words and gently reminds you that he recused himself from anything related to draining the swamp anyway.
        Comey reportedly cut a deal with Mueller.
        Lynch affairs just “look like” corruption and therefore no reasonable prosecutor would do anything.
        Obama is untouchable.

        Everybody skates.

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      • To be sure, Attorney General Sessions will prosecute people he can be sure of convicting, once the gathered evidence insures a conviction. To act prematurely without all of the essential evidence would be a waste.

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    • Bamalaker says:

      Exactly FL Guy. This absolutely can happen to Hillary and the gang too. People really need to come to grips with this reality. Justice comes in different forms.


  3. millwright says:

    Its New Jersey !! I can hear the echoes of ” The Kingfish” clapping !!

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  4. booger71 says:

    Move the trial to SW MO…he will get convicted.

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  5. grandmotherpatriot says:

    In America, if your a Democrat Politician crime pays.

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  6. magatrump says:

    Pray for justice.

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  7. USA loves Melania says:

    There are 2 kinds of people in this world: Crooked Hillary’s abiding friends and people who commit suicide.

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  8. Comrade Mope says:

    Blago is spinning in his… um… cell.

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  9. filia.aurea says:

    This is like a punch in the gut..sickening.

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  10. Carrie says:

    It also doesn’t hurt if a jury member doesn’t know what a “senator” is.

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  11. Angry Dumbo says:

    The Judiciary is a joke. Love the Blago reference, Comrade. : ))

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  12. das411 says:

    Hmmm if only there was a high profile NJ Republican who could run for that Senate seat next year and call out this blatant swampism…

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  13. Publius2016 says:

    Obama DOJ railroaded Governor McDonnell so it’s not surprising that they targeted Menendez…not surprised as the venue was in his favor.

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  14. Ellie says:

    This after the recent Bergdahl decision.

    It’s enough to make me physically ill.

    These people are above the law. When they aren’t above the law, they simply re-write it in their favor.

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  15. Angry Dumbo says:

    Not Keystone Cops, more like a side step from the corrupt bolsheviks at the DOJ. Move along, nothing to see here. MSM didn’t even bother covering it. Pravda works harder.

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  16. georgiafl says:

    We have the peasant class and the ruling political class.

    Laws are for the peasant class only.

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  17. The Jimmy Jack says:

    This is a man who who has stollen millions from our health system fun fund for the elderly and needy. He’s broken visa laws and EB5 fraud. He had had sex w teens teen girls. And this is just what we know about.

    Investigate the jury and judge. Retry. Pray.

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  18. dekester says:

    A successful lawyer friend of mine. Fifty years a lawyer up here in Canada.
    A lawyer that has experience with U.S. Judges and Juries told me decades ago that the the U.S. system is all about bribery and politics.

    Nothing I have seen since has surprised me.

    It really is so sad. Yet the police and prosecutors always get the blame. Just look at your 9th Circuit.

    God bless PDJT

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  19. John Doe says:

    Both MSNBC and FOX reported that it was important to delay the actual prosecution and charges against Menendez until January when the newly elected Dem NJ Governor can appoint an equally corrupt criminal with whom to replace Menendez.

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  20. So I guess this means that Hillary and Putin are the best of friends and that suitcase full of cash she got delivered to her was a gift … maybe even a gift for Chelsea’s wedding

    Nothing to see here people, move on.

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  21. The line between right and wrong has been blurred far too long. People are losing their grip on reality.

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  22. H&HC, 2nd-16th says:

    I asked on another thread if the gov’t retries him, can the prosecution request a change in venue to a moire favorable court?

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  23. Coldeadhands says:

    We’re all living in Chicago. We’ve got the best government that money can buy!

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  24. Lunatic Fringe, Phd. [undocumented] says:

    I wonder if this is why the guillotine was invented. Nah, couldn’t be.

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  25. joshua says:

    Well, New Jersey folks have lived among and around nothing but democrat corruption and racketeering….so they cannot convict someone of the normal stuff they have always known

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  26. MfM says:

    It’s only when there is too much evidence that Democrats plead guilty on a plea deal like Seth Williams did in Philly.

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  27. USA loves Melania says:

    Wouldn’t it be a weird coincidence if some of Lindsey Graham’s abiding friends are also Bobby Menendez’s abiding friends?

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  28. Stringy theory says:

    Don’t fret, McTurtle will open a Senate ethics investigation of Mendez as soon as the one dealing with Franken is done.

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  29. Patriot1783 says:

    Tee him up again!

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  30. alliwantissometruth says:

    No one knows yet what actually transpired, be it bribery, Deep State influence or simply an ignorant & stupid jury. All I know is all of it is coming home to roost & we’ve got a problem much deeper than simple corruption

    A Constitutional Republic can only survive & thrive if it’s inhabited by like minded citizens who value freedom, personal responsibility & the rule of law above all else

    Since the sixties, we’ve allowed our government to saturate our country with third world hordes who haven’t the slightest idea what a republic represents or how it works, nor do they want to know. They embrace the nanny state & gladly trade their freedoms & rights for a shiny little object

    On top of that, the radical Marxist left has had total control of our children’s minds via our education system. Year after year, they churn out mindless leftist sheep who value phony “social justice” & radical racial identity politics over the tenets of our Constitutional Republic

    Again, this is all coming home to roost, as we witness half the country voting for a proven liar, a person that quite possibly is the most corrupt politician ever & a bona fide criminal, to be the most powerful person in the world, the President of the United States

    We witness juries who cannot comprehend the magnitude of the corruption & criminality they preside over or the damage& degradation it causes to our republic, all because they’re too stupid, ignorant or partisan to care

    The elites laugh at the havoc they’ve caused, smug in the knowledge that their treasonous acts in the past are bearing fruit

    I don’t know people, we’ve got one hell of a mess on our hands. Somehow, someway, we’ve got to turn this around, or our country is finished

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  31. doc00 says:

    A Bill Clinton appointee, applying the pre-Gorsuch Supreme Court Standard of “abiding friendship”..

    Was this Judge evening the score for Governor McDonnell? Although, aside from being stupid and presenting a potential for corrupt action there was no evidence of any quid pro-quo on the part of the Governor. Yet, he also deserved to be punished.

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  32. evergreen says:

    One of the “upsides” to public education as delivered in the last 20 years…from the vantage point of the “governing class”, as Bush II recently called it. Practically any legitimate accusation can now be obfuscated to the point that a jury will not know up from down.

    And, why not? Everything is relative, you know.

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  33. dayallaxeded says:

    Look at the expressions on the faces of the people around Mendacious–they look completely disgusted with him. If those are his kids, I kinda feel for them–they know he’s guilty, they know he’s a disgrace, and worst of all, they know they’re living in a world where it’s not justice, but “just us.”

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  34. JustSomeInputFromAz says:

    Well at least he was not acquitted.

    Hung jury means at least one juror was steadfast for “guilty as charged”.

    Wonder what the jury guilty/not guilty numbers really were. Be an unfortunate hoot if there was only one “not guilty” holdout……

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  35. Binkser1 says:

    Until Jesus returns and finally brings justice to the ‘elite’ in this world I feel quoting the song ..And Justice For All is appropos: “Justice is lost, justice is raped, justice is gone…justice is done. Seeking no truth, winning is all..” It’s a sad, vile, corrupt world we live in.

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    • Joe Blow says:

      Living in NJ I had the misfortune of getting to hear most of his statement afterwards. He said he was (paraphrasing) “most thankful to God that the truth prevailed.”


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  36. Maria Casale says:

    I live in NJ. Hope he will be tried again and found guilty. The jury was from Essex county = Democratic. We are looking to get out of this state. Taxes and the unions are terrible among other issues.

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  37. Donna in Oregon says:

    Is there anyone that didn’t see this coming?

    The “What’s a Senator?” question….honestly, I’ve been asking myself what the hell these leeches really are myself.

    I think this should be a Death Penalty case. If they are out of drugs let’s do it naturally like we used to do out West. Use one of those sturdy Cherry trees the Japanese sent us 🙂

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  38. Yes James. This DOJ has no integrity left. THey do nothing on the big issues (Clinton Foundation, Fast and Furious, Uranium 1, ) and then go after Joe Arpio for inforcing laws. No wonder VERY FEW believe the evidence they put forth. They are just another political agency. If Mendenez hadn’t crossed Obama on the Iran deal, he wouldn’t have even gone to trial. People see all of these trials for what they are, political vendettas!

    We need an AG who knows how to take on the really criminal cases and then, WIN!

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  39. scslayer says:

    Once again…the elites have their laws to not abide by and we have ours.

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  40. StupidMike says:

    These favors albeit gifts did have a value. I wonder if the giver of the gift (the friend) should be potentially liable for the gift tax. Since Menendez didn’t provide something quid pro quo, then It seem like he received a gift. Ergo, if the threshhold for a taxable event under the gift tax code then there should tax due from the donor. If the transaction didn’t qualify as a gift then that should be evidence that something was given to satisfy the quid pro quo argument. Hopefully, someone can better articulate what I’m trying to say with the proper legalesse

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  41. Uncle Max says:

    Democrats. This is ONLY because he’s a Democrat. They hold party above the law and have no problem protecting their scum. Rules for Democrats vs Rules for everyone else. Even McConnell is in on the game. Allegations for GOP Senate candidate? Withdraw ! ….and if you win?.. we will not seat you! Allegations against sitting Democrat Senator… well, this needs “investigation”…

    Pitchforks and hot tar are too good for the lot of them.

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  42. David says:

    The swamp protects itself

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  43. MAGAbear says:

    And the Senate breathes a sigh of relief, “wow, we’ve committed the same crimes as Menendez…..that could’ve been us on trial!”.

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  44. paul busby says:

    Prolly was fixed. Same old ugly dried up politicians.

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  45. scott467 says:

    “The case was seen as a test for prosecutors in the wake of last year’s Supreme Court ruling vacating the bribery conviction of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. In doing so, the high court narrowed the grounds for corruption cases.”


    So tired of this garbage. The only thing ‘high’ about the Supreme Court is the smell of pot coming from the chambers of the Leftists on the court.

    Each case has its own circumstances, and whatever happened in the McDonnell case is not likely to be relevant in other cases.

    It’s all BS. Everything is BS.

    What makes anyone think the prosecutors weren’t in the bag for Menendez? The Swamp protects the swamp. Who appointed the prosecutors in this case? Who oversees the case? Who has checked their bank accounts for ‘donations’ during the course of the trial?

    Considering what we KNOW the DOJ and FBI and CIA and IRS and other wholly corrupt agencies of our government do on a DAILY (hourly) basis, what makes anyone think the DOJ wasn’t in the tank for Menedez?

    It’s HARD to get good legislation through Congress.

    It’s EASY to block, stall, or throw in poison pills to make sure a bill never passes.

    Likewise, it’s HARD to win a trial.

    But it’s EASY to throw one.

    The DOJ is no less corrupt than every other agency.

    Why does anyone think they are not corrupt in the Menedez case?

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  46. jdvalk says:

    He’s my pal, my buddy pal. So what if he foots the bill for lots of stuff and I work on legislation that just might work to his biz interests. That’s what friends do, right?

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  47. yy4u says:

    Four Democrats broke ranks with Obama to vote against the Iran “deal”. One was Bob Menendez.
    I always wondered if Obama’s DOJ and Obama “allowed” this trial to continue to send a message to Democrats that to break ranks brings dire consequences. I dimly recall back in the 90’s Chuck Robb (D-VA) was considered a viable candidate for the presidency. Then Robb cast a vote — and I can’t remember what it was — which served VA (the state he represented) but was against what the Dem. Party was trying to enact and all hell broke loose on Robb. Suddenly rumors about his attending parties where cocaine was used became front page news at least in Tidewater VA’s left wing newspaper — it came out that he had some women issues — can’t remember what they are either — but Robb was done for and I haven’t heard of him since. I remember wondering at the time all this hit the Dems’ propaganda outlets (formerly known as the MSM) whether Mendenez was being taught a lesson along the lines of Chuck Robb. I still think that. The other three Dems who voted against Obama? Ben Cardin (MD), Manchin (WV) and Schumer (NY). Schumer is too powerful to take on, Manchin too independent and he might get ticked and join the Repubicans and I don’t know anything about Cardin. But from the list it looks to me like Mendenez might be the one to use as an example of what happens to Democrats who don’t toe the party line. Just an opinion, guys, based on a dim memory.

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