Responding to Trump APEC Speech: USTR Lighthizer Statement of Intent for US-Indo-Pacific Trade…

Just love this guy. Remember to teach your kids, grand-kids, family etc. about the unknown wolverine, the third musketeer, United States Trade Rep. Robert Lighthizer.

Da Nang, Vietnam – United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer today released the following statement in response to President Trump’s speech on trade between the United States and the Indo-Pacific region, at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit (emphasis mine):

“The President spoke loud and clear: the era of trade compromised by massive state intervention, subsidies, closed markets and mercantilism is ending. Free, fair and reciprocal trade that leads to market outcomes and greater prosperity is on the horizon.

“President Trump understands that too many nations talk about free trade abroad, only to shield their economies behind tariff and non-tariff barriers at home. The United States will no longer allow these actions to continue, and we are willing to use our economic leverage to pursue truly fair and balanced trade.

“I look forward to doing as the President instructed me and to pursue policies that will improve the lives of our workers, farmers and ranchers.” (link)


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71 Responses to Responding to Trump APEC Speech: USTR Lighthizer Statement of Intent for US-Indo-Pacific Trade…

  1. WSB says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My little killers!


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  2. daughnworks247 says:

    Give anything to be there. We’ll meet at the old bridge at midnight. Let’s go America.

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  3. nor'easter says:

    We’re going to need a wall on the northern border too!

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  4. rsanchez1990 says:

    Pay attention libertarians.”Too many nations talk about free trade abroad, only to shield their economies behind tariff and non-tariff barriers at home.” Free trade only exists in the minds of the eggheads at the Cato Institute. They and the folks at Reason should actually be thanking our President for highlighting the hypocrisy of countries that are taking advantage of us and working to rectify that, to introduce real free trade that benefits Americans.

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  5. wheatietoo says:

    We’re starting to see why it took so long to get Lighthizer confirmed by the Senate.

    The globalist-paid lackeys didn’t want this ‘killer’ on Pres Trump’s team.
    I hope they’re getting heartburn now.

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  6. maiingankwe says:

    I think all of us should send this article including the fabulous pictures below to the WH web page. Who knows, maybe it just might hit our President’s desk. I know he’d get a great laugh out of it.

    Thank you Sundance and all of your coverage during this trip. Heck, you’ve done a great job on all of his travels. So many of us would still be in the dark without you. We learn far more here than anywhere else. I will be forever greatfull for that. Plus, you even make me look smart once in awhile, and that is something.
    Be well,

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  7. Suzanne says:

    they have known all along just exactly what they were doing… obeying the instructions of their globalist/corporate pay masters. As always… follow the money

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  8. Not tired of winning!

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    • Grandma Covfefe says:

      I’m ready for more winning and two more scoops of Covfefe ice cream.

      Covfefe Rules
      Praise God
      Thank You, President Trump, for your Killer Dream Team.
      Thank You, Lord, for President Trump and his Killer Dream Team.

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  9. A2 says:

    I was waiting for pushback and right on schedule it arrives in caps!
    (I posted this earlier after reading Chairman Xi’s APEC speech)

    There could be no greater contrast than that between President Trump’s Speech and Chairman and General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party*, Xi.

    Read the full text of his speech. I call it,

    “The New World Order with Chinese Characteristics”

    * That is Xi’s formal title and they use “President” for western consumption so as to not scare the peeps.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      Yeah…”Chairman Xi” just doesn’t have the same friendly quality to it that ‘President Xi’ does.

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      • A2 says:

        Presidents are elected, Chairmen are anointed.

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      • Curry Worsham says:

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        • Carrie2 says:

          Curry, I can tell you that our Chinese friends in Beijing see him as lifting a dark cover over China. There are only a few real communists and many dying off. Today in China you see exuberance, a great deal more freedom, more businesses/millionaires/car and living a far better life and always getting a great education (which is not free) as they start at age 3 to study and ours are coddling and learn little to nothing all the way thru college. Discipline in children is given because the Chinese love their children so much. We have a little godchild there and can hardly wait to visit and see him in the flesh – we get lots of pictures, thank goodness. Beautiful country, lovely parks, they love to dance!!, friendly, etc. Xi has power but nothing like Mao or even Deng who stopped a lot of Mao’s hatefilled acts and killing millions to “equalize” meaning the agricultural peoples went to the city and knew nothing about business, so starved, and the educated were sent to the fields and knew nothing about growing food, so more starved to death – this in millions dying in starvation and as one of my Chinese Medicine doctor has said – “those were the worst 10 years of our lives” but he survived and a wonderful person and teacher. Another of my Chinese teachers has Ph.D’s from England, France, Germany, Oslow and knows every cell in the human body and a great teacher far beyond anatomy and biology but physiology as well AND PHYSICS which I grew to love – and all these subjects required for us to take for a Master’s in Chinese Med.


    • grandmaintexas says:

      That was a whole lot of blah, blah, blah speak. You have to force yourself to read it. After a bit the globalist perspective emerges like a fat 🐼 out of a denuded bamboo grove.

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    • Nordic Breed says:

      Thanks for the link to Chairman Xi’s speech. He’s using really scary words like “global economy”, “inclusive”, etc. It’s a speech full of word salad obfuscating the true intentions of China. Perfect communist propaganda. What a contrast with our clear spoken President who truly wills good for all.


  10. Curry Worsham says:

    Or precisely because they DID know what the hell they were doing.

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    • oldtoenail says:

      There is one thing that we know. These officials are not very intelligent. If they made these lousy trade deals because they didn’t understand what they were doing then they are not very intelligent. If they made these lousy trade deals because they were getting paid then they are not very intelligent because it is their country they are destroying. Either way they are basically stupid for destroying the country their children must live in.

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  11. fleporeblog says:

    Mr. Lighthizer just told the world 🌎 that the days of us getting screwed so that multinational corporations can get rich and countries other that the USA 🇺🇸 building their wealth is over!

    We are the gatekeepers and we are about to take away the keys! America First always and forever!

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    • TheWanderingStar says:

      I’m waiting for that first Wolverine bite!

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    • MouseChop says:

      fleporeblog, after reading Mr. Lighthizer’s pronouncement of President Trump’s declaration to the world, I envisioned the most ferocious wolverine as We the People’s gatekeeper.

      And, woe to those who hear not, these words of free and reciprocal trade declared by The President of the United States of America.

      There will be one or two countries who do not believe and will take a stick and poke the wolverine. We will read about the carnage that was strewn across the globe.

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  12. BillRiser says:

    Great Leaders promote Great Men ..The key to being successful.

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  13. Wend says:

    Indeed-and have a great Veterans’ Day and SEMPER FI to you!

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  14. Wend says:

    In addition to everything else he’s quite attractive.

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  15. Curry Worsham says:

    Robert “M777” Lighthizer

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  16. budsblog868 says:

    Simple bottom line to ALL trade partners. You want to sell us X dollars of materials/products? You MUST buy the same X dollars of materials/products from us! You sort it out!

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  17. Jeff says:

    Hello North Carolina …get ready for FURNITURE and LUMBER JOBS to return !!!

    NOW …if we can just get INDUSTRIAL HEMP production up and running in SOUTH CAROLINA too . Fire up those clothing and textile mills . HEMP PLASTIC production with biodegradable plastic ware and bottles .

    HEMP ethanol and oil with a multitude of uses . Henry Ford built a ” DIRT CAR ” that had HEMP plastic panels and ran on HEMP ethanol during WW II .

    #MAGA not ” you didn’t build THAT “

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Jeff, 47 yrs. ago, our furniture for living room, dining room and master bedroom were built for us. We had to wait a few months but so worth it as today our furniture is as lovely as ever and we take are of it. Could not afford this furniture now and usually of a lower quality, so go for it NC!


      • Jeff says:

        Carrie2 . Trumps renegotiating NAFTA means AMERICAN LUMBER can compete with Canadian SUBSIDIZED lumber . The taxpayers of Canada pay the lumber industry as subsidy sufficient to make their lumber cheaper than ours .

        NO MORE !!

        I suspect the same will go for furniture made in Vietnam !! We just moved to South Carolina and all the furniture stores sell product made in mostly in communist Vietnam .

        I’m just speculating on the kinds of JOBS And industry now able to make their profit margins with LESS obstruction from the pinko commie EPA and heavy handed anti-CAPITALIST regulations .


    • adoubledot says:

      Wow, lighter than steel and can take 10x as much impact without denting? I’m just imagining the amount of property claim costs saved. But in a collision, I would think that with no give, like with crumbling sheet metal, you’d lose the ability to absorb some of that impact away from the driver.


  18. For more about mercantilism, see my September 28, 2016, American Thinker commentary with my father and son. We wrote:

    “China and several other Asian countries have successfully grown their economies at U.S. expense by following the classic recipe for mercantilism as laid out by University of Chicago economist Jacob Viner in 1948 and Chinese economist Heng-fu Zou in 1997.

    “Mercantilism gives faster economic growth and increased political power to the trade surplus countries, but gives trade deficits, slower economic growth, and reduced political power to their trade-deficit victims. The correlation between trade balances and changes in political power are striking, as we demonstrated statistically in a recent conference paper.”

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  19. indiamaria2020 says:


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  20. Christy Lyke says:

    At last we have a President who can lead. He has a huge task in getting this country moving forward. He is not cowed intimidated and has laid out a clear agenda. We must keep faith with him.

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  21. Mongoose says:

    “we are willing to use our economic leverage to pursue truly fair and balanced trade”.
    Finally, fair trade, not free trade.

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  22. TwoLaine says:

    LOVE our Wolverines!

    I read recently that Mnuchin and his brother inherited their mothers estate which happened to hold stock in Bernie Madoff’s epic ponzi scheme. They got out immediately, well before it crashed and apparently got everything promised. Later, when it crashed some of the people who got left holding the bag tried to claw it back but the statute only goes back two years (I think), and their cash out was well before that, so they got to keep it all.

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    • allhail2 says:

      Very smart move to get out.
      The stock marketing is basically educated gambling. The key is to be smart, not greedy. I would rather hit singles all day, all week, with the occasional surprise two or three bagger thrown in. Once you bank a profit, it can’t be taken away.

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  23. jmuniz1 says:

    Watch it with Robert Lighthizer as our trade negotiator. ‘ Mr. Lighthizer has been involved in representing foreign countries against the United States in trade issues. Another red flag is Wilbur Ross, Trump’s Secretary of Commerce. Others have stated that the TPP should be the foundation on which NAFTA should be renegotiated.
    This poses a very important question… What does this reveal about Mr. Ross, our Secretary of Commerce, as well as all those others that have stated that the TPP should be the foundation on which NAFTA should be renegotiated?
    It could be that our president and others of like mind, might possible be misinformed or completely uninformed about the dangers lurking in the context of the TPP draft. Yet, I consider the prospect of this to be highly unlikely. But even if this should be the case, they are still guilty, for they have the responsibility to know what all is involved in what they are promoting.
    That is only one possibility, another one is that they are completely aware of the provisions lurking in the text of the TPP and they have no aversion to them. In fact, if they have no aversion to these provisions, they are most likely in agreement. So, that being said, we can conclude that Mr. Ross, while not being a member of the CFR, could very well be connected to it. Therefore, he’d be in agreement with open borders and unlimited immigration. He could also be in agreement that all provisions of the TPP agreement are not to be disclosed for at least four years after it is ratified and goes into effect. In addition, he most likely would be agreeable that other provisions could be added in the future if needed.
    Unfortunately, there are those who believe we have to have trade, and there is nothing wrong with that…if it’s only about trade and not about surrendering our liberties and our lives to an international entity. But for the mind-set that chooses trade over independence and liberty, there is no word to convey the depth, the breadth, indeed the complete totality of my contempt, scorn, and revulsion. I have concluded, that anyone succumbing to such a state of mind is very close to being turned over, by God, to a reprobate mind.
    We must make people understand that these are not trade deals in the classic sense; they are not as much about jobs and business, as they are about destroying our independence and what that means to our future. Debating these agreements as to whether they are “good deals” for trade is to fall into a trap and ignore the larger implications of losing our sovereignty!”
    We can beat this if we put our minds and wills to the task. Finally think about the consequences if we don’t fight this threat of our American sovereignty. NAFTA should never have passed, it was a destructive lie from its very inception. You can find what do do in the New American. Get the U.S. out of NAFTA

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  24. Carrie2 says:

    Jim, and they are qualified businessmen to help MAGA because they know how to do it along with us. Desperation in Congress/globalists/communists but no matter we MAGA and again!


  25. Carrie2 says:

    Many men have been in business and grew wealthy by knowing what to do, but now they were sought out and became Pres. Trump’s men with their talents, knowledge, and how the world works. I don’t castigate them for what they did before as long as they are on our side to MAGA. They are shrewd and know how to counter whatever we need for our country. They didn’t have to accept to be appointees, but felt called upon to be real patriotic Americans in our time of need.

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  26. They know EXACTLY what they’ve been doing. They are for sale to the highest bidder.


  27. H.R. says:

    sundance wrote:

    Remember to teach your kids, grand-kids, family etc. about the unknown wolverine, the third musketeer, United States Trade Rep. Robert Lighthizer.

    If you all will recall, at the rate his confirmation was going, your grand-kids might have reached voting age before he was going to be confirmed.

    The swamp creatures did not want him confirmed precisely because of the results we are beginning to see.

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