Saudi Banks Freeze 1,200 Accounts and Climbing…

The leftist deep-state apologist side of political narrative building are selling a story of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as a comparative persona to the DPRK’s Kim Jong-un.  However, a more accurate analysis might pose the question: is Robert Mueller the U.S. Jeffersonian version of Saudi’s Crown Prince?

Time will tell.  Indeed, time will tell:

DUBAI (Reuters) – Saudi Arabian banks have frozen more than 1,200 accounts belonging to individuals and companies in the kingdom as part of the government’s anti-corruption purge, bankers and lawyers said on Tuesday.

They added that the number is continuing to rise.

Dozens of royal family members, officials and business executives have been detained in the crackdown and are facing allegations of money laundering, bribery, extorting officials and taking advantage of public office for personal gain.

Since Sunday, the central bank has been expanding the list of accounts it is requiring lenders to freeze on an almost hourly basis, one regional banker said, declining to be named because he was not authorized to speak to media.

The banker did not name the companies affected but said they included listed and unlisted firms across many sectors.

He added that if the freezes stayed in place for long, they could start to hurt day-to-day business activities such as paying staff and creditors or making other transactions.

A second banker said, however, that most of the frozen accounts belonged to individuals rather than companies, and that banks were being allowed by the regulator to continue to fund existing commitments.

A central bank spokesman was not available to comment.

Among top business executives detained in the probe are billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, chairman of investment firm Kingdom Holding 4280.SE; Nasser bin Aqeel al-Tayyar, founder of Al Tayyar Travel (1810.SE); and Amr al-Dabbagh, chairman of builder Red Sea International (4230.SE). (read more)

Sword dancing has benefits…

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311 Responses to Saudi Banks Freeze 1,200 Accounts and Climbing…

  1. Payday says:

    So what’s with these 17 sealed indictments we heard of yesterday? After all the conspiracy theory histrionics we read yesterday…it sure has been quiet today.

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  2. mccall1981 says:

    My opinion has always been that Mueller is pure swamp and I haven’t seen anything yet to make me change my mind.

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    • mccall1981 says:

      I would of course love to be proven wrong though.


    • V.Lombardi says:

      Here goes the author of this site again, revealing his/her deep state affiliations, by likening Mueller to a reform hero. I read this site primarily to see what his/her latest stunts are. It’s ridiculous. The author likes to point out things in the past which were revealed/predicted by him/her, to elevate the site credibility, but this site has some huge blunders. Mueller was, in fact, very involved in the uranium deal, in a non-Jeffersonian fashion.


      • Cuppa Covfefe says:

        Now go back under the bridge in your momma’s basement and collect your 25 pieces of tin from your sugar-daddy Satan Soros…

        And Lombardi would have whupped the likes of a scallywag like you.


  3. only TIME WILL TELL.
    and really NEEDS TO BE.

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  4. Kaco says:

    My husband says they are reporting this as the prince is doing this to “ensure no competition to his rise to the throne”.


    • The Raven says:

      This was orchestrated between Trump and the King/Crown Prince. Funny that the POTUS made a phone call to the King, two days before this all went down…


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