MAGA Movement – 2017 Republican Party Raises Record Small Donor Contributions…

In a 90-day period back in 2016 a new political record of 2.1 million small donors signed up to support presidential candidate Donald J Trump.  This represented the largest single quarter assembly of small donors from either political party in U.S. history.  REMINDER:

(Via Politico 2016)  Donald Trump has unleashed an unprecedented deluge of small-dollar donations for the GOP, and one that Republican Party elders have dreamed about finding for much of the last decade as they’ve watched a succession of Democrats — Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and, to a lesser extent, Hillary Clinton — develop formidable fundraising operations, $5, $10 and $20 at a time.

Trump has only been actively soliciting cash for a few months, but when he reveals his campaign’s financials later this week they will show he has crushed the total haul from small-dollar donors of the last two Republican nominees, John McCain and Mitt Romney — during the entirety of their campaigns. (read more)

That was the moment when Party Chairman Reince Priebus realized the future of the modern Republican party was Trump’s.  Indeed MAGA was larger than the GOP, and both Priebus and Sean Spicer recognized the Trump Train was not stopping; they were ‘all in’.

The scale of the small donor support is critical because it shows the depth and width of the supportive base.  The donor list also becomes just as valuable as the contributions connected to it.   For comparison and context: the entire Clinton donor list from all years of campaigning by Bill and Hillary was 2.3 million donors.  Donald Trump gained 2.1 million donors in just 90 days during 2016.

That level of grassroots and small donor support for President Trump represented the Monster Vote; the previously unrecorded…. the MAGA Movement.  It continues today:

The Republican National Committee raised more than $100 million in the first nine months of 2017, marking the first time it has raised that much, that fast, in a non-presidential election year.

The record-breaking fundraising can be largely attributed to a flurry of small-dollar donors responding to fundraising appeals by the first Republican president in eight years, Donald Trump, according to a new report to be released later this week and obtained by McClatchy.

The numbers give Republicans a large cash advantage over Democrats as they look to retain control of both chambers of Congress in the midterm elections next year.

Last month, the RNC hired state directors in 17 states across the nation, including Florida, Missouri and North Carolina, as part of what the party says will be the most expansive midterm field program in its history.  (read more)

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  1. Binkser1 says:

    Hate that the money is going to the RINO establishment scum too. Wish it was all going to our great president and the candidates that he backs.

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  2. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    Donations are important. What is more important is for people to vote out the incumbent RINOs in the primaries otherwise nothing changes. There’s only an average of 17% turnout in republican primaries. Low voter turnout usually favors the incumbent.

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    • sickconservative says:

      I am all about primaring here in NC Senate especially but many in the house, that money won’t go anywhere near the candidates we need.

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      • filia.aurea says:

        I find it hard to believe that so much money has been donated to the RNC, who will use it all to support RINO incumbents. This post leaves a very sour taste in my mouth.

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      • Grandma Covfefe says:

        Exactly what I am concerned about.

        The article that Sundance provided up above, said:

        “Last month, the RNC hired state directors in 17 states across the nation, including Florida, Missouri and North Carolina, as part of what the party says will be the most expansive midterm field program in its history.”

        RNC hired state directors in 17 states–how do we know if they are NeverTrump and/or Mitch’s people. RNC have to share these info with the donors. The donor should have the right to have some say in it. I want names of these directors for us all to look into.

        NeverTrumpers’ games are over. They will never fool us again. They may get away with it, but they will never convince us they are on our side. Never. it is O.V.E.R.

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        • auntiefran413 says:

          Yep! And the Missouri Establishment has already run off a tremendous constitutional candidate in favor of a RINO who swore he was running for State Secretary of State — not a stepping stone to Congress.


        • Jim says:

          Just for your info. When my wife was volunteering to support DJT in the New Hanover County, NC Republican headquarters, one of our senators, Tom Tillis, came in and gave a little “pep talk” to the volunteers. He said, and I quote, ” Mr. Trump is not the candidate that we wanted, but since he is now our candidate, we should support him.” One of her fellow workers said, “Mr. Tillis, I am a registered democrat and Mr. Trump is the only reason I am here. If you have and your Party have a problem with that, I am outta here right now.” Mr. Tillis said nothing, turned, and walked away. Never, ever forget who these people are and what they think of us. MAGA!


        • Lindenlee says:

          Find someone you know as a precinct captain who has been active in the Party for a while, is a Trumper, and he/she will be able to guide you. The FL Pubbie party was cleaning house of any non-Jebbites through all kinds of shenanigans right after Trump announced. They were lining up delegates even then, and will be doing that now for candidates. The pressure will be intense.


  3. In CO I will not contribute to the RNC. I will only donate directly to President Donald J Trump’s website.

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  4. fleporeblog says:

    The most exciting piece for me is that Ronna McDaniel is the head of the RNC. She is all in when it comes to our President. Every single penny that is spent has a purpose to it. It is to MAGA. I also love that Steve Wynn is the Treasurer. We have a real good chance of winning the Governor’s race in Virginia. That would be huge because the Democrats will win back NJ. Those are the only two Governor races in the upcoming election.

    The Establishment Republicans fear the power of our President’s fundraising. The other thing they hate is that Ronna will not spend a dime in a primary. That is a killer for people like Flake, Wicker, Heller etc. They don’t get to eat from that money.

    From the article linked above:

    The RNC had raised $93.3 million with $47.1 million cash on hand while the DNC raised $46.3 million and had $6.8 million cash on hand.

    Keep in mind that every donation that is made directly to our President, the RNC gets 20% of it. Ronna will go after the 13 Democrat seats in the Senate next year. Ten of those Democrat Senators come from States our President won. The other three are Maine (King), Virginia (Kaine) and NJ (Menendez if he is found innocent).

    We will pick off 6 to 8 of those seats and win with Ward and Tarkanian in AZ and NV!

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Just as important as the money is the data trend from last November up unti now in terms of Republican registered voters versus Democrat registered voters in those Senate races I mentioned above. The picture is becoming more and more a beautiful RED!

      From the article linked above:

      October’s voter registration changes measured against last November continue to show Republican strength, almost across the board. Certainly in the “battleground” states, the Democrats are looking at a very bleak picture. A reminder that these are net changes—some states have seen voter registration increases, some decreases as rolls are purged—but the key is the net gain or loss of one party against the other. Also, keep in mind Virginia, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas and Georgia, to name a few, do not register by party so it is impossible to track the changes in those states. However, with that in mind . . . .

      *AZ Rs net +11,160
      Both parties gained, and the Republican edge was down slightly from last look, but still holding very strong. So much for Arizona “going purple.” If this rate of changes holds, Arizona Republicans could have a net gain of an additional 25,000 voters by election time in 2018.

      *FL Rs net +61,857 Since the election, Republicans have seen a net shift of nearly 62,000 in their direction. This represents a further net gain of about 6,000 since my last report, meaning that Republicans are gaining ground at the rate of about 6,000 per month. If this were to hold through 2020, Florida would be a Republican state.

      *IA Rs net +70,801 Democrats can pretty well forget about Iowa, a state Obama carried and George W. Bush lost. This massive level of change bodes extremely well for neighboring Wisconsin and Minnesota, where we cannot track these changes, but which have some of the same demographics.

      *NC Rs net +61,752 This is up another 1,000 since last month, and shows the Tar Heel State continues to turn back to the Republican Party as the Democrats are losing significant registrations. When combined with the 2016 3% black voting shortfall, North Carolina presents another bleak picture for the Democrats in the near future.

      *NM Rs net +12,975 New Mexico continues its Republican trend, up 165 over last month. But every month has shown steady net Republican gains. Given that there likely won’t be a Gary Johnson in the race in 2020, New Mexico is absolutely in the toss up column right now, and by 2020 could be lean Republican.

      *NV Rs net +8,338 Since the last report, Republicans gained another net 600. Yet another state where Republicans are slowly and steadily chipping away at the Democrat registration advantage, and another state where Johnson won’t be around to bail out the Democrat.

      And the biggie:
      *PA Rs net +109,101 Pennsylvania’s shocking march away from the Democrats is breathtaking: Democrats were down another 22,000 since last month and Republicans are surging. Once again, Pennsylvania’s numbers likely speak to Michigan.

      And, a reminder that in my last report, NH was R net +6,511 and ME was R net +1,201.

      In short, among the truly contested states in 2016, the only ray of hope for the Democrats is Colorado, and even there, the trends have flattened some. They have stabilized New Jersey and Delaware, but Republicans continue to gain significant ground in Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, Nevada, and above all, Pennsylvania. If these trends continue through 2020, Florida would be have a slight Republican registration edge, North Carolina would be nearly even, and New Mexico would be close enough that it could never be taken for granted. Moreover, Pennsylvania and Iowa would be solid Trump states.

      The remarkable thing about the Republican trending states is that they have moved steadily ever since last November, in almost every case without a single break. Democrats continue to lose voters, and they are not becoming independents. All of this appears to be due to Trump and Trump alone, as the Republican Party has not offered any reasons to embrace it.

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    • WeThePeople2016 says:

      “We have a real good chance of winning the Governor’s race in Virginia.”

      I hope so, but Ed Gillepsie has not fully embraced the Trump voter in Virginia, despite being warned by many conservatives. He teeters around the edges and seems like he is afraid of his own shadow. He is Establishment and it shows. He is known for this, and he frustrates many people. He was out fundraising with Bush this week in Northern Virginia though. That is a great way to gain the Trump voters – not.

      I hope that he asks to campaign with Trump in the last week of the campaign. If available, Trump would do it. The woman running for the Lt. Gov., Vogel, and the guy running for AG, Adams, both are Trump supporters and are not afraid to say so.

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      • Eric Kennedy says:

        Have you heard his opponent’s ads on WMAL? He sounds like he’s running as a Republican (anti-MS13, tax cuts, pro-military). It’s comical.

        VA GOP is the Swamp. I’ll hold my nose and vote for Gillespie… but the guy is a turd.

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        • Ellen says:

          Agree, Eric! If Gillespie gave Trump the green light our President could really turn out votes in the southwest and south central part of the state, not to mention the military vote in the Tidewater.

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        • ladypenquin says:

          Tidewater, Virginia here.

          Gillespie is exactly what’s wrong with the GOP in Virginia. (The Lt. Governor’s and Attorney General’s candidates are good people.)

          The Establishment has a stranglehold on the party and candidates chosen. This will be broken eventually, though it’s a toss-up on whether we’ll take the Governor’s race in November. If we fail, I think we’ll get rid of the Dems & at least some of the GOP-E in the next election cycle. The Trump voter base is really the “new” Republican Party – GOP-E just doesn’t know it yet.

          BTW, the problem for Virginia is Northern Virginia, bedroom community to DC where Obama made use of enormous expansion of government to turn NVA heavily blue. Until some of that fat bureaucracy is cut, it’s hard to have control of the state.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      God bless you, Felice, for understanding how this works, explaining it, and your never ending optimism. I give into the blues too easily, but your posts are always so encouraging in an intelligent way. Thank you for that!

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  5. scottmc37 says:

    Record Small Donor Contributions…

    Had to read the headline a few times, thought it meant record low contributions…

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  6. LT says:

    Same here! Are they counting those donations also? MAGA!

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  7. jcthewizard says:

    We are at WAR with the GOPe here in eastern Washington – NO ONE who supports PDT will give a penny to support the establishment swamp suckers . . . especially our own Cathy McMorris Rodgers who continues to kiss the lobbyists ass whenever possible.


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    • Ellen says:

      Too bad, Jet, about the situation in eastern Washington. My husband was there in the mid-seventies temporarily stationed at Fairchild AFB. He liked the area and thought the people (at that time) in eastern Washington were pretty rock solid. Any chance that Rodgers will be primaried?

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      • jcthewizard says:

        We are working on that Ellen – we know what it takes as we have a long and large Congressional District and we know who most ot the establishment players are. The issue is money (CMR has a sizeable stipend from the RNC for the money she raises from lobbyists for them) and of course a good – electable candidate. We’ve learned lessons in the past and do have a candidate that is passionate, articulate with speaking and could win the hearts of the rural areas too. So yes, we are focused and working on that campaign as well as many others in our county and throughout the state.

        In fact, we have a bill in the state house right now, with 73% approval in a recent KXLY (ABC) News affiliate in Spokane. The poll was up only a short time and with nearly 8,000 votes, 73+% were for it. Leadership is one of the strongest state reps; a ‘Constitutional’ attorney, hailing from the 4th LD in Spokane County, of which I was the previous Republican District Leader. I’ve replaced myself 3 times while mentoring other like minded Trump conservatives; teaching the game, showing the history, and preparing for the future.

        My hope is that PDT will go after ALL those; House and Senate, who do not get on the agenda and start representing the people and not the lobbyists.

        The report in my original post is based upon Peter Sweitzer’s book ‘Extortion’ and ‘Open Secrets’ FOIA request on lobbyists activities in the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) vote. CMR earned over $914k for her ‘Yea’ vote . . .

        We are DONE with that!

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        • Orygun says:

          Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington have always been solid red but our Reps are Rino’s to the max. President Trump has sure put some light on the swamp dwellers. Here is hoping we can get our States back!


    • piper567 says:

      Don’t we all donate to RNC, if “only” 20%?
      jc, Please do tell if you have a way around this.


  8. Redwishes says:

    I’ll only donate directly to Trump as well. I told off the RNC after Obummer won the first time and told them not to bother calling me back until they got rid of every last RHINO on the books. To date, I haven’t received a phone call solicitation from them…

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  9. WeThePeople2016 says:

    This also has to do with Steve Wynn who is running the fundraising part. He is loyal to Trump and he knows what he is doing. Months ago, Trump asked him to take over the fundraising and Wynn agreed to do it.

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  10. dalethorn says:

    “….it shows the depth and width of the supportive base….”

    Now THAT is something we need to continue to build on. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to split the party or the Democrats will eat us alive, so we have to get Republicans (new ones, hopefully) elected everywhere possible in 2018. Beware of third parties who put up “conservatives” who draw votes away from the Republican party, if it allows Democrats to get the seats with a plurality that’s not a majority.

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  11. Wayne says:

    Beware of Ronna (Romney) McDaniel. Remember her uncle Mitt Romney?

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  12. Jedi9 says:

    I always laugh when I see or hear the Les Miserables theme. That story is about how the French voted for socialism.

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    • Deb says:

      Victor Hugo wrote the book about the human spirit, our yearning for freedom, how that freedom is not man’s to give, and redemption. The actual rebellion is simply a backdrop for the psychological and spiritual drama. The musical is a bit more melodramatic, but the basic themes are the same.

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      • Jedi9 says:

        It doesn’t matter, you can explain away all you want, while lauding the artistic merits of such a book, and it’s theme is well intended, but in the end the French still voted in for socialism, something that is against my core tenets. Not living in the past, there are better representations for truly being American and it’s own version of that very same spirit of freedom is completely different! That is just my view, and I am sure many here will disagree, and that is fine by me!

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  13. magagirl says:

    Wow! That’s awsome for what it means, a wave of MAGA votes for 2020, and that’s not counting me because I don’t donate to the RNC. I will to PT. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  14. dave says:

    Frankly, I would not give those treasonous B@$+@rd$ the sweat off my b@!!s if they were dying of thirst.

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  15. alliwantissometruth says:

    Wait, the same Republican Party that’s working overtime to thwart President Trump’s agenda are controlling the American peoples donations?

    Yeah, Americans shouldn’t be donating to the Republican Party. Donations should be sent to Trump directly & he should decide which candidates receive them

    It’s only because of Trump the record numbers are coming in. Why should we allow the RNC to control it?

    I’ve said it over & over. President Trump should have a call to action website where the people can all get on the same page. We need organization. We need direction from the few we trust

    The money should go to the solution, not the problem

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    • piper567 says:

      again, if someone knows of a way to donate to Trump w/o giving 20% to RNC, PLEASE check in !!!

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    • Icandy55 says:

      Because these are private parties. You are not part of it just a guaranteed vote if you register republican or democrat. Have you ever voted on who you even want to run? Have they ever included you on any decisions? No. The people should ALL be just voters with no party listed. They should never know how you will vote and should have to work for ALL votes. But they don’t because we tell them in advance right on our voter registration card. They don’t work for you. You work, and pay, for them. It’s a scam!


  16. Pam says:

    Yep, we seem to be seeing a trend similar to what we saw during the during the POTUS vs Hillary debates. People are seeing the vicious attacks on POTUS from the MSM/Dems/GOPe and are responding with their wallets. As Sundance stated, it’s not about the GOP, this is a statement in support of our president.

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  17. Travis McGee says:

    They haven’t got on red cent from me in years. MAGA

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  18. Just imagine how much they’d get if the GOP Congress actually got on the Trump Train and did something for a change! #MAGA 😉

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  19. AmericaFirst says:

    President Trump was our first political contribution – yes, directly to the DJT MAGA website, and after we had considered ourselves “tapped out” the Hollywood Access tape was aired. In absolute panic that he would quit the race, we made another online contribution, hoping that if enough people did it would persuade him to stay in.

    I have always wondered how many contributions and for how much money was raised that day in a flurry to encourage Mr. Trump to continue.

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  20. bulwarker says:

    More proof that Trump needs to start his own party. The Republican Party is not the be all end all, they replaced the Whigs. At the time prominent wealthy newsman Horace Greeley sunk much of what he had to start it in opposition to the dominant Democrat/Whig dichotomy, and the Whigs lackadaisical anti-slavery ideology. It was a long shot that paid off, for a time. Now its time again to branch off from the established party of our forefathers and move in a direction that benefits our progeny, all we need is a strong leader and benefactor for which Trump is dually qualified.

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  21. billygoat65 says:

    I read on Breitbart that all the credit should go to Bannon. McCain and the others voted for the budget because of their fear of Bannon. The GOPe is shaking in their boots because of Bannon. It’s not Trump’s party, it’s…Bannon’s. The guy who backed Cruz even after the GOP convention.


  22. Travis McGee says:

    Back when they would send me mail asking for donations they’d always include a return envelope which I would gladly send back to them with some not to pleasant comments. They finally took me off their list I guess.

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  23. filia.aurea says:

    Remember, Preibus is still holding on tight to the RNC. He was doing so even when he was POTUS’ Chief of Staff. I live in N.C. and am subjected to two of the scummiest Senators in Congress. Shove it, RNC. Not one cent.

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    • Ellen says:

      What’s the deal in N.C., filia? N.C. is a state with great potential. I realize you have the dens of Bolshevism around the university towns and the artistic set in Asheville, but you have some solid, solid citizens in your numerous small towns and a huge military vote on top of that. I can’t believe that Republicans in your state are that in love with RINOs that seem to dominate the GOP held offices rather than a case that we need better marketing to attract more Deplorables to the primaries.

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      • NC PATRIOT says:

        There is much voter fraud because our current Dem Governor saw to it when he was the AG that our voter ID law was overturned. We have two lousy Senators (but the alternatives were worse) But we also have a veto proof Republican state senate and house to keep the Governor in check. We have more Repub. than Dem. congressmen.

        I have lived here for 40 years. State was 90% Dem when I first came here. Last 15 years it’s been a good mix. I just wish we had voter ID.

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        • NCPatrick says:

          Hi, NCPatriot .. I’ve been a member here for a long time but about a year ago wordpress stopped taking my posts despite many efforts. I, of course, agree with every word you said about our fair state’s representatives and am still furious that Pat McCrory was cheated out of a second term. So agree about voter ID as well!

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        • Ellen says:

          Thanks for the explanation, NC. 40 years ago the 90% Dem voting base was probably pretty close to being as conservative as the overall state is today. Both party establishments moved Left at a faster rate than the general population.

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  24. americalsgt says:

    I won’t give them a dime. When they call it’s no way. I only send money to DJT.

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    • Comrade Mope says:

      I sent Hillary One Dollar a week before the election. Everyone I have ever donated to has lost. Save your money. Just tell me who to send the next dollar to and sleep well.


  25. indiamaria2020 says:

    Wow. Nice post, and great news, and yet out spews the cacophony of “treeper” gloom, bitterness and spite. Jeepers Wally! Tough crowd to please. Buzz kills.

    Oh well. The majority of us Trumpers are not quite as intelligent as the “treepers”, so we think good news like this deserves an “atta boy.” We’re too dumb to know we should be pissed off when something good happens in the MAGA world.

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    • Deb says:

      I’m not sure why you feel the need to insult “Treepers.” You are here after all, doesn’t that make you one?

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    • Travis McGee says:

      If Trump controlled the money I’d share your enthusiasm. Some of us have watched what happens to our hard earned money when we have donated over the years only to see it go to incumbents who have their snouts in the money trough. Mark my “Buzz kill” words, some of this money will be going to NeverTrumpers for their campaigns. None of it will be going to primary candidates.

      Just another deflection and shiny object to make you feel good.

      Cynical? You better believe it.

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  26. auntiefran413 says:

    I suppose that’s wonderful, but they won’t get a penny of my “small donor contributions”. Those will go directly to the candidate(s) of MY choice — not the Establishment’s choice!

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  27. Sandy says:

    I hope and pray that awesome President Trump receives the highest number of votes in the history of voting for a President! Trump is one man against the horrible crooked establishment. He needs support and everyone must ban together to do all they can for his re-election. Show the swamp that they aren’t going to win against President Trimp!

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  28. frank field says:

    The RNC is headed by Romney’s niece!

    Try Great America PAC or others that openly SUPPORT Trump.


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  29. PDQ says:

    How can anyone support these traitors?
    It is akin to watching an NFL game.

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  30. Larry Bucar says:

    Wow, talk about thousands of points of light on the TRump train ONLY, God Bless you ALL…. now big news on the JFK assassination…. Goina’ SLAP down the deep state and drain the filthy swamp all in one swoop. hahahaahah

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  31. Thecleaner says:

    I think the best way to cut out the RNC in the runup to the midterms is to get behind Bannon and the PAC’s that are being established to primary the incumbents. I know many dont like Bannon, but he is the only hope to get solid primary challengers to the RINOS and actually WIN.
    After the primaries are over go back to donating to Trump directly. The RNC is duty bound to help the incumbents, whether they like them or not, and Trump has give 20% of direct donations to them simply due to the fact that historically, the President had an interest in getting his incumbents re elected…which isnt the case currently, but the system is set up with that in mind…it was never considered that that the President and his own party would be at odds on almost every legislative issue…meaning no outsider was ever meant to crack the Uniparty wall and disrupt the corruption.
    Get behind Bannon for now donate to the PACs and candidates he runs, or every dollar you give is wasted…Trump doesnt need your money for 2 more years.

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  32. leebelieu says:

    Now if the GOP get behind Trump the party and most importantly nation will benefit big league. Never bought anything or donated ever before President Trump, just bought another hat(Halloween MAGA) still prefer going directly to POTUS. Have a great weekend all!

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  33. thluckyone says:

    Treepers, in all of your worthy efforts to strengthen and further the MAGA efforts of our Beloved Lion of a President, PLEASE don’t forget the UTTER NECESSITY of yourselves and this incredible blog-site. THERE IS NO ONE ELSE like Sundance and his Treepers.

    It is my privilege to study online during my off-hours and also to find worthwhile input from all over the web – but NOTHING COMPARES to The Last Refuge. Sundance and you guys are the REASON I understand… now… about the GOPe.

    TCTH is the ONLY reason that I have my current level of understanding and information about the cursed Uniparty and the collectivist concept of “globalism”. IT WAS HERE – at the feet of Sundance – in “Last Refuge University” – among truly WORTHY students and “assistant Professors” that my eyes have been more fully opened.

    I’m not sure exactly what I’m trying to say but, again, THERE IS NO ONE ELSE LIKE YOU! I sincerely believe this blog-community is VITALLY important to the MAGA phenomenon. I SO MUCH depend on all of you and I am MIGHTY grateful to be a tiny part of all of this. Only my Church is more important to me as a force for good.

    Maybe I’m trying to further open our own eyes about the significance of all that’s done here. We’re all needed and we all have something to contribute – even if it’s just cheerleading (my specialty).

    Here, is PRICELESS information, the actual “TRUTH” (insofar as that’s possible) and true INSIGHT regarding the inner-workings of machinations that have been hidden from most Americans for DECADES. So at least, let’s continue to find ways to sharpen each other’s iron and to lift each other up. Please continue in prayer for this AMAZING community and for our leaders. You ALL are of far more importance than you now understand.

    You (WE!) are the heroes for whom we’ve been longing. Wanna make history? We already ARE! Right here, RIGHT NOW – we already are.

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  34. yy4u says:

    The GOP took in record amounts right after Trump was elected. Now their donations have fallen even though this article claims small donations are up (record level). I would qualify as a “small donor” since I can’t afford to purchase a Ryan, McCain or McConnell. I for one have stopped contributing because:

    Even when the Democrats lose, they win, because there is no opposition party (see repeal and replace)

    Even though McCain, Murkowski and Collins are as opposed to the president as Pelosi, Schumer or Tim Kaine, they still have their perks as Republicans — committee memberships, chairs, etc. No penalty. (When a Democrat steps out of line, the leadership lands on him/her like a duck on a June bug which is the reason they vote en bloc)

    Paul Ryan

    When PDJT runs again I will contribute again. Not until. I’m a RINO. I joined the GOP for one reason — to prevent the GOP from screwing over DJT the way they did Newt Gingrich in 2012. When Trump is gone, so am I.


    • Orygun says:

      We need to separate the message from the man. President Trumps message is what needs to persevere and he would be the first one to tell you that. We need to always support his MAGA platform and the people who believe in it like us fellow treepers.
      He won’t be here to be our beacon shining light on the corruption forever but I pray his message will always be with us in our hearts.


  35. drdeb says:

    RNC is raising money by making the public think contributions are going to President Trump when actually the money is going to the RNC. Example: enter a contest to have dinner with the President. I only contribute to our President via his website.

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  36. TwoLaine says:

    I don’t and will NEVER trust the R’s with a super majority.


    • jameswlee2014 says:

      I would prefer it to a super minority. The voters will replace non-performers with representatives who will fulfill their vows or we will have failed in our great self-government experiment. We have been at it since the Mayflower Compact and I think the 2016 election is the beginning of The Great Restoration.


  37. Mikkins says:

    Small donors is the dirty little secret the Establishment does not want to talk about. They want everyone to believe that you must spend massive amounts of money to win a political campaign because that is how the consultants make their money.
    The reality is that if you want to know who is winning an election you look at small donors because that translates directly to who is motivating people to vote in November.
    Mitt Romney was great a sucking up and spend huge amounts of special interest cash, but Jane and John Doe were not motivated to spend effort and treasure on him. He was getting creamed by Obama when compared to Obama in regards to small donors. The same with Hillary Clinton.

    Think of it this way: Thousand dollar bills do not vote in November, five dollar bills do.
    #DrainTheSwamp to #MAGA!


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