Very Swampian – Trey Gowdy: Samantha Power Did Not Make Unmasking Requests Attributed to Her…

Hmmm… obtuse swampy defense surfaces. CTH smells the strong residue of UniParty Flak and Countermeasures. Unfortunately, not necessarily surprising.

During an interview with Fox News Brett Baier, the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Trey Gowdy, claims former Ambassador Samantha Power did not initiate all the unmasking incidents attributed to her.  [Video Prompted – just hit play]

[04:35 Video] Brett Baier: “You are also looking, and have talked to the former Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power. We reported that she requested or her officer requested 260 plus efforts to unmask, in other words, get who was talking about picked up in surveillance. How did she answer that question? Why so many?”

Trey Gowdy: “Well, I’ll tell you broadly, uh Brett, I think if she was on your show, she would say those attempt to unmask may have been attributed to her. But they greatly exceed, by an exponential factor, the requests that she actually made.  So that’s her testimony, uh, and, and she was pretty emphatic.  The surveillance community, the intelligence community, has assigned this number of requests to her – her perspective, her testimony is: ‘they may be under my name, but I did not make those requests‘.”

“So, we’ve got to get to the bottom of that; if there was someone else making requests on behalf of a principal in the intelligence community we need to know that because we are getting ready to reauthorize a program, that’s really important to the country, but also has a masking component to it.”


Suspicious cat remains increasingly suspicious.

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319 Responses to Very Swampian – Trey Gowdy: Samantha Power Did Not Make Unmasking Requests Attributed to Her…

  1. Deb says:

    Would Treepers in Gowdy’s district please Cantor him? Thank you.

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  2. average Joe says:

    If he’s our watchdog,my money is on suspicious Cat.😉

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    • Howie says:

      Key to highway

      “So, we’ve got to get to the bottom of that; if there was someone else making requests on behalf of a principal in the intelligence community we need to know that because we are getting ready to reauthorize a program, that’s really important to the country, but also has a masking component to it.”

      702 folks,,,,case closed.

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      • eagledriver50 says:

        Bait and Switch is my thinkin’…but who am I but someone who used to chase terrorists!!! Trey Gowdy is a “MarOOOOON”… as Bugsy would say!!!

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      • All Too Much says:

        Hpwie, what is the 702 reference?


        • JCL says:

          Best I can tell, 702 is Las Vegas, NV, area code, so a reference to the recent tragedy at Mandalay?

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        • Kroesus says:

          it is the area of the “Patriot Act” that allows for FISA surveillance of foreign subversives that have the possibility of catching up US citizens as “collateral” suspects…..this part requires a high level official to “unmask” the US citizen to know their identity otw it is just given as citizen 1 citizen 2 etc.


      • Rock Knutne says:

        Howie, I fixed it for ya!

        “So, uh…we’ve got to get to the uh…bottom of that; if there was someone else uh…making requests on behalf uh…of a principal in the uh, uh, uh…intelligence community we need to know that because uh,…we are getting ready to uh, uh…reauthorize a program, that’s really important to the country, but also has a masking component to it.”

        Gowdy’s a lying M-F’r. Ya know how I know??

        He sounded just like ovomit with all his stuttering.

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        • Alligator Gar says:

          If, if, if, if, if, if….PlaceBoing made a great video of that! Thanks for the reminder of Ozero’s lack of oratory skill without ValFerret’s speeches written on his TelePrompTer.


  3. trapper says:

    Fall gal?


  4. There is simply NO accountability anymore.

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  5. starfcker says:

    “they may be under my name, but I did not make those requests‘.” Oooooookay. Tight ship we run there, sweetheart. Do you mind telling us who did make the requests in “your name.” Can’t have been many people now, could it?

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  6. trapper says:

    Now that I have thought about it for 10 seconds, there must be a paper trail

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  7. Dixie says:

    Isn’t this the same way they slip out from under the truth in any situation. Somebody in my office did it on my behalf but I don’t know who or why. ?????????? Suspicious cat.

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  8. (With a surprised British accent) “Oh dear. I say! We must have some congressional hearings about this. That would be jolly good”

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  9. tommylotto2 says:

    Well, if unmasking requests are being made by someone under Samantha Power’s name not named Samantha Power, that is a big effin’ deal. It should be a three alarm big effin’ deal. So, unmaking is being done and we do not have accurate records of who is making the request. Was Power an active facilitator in 4th Amendment violations of US citizens or just an unsuspecting patsy? Let me predict right now that we will never know which.

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  10. WeThePeople2016 says:

    She is to be believed? Who says she is telling the truth? Why is he revealing this anyway?

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    • fleporeblog says:

      I am at a point where I just can’t believe how arrogant all these POS are! Comey writing up his acquittal of HRC before anyone is interviewed. Bill meeting with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac. Loretta telling Comey not to call it an investigation. Samantha Powers claiming a majority of the requests where made by someone else in her name.

      Is this how far we as a country have fallen? They are going to reauthorize this knowing anyone can make a request and claim someone else did it? Nunez tells the country that the documents he saw had nothing to do with Russia. Where the talking about our FLOTUS and how envious they are of our President?

      This is beyond sad! I see absolutely no justice for any of them. Amazing!

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      • Snow White says:

        Flep, I feel like we are in a live play of Alice in wonderland. Kindergartners come up with such pathetic excuses. One reason I don’t lose hope completely is that these bastards (excuse my French) will one day give account for every evil deed before God. If they skate now, they won’t skate then, that’s a guarantee.

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  11. Suncc49 says:

    All leads back to Ben Rhodes……..

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  12. Guybee says:

    Who is to say Trey is telling the truth?

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  13. It really pains me to watch and read what the politicians are doing to the rule of law.
    There are two rules of law here. No laws for the wealthy and powerful politicians and laws that must be followed by the American tax payers.
    It sickens me to watch anymore and
    I have lost faith in the justice system.

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  14. Katie says:

    Calm down everyone. Gowdy will write a stern letter and get to the bottom of it.


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  15. keeler says:

    Hey everyone. A couple people who work for me just robbed a bank. The note they handed to the teller was signed by me, but I just want you all to know that although, TECHNICALLY, they did it in my name and with my authorization, and they used my firearms, I had NOTHING to do with it at all and do not consider myself responsible for THEIR crimes. K?

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  16. The ONLY “not surprising” thing in this article?
    Is the picture of a fine looking Marine showing respect towards someone who probably hates his guts.
    God Bless our troops!

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  17. nonniemae says:

    Ok, Trey, just so long as Sammy was EMPHATIC!

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  18. Bassplayer says:

    It amazes me that some of our people still trust Gowdy. I have a very good friend, very conservative for a very long time, who still can not grasp the uniparty. Hook, line and sinker every time.

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  19. Abster says:

    Lie detectors seem to be in order for everyone. Gowdy is bad news.

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  20. “My top security ID and password are on a sticky note on the secure computer in the secure room where people go to request secure information. If somebody used it, I couldn’t control it… duh!”

    Gowdy “Well that explains it!”

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  21. Howie says:

    Maybe folks are starting to realize the Southern Swamps are as bad as the Northern Swamps.

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    • Krystal says:

      Gowdy had acted ignorant of the Awan brothers situation to Maria B. He also defended Comey saying if the public knew more they would not be so hard on him (I am paraphrasing). So it seems he is playing games and I don’t trust him.

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  22. covfefe999 says:

    This is all good. Other people were asking her to make them, that’s how I read it. Probably Obama and Hillary and the other people who always have everyone else do their dirty work because they can’t have their own names attached. Power was a patsy. Would love to see her pay.

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  23. Howie says:

    I am ready to just be a rag tag conservative misfit again. This crap is over the top.

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  24. Joe S says:

    i hope she was under oath.

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  25. MVW says:

    The amount of crony locked elbow protection of their buds goes beyond loyalty, and smell like brotherhood in crime and blackmail. The levers of Gruberment, bribery and blackmail.

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  26. auscitizenmom says:

    Why? Because she said so?

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  27. C. Lowell says:

    Ah yes, the Kim Philby response:
    “Yes, it is very confusing how my name got there.
    No, I can’t explain it.”
    And we all know how that turned out…

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  28. Howie says:

    They are going all out to reup 702. This is the game. Nobody talking bout it. Damn. We iz screwed.

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  29. Troublemaker10 says:

    It sounds to me that Gowdy is just relaying the facts of her testimony.

    He doesn’t seem too upset though, other than than to say they need to know who did unmask in her name so they can evaluate renewal of program.

    Are unmasking controls that loose?

    Seems to me the exact name and purpose for unmasking should be documented and evaluated on a regular basis.

    It’s all still fishy and smells of political corruption. Someone better get to the bottom of it.

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  30. sickconservative says:

    To the establishment R’s and Trey that at one time had hope for this seemed to fit.

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  31. First Last says:

    Trey Gowdy deserves a Hollywood Grammy. He’s no better than they are. While he puts on a stellar performance, his batting average for actual results is .000. You can’t argue that.

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    • seabrznsun says:

      I can recall how I mistook him for a gentleman who would never do anything that his mother would be ashamed of. I also recall when his switch flipped. I knew then he has crossed over to the dark side.

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  32. Sandra-VA says:

    Maybe Susan Rice used the UN Ambassadors credentials? She did have the job at one time…

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  33. Samantha Power somehow can never manage to put a pleasant look on her face. She is constantly frowning. Her face reflects the darkness of her heart.

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  34. crossrib says:

    “…but also has a masking component to it.” Uh, Trey, it is not the masking that bothers people, it is the UNmasking.

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  35. stats guy says:

    the rot in this country is so deep that I don’t honestly know if we can recover. I’m just now catching up on the Uranium One, Rothstein, Meuller, Comey connections. The Obama regime was totally crooked…and the RINOs really aren’t much better. Weak, feckless and just making sure that their donors are happy.

    This is where having a left-wing press pays big dividends for the Dem/Left. And the next biggest dividend comes from the flaccid RINO.

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  36. G. Willikers says:

    ‘Scuse me, I’m heading off to make some unmasking requests. “Susan Rice” – did I spell that right?

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  37. Suncc49 says:

    Trey Gowdy should have been a hairdresser

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  38. WhistlingPast says:

    “That’s her testimony, she was pretty emphatic about it.”

    Well that settles that! Thanks Trey, for another bang-up job.


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  39. I just don’t understand why everyone is so upset because our Attorney General will make sure everyone involved, regardless of stature, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
    I shouldn’t have to say it but just in case….sarcasm alert

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  40. Does anybody else feel like somebody dumped a truck load of organic fertilizer on them?

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  41. RedBallExpress says:

    Gowdy needs to make sure he is intact.

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  42. Gowdy has dead eyes…maybe he is really a lizard.

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  43. albrevin says:

    Gowdy – “because we are getting ready to reauthorize a program”

    Ah, I see, basically it’s already been determined to “reauthorize a program”, a program our Founders would be adamantly against. Way to go… Gowdy and the Republicrats. The politicians occupying our Federal government are dirt.

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  44. Absolutely ridiculous ~ I got attacked by “conservatives” on Twitter every time I called his bon fides into question ~ enough to make my eyes roll around inside my skull

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  45. Sumoyokozuna says:

    Now, I use to like Gowdy as much as the next person and, like you, I certainly enjoy seeing him dismember the left. However, I have my concerns. They stem from one simple question: “What has Gowdy actually accomplished?”

    Gowdy’s interrogations may be exciting, but they have a nasty habit of going …nowhere. You can certainly argue that the Benghazi hearings, which produced the now-infamous “what difference does it make” clip, damaged Hillary’s eventual candidacy. You can also make a fair point that, in a town where corruption and criminality are rife, it’s nice to have someone who knows how to make a show of opposing it.
    However, if you’re hoping that someone will drill down to the bottom of the left’s myriad transgressions – and that the people involved will face actual penalties – I’m not sure Gowdy’s track record is so great.
    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trashing the guy. As I said, I like him. At this point, though, I want someone who does more than make me “like” what they’re doing. I want some results. I want heads to roll, and charges to be pressed.
    …But I can’t ignore the sneaking suspicion that we’ve been watching theater. Good theater, mind you, but theater nonetheless.
    It’s time for the show to end.
    I do think Gowdy needs to return to civilian life

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  46. tazz2293 says:

    I now know the trick to get away with every crime in the book if Gowdy is heading the investigation.

    Emphatically deny I did anything. Claim someoen else perpetrated the crime in my name and off I go scott free

    Probably get a hearty hand shake and a pat on the back from Ol’ Trey hisself

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  47. freddiel says:

    My understanding is that there are people who have been pulled into the swamp against their will who are now singing. There is soooooo much going on that we do not know about. I think that unless they are outright dissing our President and We the People (McCain) or blatantly working against our agenda, then I will hold off on condemnations that I may have to later retract when all the pieces are put together.

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    • tazz2293 says:

      Keeping the faith when all evidence points to the fact we are screwed unless PDJT can break the log jam all by himself because the swamp ain’t gonna implement law and order on themselves. 99.9%$ of swamp dwellers are as corrupt as the day is long

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  48. JIM says:

    Trey is doing his slight of hand gimmick with words.

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  49. tazz2293 says:

    With each passing second our understanding of just how corrupt our rulers are and that there are no laws for those who rule over us

    Time is running out for them.

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  50. Linda says:

    Someone needs to tell CNN to get with the REAL news! Uranium deal, Russia bribery plot, Comey’s lyin’ testimony, and on and on and on. PDJT said he would fight back and it won’t be pretty! Wish he would start NOW! Drain the swamp!

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