Las Vegas Shooting Update – October 13th Press Conference (Video)…

An overly emotional Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, together with FBI special agent Aaron Rouse, held a press conference today delivering further information on the 1October Mandalay Bay Massacre. (Video Below)  New details on the timeline and sequence of events were shared but no questions were taken.

According to the latest information the “Check-In” date for shooter Stephen Paddock was confirmed as September 25th. A subsequent change in the hotel room registry on Sept 28th placed the registration of the room in the name of Paddocks girlfriend, Marilou Danley.  The suite was occupied by Paddock from 9/25 throughout, with only the registration name changing on 9/28 to Danley.

Additionally, during a very defensive explanation, Sheriff Lombardo attempted to provide further clarification on the timeline and sequence of events.

Lombardo states that security guard Jesus “Jose'” Campos responded to the report of a blocked stairwell door at 9:59pm.  After not being able to open the emergency door at 9:59pm (from the stairwell side) Campos then walked around to the front of the exit door on the 32nd floor and arrived at 10:05pm, that’s when he encountered nearby the Paddock suite door slightly ajar and Paddock began shooting at Campos.

This establishes the beginning time for the first shots at 10:05pm and reconciles Mandalay Bay reporting with LVMPD reporting.  After responding to radio and cell phone calls from Campos, additional security and police arrived 12 minutes later at 10:17pm.  When police and armed hotel security arrived on the 32nd floor, responding to the calls from Campos, there was silence.  Sheriff Lombardo then stating all shooting of the crowd took place between 10:05pm and 10:15pm.

There was no reconciliation of the original outline of security guard Campos arriving at 10:05pm to the sound of drilling; so it is presumed from the information through today that Paddock stopped drilling and began shooting at Campos, then, seconds later, shooting at the crowd through the broken windows.

Here’s the Presser Video (w/notes below):

Sheriff Lombardo:

  • 17 medical facilities were utilized to treat injured and wounded victims.
  • 546 people transported to hospitals with injuries.  501 have been released.
  • 58 people deceased
  • 45 people remain hospitalized, some in critical condition, death toll could increase.
  • The fuel tanks at the adjacent McCarren airport “were fired upon with intent” by Paddock.  However, it is affirmed by McCarren officials that firing bullets into the fuel storage tanks would be “very unlikely” to ignite them.
  • Paddock check-in date was September 25th.  Paddock occupied room on Sept. 25th.  Registration name changed on September 28th to Marilou Danley.  However, occupant did not change.
  • Initial autopsy of Paddock showed no physical brain abnormalities per coroner.  Additional lab results on microscopic analysis of brain ongoing.
  • Confusion over timeline and Sequence of events was not “incompetence”. Lombardo states he is “offended” by claims of cover-up or incompetence.
  • Timeline established via use of: security logs, Jose’ Campos, CCTV, dispatch recordings, cameras and radio calls.
  • 9:59pm human entry into security log of fire door block.
  • 10:05pm shooting of Campos.  Campos called via radio and cell phone.  Campos under fire at 10:05pm.
  • 10:17pm police and hotel security arrive on 32nd floor and begin evacuating guests.
  • Lombardo: “No conspiracy”
  • FBI and LVMPD working together.  FBI working on comprehensive background research of Stephen Paddock.
  • Lombardo: “confidence there are no other actors”.
  • FBI now taking over research and investigation aspects of events.

Special Agent Aaron Rouse (Las Vegas FBI field office)

  • 200 Agents working case. Many with specialized fields.
  • No signs of shooter having any ideology or affiliation.
  • 2,000 leads have been investigated.
  • Over 1,000 pieces of evidence.
  • Technical forensics of electronic devices ongoing.
  • Anyone with information use 1-800-CALL-FBI

♦Sheriff Lombardo:

  • Desire to frame narrative of heroism for first responders.
  • Lombardo overly emotional (considering 2 weeks past.)
  • Discussed Paddock targeting police officers including: Brady Cook, 4 wounds, shoulder/arm/chest/back.  Samuel Whitworth, broken leg – remained on scene providing cover for ambulances. etc.
  • Sheriff Lombardo heavily working the sympathy angle.  Modestly over-the-top given the distance from events.

Sheriff Lombardo and Agent Rouse refused to answer any questions.

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617 Responses to Las Vegas Shooting Update – October 13th Press Conference (Video)…

  1. IMO says:

    Time for Wray to replace McCabe. This has McCabe and deep state finger prints all over it. If they think putting a schill like Lombardo out front to discredit LEOs it’s not working. People know who is really behind this.


  2. G3 says:

    From a public relations stand point, it’s surprising MGM/ Mandalay/LV don’t use Campos as ‘the hero’ to ensure business continues as usual. Give Campos a parade, a big,fat, golden, key to the city, put his face on the cover of the Rolling Stone and hit the late night show circuit…….


    • mikhailbadenov says:

      IMHO the audio with the Maintenance man is fake. If you listen when he talks the sounds of the gunshots disappear. That would not happen because of AVC (automatic volume control) Note: An automatic volume control (AVC) automatically adjusts the volume, or loudness, of an audio signal, usually to compensate for ambient noise in an effort to make the audio signal better heard and understood above the noise. The loudest thing in that hallway is by far the rifle shots not someones voice. Have you ever been to a drag race and tried to talk to your mate when a rail goes off. You can scream in their ears and they barely hear you.

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  3. Blacksmith8 says:

    How long after being shot did campos tell anybody that he had been shot?
    More importantly why isn’t that answer ‘as soon as he was out of gun fire and keyed the radio’?

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  4. woohoowee says:

    IIRC it took Baton Rouge LE less than 24 hours to put together a thorough and comprehensive sequence of events when they had six police officers shot in 2016. The presentation was the epitome of professional both in delivery and content, which included visuals. Paddock, Campos and Schuck are fewer people to cover and in a much smaller area. Maybe local LE does a much better job w/o FIB? Just sayin’.

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    • woohoowee says:

      Referring to just the immediate timeline for the actual shooting in post above. That for some reason took almost two weeks to put together. And still is confusing now that people have pointed out Campos and Schuck changed postions. SMH.

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  5. DS says:

    Initially, I thought “Paddock” was undercover FBI doing an arms deal to entrap terrorists, but it was highjacked. Then wolfman postulated that he was not FBI, but rather an independent arms dealer who was double-crossed and used as a patsy by the real killers. But now I am thinking, if it was some kind of arms deal, there’s no way there would be ammo there — I mean, you can’t test the weapons in the hotel room…

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    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Maybe a devious braintrust came up with the ultimate 3fer. 1) The stocks getting sold/the inevitable goldmine to be made in security devices.
      2) Gun control
      3) Taint Trumps presidency
      All they needed was the patsy. Maybe he thought it was some gun deal or thought it part of a sting…if he was agreeable for the $ and believed them, showtime.
      There’s a lot folks that could see that as a win/win


    • Danica61 says:

      In support of your undercover theory, I have worked undercover and the securing of the door by Paddocks was not for the SWAT guys, rather for the bad guy buyer’s support or rip-off dudes. Basic Undercover 101 control and monitor access


  6. JoD says:

    Per Sheriff Lombardo..A visual inspection has been done of Paddock’s brain and NO physical abnormalities were observed.
    Wail a minute!
    Mr Paddock reportedly put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger.
    This action at such close proximity should have blown part of his brain out of the back of his head.
    A “visual” inspection would be useless and should not have been reported.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Regarding brain. I commented the same on another thread a couple days ago: “what brain?” The pic looked like brain would have been wrecked through 3rd ventricle, with both occipital love and cerebellum decimated. Terrible geography to have messed up.
      The mess behind his head looked like blood plus brains- gelatinous.

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  7. Chris says:

    Great job sheepdogs

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  8. jeans2nd says:

    Interview with Charles Faddis, CIA counterinsurgency officer, retired, with Art Bell 23 October 2013
    49:40 to 51:46

    AB “Is there anything that you could say, knowledge that you have, that you could say tonight that would likely get you killed?”

    CF “Uh”

    AB “I’m not asking you to say”

    CF “Killed by our own people?”

    AB “Maybe, ya.”

    CF “Ya”

    AB “Does that happen?”

    CF “Um, you know, I think, I think, ya know, all kidding aside, in order to get yourself targeted, for lethal action to use the euphasim, um, or the antiseptic term ‘by the U.S. government’ you would, you would really have to put yourself, um, you’d have to put yourself, ya know, on the other side of, with some group that is targeting Americans, you know, you’d hafta, you’d hafta to join Al Qaeda or some similar group that’s”

    AB “Enemy combatant”

    CF “You would hafta do something like that. Now, I think what you could, you could much more easily do, um, especially these days in Washington is put yourself in a position where, uh, nobody’s gonna come and put a bullet in your head but they, they’re going to, uh, they’re gonna prosecute you, they’re gonna pull your security clearance, they’re going to do all sorts of other things to put pressure on you and make you shut up and make you be quiet.”

    AB “Well, in the case of a CIA operative, uh, if you were to begin to turn that would be far more dangerous than somebody from Cleveland Ohio who decides to join Al Qaeda in Somalia, uh, I mean you could potentially do so much more damage. So I would think you would be a special threat.”

    CF “You Know, you worry, anytime you’re worried about somebody’s who’s been involved in that kind of stuff, you’re not only worried about expertise, but you’re worried about all the stuff that you carry around in your head, right, cuz you carry around in your head the names of. We could talk all day about in generic terms about running assets and nobody really cares because that,that hasn’t, that business hasn’t changed in a very long time. But. We start talking about identities of assets, or specific pieces of intelligence or that kind of specificity then we’re in a whole different realm.”

    This was a CIA/FBI op, CIA/FBI lost control and op went bad, involving child/sex slave trafficking, money laundering through casinos, shooter joined the bad guys. Campos illegal? DACA? being protected from bad guys – Antifa? ISIS? both? being kept quiet?
    no worries, my crazy is certified


    • POP says:

      Dunno, very nervous interviewees are not good body language subjects.

      The cctv should be your concern, this fellow seems straightforward.


  9. POP says:

    The Sheriff’s mini nervous breakdown is a good indicator of the state of an investigation desperately trying to construct a narrative that fits the required outcome….or at least negates the forbidden outcome.

    Why would good ‘ol boy Sheriff have an emotional reaction to straight facts?
    Facts won’t hurt you Sheriff….and the truth shall set you free.

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  10. mikhailbadenov says:

    There are so many fake videos on You tube you need to be real careful about what you believe. IMHO.

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  11. Jimmy Jack says:

    Sundance I’m happy you pointed out his over emotionalism. I wondered if I was just being too hard on him.

    I don’t remember Rudy Giuliani ever breaking down like this and that was quite frankly a far worse incident not only in scope but in sheer destruction. Maybe I’ve forgotten him breaking down and crying and if so I apologize.

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  12. Howie posted this video earlier:

    Starting at about 3:40 in the far-stage-right video you could hear a few small discrete pops, prompting the person filming to look to their left (towards the airport). Then shortly after you hear a few more discrete small pops and bangs. At that point people in the back of the concert (farthest from the MB) start running towards the airport while the people on the opposite side of the concert (closest to the MB) haven’t reacted at all. Then you hear a hail of automatic gun fire in all 3 videos and eventually everyone scatters.

    This was puzzling me at first but I think it might actually point to something interesting. What if the shooter’s first target was the airport fuel tanks? What if he used some sort of sniper rifle to try to blow up the tanks first and then fire on the crowd as they dispersed? It would explain the discrete pops (and bangs) and the fact that the airport side of the concert reacted before the MB side and before the automatic gunfire even started.

    May not change anything as we know it, but it’s something to log in the memory banks for future reference. 🙂

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  13. carl says:

    has anyone heard of how many spent rounds were found in the room?


  14. Kent says:

    That was without doubt an expensive suite…but…is just me or does that place look cheap?…glitzy glamour and designed to elicit an “oooooo” response…heavy on style but light on substance?

    Looks like fancy doublewide décor…………………………………

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    • Chewbarkah says:

      It not just you. Everything about it is hideous, tacky, meretricious; IOW, quintessentially Vegas. It’s perfect for someone who would pay a prostitute to reenact rape fantasies. I can’t blame the Sheriff for crying if he had to spend much time around that carpet and the mysterious fake rock tub (coffee table or ?).


  15. Larry Bates says:

    Everything in the Sheriff’s story checks out. No need to bring Bigfoot into the picture. Deep-state probably does want to bring Donald Trump down, but the average FBI agent is honestly looking for facts that they can piece together to determine the real motive for the killings.
    Let’s keep our sanity and focus on the real problems facing AMERICA.


    • mimbler says:

      In which version does it all check out? Really, when there are multiple versions of a simple time line, it doesn’t check out, and it doesn’t indicate investigators honestly looking for facts.


      • dutzie60 says:

        Why weren’t the recordings, written records and all evidence confiscated from MB by the sheriff or FBI to examine instead of relying on MB telling them what happened? For pete’s sake, they have no qualms about taking people’s phone and computers as evidence.

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  16. remuda2016 says:

    Where’s Sgt. Joe Friday when ya really need him? I can’t follow this guy. This presser coulda been 4.5 minutes….including questions (from the ‘blocked’ reporters?). I still have no idea…beyond a warped psycho-sociopath with a weird life-long identity crisis culminating in self-hate-driven mass-murder…now recalled by a confused ‘peace officer’…!


  17. Howie says:

    Listen this. Sounds like Vegas.
    SCAR .308

    M240 and 49


  18. Diana Reese says:

    Now, this is over. We still have no clue as the reason for such massacre or how to prevent it from happening again. I just looked at the videos and I feel nervous as if I have been in the middle of a mass-murder shooting attack. My heart is racing. The truth is that it’s a very controversial subject. As a teacher to me it is all about safety first, love and families.


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