Contradictions, Crying and Confusion By Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo…

After reviewing the latest press conference by Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo a few issues rise to the surface.   America doesn’t need tears – America needs answers.

First, on the matter of Lombardo’s defensive act, and anger toward people creating alternate theories to reconcile their official contradictions. It is ridiculous for law enforcement (2 weeks post shooting) to claim they want the public’s help, and yet simultaneously hold press briefings where they refuse to answer questions.

If they want the “alternate theories” to stop – then simply deliver honest and accurate information.  It has been two weeks.  For the FBI and LVMPD to claim they cannot yet present a valid and reasonable sequence of events in the worst mass shooting in U.S. history is abjectly indefensible.  Apparently the internal definition of “public servant” has been lost.

If there are, as continually claimed, NO ADDITIONAL “subjects of interest”, or “additional actors”, in the crime – there is no reasonable excuse for not providing information.

It then becomes further ridiculous for the same sheriff to direct his ire against those who seek information from law enforcement, yet simultaneously claim a desire for transparency and refuse to answer reasonable questions.   These mutually exclusive statements and behaviors do not reconcile.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police leadership are creating a public spotlight of ineptitude and malfeasance upon themselves; no-one else is to blame.  LVMPD is doing this to themselves.  It has been two weeks since the shooting.

Getting emotional during press conferences doesn’t solve the substantive issues at stake; and publicly crying on camera is darn sure not a direct route toward public confidence.  If the job is too tough for Lombardo’s feelings and sensibilities, then Las Vegas municipal authorities, and Mayor, should demand he step aside.

An example of irreconcilable narrative construction is Lombardo’s claim today that security officer Jesus “Jose'” Campos came under direct fire around 10:05pm and used both his radio and cell phone to call for help.  [See Video 11:00 prompted – hit play]

  “Mr. Campos received his wounds in close proximity to 22:05 (10:05pm). He attempted to relay that information via, uh, his radio; and it was confirmed ’cause he also relayed that information via his cell phone”.

If this is an accurate portrayal of the events as they are now re-re-re-framed in their fourth iteration.  Then why didn’t the hotel security office know of Campos communication when they were contacted by maintenance worker Stephen Schuck?

[Listen to recorded radio call

Maintenance worker Stephen Schuck called in his encounter with the gunman on the 32nd floor -to the security office- after the shooting began, and according to Sheriff Lombardo after Campos called the same hotel security office.

However, clearly the contact from Mr. Schuck (as outlined in the recording) this was the first knowledge within the security office.

“Security wants to know what room”? etc.

Additionally, if Campos did indeed contact the security office, why is there only the recorded information from Stephen Schuck?  Shouldn’t there be a similar recording from Jose Campos?

There isn’t.

Something is just not adding up here and the refusal of law enforcement to answer ANY questions only creates a bigger sense that something is profoundly wrong.  The common sense appearance is that LVMPD and the FBI are deliberately misleading on a sequence of events that should be very easy to pin down; especially given two weeks to get it straight.

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879 Responses to Contradictions, Crying and Confusion By Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo…

  1. covfefe999 says:

    I was just remembering earlier that Paddock was planning a massacre in Chicago, and it looks like the only reason he called it off was because he could not be guaranteed a room overlooking Lollapalooza. (Apparently he had also investigated Boston, I haven’t read much about that though.) I think it’s important to remember this element when considering theories that Paddock wasn’t working alone, or that it wasn’t Paddock who committed the massacre.


    • Molly Pitcher says:

      It’s also something to factor in that in all of those things as well as the airbb account and reservations..he never did any of it in person. Anyone can call or use the web to make reservations and use anyone else’s credit card info. I do it frequently for my dad . I could make him look like he was going to go all over the place.
      Paddock is only known to us by these few ‘facts’. No eye witnesses..not even a confirmation or denial or surprise from Marilou. At this point, I trust nothing.


    • Sunshine says:

      Chicago – Heavy Cartel presence, just like Vegas which is the stepping stone for transfer toward the East.


    • covfefe999 says:

      Don’t allow your desire for a conspiracy to override logic and reason. Your theories should have evidence to support them, they shouldn’t be mere possibilities.


  2. Truthfilter says:

    Toward the end of this long video, the lady describes how even the local media isn’t reporting on eyewitness accounts like hers. It seems the information is being suppressed. And some people, such as hotel, casino, and event workers are afraid to speak out about what they saw and heard. This coincides with reports by Laura Loom(?) that phones and laptops were wiped by FBI before they were returned to concert goers and workers.


    • covfefe999 says:

      What’s up with this witness’ timeline? She claims the shooting occurred at 11pm, not 10pm. I don’t think there’s any evidence of a shooting occurring at 11pm. No civilian videos, no record of 911 calls, nothing.


  3. freedom says:

    The Sheriff is crying because he is caught between the truth and the FBI and hotel lies and coverup, and he is responsible as a public official. People with any integrity caught in such a coverup would be beside themselves with conflicting emotions, as he obviously is.


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