Curiouser and Curiouser – Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend Used Multiple ID’s, Multiple SS Numbers, and Married Two Men Simultaneously…

Much like the San Bernardino attack revealed a manipulative scheme for green-card marriages, so too is the Mandalay Bay Massacre revealing the use of multiple identities within the associations of the killer.  Marilou Who?

Oh, and if Marilou Danley she reads these reports before getting on board her flight back from Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia and/or wherever the heck she really is… well, she likely ain’t coming back.  Just saying.

(Via NewsWeek) Marilou Danley, the live-in girlfriend of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock, and now a “person of interest” in the shooting investigation, is a Philippines native who has used two Social Security numbers during her two-plus decades in the United States, and was married to two men at the same time, public records show.

The person who may hold the key to solving the mystery of why the Vegas gunman killed 59 and wounded nearly 600 people led a convoluted life of her own, with two simultaneous husbands, a bankruptcy, two Social Security numbers, multiple addresses in several states and even different ages depending on which state records you review.

The details are part of a Newsweek investigation into Danley’s past, which takes on a new urgency now that the FBI is frantically working to bring her “immediately” back from overseas for more information about the shooting and the $100,000 Paddock wired to her family there days before the shooting.

Marilou came to the U.S. as Marilou Natividad, married Geary Danley in 1990 and took his surname. Danley, 76, lives in Arkansas, but he has declined to answer questions.

In 1996, Marilou wed Jose Bustos, and became Marilou Bustos. But she did not dissolve her marriage to Danley until 2015, divorce records show.

Both marriage licenses were filed in Clark County, which includes the city of Las Vegas, even though the Danleys lived in Tennessee and Arkansas around the time of their marriage, and the Bustoses lived in California. Marilou also has a daughter, currently living in California, but it is unclear whether one of her husbands, or another man, fathered the child.

In California, her name is registered as Marilou Natividad-Bustos and her birthday is listed as January 1962, making her 55 years old. Under a different Social Security number in Nevada, her name is Marilou Lou Danley and her birthday is listed as December 1954, making her 62.

Oh, my favorite paragraph this week:

At times, her identities merged: Marilou filed for bankruptcy in 2012, under the name Bustos, while she was still married to Danley and living with Paddock in Reno. Her lawyer during the bankruptcy has not yet responded to a request for comment.  Marilou held multiple addresses, some simultaneously—in Arkansas, Tennessee, California, Florida and other states, and often moved through cities within those states.  (more).

But don’t jump to those pesky non-pc conclusions… tomorrow she’ll go from sketchy rub-rub ‘high-stakes-hostess’ to impoverished angelic waitress at the Reno Waffle House.


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  1. The one thing all Leftists have in common is hatred for Jesus Christ and everything He says He loves. That is indeed their tie that binds.

    This man is not a deranged lunatic, nor a psycho- he’s a man steeped in sin and hatred. It’s really just that that simple. The Left loves to come up with all these high-minded psychobabble analytics to explain away the natural condition of man- born into sin and under a curse. Destined to die in sin and burn in Hell for eternity with the Devil and his angles.

    Jesus paid for our sins with His own blood. He clearly stated: “No man comes to The father but by Me” Turn from sin, accept Jesus on His terms, and be saved from the certain fate of Hell.

    Had this man done so there would not have been this mass murder. Perhaps he would have done mass good. Only God knows…..

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  2. amwick says:

    Fox and Friends just said that WHATSHERNAME got off the jet at LAX in a wheelchair… hmmmmmm

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  3. Jim in TN says:

    CNN has comments from her family. She arrived in Philippines on the 15th. Flew in from Tokyo. He sent her away. Surprised her with tickets. No word on how long she was in Tokyo.

    Claims she did not know anything.

    So he wanted her out of country. Weeks in advance. Fits with preplanned danger or preplanned assault.

    Add this to JohnP’s info that he was specifically looking for suites that overlooked venue, then we can be sure that he was knowingly planning the assault.

    Does not rule out others involvement, but does rule out simple dupe scenarios. Such as gun deal gone wrong. (Presuming both reports are accurate.) Or ISIS planned attack that he was not in on.

    Timeline question. If he fired for 11 minutes, how much time before security or LEO were at his door? How much time was there for accomplices to escape unnoticed?

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  4. Convert says:

    The news that he tried to get a room to shoot up a rap concert and that he was just prescribed Valium 4 months ago changes the story. (Just imagine what would have happened if he had hit the rap concert: the news media would have found someone to swear Paddock was a Republican and the Dems would have introduced articles of impeachment!) I now believe it will be determined that he was an empty, angry, anti-social, mentally ill man who became more violent after going on Valium.

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    • Swampfox says:

      We don’t know that he tried to shoot up a rap concert. He may have simply been scouting the location for Oct 2nd, and that’s assuming the story is even true.

      As far as Valium, I doubt it made him more violent. The operation was clearly meticulously planned; he didn’t go into a sudden rage. I agree, however, that he was most likely an empty, angry and anti-social man, whose circadian rhythm was probably shot from years spent in casinos and nightclubs.

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    • Rejuvenated says:

      Dry run on setting up cameras, transporting equipment past security, assembling weapons, best locations for extra clips/weapons for speedy retrieval, shooting platforms, etc.

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    • BeePee says:

      Fake news for the exact purpose of changing the narrative. How would it be possible to know that he intended to shoot up a rap concert. And notice it was a RAP concert.

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      • honor78 says:

        I agree that is fake news.

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      • Binkser1 says:

        Yep, basically their saying, “See,he wasn’t targeting white, conservative, Christian Trump supporters.” Don’t know what his motive was, but it’s very easy to through the fake news media’s narrative creating.

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        • RG says:

          I saw the list today or a partial list and it includes hispanics and a few dark skinned individuals. It seems that once the bullets went off he didn’t care what color he hit…just saying.


    • Fake story. The same as Omar Mateen hated gay people. If you’ve ever taken Valium it doesn’t cause you to amass an arsenal when one gun is needed and shoot at a group of Country music fans.

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    • jleonard14 says:

      You’re referring to the Life is Beautiful Festival which, while more diverse than a country music festival is hardly a “rap concert”. More white acts than black over three days…Blink 182 for example. Just to clarify.


    • Grumpy Granny says:

      If it’s true at all. Trust, but verify. They are trying to fit Paddock into a blame-the-motive caricature as if that would explain everything. This guy is being set up the same way Lee Harvey Oswald was set up. The death of the alleged perp is always a big clue that these are inside jobs.
      Remember, the SOP for the FBI is to control all the evidence, tell the local investigators to stand down and shut up, and control the narrative so the naive public will go along with whatever draconian dictatorship they seek to impose.
      We are on our own when it comes to protecting ourselves. Our government defined We the People as the enemy during the reign of Janet Napolitano. DHS has never repudiated that list. Government agencies have billions of rounds to use on us the same way the government agents assaulted the people of Catalonia who wish nothing more than to be free. SSDD.


    • aredtailblog says:

      Weird because valium is usually a pre-surgery medication? (At least for me when I had my wisdom teeth removed) I was mostly pretty sluggish after taking it from my memory.


  5. Thecleaner says:

    Cant say that valium would make him violent….more likely to knit a sweater and fall asleep…just sayin

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    • JohnP says:

      Valium is prescribed for –

      Seizure disorders
      Muscle spasms
      Alcohol withdrawal syndrome


      “Tolerance to diazepam can develop within a few weeks of therapy, which means that your doctor may need to adjust the dose in order to maintain its effects.”

      If Paddock’s dosage was not bumped up, it probably was no longer effective.

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      • Thecleaner says:

        I have conducted several “personal clinical trials” on just about everything at one point or another, strictly for scientific purposes of course….found valium or most benzo’s were the quickest way to get that good nights sleep you were longing for…bursts of rage and energy were almost physically impossible

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        • Thecleaner says:

          You will find that the tox screens conducted on many “stars” who were found dead implicate valium or other benzos in combination more often than not as the cause of death


        • Swampfox says:

          I agree. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was using the Valium for insomnia, even though it’s not prescribed for that reason. I bet he hadn’t had a regular sleep schedule in many years.


          • shadowcole says:

            I was prescribed valium for anxiety and insomnia just a couple of years ago, doc didn’t want me to take xanax due to high addict properties, but after suffering a devastating tragedy my doctor gave me xanax instead and I take that to sleep at night.


            • Swampfox says:

              I hope you are staying out a low dose. It’s difficult to stop, even at moderate doses, mainly because it’s SO GOOD for sleep that you’ll experience rebound insomnia. Sorry to hear about your tragedy. Hope all is well.

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            • Bendix says:

              Forgive me for giving unsolicited advice, but you may find a book called Potatoes Not Prozac helpful.
              I’m not criticizing you for using medication to sleep. I suffered from chronic insomnia for decades, I know what it’s like.
              For some reason we accept that some people need medicine for their heart, their blood pressure, etc. but needing it for sleep is frowned upon.
              I’m just saying that some people get relief by changing their diet. Even though the way they were eating before was not considered unhealthy.

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              • hoodaticus says:

                I’m not judging either, but Melatonin not only works great for insomnia, it also cured my borderline personality disordered girlfriend in high school of both her manic-depressive swings and her insomnia. I take 10mg and fall asleep within an hour.

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                • Maquis says:

                  I could so love finding a way to get my BPD spouse on that!

                  I’d have to slip it into something unawares…

                  Never heard such a thing. Amazing.

                  I take a bit at night myself, but I never assaulted my spouse, at all, let alone on an all too frequent basis.

                  Any good immigration fraud mental illness family law lawyers out there?



          • Red says:

            May have been a coke head and using valium to come down off of coke high.


      • Debbie Monson says:

        This guy seems to be smart and methodical he took great pains to leave behind almost no trail whatsoever and in this day and age almost impossible –what if the valium was yet another calculated misdirection???? Since we know SSRI’s cause people to snap is this his snarky little joke sending people scrambling to link valium to his actions when he knew damn well its harmless????


    • mimbler says:

      Yes, but all the more likely to knit a black assault sweater. Think about it… /sarc


    • and spending time in casinos and NOT drinking alcohol in addition to the pills…. somehow I doubt it. Booze and valium, now way 60+ year guy is up for much physical exertion.

      Wonder if they’re going to do a toxicology test on the body.


  6. El Torito says:

    Until there is more confirmed, vetted evidence of ANYthiNG, I’m staying with the simplest explanation: Deranged leftist.

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    • Praedor says:

      Correction. Just ANOTHER deranged leftist – with Trump derangement syndrome.

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    • haditwgov says:

      I am staying with evil leftist no matter what BS is propagandized.

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    • Howie says:

      Radicalized democrat.

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    • itswoot says:

      I have to wonder if the lyrics to Toby Keith’s song with the words, “’cause we’ll put a boot in your a** It’s the American way” crossed the mind of Paddock when he chose a Country & Western music crowd to rain down his bullets.

      It would be like a leftist to twist the lyrics around to, in effect, put a boot in the a** of Conservative C&W supporters of President Trump.


    • Why would a a person need 23 guns? Was he going to use each one, then move on to another? How about setting each up? Takes a little time. And why did he shoot out of two windows? Ran back and forth? Why (in the picture with the suicide note) are his arms at his side when he supposedly stuck a gun in his mouth? Why are his arms at his side when the supposed gun that shot him is over his head? Why is he wearing gloves if this was a suicide mission? Why is the gun that supposedly killed him not mentioned in the list of guns? Why is a gun lying across his leg in the picture? What about the two license plates that we were looking for? Where did he get all this cash? If you are in real estate, the money is in the real estate. You don’t have loads of cash lying around, but saying you’re a real estate tycoon is an easy way to explain the money as is being a “gambler.” Why did he gamble the day of the murders and use his card to rack up points? What would be the point? Why didn’t housekeeping go in his room? Why is a cart with a camera out in front of his door? Housekeeping doesn’t just leave those around and why would they leave that there when they weren’t doing housekeeping in his room? Why was he recording/streaming the video? To who? For who? Why was he in the Philippines with this “grifter” woman? Why did it take the police so long to get to him when a guy on the same floor was telling them where he was?

      These are just a FEW questions, but enough to say that “lone wolf depressed leftist” is NOT an explanation of this.


  7. Convert says:

    Actually, Valium and many other drugs ( anti- smoking drug Chantix and one of the acne drugs??) have ” heightened aggression, suicidal thoughts”as side effects, meaning it is a known reaction that some people, a small number but confirmed during the drug trial, have.


    • JohnP says:

      Serial killers who took Valium:
      John Wayne Gacy
      Charles Whitman
      Velma Barfield
      Thomas Quick


      • Lou says:

        I have taken valium – not so what you say.,

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        • Red says:

          I take valium for muscle relaxer and anxiety. It was originally developed as a muscle relaxer and is still one of the best meds for that purpose. Valium is a longer acting drug for anxiety than Xanax for anxiety. Xanax works really fast but only lasts about 4 hours. Valium takes a while but does its job for a much longer period of time. If anything, I would think valium would have calmed this guy down. That’s why I posted way upthread that perhaps he was having panic attacks about what his “handlers” had ordered him to do.


      • Bendix says:

        I believe the reason for that is because Valium was the go to drug for practically anything for quite some time.
        I have a relative who has used it for years with no ill effects, as it was properly prescribed.
        The same with the SSRIs. If a person already suffering from a mental disorder of some severity is prescribed Prozac, it can induce mania.
        The average depressed person is not suffering from what used to be called manic depression, and will not become dangerous from the use of SSRIs.
        Of course people who are troubled enough to commit horrible acts of violence were on some form of medication ahead of that. That does not mean the medication caused the violence.
        Most street criminals, those who hold up liquor stores and so forth, are ‘on’ alcohol when they commit those crimes. That does not mean alcohol causes people to commit armed robbery.


      • mimbler says:

        Serial killers who drank milk as children:
        John Wayne Gacy
        Charles Whitman
        Velma Barfield
        Thomas Quick

        Just a little levity to show that correlation isn’t the same as causation.

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    • Thecleaner says:

      5mg of valium will knock most people of average size on their ass. 10mg and 2 beers and you may not wake up

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    • cdquarles says:

      Indeed. Beware the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. We’d need much more information (and the valium thing can be used for disinformation purposes) to be sure.


  8. LULU says:

    Previous reports from Australia said that her husband had died. Then she came to the United States and eventually married Danley, an Arkansas man.

    From The Australian:

    Ms Danley — then Marilou Bustos — had moved from The Philippines to southeast Queensland in the 1970s or 80s. Her mother joined her in 1985, moving into a home in Alberton, in Brisbane’s south.

    “Marilou came here, and then with her mother, and then her other sisters,” her brother-in-law said. “Her mother passed away a couple of years ago.”

    It’s believed two of her sisters remain in Australia and have strong ties to Brisbane and the Gold Coast. She had given birth to her daughter, Sheila Darcey, in Man­ila in 1975, and is known to have been married to an Australian man, who worked in either advertising or marketing, for about 10 years. His identity has yet to be ­revealed.

    They lived in Nerang, on the Gold Coast; online profiles of Ms Darcey also suggest she was raised in Brisbane.

    Ms Danley was known to have worked in office administration during her time in Australia.

    Ms Danley, then 35, relocated with her then 15-year-old daughter to the US, where she married Arkansas man Geary Danley in Nevada in 1990.

    The newlyweds settled down in Memphis and stayed there for more than a decade, with Ms Darcey attending university there before moving to California.

    Ms Danley and her husband are believed to have relocated to Nevada in 2003.

    The Daily Mail said she was widowed in Australia. Will look for that article.

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    • LULU says:

      Scroll down the thread to the Newsweek RETRACTION of its story on her multiple SSN cards, marriages, etc. All Fake News.


    • Tparty says:

      This video reviews Paddocks father’s history. Starts with a basic timeline of the shooting and moves to background info at … prompt to 13 min 2 sec

      Bank robber turned con man .. apple … tree.

      Ms. Danley seems to have developed some of the same skills … possibly better than his.


  9. LULU says:

    Danley is believed to be an Australian citizen and previously lived on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, for more than a decade with her former husband, an Australian man, who has since passed away.


    • LULU says:

      Depending upon when the Australian husband died, she may not have needed to divorce him.


      • JohnP says:

        She married Danley in 1990 and married Bustos in 1996. She didn’t divorce Danley until 2015.


        • LULU says:

          According to Australian media, she arrived in Australia from the Philippines in the 1970s as Marilou Bustos. At some point she married an Australian, Les Darcey, who has since died.
          They were married for about ten years. He helped her raise her daughter who now bears his surname. Then she came to the United States.

          I believe Newsweek’s “research” (the only source for the marriage information, republished by others) may turn out to be a bust. It doesn’t jibe with what too many (especially in Australia) have to say about her history.

          Has Newsweek shown us the marriage license with Bustos? 1990 would have been about the time she married Danley in Arkansas.


  10. blognificentbee says:

    And the FBI let her go already!!????!!! They could have held her for at least 24 hours on the dual SSN issue. I do not understand the FBI’s methods in this case.


  11. LULU says:

    Danley returned last night:

    Police hoped they could learn more from Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, who was in the Philippines when the shooting occurred.

    Danley arrived late Tuesday night at Los Angeles International Airport and was met by FBI agents, according to a person familiar with the investigation. She is considered a critical witness in trying to decipher Paddock’s motive.


    • gymcy81 says:

      (in relation to the cab drivers video of firing from a lower floor )
      Hopefully they ask if she knows of any paddocks friends, confidants.
      (plus check the phone and financial records etc.)

      The unintentional, intentional accomplices need to own up …

      p.s. during the 3rd LV press conference, there was a point of potential obfuscation concern.
      The sheriff brought up to a questioner that he really appreciated the research that the public was finding (and the people on stage scoffingly, arrogantly laughed as being not relevant)…then the Sheriff said, he was serious.
      The “Laughing” about sick circumstances stopped – but the scoffing remains apparent – sick.

      Flight 800, 20 yrs. ago, “investigators” passed over provided clues. (because it did not meet the narrative)
      ….ala just like, yet different to the political “consensus science” in climate change being sold as a false narrative for public acceptance – instead of the higher standard of absolute science…

      p.s.t. “we-the-people” do need to be THE good, check and balance of our government systems…or else….evils can prevail….

      As LV shows (and many other situations in history),
      Is all it takes for evil to prevail,
      is for the good to do nothing.

      Love thy neighbors
      Mark 12:31

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  12. LULU says:

    Before Paddock opened fire on hundreds of civilians over the weekend, he was known for his tendency to berate his girlfriend at their local Starbucks.

    Paddock and Danley were regulars at the Starbucks inside the Virgin River Casino in Mesquite.

    Paddock had a habit of lashing out at Danley in front of the coffee-chain’s employees, according to Esperanza Mendoza.

    Mendoza, who is the supervisor at the Starbucks, told the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday that the abuse ‘happened a lot’.

    The pair always ordered the same drinks. Paddock would get a venti mocha cappuccino and Danley would get a medium caramel macchiato.

    Mendoza said the abuse came when Danley would ask to use his casino card to make the purchase.

    The card allows gamblers to use credits earned on electronic gambling machines to pay for souvenirs or food in the casino.

    ‘He would glare down at her and say, “You don’t need my casino card for this. I’m paying for your drink, just like I’m paying for you,'” Mendoza recalled.


    • Texmom says:

      For some reason, I am not buying this Starbucks story. Not buying the “paying for you” part, said in public. Seems like embellishment, but who knows?

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      • Tejas Rob says:

        He could have been telling her “I’m paying for you” meaning she didn’t have to pay because he was paying for the meal and these people misunderstood.


      • mimbler says:

        I’m with you. This doesn’t pass the smell test. They said he had a habit of doing this. If that were real, she would have stopped asking for his card after the first “lashing”.

        To do it every time they ordered a coffee makes it sound like an “in joke” if they did it at all which I doubt.

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      • G. Combs says:

        Doesn’t pass the smell test.
        Neighbors rate him as quiet, reclusive unless he had to be friendly and then he was. But that seems to be AFTER he sold his plane(s)

        “…For several years, the gunman lived with his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, in a retirement community in Reno, Nevada, neighbors said. They said they interacted with Danley but not with Paddock, whom they described as extremely standoffish….

        In Reno, Diane McKay lived next door to Paddock and Danley until McKay moved to a different community,… Danley wasn’t forthcoming about her life, and Paddock was aggressively unfriendly, McKay recalled…. “He was weird. Kept to himself,</b." said McKay, 79, who described Paddock as small but in pretty good shape. "It was like living next to nothing. . . . You can at least be grumpy, something. He was just nothing, quiet….

        Harold Allred, who lived up the street from the couple…. said he and his wife found Danley unremarkable, though perhaps a little odd, and didn’t know Paddock. “He was reclusive,” said Allred, 66. “We never met him.”

        Paddock lived and worked as a manager and owner of an apartment complex in the Dallas suburb of Mesquite beginning in 2000. A resident, Priscilla McBride, said that Paddock roamed the apartment property, casually talking to residents

        Rodriguez and other groundskeepers were shocked when they woke up to the news and realized they had seen Paddock. They say he played alone and that he would stop and say hello to them on the course….

        Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said, “We have no investigative information or background associated with this individual that is derogatory. . . . The only thing we can tell is he received a citation several years ago, that citation was handled as a matter of normal practice in the court system.”……”

        I do not see this type of guy creating a scene in public.


  13. Jim in TN says:

    His chosen method of ending it bothers me. Seems like typical American mass murder cowardice. Kill innocent people until police arrive than off yourself with your gun.

    ISIS types try to go out in a blaze of glory. Shoot it out with police, or keep killing until police take you out. They are also willing to blow themselves up if it means taking more infidels or police with them. The cowards who plan and organize often don’t participate. If they do participate, they also try for their 72 raisins.

    If he was some sort of black ops expert, suicide would not be his plan. Accepting a mission with certain death, yeah, dumb heroics, but not offing oneself. Plan goes wrong, maybe offing oneself to prevent giving up information under torture. But not plan to off himself from the start.

    In that same vein, he made no real effort to hide his identity. Black ops would have used false ID to get guns and reservations. Wouldn’t operate where everybody knows his name. And would have planned an escape. Last minute contingency suicide would likely be one that helps hide ID. Blow up room, throw self out window, etc.

    Blackmail? Kill all these people and yourself, or we send you to jail? Or we kill your loved one? Blackmail has to have something in it for the victim. Certain death undermines the leverage. Jail looks better than death. Risking one person’s death is better than taking scores of lives. Even if it is a loved one. Now promising he will live and then killing him might work. But again, he didn’t do things in such a way as to hide that he was the one doing them.

    I can be quite wrong, but it does seem to be more and more likely that he is just a vicious cowardly mass murderer.

    I don’t want to recommend that people kill themselves, but it would be better for an awful lot of people, if these murder suicide types would skip the murder and go straight to their own demise.

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    • G. Combs says:

      What if he had other ID at the ready?? Shave the beard, dye the hair, head for Mexico and then fly to where ever you want. Marylou could easily have been carrying a LOT of portable gold done up as junk jewelry. The $100, 000 would see them through until the gold was converted to cash.

      I think he had every intention of fleeing and was acting as mule for others. Otherwise WHY cotton gloves? High price equipment but COTTON GLOVES?

      They work to keep finger prints off the guns but for firing you would want gloves made for the purpose.

      There are a lot of pieces that just do not fit well.Like the bipod over his legs and the room next to a stairwell.


      • Jim in TN says:

        Maybe if the government doesn’t already have his fingerprints, and he has been really careful to not leave prints anywhere at the scene.

        But there are still many reasons why they would identify him. Guns he bought in his name. Using his girlfriends card. Etc. He didn’t bother hiding his ID. Assuming he could and wanted to get away, they would still be able to track him down.

        Not leaving fingerprints may help him not be identified. More so if he undergoes surgery to hide his identity. They can stilt track and block electronic fund transfers. Why give the chance for them to mess up his plans to hide out?


  14. Pam says:

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  15. JohnP says:

    Looks like the Honeymoon was over…….

    Suzy Page, 68, said: “I remember at the start of August looking out of my window and seeing Stephen pull up in a brand new huge silver minivan but just a few days later he left the house in it and was never seen again.”

    She added: “I thought the whole situation was even weirder when two weeks later I then look out of my window again to see Marilou stuffing her car full of all her belongings.

    “Over the course of three or four days it was like she was moving her entire life out of the house.

    “She packed so much stuff not only was her car full, but it was also tied to the top of her car.

    “After a few days of packing she too pulled out of the driveway and was never seen again.

    “It was all very strange.”

    So where was he living from early August until last Thursday?

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  16. LULU says:

    Now we have the name of her Australian husband. Another article said she arrived in Australia as Marilou Bustos in the 1970s or 1980s (posted previously up this thread).

    Born in the Philippines, Ms Danley moved to the Gold Coast where she married a local man who worked in advertising and became an Australian citizen, living at Nerang for around 10 years until the late 1980s.

    The man, Les Darcey, has since passed away.

    Ms Danley worked with him for at least some of the time as a bookkeeper and had also had a role during Expo 88 in Brisbane, friends said.

    Les helped Ms Danley raise her daughter from a previous relationship, ‘digital innovator’ and artist Sheila Darcey.

    More here:

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  17. Heinz W. says:

    TBH after being an expat in the Philippines for 16 years, I need to mention that none of these things are out of the ordinary for a Filipino. Its all very suspicious for us Westerners, but not if you are from such a corrupt, cartoonish, place as the Philippines.
    First: different Names, I.D’s even age.. not a big deal over here. You can get pretty much anything you want if you pay for it. In fact even if you try to do everything by the books, chances are the rather moronic Gov. employees will just make mistakes. They cannot even copy your Name from another official ID without spelling mistakes. 2. Being married to 2 men at the same time. Also very common occurrence, since the Philippines doesn’t have Divorce (and Annulment is too expensive and too much of a hassle for most) getting married again, without dissolving the previous marriage is very common here.
    I am writing this to offer the perspective from the Filipino culture (from a Westerner who is neck deep in it)
    This article makes her extremely suspicious, and she should definitely be brought in and interrogated. Just keep in mind that she is from a very different place…



  18. iwasthere says:

    Just wild speculation here. But what if he was part of a group that trafficked in hookers and the gambling was cover for a money laundering operation. I can’t see how you can be a ‘professional’ slot machine player and make money, that just makes no sense. Poker, maybe. But not slots.


    • LULU says:

      His game of choice was video poker. We have a friend who cleans up at video poker.

      Video poker offers some of the best odds in the casino. It’s a good alternative to slot machines since you still have the chance of hitting a big jackpot, but you’re about five times more likely to actually get it. Slot players should seriously consider graduating to video poker, because they’re much more likely to win that way. The only catch is that to enjoy the good odds, you have to learn the proper strategy. If you just guess then you could easily do worse than with slots. But you came to the right place, because we’ll cover strategy here.

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      • Regina says:

        Every video poker machine has a laptop inside running it – once I learned that, I totally gave up the idea of ‘beating the odds’

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      • StormyeyesC says:

        NO ONE cleans up at video poker. If they say they do, they lie. Odds in any casino/gambling game do not favor the customer. Very few people make money gambling in the long term. Yes, a lucky day or a lucky week, ok, but not over the long haul.


  19. FH says:

    I believe this guy is going to turn out to be another George Sodini: an angry beta male whose only means of attracting – for lack of a better word – women was to buy them. He either learned sordid details about Marilou’s past he didn’t know before, or she declined to take the relationship further/ended the relationship. Feeling he had nothing else to live for he decided to take out his frustrations by committing a mass shooting. The $100,000.00 payment may have been a last ditch attempt to get her back that was rejected, leaving him to go through with the killing.


    • rsanchez1990 says:

      Those sordid details had to make him realize that both his girlfriend marries for money and he can only attract women like that, which would both be emasculating revelations that would make a beta male rage. That might be the reason he never had children.


      • trialbytruth says:

        I would think he would just go shopping


        • G. Combs says:

          Yes, I am sure there were plenty of ‘Sweet Young Things’ just ready as can be to spend his money.

          (And yes I am very cynical because I have seen the blood sucker latch on and then leave as soon as the money runs out. Happened to a very good friend.)


      • G. Combs says:

        “…Those sordid details had to make him realize that both his girlfriend marries for money….”

        Good grief the woman was a ‘highend Hostess’ Look at the pictures of her! As they say in the south, she is no better than she should be.

        Remember he LIVED with her BUT he did not MARRY her and marriage is very easy in Vegas.

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  20. Tonawanda says:

    I am sticking with my guess: this event was a planned revenge-suicide with a predictable financial loss for the casinos and financial gain for Danley.

    The one motivation we know for certain is the suicide. Paddock intended to kill himself. The whole event was a prelude to his self-inflicted death.

    Why would he kill himself? Because his gambling addiction was coming to a close, he was running out of money, his casino encouraged lifestyle was about to be shut off, maybe he was in hopelessly in debt.

    And as a psychopath/sociopath he was going out in a narcissistic blaze of “glory.”

    He WAS going to get “revenge” on the casino/casinos who took his money.

    He WAS going to make others suffer, for the sheer godlike thrill of causing death and suffering.

    He WAS going to enrich Danley, his fellow grifter, who could benefit mightily from the foreknowledge of the suicide massacre inflicted from the Mandalay Bay.

    He WAS going to become famous for one of the most spectacular f*** yous ever, so often at the heart of angry suicide.

    The financial effect on the casinos will be documented. But the financial benefit to Danley will require a lot of work to make the connections.

    This speculation seems a lot simpler than other theories.


    • Swampfox says:

      That’s is one of the better theories in terms of fitting the facts as we know them. I would add that there is no evidence of children, so what did he have to live for? He was 64 and hanging out in nightclubs. Doesn’t seem like much of a life to me.

      However, the police chief did say Paddock was “radicalized.” So maybe he found some cause to feel the void of his meaningless existence.

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      • Dixie says:

        Add to that emasculation due to ed and you got yourself a winner.


      • Maquis says:

        The sheriff basically suggested that that possibility wasn’t ruled out and that they were looking into it. Essentially: “Was he radicalized? We don’t know, but we are looking.” At no time did he assert that the sick **** was actually radicalized. The question was being asked, the cops were asking it too, and were on the investigation.

        I’m pretty sure if he knew simply using the word in a clear and non-confirmational manner in an open discussion would result in people believing that he stated that the sick **** was radicalized, he wouldn’t have used the word.

        It’s like Trump saying something to the effect that he would beat a particular challenge, then people running, and all repeating as “fact” that our President admitted beating his wife!



    • georgiafl says:

      Don’t forget his possible motive to kill patriotic Trump supporters and law enforcement who attended that annual country music festival.

      Paddock’s frequent visits to Mandalay Bay over the years would give him knowledge of the participants and attendees of this concert.

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    • FH says:

      Not a bad theory at all. But, then, why not actually kill people in the Casino? Had he been a better shot he could have killed as many people – if not more – on a crowded Casino floor than he actually killed.

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      • Tonawanda says:

        Because this was a suicide first and foremost. He was going to kill himself. He wanted to know when the jig was up.

        If he killed people on the casino floor he might have been captured alive.


    • Patriot1783 says:

      Just to throw out there, why’d he wait until the last set of the last night of the event that was predominantly attended by Christian, majority Republican/conservative leaning innocents that were not even in a casino? I mean an hour earlier the crowd was singing the National Anthem.
      I’ll also wait til the autopsy comes out before standing behind the conclusion of his own inflicted suicide, I still think this attack was more than a one man operation and intent was for the left/globalists to go after 2nd amendment and our guns.

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  21. 180daysofkindergarten says:

    I can not imagine the horror of those concert goers and yet, 2 days later my news feed is every story but this one. How odd and sad. Beyond that how telling.
    This is one hell of an interesting story. We know next to nothing about him and we know that she is a player. Holy moly, that is not some quiet housewife. She’s been busy. But here’s my question on her, why the heck would she come back?? Your live-in creates a huge splashy mess (and a weird one at that) you are already out of the country, why would you return?

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    • Maquis says:

      Beats being drug back in chains. Not like Phillipino President Duerte would object to adding another brutal jailing to his crime fighting record on behalf of justice for American citizens. Safer in SuperMax here than in the local constabulary’s broom closet there. It’s not a gentle place.


  22. seventhndr says:

    Looks like our president knows something…

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  23. shadowcole says:

    Does anyone know her citizenship status? Does she have a green card? Is she a citizen? Were both SSN’s stolen or was one hers and another forged?


  24. LULU says:


    Newsweek has retracted its story that reviewed the public records of Marilou Danley, the girlfriend of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock.

    The initial report was based on many public records, but included an error that came to light after publication when a family member came forward.

    Danley remains a “person of interest” in the shooting investigation of the slaughter of 59 people Sunday night in Las Vegas.

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  25. LULU says:

    If there was ever a reason to hold off on sensational stories that emerge within hours of a horrific incident like this one, this thread is Exhibit “A”.

    Newsweek was the only media publication carrying this story. It was picked up by others. But there was no verification from another source. Now Newsweek has retracted its story. How many will see the retraction?

    This is what we hate in the media, yet here we are – lapping it up and amping it up.


    • georgiafl says:

      NEWSWEEK is very Anti-Trump – just research their stories. Reads like a leftist propaganda tabloid.

      Newsweek is owned by two 30-ish males. Probably trust fund or $0r0$ or one of the big tech guys have backed them.

      Don’t give them any credibility.

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    • Just Sayin' says:

      We have to dig into this stuff, there is no one else to do it. We can’t rely on the media.

      That may mean some bad stories get looked at and discarded

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  26. quintrillion says:

    No sure if this was posted. It is about how casinos launder drug/criminal funds. This is about Canada but could easily be going on in Nevada too. However, since many in Canada are now under investigation…the heat must have been heavy after the conference with law enforcement in Canada. A must read to understand the possibility of Stephen Paddocks wealth and gambling income:

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  27. MaineCoon says:

    Just posted on the OT, but posting here as it is on topic with yesterday’s article and I don’t believe this data has been posted yet.

    I located data on how many Filipinos are living in U.S. Each state lists the number and population percentage. Below is the data for the locations I have read that the shooter had residences. Although the percentage is low, I found the numerical number to be staggering.

    Ready made network. I found this mind boggling. The potential is staggering. Little plane for puddle jumping flights within each state, between states, or beyond southern border or Bahamas from Melbourne International Airport.

    Trafficking. Humans. Guns. Drugs. Whatever.

    1. Las Vegas = 1,030,452 This link shows number/percentage in the rest of NV also.

    Mesquite, NV = 9,919 (#29 on list)

    2. Melbourne, FL = 114,203. Look at the other FL cities. Orlando, Jax, TPA have 600K+ or 700K+ Filipinos.

    3. Mesquite, TX = 145,653 (#21 on chart)

    Mesquite is 14 miles from Dallas

    Plano (Dallas suburb) = 225,287

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    • G. Combs says:

      And if they are like the Chinese they are often all from the same village/location just transplanted to the USA with their culture intact.


  28. Rip Tide says:

    I find it hard to believe that there were not more eye witnesses in the hotel at the time that have not been heard from.


    • ray76 says:

      What do you think about it taking well over an hour for the police to get this guy?


      • Karen says:

        I think they got there pretty fast. This is a massive hotel. Plus, at the time they had no idea if there was more than 1 person. They had to systematically go floor to floor to clear it to keep them and the public safe. I was listening to the police scanner while this was happening. It was chaos. It’s amazing they got there that fast. There were calls coming in of active shooters at 8 other nearby hotels. It makes me wonder if after the 5-9 minutes of shooting, if he then was the one to make all of the calls to report a shooter. That would send police everywhere and create a diversion.


  29. I’ve seen all the reports up to now on what was in Paddock’s suite and still nothing explains why the weapon he supposedly used had cyclic changes in fire rate. A bump fire stock will not have that sort of change in fire rate. It sounded like a crank fed machine gun or gatling gun. Nothing of the sort was in his suite.

    Also, why would the guns be strewn all over the suite if there was no fight or struggle in the suite with the police? If he was cycling through weapons, wouldn’t they be stacked next to the windows? Why was there no visible muzzle flash when viewing the 32nd floor on video during the shooting? If he had line of sight with the crowd then someone in the crowd would surely see the muzzle flash.

    How did he get that AR underneath his lower body and in his hands, as shown in the photos, if he shot himself through the back of the head? He would not be able to maneuver into that position after having shot himself with that gun held in front of his body. He would have to use his pistol instead while holding the AR from behind which is also a weird position.

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    • Tejas Rob says:

      >I’ve seen all the reports up to now on what was in Paddock’s suite and still nothing explains why the weapon he supposedly used had cyclic changes in fire rate. A bump fire stock will not have that sort of change in fire rate. It sounded like a crank fed machine gun or gatling gun. Nothing of the sort was in his suite.<

      It sounded like a crank to me too but they haven't said anything about any of the weapons having one, which I'm sure they would have.

      I asked someone about this and had them listen to the video. This person is very knowledgeable about weapons and ammo and they thought he had mixed his ammo when loading the magazines, something about some were lower grain, some a higher velocity.


      • OK, but why would anyone bother with that when the ammo comes in segregated boxes and the magazines are being loaded for a spray-and-pray shoot-em-up? Just put one type into the magazines, and even if you ran out of one type and switch mid-magazine, you would have only one possible change in the ROF (and I’m not even sure differing ammo types would have this effect with a bump-fire stock, for example).


        • David says:

          He may have mixed up his ammo because he unpacked everything at once and then accidentally tripped and spilled some of his ammo box contents on the floor. He then may have decided, since he was going to kill himself anyway, that reorganizing his ammo boxes was not best way to spend his last bit of time on Earth…particularly when he still hadn’t watched the last three episodes of season 7 of Game of Thrones and he still hadn’t tried Mandalay Bay’s Angus burger with Provolone cheese…he only tried it with Swiss cheese previously.

          Or maybe he decided changing up the ammo would make people assume there was more than one shooter, causing security and police forces to take more time to search for other shooters and/or collect enough troops so they could be confident of overwhelming force. Basically, a ploy to delay any counterattack on his position.


      • Was he wearing an ‘AutoGlove(tm)’?


    • David says:

      If he is running back and forth between two positions and in a hyperactive mood, he could easily start throwing guns to the ground as he runs out of ammo while reaching for the next one. It isn’t like he cared if an empty gun got damaged. With his lights on in the hotel room and firing from a position a few feet inside from the window, a muzzle flash would not be visible from 300 yards away. I am not sure what your question means about the AR position with respect to the dead body.


      • Maquis says:

        It’s called a flash-suppressor. Dang near every AR pattern rifle not running a noise suppressor wears one. Being backlit, as suggested above, might help lessen it’s observability too.

        Guns strewn about: there were 23, that many would take up some space. Perhaps he placed them about the suite so one would alwsys be within resch as he moved about. He surely didn’t shoot that much, certainly not in relation to the number of weapons on hand, so they could have been highly redundant prepositioned backups & quick response weapons.

        Gun under butt, gun over ankle. If he laid down on one while holding the other, then it’s obvious. If he shot himself standing while holding a rifle, he could have fallen on tbe one while dropping the other, which didn’t quite make it to the floor as he fell back and his feet, or foot, caught the falling weapon.

        As for shooting himself in the back of the bead… Um, no. He put the Smith & Wesson Centennial Airweight revolver into his mouth, deep, and shot through the roof of his mouth, into his brain, and out the back of his head. That’s why there is blood on the cylinder of the revolver.

        One will note that that there is no exit wound on his face as would be most likely with that .38 Special round he used. This is because the cavern on the back of his head is the exit wound, and the entrance wound is in the roof of his mouth, out of sight except for some escaping gore.

        As to the supposition noted above about the uneven cyclic rate of fire, again, no mystery, no fancy explanation needed. The bump-fire stock relies on the gun’s recoil to drive the gun itself back into the operator’s trigger finger time and time again. The rate of these sequential shots is inconsistent because the system depends upon the user to secure the weapon with his own strength. Changes in position, breathing, moving his body as he swung the rifle muzzle through an arc to spray into the crowd, the mechanical relationship between the rifle and his varied skeletal and muscular frame are changing continually, leading to an inconsistent rate of fire.

        Even holding the rifle in a single position there will be variances throughout the duration of the volley, “a man is real, not made of steel!” The only time one could hope for a consistent rate of fire with a bump stock is when the rifle is locked into a fixed spring reeistence and travel floating vice with a robot finger on the trigger. Even that is no guarantee.

        Also it should be noted that acoustics played a role in varied individual observations, including the appearance of inconsistencies in rate. As a self-repeating rifle is swung through an arc the muzzle will be facing more towards an observer at one end of the arc and farther away at the other. Shots in one’s direction will be both louder and arrive sooner than those facing farther away from you, even if it’s a modest arc. athese variances will be perceived as variances in the rate of fire.

        The echoes off the adjacent faces of the building can also interfere with, and therefore reduce the apparent volume, of the sound waves, or reinforce the wave making it appear louder. Both contribute to one’s perceptions of rate and pace.

        Another feature of echoes is that they follow a longer path to reach one’s ear than the sound waves generated at the muzzle and which come directly towards a person, following a direct route, a shorter path. So the two reports cannot arrive at thecl same time. They are slightly out of phase. As the difference between the muzzle to observer and the reflecting wall creating the echo are not very far away, you will not get a canyon shouting “HELLO hello HELLO hello” situation where the degree of out of phase produces the appearance of the repetition of the word, or of the shot, being perceived as two separate sounds, the second a pale reflection of the first.

        But in our situation, the difference in timing, the degree of “out of phase” between report and echo, are slight, so they will overlap. This will have the effect of making the sound of each shot appear longer. But the gun is moving, the echoes are louder and softer, arrive quicker or sooner, not at all then very much a loud echo combined with the reports that generated them, sometimes amplifying and sometines to some drgree cancelling out part of the original report. It is a highly dynamic situation, in endless chaotic flux.

        As one report, as we perceive it, is louder and longer at times, but varying always, the “silences,” the gaps between what we perceive as a single individual reports invariably change also. Therefore the difference between two “short” reports with little overlapping echo will be longer than the gaps between two “long” reports with significant o erlapping echoes. As the length of the reports varies due to the differing “phase” of the overlapping echoes extending the apparent sound, the spaces between these sounds will vary a great deal. AS WE PERCEIVE THEM.

        Therefore, we sense that the timing between the reports is the varying factor, and presume that there must be different ammo or a different caliber or whatever our understanding of physics suggests to us to be the reason we are hearing what we heard. It doesn’t occur to us that the reality is that the reports as we perceived them were of differing lengths. We don’t perceive that. We don’t know, in the moment, or watching a video, that the length of the varyingly over-lapping report and echoes are longer and shorter, we presume they are equal. But we ARE well attuned to the difference between one boom, a fraction of a second of relative silence, then the next boom, and so on. Detecting patterns is our forté. It’s part of why we love music, why rythym is as meaningful as melody.

        This is why we believe we can deduce certain things that, frankly, few of us would be likely to deduce in the moment. We also believe that we can interpret what we review on a video, without having the knowledge of what position the recording was made from and what obstacles intervened, what the angles were, and what was where that could produce an echo that makes a sound appear to emanate from another position.

        SO, we THINK we KNOW:
        “I KNOW what I heard!”
        “I KNOW what I saw!”
        “I KNOW what that thing I heard/saw means!”

        No. No, I’m sorry, but you do not know. None of us can know. Only a serious and thorough investigation will provide all the answers, if we are lucky.

        For every recording will be attempts to ascertain the location, the time, the orientation of the recording device, the orientation of the operator of the device, and the general and specific conditions of the situation at that moment.

        There will be efforts to coordinate every recording and to analyze the sights and sounds on multiple devices for every minute, second, and even millisecond in some instances. Probably much less needed to solve the case than to eradicate the swelling epidemic of Grassy Knoll Syndrome.


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        • Bakokitty says:

          Thanks for a very good explanation of what we thought we heard in the taxi cab drivers video. Your explanation of the varying shot bursts and echo cleared it up . Even for myself as a occassioal shooter.


          • Maquis says:

            Well, thank you! Nice to be appreciated somewhere! 😉

            But this is what we do, listen for the Spirit and act when prompted. CTH brings so many amazing people together it is truly humbling, and uplifting at the same time.
            I can’t say it enough; I love my Treeper Family!

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        • Maquis says:

          D’oh! Okay, forgot to mention this.

          We have a video of a cabbie driving around the base of the building, and, iirc, in the parking garage(?). The cabbie, moving about, the position of the recording ever changing, the side of the cab facing the building and or shooter changing, moving in and out of zones of high directly transmitted sound, in and out of ever changing pockets of faint or strong echoes, possibly, perhaps likely, even being in positions where the echoes were louder than the sound waves that traveled the shortest distance to the cab, being in an aural shadow of sorts.

          It’s possible, again, if not likely, that where the cab was was often shielded from the direct reports which appeared faint, but the reflected echoes were much stronger, the witness reported having the impression of direct gunfire from a given location. Even numerous separate locations. The existence of echoes, especially close to the building where some strong aural reflections appeared, will surely convince a novice that there were multiple positions of fire. Even moving positions.

          Chaos Happens Folks, as does Evil, just as chaotic as the noise and reflections and shadows, ever-changing, swirling about us all, happen.

          I would also like to point out that I have observed a number of people remark that what they “heard” in the video proved to them that there was “a shooter here, a shooter there, a shooter everywhere, hi ho…” Let’s get real folks. Cellphone cameras are ubiquitous and quite handy, but they are not recording full surround-sound with several heterodynamic mic’s placed at optimal locations throughout the video. Therefore, we have no means to triangulate a sound using our ears and cerebral sound processing centers.

          Watching a video we are presented, just as the images of 3D objects become 2D and often do not give up their tales as there is not enough information for us to process precisely where one thing is in relation to another, without measuring with the use of known objects and such. Even then, it’s still 2D. We can’t lean to the side to see another angle and allow our visual centers to instantly do the trigonomrtry for us and force physical reality to yield some of her secrets.

          Just the same, sound in a video becomes 2D. If we are lucky, we have stereo. We might be able to say it sounds like here, or there, but the sounds recorded on stereo are Left and Right channels, n’est-ce pas? So how do we know if a sound is Front or Back? That information would not be yielded by stereo microphones. None of us non-aural-forensics technician have the skills or tools required to tease such information out of a stereo recording.

          I can imagine how a brainiac might approach such a task, but I’ve gotten way into the weeds here already… Though I must note, I am only in these weeds to try to pull my Treeper Family members out and encourage others not to wade in. It’s a thick tangled mess in here! And the Snapping Turtles! They’re everywhere!

          Other vital information is also lacking for us to process this 2D noise. We are not there. Were not there. We can’t look over our shoulder to allow our ears another perspective, cannot know if there is a concrete wall at our back or an open field. Objects can reflect sound, block sound, attenuate sound. If we can’t keep our nugget on a swivel within the recording we cannot discern the existence, location, size, nature, texture, hardness nor softness, likely sound reflective or sound absorbing or blocking objects about us. All influence our understanding, much of it so intuitively and naturally that we likely don’t even realize the kind of information we are processing and how our brains quickly went, “Oh! Now I understand!”

          So we need to be careful about how we accept the explanations of those that share videos without a very critical eye to context. If it can be deduced from a camera continually panned to reveal the surroundings, including above and below, we can be misled, even by our own data starved minds.

          Pethaps, perhaps some skilled imagery people, especally if we have satellite imagery analyst type people in our Treeper Family, or video forensics and the like, we could seek to identify the particulars of specific points in the timeline or positions on the ground, meaning the exact location and time and orientation of a recording, and gather enough data, using Google Earth and Sat photos I suppose, if not people on the ground…

          Having People to go video these actual locations in an extensive, intense, continually stopping to pan video all around fashion, we could hopefully confirm or debunk viral assertions burning their way through the Internet. Call it The Las Vegas Brief. What goes down in Vegas no way in HELL stays hidden there with CTH on the case.

          Especially consequential ones. Things that our investigation simply has to know to have a chance at discerning and publishing Truth. If we can put out a ton of flowers for poor Jessica Chambers down South, we can find a way to do something like this.

          Wish I had my little RV already, can’t do hotels and won’t subject myself to a molesting by TSA flunkies and am sixteen hours away… Dang it. Not tbat we’d be allowed on the grounds, all of which constitutes a crime scene… Maybe if we had a Treeper LV LawMan…

          I’d drive if I had one or two exceptionally patient Treepers that can deal with a broken Veteran that can to from generally sentient to no signs of cerebral activity in a flash and other cheerful functional deficits. Don’t have license to carry that NV accepts. That’s a problem for me. I consider such situations to be a defacto personal travel ban, but this is important. Very. If Sundance blessed such tomfoolery and I have co-conspirators (that don’t have chemical or fragrance addictions 🙄) I’m in.

          Anyway, I am getting frustrated with the emerging Grassy Knoll Syndrome epidemic. I imagine this will be a cottage industry for many for a very long time. Hope we get a credible confirmable explanation and can rest our weary minds over the matter. If not, we have a job to do.

          So say we all.



          • Maquis says:

            ARRRGH!!! I need to get computer up, this cell phone peckery is getting really old. Please note a vital negative omitted as corrected below.

            Ninth Paragraph: Change to: “If it can NOT be deduced by…”

            I knew not getting any sleep was going to cost me. 🙄


  30. Tejas Rob says:

    About that Valium claim, how did these people get this info? It would be a violation of HIPPA laws and people in charge of medical records are very strict about enforcing it because it could cost them their license.


  31. LULU says:

    From the Comments below the Newsweek Retraction article, 2 hours ago Julie Doe wrote:

    Um, fact-checkers ought to look at the Clark County website that says she was using the name Bustos in 1990 in her marriage to Danley.

    I think Marilou C Natividad, who married Jose Bustos in 1996, is a different person. This also is supported by a Marilou C Natividad-Bustos working in California for the water company in 2013.

    I might be wrong, but did Newsweek even attempt to make contact with the decade-younger Marilou before posting this? Talk about libel if Occam’s Razor actually applies here — that two different SSNs, birthdates, and the use of Bustos in 1990 vs 1996, means these are two different people.


  32. LULU says:

    From White Pages:

    Marilou N Natividad Bustos
    Age 55
    236 Cardinal Ln
    Vallejo CA 94589-3718
    Neighborhood: North Vallejo

    Among her relatives is Jose Bastian Roman Bustos.

    Identity mixup? Ages and husband surname match… If they were married in Las Vegas, the records would be in that county’s records. Ditto Reno.


  33. Ken says:

    You should know better than to rely on NEWSWEEK for truth!

    “Newsweek has retracted its story that reviewed the public records of Marilou Danley, the girlfriend of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock. The initial report was based on many public records, but included an error that came to light after publication when a family member came forward.”


  34. Sentient says:

    Drudge shows “room service for two”. Coupled with the credible testimony by a 21 year old woman that there had been a “Hispanic” woman telling people that they were all going to die, I’m guessing that there was ANOTHER Filipina there.


  35. James says:

    Vlad Tepes Blog where I saw comment about video purportedly taken in 2016 by American tourist of same room shooter was in. I’m not a design person but the coloring of the room looks similar to picture shown of supposed guns and shooter’s feet. I will say that this room isamazing!!!! 1800 sq. ft. You can find it at “Ruptly” YouTube site. Entitled: USA Tourist shares chilling video of Vegas massacre room”


  36. Tparty says:

    This snippet would be very interesting if confirmed.

    “last Monday the 25th and the connector room since Thursday the 28th”

    Source article from uptrend…


  37. Harleyd says:

    You good folks are wasting your time speculating on all this.

    Jeffie Sessions is on the case.

    We will know the truth before the end of the century.

    Or a report that says “nothing here to see – move on”.


    • georgiafl says:

      You forget one thing – Sessions serves under President Trump’s orders.

      President Trump said: Go after criminal gangs – Sessions did and is doing just that.
      President Trump said: Go after child traffickers/porn/predators – Sessions did and is doing just that.
      President Trump said: Go after drug dealers – Sessions did and is doing just that.

      You don’t know what else President Trump has told Sessions to do.

      Stop with the Sessions bashing….it’s the same as bashing President Trump!

      Liked by 1 person

  38. StormyeyesC says:

    From Reddit very interesting

    Liked by 4 people

  39. StormyeyesC says:

    Read the comments (relationship to Obama………intelligence)

    Liked by 2 people

  40. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    ‘(Dr.) First said it would be important to discover why Paddock was prescribed the drug.
    “That may have more to do with why he did what he did,” First said.
    The Nevada state monitoring report also noted that Winkler prescribed 50 10-milligram tablets of diazepam to Paddock in 2016.’ snip

    It might also be important to discover exactly when in all of 2016 he rec’d his prescription….November 9th?


  41. Maquis says:

    Hey, I got an idea! One that could kill two whacko-birds with one stone!

    Ask McCain to cross over right away, do some recon, track down this bloody murderer, get some of his demon friends to help his interogation (I hear where they are both going that Fire-Boarding is a popular technique). Then, as he is both a Maverick and a bag of hot air, he can simply be the second person to buck the system and return from the grave by inflating his ego with hot air and escape Hell to return and report. For his trouble, we will promise to help him go into the Light:

    McCain: “It’s. So… Beautiful!!!.”
    Us: “Keep walking John, and just ignore that deafening whistling sound…”


  42. Glint says:

    Guess NewsWeak retracted their FAKE NEWS story about the multiple identities. Question they did not ask themselves:
    Q: When would a woman use 2 SSNs and have 2 different hubbies?
    A: When it’s two completely different women.


  43. blognificentbee says:

    We can add this heap of citizen video. Worth the 40 seconds to watch.


  44. 4sure says:

    GOOD GRIEF!!!! Some people have waaaaaay too much time on their hands. Reading these comments on the Vegas shooting is like listening in on a old women’s gossip line. (Apologies to old wimmmmmmins).


  45. Tparty says:

    My one observation of note regarding the death photo. Why is there no sweat on his face? He just finished a rampage … running get ween nests, unloading magazines and then realizes through video that a security officer was outside, shot him and then turned the gun on himself … a 64 year old overweight senior? … and he has no sign of moisture … anywhere.


  46. POP says:

    Where’s the comment with a pic of a receipt for a meal for 2 at the hotel 27 Sept billed room 32?
    Has it been debunked? if accurate, person #2 is the prime investigative target.


  47. mnwild1961 says:

    I read today in the European Union online newspaper that an intelligence report sourced by Russian intelligence labelled her as a known FBI informant. There is some other interesting info in the article of which you can deduce it’s veracity.


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