NFL Jaguars and Ravens Take Knee for Star Spangled Banner, Stand up for ‘God Save The Queen’…

This is actually funny.  Seriously, it is hilarious.  The NFL has made a collective decision to destroy itself and the hilarious part is the hives’ echo-chamber is so deafening they can’t hear the organizational structure collapsing around them.

In church this morning a lady shared something with me. She said: …”and now we know why faith stopped Tim Tebow from a career in the NFL.”  Expanding, she said her belief was that God knew this moment was coming and he protected a loyal servant by denying  entry onto the NFL ‘field of schemes’ as a career.

You know, I think that lady is on to something…

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens are in England today for a game in London.  When the U.S. National Anthem was played both teams disrespected the USA and yet stood up for the U.K National Anthem ‘God Save The Queen’.   Think about that.

The NFL, writ large, is nuts.  They’ve lost their minds. The NFL players, managers, league officials and owners, along with downstream sport punditry and networks, obviously think virtue signaling their collective unity plays well -mostly in their echo-chamber because of the support from left-wing media- but outside their bubble they are destroying their own business model.  Watch what happens.

The same people who said President Trump would never become president are now on TV saying Trump picked the wrong issue, the wrong fight.  They could not be more wrong in their analysis; then again, most emotional arguments tend to set aside logical destinations at the end of obvious paths.

Additionally, football and sport coaches and players have been fired for praying before and after games; essentially for expressing their own first amendment rights.  The left-wing political class were silent at the intolerance and gleeful at the punishment.  However, now that a U.S. President has righteously suggested the same linear consequences to paid professional millionaire employees of the NFL, the same left-wing pundits are clutching their pearls at the horror of the thought.

It’s all goofy, ridiculous and nuts.

American millionaire entertainment performers on their knees in protest against the national anthem because they believe America sucks,… while simultaneously indulging in every element of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, made possible by the values in America contained within the anthem they abhor?

You can’t make this level of stupid stuff up.

You also do not need to be keenly filled with insight to see exactly where this decision on behalf of all NFL entities, and their downstream affiliates, is going to end. Abject stupidity.

Last year after the NFL decided to make politicizing sport part of their business model I just simply tuned it out.  Not just because I disliked the decision within the NFL, but also because I have a severe aversion to people doing stupid things.  As a consequence I don’t find this latest NFL evolution sad, pathetic or (__ fill in the blank __), instead I find it hilarious.

Who exactly do these kneeling idiots think is paying them?  How exactly do the insufferable dolts think the business works?  Money for the gold grill doesn’t grow on virtue trees, it actually comes from the pockets of the people the idiots are fighting with, NFL fans.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

I think the lady from church may have it exactly correct.  God protected Tim Tebow from this ridiculous fiasco.

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922 Responses to NFL Jaguars and Ravens Take Knee for Star Spangled Banner, Stand up for ‘God Save The Queen’…

  1. scott467 says:

    “The NFL, writ large, is nuts. They’ve lost their minds. The NFL players, managers, league officials and owners, along with downstream sport punditry and networks, obviously think virtue signaling their collective unity plays well -mostly in their echo-chamber because of the support from left-wing media-”


    But this is true EVERYWHERE, except where regular Americans are found.

    The God-hating, America-hating, Constitution-hating Left is nuts, and even where they are a MINORITY, due to the lie of political-correctness and fascist bullying tactics, they effectively have total control:

    1) in government (city, state, federal)
    2) in news media
    3) in entertainment media (TV, movies, music)
    4) in documentary media
    5) in sports
    6) in pre-school / Kindergarten academia
    7) in grade school academia
    8) in high school academia
    9) in college academia
    10) in MOST businesses, certainly most of those with more than 10 employees
    11) in most every social group / club
    12) in LOTS of so-called churches

    And it was definitely not by accident, it has been planned out for decades, likely since the hippy-dippy 60s, since it is that generation which is now in positions of power and authority throughout the land.

    Cloward/Piven, Alinsky, Communist Manifesto, Globalism, New World Order, call it whatever you like, there are many facets of it, but they all work toward the same end, the destruction of America from within.

    And it was easy to do, all they needed was time and to infiltrate the schools and government, while globalism required both parents to work to provide the same standard of living as the previous generation, so government institutions (schools) and entertainment media ‘raised’ the kids.

    While regular Americans are struggling to keep a roof over their heads, the Left, once ensconced in government, diverts public funds (taxpayer dollars) by the trillions (over the decades) into support of every Leftist cause under the sun.

    Wherever voter fraud or appeal is not enough to advance the cause, judge-shop for favorable court rulings and sue everybody for everything who disagrees with you.

    5th Column, de facto.

    5th Column: “A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize openly to assist an external attack. This term is also extended to organized actions by military personnel. Clandestine fifth column activities can involve acts of sabotage, disinformation, or espionage executed within defense lines by secret sympathizers with an external force.”

    My whole life, Sen. McCarthy has been vilified.

    It sure looks like McCarthy was right, and if anything, he didn’t understand just how vast and well organized and well funded the communists really were.

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    • thluckyone says:

      Scott, it’s not possible for me to say when it started – but I think long before WWII. What I can say is that the effort to destroy anything “American” and/or “wholesome” seems to be accelerating now that we have a real President of These United States. They’re growing desperate in part because their plan for Hillary’s/ The Uniparty’s/ The Globalist’s reign of dissolution has not yet been realized.

      Along with you and a WHOLE BUNCH of other Treepers and Deplorables, I’m just bound and determined that their plan is gonna have to wait a WHOLE LOT longer. MAGA to spite the 5th columnists. And may the devils take them all – TODAY!

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      • WSB says:

        It happened with Woodrow Wilson and his minions (Hollywood elite) falling for Lenin, Marx, and later, Stalin’s lie. Actors, academics were bushwhacked into taking cruises to see the new ‘efficient ‘ state run farms, etc. in Bolshevik Russia.

        All a pile of BS. And then look up Edward Bernays.


    • chbailey says:

      I don’t get it. Is the linking of the arms to prevent putting their hands over their heart? And it’s done willingly, so all who are linked are for the knee takers? And the heads bowed means they refuse to look at the flag? If this what they are doing, it’s sick.

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  2. citizen817 says:

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    • DeplorablePatriotInCa says:

      God bless him.

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    • Sunshine says:

      I am one that believes bringing back the mandatory army draft will go a long way in reestablishg country unity and pride in the nation.

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      • Mongoose says:

        Make that mandatory “military” service of some kind and I am with you. Too many people just don’t understand nuthin and don’t give a crap about anythang! (my slang)

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        • Wartime mandatory service: Yes

          Peacetime mandatory service: No
          • The military is not and should never be a social/values reengineering experiment.
          • President Johnson dumped 100,000 mental morons and worse on the military. Took 2 decades to get rid of them and undo the damage.
          • Our volunteer military has produced the best on the planet. NOTHING short of the best is acceptable or could succeed in opposing the number and scale of threats we are dealing with.

          We should be giving veterans with honorable service a hiring preference for governmental jobs at federal, state and local level. This would make service hugely attractive and restore patriotism to the ranks of those in government who should be putting country first, honoring their oaths of office and operating with integrity when no one is looking.


    • Robert Schmaldienst says:

      Support Big Al By buying this t shirt, not the NFL jersey


  3. fred says:

    remember what happened to the “dixie chicks” when they went to england. l have been a packer fan for 60 years. don’t make me walk away.

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  4. G. Combs says:

    Leftist logic:
    We can scream at you, toss stuff at you, beat you up and even KILL YOU. However if you open your mouth to object to being treated as a valueless slave, then — RACIST!!!

    It is not just the people who watch who will boycott…..

    The rest of us can Boycott NFL Sponsors since the NFL has NO SOCIALLY REDEEMING CHARACTERISTICS!!!

    So shortly I will update the list of 2017-2018 NFL sponsors. I continue to focus on the lack of accountability for players commiting domestic violence as my reason for this. If yo are so empassioned, write to the NFLPA and tell them supporting/ defending perpetrators of Domestic Violence is wrong, and a travesty. There are other issues. You can have your opinion about those but when Ezekiel Elliot is not banned for life or for 3-5 years from the NFL, I have problem… These guys should be in jail. Not serving a NFL sanctioned penalty. PRISON. Period. A second chance should await many of them, as is deserved in America. But some need a long sentence and a significant outlay of cash to DV organozations and to think about their crimes, deeply, before release….

    From another commenter
    Joe Mixon..Oklahoma.. Running back… Will be drafted and make millions… Beat. The. Shit. Out of a woman… On video…. Is your team drafting him? Are you willing to write your team owner and share your thoughts on this pile of excrement?….

    The NFL is nothing but low-life perverted SCUM who endorse violence against WOMEN, CHILDREN, ANIMALS and POLICE!

    I can not wait for that list to be published so I can make the sponsors aware it is not just sports fans they will be losing.

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    • G. Combs says:

      OOPs sorry I did not mark that as a quote. (Shows how angry I am at the leftist scumbags.)

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    • Binkser1 says:

      “Leftist logic:
      We can scream at you, toss stuff at you, beat you up and even KILL YOU. However if you open your mouth to object to being treated as a valueless slave, then — RACIST!!!”
      This is why the Left hates President Trump. He is the first leader to really push back against these nut jobs and they can’t stand it and they can’t beat them. It is driving them nuts, as you can tell by how over the top they are with their hatred: They know he is a threat to their scheme.

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    • navysquid says:

      G Combs, first a disclaimer…I am a Cowboys fan. However, even the local police investigating Elliott’s behavior and the girlfriend (gf) did not find anything prosecutable in a court of law. I read the ENTIRE texting between these two wingnuts and they need some emotional help. Elliott’s situation is different from say…Ray Rice’s. Elliott even had a mutual friend who was told to lie to the police by the gf to get Elliott in trouble. He said he couldn’t lie to the police.
      Prior to my Navy career, I worked for an NBA team and saw women literally throw themselves at these players to hook up with them. This obviously leads to a dangerous path for a multimillionaire player who can get easily framed by a groupie.

      Back to the NFL and Pres Trumps comments, I totally support Pres Trump and having served and fought overseas, I recognize the “right” for players to kneel or sit but the PLACE is the wrong place to make your statement. The NFL is going to lose fans and revenue in the millions because of this fiasco…and they don’t even see it, as Sundance stated.

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    • Christine says:

      Hi G. Combs

      I’m not sure how up-to-date this #BoycottNFLSponsors list is, but it’s a start!


  5. G3 says:

    Forget extra padding in the helmets- little kneecaps are getting scraped.
    # KneecapsMatter

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  6. joeknuckles says:

    Because of revenue sharing, we must boycott all teams for this to have any effect. Even if you just watch your favorite team or a team that does not have any protestors, it benefits the league. Screw them all.

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  7. kea25252014 says:

    Trump vs the NFL!

    Well my moneys on Trump, USA and MAGA

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  8. Tim Banis says:

    I hope throngs of US patriots meet the Jags and Ravens planes upon arrival and boycott them coming back into the country.

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    • They should. I heard people in the stadiums were booing. Not sure if people got up and left or not.

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      To illustrate the total lack of History these persons have… they disgrace the American Flag and Anthem (supposedly because of a ‘race’ issue?)… and, then they stand, for the British Anthem… England has a history of hundreds of years of colonization where they treated ‘people of color’ as slaves and servants, and treated them terribly… “wogs” was a favorite description… Total IGNORANCE on behalf of these football players and their owners and coaches!

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  9. Dave Kozeruba says:

    Seriously, don’t these Prima Donnas make enough money to form a collective production effort, and film an ad to express how they feel? Instead, they offend every veteran, citizen, impressionable young person and fan that pays for their lavish lifestyle. I’m done with the NFL. Actually, it’s high time we got over our addiction to the mindless antics of giants chasing an odd shaped ball.

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  10. rvsueandcrew says:

    That poster that says “Sh8t like this is why I won” is great!

    Suggestion: I’d like to see it with the same gesture by President Trump and the words “Sh8t like this is why I win in 2020.”

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  11. TreeClimber says:

    This is terrible format (needs commas!) but it’s the best I could find: Current list of NFL sponsors. Cross-checked with this one: (previously posted by another Treeper but I’m reposting for accessibility), should be able to figure out the list.

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  12. TONYA PARNELL says:

    Let idiot overpaid players keep it up, NFL is losing money as it should be and the boycott is working. We need to go after their sponsors.

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  13. bbabbitt2003 says:

    Didn’t the left have it in for the NFL because of what – head injuries or something? Well, this might just fix that.


  14. leont says:

    All the kneelers are blacks. Does it it signify anything or just a coincidence?


  15. Convert says:

    Ok I’ve been cruising around social media and it’s on like donkey Kong. People are livid. And they are taking action. Trump is brilliant. The Dems don’t have a clue what’s happening. The ones on my Facebook are doubling down on stupid and feeling really righteous and victorious! It’s AMAZING. The country is uniting tsunami-like, scales off their eyes at the rich, spoiled hypocrites who defend free speech unless it’s prayer or a Jesus T-shirt or a 9-11 sticker on a helmet. …this is just amazing to watch.

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  16. Kathy says:

    England transported slaves from Africa to England for 150 years, then continued to transport them to both England and America (British Colonies) for an additional 150 years. Most slaves were transported on English ships owned by English citizens. So, when the U.S. sports players stood today for “Hail to the Queen” but not for “The Star Spangled Banner,” they appeared to be thanking England for promoting slavery in America. SMH

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    • Mal says:

      Totally wrong and it’s “God save the Queen” by the way, don’t you Americans know anything about countries other than your own? I’ll bet you don’t have a passport do you?


    • OverWatch says:

      It is ok to commend the business of slavery as long as those doing the business are not American. So stand for God Save the Queen, go ahead. It was just their way of saying thank you to the brits for delivering their ancestors from the shit holes in back in Africa. Oh wait, that doesn’t make any sense. See, that’s why their actions in England were so stupid. Stupid is as stupid does. Also, per the dumb ass’s comment below, apparently having a passport must mean you are intelligent. Pretty sure I didn’t have to take an exam to get my passport. Trolls are so funny.


  17. Frank says:

    It’s just black people trying to insult white people again. It’s not about the US, civil rights, or any other political concept. Those ideas are too lofty for the common **************** footballer. They’re just reminding white America that black America still hates them. Yawn.

    Comment edited by Admin…

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  18. thinker says:

    lets not forget the NBA and WNBA they are part of this also. We need to go after their local advertisers aswell as the national brands like nike. go to your teams website for the NFL,NBA, and WNBA and find out which local companies are advertising with the team and doing business with them and then call them up and let them know that you are no longer going to do business with them and why. We also need to make sure that no more taxpayer mony goes to build or upgrade any of their stadiums and arenas.Last but not least cut the cable. If you want to see cable TV there are other way to do it , for example you can keep internet access and get a fire stick that is hacked and you will not have to pay for cable TV anymore and you will help starve the beast.

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  19. Nchadwick says:

    Edmonton Oiler Fans finish singing US anthem after mic stopped working

    NASCAR owners side with Trump, take firm stance against anthem protests

    “Get you a ride on a Greyhound bus when the national anthem is over,” team owner Richard Childress responded when asked what he would do if one of his employees protested during the anthem. “I told them anyone who works for me should respect the country we live in. So many people have gave their lives for it. This is America.”

    “Anybody that don’t stand up for that ought to be out of the country. Period,” Petty said. “If they don’t appreciate where they’re at … what got them where they’re at? The United States.”

    However, when reached by ESPN, Andy Murstein, the majority owner of Richard Petty Motorsports, said he would not fire an employee who protests.

    “I would sit down with them and say it’s the wrong thing to do that [take a kneel], and many people, including myself, view it as an affront to our great country,” Murstein told ESPN. “If there is disenchantment towards the President or a few bad law enforcement officers, don’t have it cross over to all that is still good and right about our country.”

    Murstein added that while he disagrees about firing an employee for taking a stance, he understands the feelings of both Petty and Childress.

    “They are all proud Americans who have lived through world wars and turbulent times,” Murstein said. “While I respect their thoughts — and personally I think it’s the wrong thing to kneel — I wouldn’t fire someone for expressing their feelings.”

    Walt Czarnecki, executive vice president of Penske Corp., said Team Penske has no policy regarding the issue and said, “it’s an issue we’ve never faced and don’t anticipate facing.” He said to his knowledge the team has never spoken with a sponsor about it, either.


  20. Mongoose says:

    Well said Sundance! These fools will see their income streams renegotiated by the league who allows this stupidity when revenues fall and contracts can no longer be honored. Players always want to renegotiate for a better deal when times are good. Well, owners will want to renegotiate when times are tough, and they will get tough. Economics will bite them in the ass. Reality bites and it does not care about race. Spit in the face of the consumer and they will vote with their wallet. They don’t realize they are a product and when the product stinks or fails to perform, the consumer will move on to other forms of entertainment. It will come very soon.

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  21. scott467 says:

    “They could not be more wrong in their analysis; then again, most emotional arguments tend to set aside logical destinations at the end of obvious paths.”


    I don’t think it’s emotional, except for those Leftists who think their virtue-signaling is enhanced by hyperbolic emotional displays.

    I think it is a mental illness, and I think psychology and psychiatry departments will eventually have to recognize, categorize and diagnose it as such. It has many of the symptoms of classic (historic) mass-manias, but it is built on a steady diet of intellectual dishonesty and psychological denial, to the point that people who are immersed in such a ‘culture’ and social environment are literally becoming mentally deranged, incapable of logic or reason if logic and reason conflict with their social ‘status’ objectives (basically, being ‘liked’).

    And if you are immersed in this pure intellectual dishonesty for long enough, it becomes part of who you are, in the same way that lying becomes habitual, to the point where those who lie frequently begin doing so when it’s not even necessary, it just becomes a part of ‘who’ they are.

    The PROBLEM is that this mental ‘derangement’ is in conflict with basic reality in all sorts of ways, which leads to cognitive dissonance on steroids (manifesting in hilarious ‘triggering’ reactions).

    10 years from now, if not sooner, the medical fields will have to confront this subject matter, because A) it is getting worse at an accelerating pace, and B) it is affecting roughly half the population, and C) alternate realities result in violent conflict, sooner or later

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  22. scott467 says:

    “Who exactly do these kneeling idiots think is paying them? How exactly do the insufferable dolts think the business works?”


    A) they are exceedingly wealthy, which quickly has the effect of making one detached from the day-to-day reality of 99% of the rest of humanity, unless one is firmly grounded — and these people are not grounded, they are marinated in purple Kool-Aid

    B) they believe they are being righteous and virtuous, because they have called ‘evil’ good, they have exchanged truth for a lie (many lies)

    C) they have an outsized influence, though they are a tiny minority of the population, because their ‘beliefs’ and ’causes’ are vertically integrated (to use a business analogy) with the team owners, the administrations (i.e., production), the media which broadcasts them (i.e. distribution), and the multinational corporations which own all of it (i.e., financiers).

    It’s sick.


  23. Catherine D'Alessio says:


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  24. BebeTarget says:

    Since when do employees have a right to express their political beliefs in the workplace? I’d like to see people use their right of “freedom of speech” to consistently espouse their love for America in the places where they work i.e. classrooms, the entertainment industry, media, sports franchises and see if their behavior would be excused and tolerated or if they would remain being employed. My guess is there would be a lot of people in the unemployment line.

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  25. Steven Hitt says:

    The American consumer has all the power to effect almost any change they want by collectively withholding their financial support for any person or entity. If the consumer stayed home, changed the channel, stopped buying any products, stopped employing players in commercials, etc., this NFL bullshit would be over in a couple of weeks. This controversy is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the real power in the world, that of the consumer! I hope they do and bring these teams, the players and owners to their knees, not in protest, but in begging for the boycott to end!!

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      IMO, the American ‘consumer’ likes his/her playthings/amusements too much to really take a “stay away” approach to this disgusting stuff. I hope I am wrong.

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