You Know Virtue Signaling Corporations are Losing When…

This is one of those little insignificant issues that highlights some bigger more significant stuff.

Left-wing moonbats will never admit when they are losing; actually, they’ll hide it.   Corporate moonbats also try to hide their defeat, particularly those idiots who cut off half of their customer base to virtue-signal to their preferred moonbat audience.

However, the market bottom-line is the overriding ‘end’ when the moonbattery ‘means’, bite them in the assets.  Cue the Audio/Visual demonstration:


This advertisement actually ran during the Tucker Carlson program tonight. Think about that? Not only did the marketing team need to target an audience the Moonbats abhor, Fox News, they also paid the highest ad rates to run on the #1 prime-time Fox show.

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524 Responses to You Know Virtue Signaling Corporations are Losing When…

  1. azgulch says:

    Advertising companies are the same model as engineering consulting companies. Advertising companies in NY recruit almost exclusively from Ivy League schools, maybe with a Masters or less. These young kids think up the ad, advance it to the “Wise Old Guys”, if ok’ed then produce it. It’s all New England “liberal” group think, virtually every ad we ever see – from 22-25 year old kids.

    This is why the stupid ads we see are crap and offensive to red state people.
    Stuck up ex-daughter in law in advertising explained this to me. And yes she was from Conn. and attended an Ivy league school and worked in NY.

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  2. Trumpire says:

    Anybody who pays $5 for a cup of coffee is nothing more than a dumb sh&t. A very gullible one at that.

    If you feel the need to be pretentious, send me your coffee money and I’ll blow smoke up your ass about how special you are and what a connoisseur you are.

    When I see somebody carrying a StarF*cks cup I roll my eyes behind their backs and think what a moron. Really, people must just have money to burn.

    And of course, this commercial is another insulting and transparent fail by StarF*cks.


  3. jvlovesk says:

    Changing their perspective?! Wth was their perspective before?!? Only a sick twisted liberal would ever think someone in the military is anything other than a hero. FU Starbucks I will never ever spend a single dollar in that place again!

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    • kathyca says:

      This!! The idea that a veteran needs to “change the perspective” of some libtard “barista” is freaking hilarious. And only a bunch of [very bad word]’s like Starbucks would not even SEE that. Which clearly, they don’t.

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  4. I’d rather eat grass then drink Starbucks.

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  5. Howie says:


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    • ok4ayl says:

      My all time favorite Starbucks meme….My son got me to do this one: Drive thru attendant: Welcome to Starbucks, what can I get you? ME: Yeah, I need a “LARGE” cup of that new Obama blend…..Long Pause on the either end: Sir, what’s that? and did you mean GRANDE? LOL…..ME: Yes, I want a LARGE coffee, Obama Blend…..Pause: Sir, what is that? ME: I want my coffee exactly like the President likes his woman…….Black and Bitter…….LMAO……You’d think I hit a nerve….:) Classic! Snarky little punk had no sense of humor!

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  6. Delilah says:

    “Have you ever killed anybody before”
    “Yes. I’ve killed so many that I just stopped counting after awhile.”

    Careful what you ask. You might not like the answer….

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    • Bruce Fauth says:

      Someone once asked a soldier, “What do you feel when you kill someone?”
      His answer, “Recoil.”
      Actually not so much of that with an M-16, if I remember correctly.

      This old vet doesn’t buy StarSCHMUCKS.

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      • Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

        I remember this story, and I’m pretty sure it was an interview of a sniper by some snowflake lib reporter. (how do you feeeeelll…)
        So, most likely something a great deal stiffer than the .223/5.56 NATO of an M-16/M-4, like .50 BMG or .338 Lapua.
        Thanks for your service!


  7. TMR777 says:

    I think this ad is disgraceful. They really have a lot of nerve to run something like that and think people would fall for it. I wouldn’t set foot in a starbucks or buy any products from them. In addition to their political and social stance, I despise their pseudo-cool, leftist superior attitude. Whenever I see people sitting at the tables and counters or the people behind the counters in a starbucks, I could just picture those same people as antifa demonstrators, bernie sanders supporters, wearing “I’m with her” buttons or those pink hats.

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    • average Joe says:

      I love to go into Starbucks ,to use the bathroom. My aim is never too good .😇

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      • dayallaxeded says:

        So you’re “that guy!” Dammit, that’s why I go to shariabucks, too! There’s boycotts and civil disobedience, but hygiene should never be our victim–leave that for the occupy crowd.

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      • Easily Amused says:

        Leave a deuce and don’t flush. Once you’re done run like the place is on fire out of there. I’m sure someone will find your present quick. I’m cracking up as I write this because I’m thinking about the British news story of the girl who got stuck in the bathroom window trying to retrieve her poo while on a Tinder date… (look it up)


    • Scott says:

      To me, whenever a business model concentrates on virtue singling of various types instead of how good their product and/or service is tells me that I’m going to over pay for what I’ll receive and I’ll try to avoid them.

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    • 100% agree. I’ve stopped buying their products or visiting their stores.

      “10,000 veterans and military spouses hired and counting”…. hopefully very soon, those low-middle (?) class people will find better paying, more satisfying, longer-term jobs with our MAGA-PREZ at the helm!!

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    • Spencer's Mom says:

      This ad seems to “OUT” or publicly identify ex-Military Personnel and their families so that they can later be harassed or somehow targeted — under the guise of Starbucks wishing to “show support” for them.

      And the questions and the answers given by the actors playing the roles of Starbucks employees are giving are inane.


      • Spencer's Mom says:

        Maybe the geniuses at Starbucks feel that if they show support THIS WEEK for Military Personnel, they’ll somehow be justified in showing support NEXT WEEK for Islamic Terrorists, Antifa, et al.

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        • flova says:

          That’s an astute point you make.

          This kind of subversion is why the Left has mainstreamed all kinds of perversions and terrorism making it seem normal here in the U.S.A.

          The message APPEARS to be ‘we are so nice and want to understand you and hire you’ but anybody with a few unindoctrinated brain cells can see right away Starbucks’ laughable, fake,condescending attempt to hide their antifa, sharia loving, Marxist philosophy.

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    • Mr. T. says:

      TMR777, I agree with you 110%. Before that jackass of a CEO who runs Scumbucks opened his mouth, several members of my family would patronize them. Not anymore, not since that jackwagon ran his mouth standing up for non-citizens instead of U.S. Citizens, the ones who made Scumbucks what it is.

      I feel bad for the franchise owners, as this has obviously hurt their bottom line. However, they should all band together and sue the crap out of corporate for not protecting the brand. Shareholders should do the same as the CEO should have stayed Apolitical to protect shareholder value as well as the brand.

      As I U.S. Army Vet, let me just say that I’m offended that Scumbucks is using my fellow Veterans for nothing more than damage control because of an idiot CEO. Not acceptable, EVER.

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    • SafeSpace says:

      Has Starshucks Corporate yet decreed that it is okay to serve police?


  8. Peter says:

    Pondering how their “refugee” infommercial compared to this one.

    To consider corporate America thinks they have to introduce the American military to their snowflakes in a “hey, our staff may not know how to behave around people we’ve taught them to fear and hate”

    Curious and dumb. How about – yo – treat others respect or your fired.

    Snowflakes – even high paid c-level ones- are destroying this nation of doers with this PC crap – just get to work, damn it. Take pride in your work and get that ring off your tongue when you greet customers (sidebar , nasty)

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  9. What I got out of the commercials: “Wow! I never realized vets were humans, too!”

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  10. Fred Ward says:

    It’s Starbucks. What did you expect?


  11. El Torito says:

    Their political positions never became an issue for me. I don’t do Starbucks because their coffee is swill and stupidly priced. Bustelo. Black coffee matters.

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  12. penny munday says:

    They lost me with their statement that fewer Americans, today, know vets. If you think about the wars this country has been in, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf Storm, and the last seventeen years of war, they can actually state this with a straight face?

    Recently, I drove rather than flew on my annual 1000+ mile trek. The number of highway memorials to local fallen vets almost brought me to tears.

    This commercial is a travesty on so many levels. These people know vets, they just don’t see them.

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    • …and I’d like to know where they got their info from? Just made it up, or asked a well-rounded sampling of 15 employees? {eye roll}

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    • G. Combs says:

      “…. that fewer Americans, today, know vets….”

      Are they KIDDING???

      We give a 10% discount to active duty military and I know tons of veterans too.

      Good grief, the USA has been in continuous war pretty much since WWII and many of my relatives and Hubby’s are vets.


      • TheMachine says:

        I live in the Seattle metro area (home of Starbucks) and many of my friends work at very well paid jobs in Starbucks management. Trust me, from Starbucks corporate eyes, they DO NOT KNOW VETERANS. They have no clue about the sacrifices their countrymen have made and they live in a very, very liberal, well-to-do bubble that has insulated them from the rest of America. However, they are more than happy to give you their opinion because they feel they are smarter and morally superior than you. I see such a separation between the ultra-liberal population and the average American (avg American meaning Democrat, Republican, Independent working stiff), that I don’t see the 2 groups ever coming together. One group will end up beating the other. I pray the average American wins this cultural war going on in the US.

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    • mw says:

      They lost me at hello


  13. Katie says:

    I love cold coffees. Absolutely love and addicted to them. My problem is, Starbucks makes great cold coffee drinks that I am addicted to. I will gladly – and am more than ready – to become addicted to someone else’s cold coffee because I hate giving Starbucks so much of my money all of the time. Does anyone have any recommendations for good cold coffee drinks?


  14. PDQ says:

    Too late … They lost me a long time ago …

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  15. frjas says:

    Perfect example of an out of touch corporation posting an out of touch (not to mention, condescending) commercial to somehow get back in touch. Good luck with that Starbucks. Let’s see how far you can go on just cream-puff white liberal latte.

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  16. TwoLaine says:

    It’s been running in my neighborhood for awhile, and I had the same reaction. They want us to think they care about Americans, and the military. Well boo-hoo-hoo, I know the truth of your evil empire and it won’t work. I’ve only been a customer once or twice, and that isn’t changing. I know how to make my own coffee, thank you.

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  17. TwoLaine says:

    It has been said that the Starbucks dude wants to be the next President since his babe ILLary fell flat on her face. I guess since he stepped down from the company they have to repair all the purely political damage he did, so both sides might be able to stomach him.

    Personally he reminds me a lot of Bill de Blasio. Where’s my parade?

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  18. itsy_bitsy says:

    I have never patronized Starbucks myself, with the exception of giving gift cards to family members who have asked for them for special occasions, etc.. Now I will not do even that. As far as I’m concerned Starbucks does not exist!


  19. FerociousFlower says:

    What’s a “Starbucks”…?
    Answer: What a Trump-Nation’s children will say in the future-year 2025.


  20. JAMES A BASS says:

    But, notice they never rescinded their declaration to hire 10,000 Muslim refugees, did they? I’m a Vietnam vet and used to do coffee twice a week at a local Starbucks with other vets- there were 11 of us in the primary clique. We quit and went to Mickey Dees. Not a one of us has ever gone back into a Starbucks and we won’t. Yet, what might happen if they put MAGA and a huge American flag on their cups? We just might. But, the chances of that happening are not great at all.

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  21. hellinahandbasket says:

    What’s a “Starbucks”…?
    Answer: What a Trump-Nation’s children will say in the future-year 2025.


  22. fedback says:

    They don’t sell Covfefe. Sad

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  23. OnlyInAmerica says:

    Never liked Shariabucks to begin with. Too much money and fanfare for a simple cup of joe. Good grief Charlie Brown!


  24. Snow White says:

    Starbucks sells overpriced disgusting garbage as coffee. It tastes horrible, it’s burnt and everything they put in it is garbage. They shouldn’t even be in business.


  25. Breitbadger says:

    Too late. Dont fall for their trickery folks, they still hate our guts.


  26. Pentheus says:

    I believe in Post Traumatic Growth.

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  27. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    Starbucks – what a waste of retail space….


  28. Squeaky says:

    Starbucks is only airing this on FoxNews because we have voted with our wallets during and post-election. No one wants to be lectured to by businesses or corporation CEOs. They are taking a bottom line hit and they know it, thus this tv commercial that I just laughed at and said “really?” with my retired AF husband. I haven’t visited Starbucks with my money in more than a year.

    Hollywood is on the same band as HRC, trying to figure out why they had a crappy summer at the box office. Today’s excuse is Rotten Tomatoes. Same scenario they don’t understand we don’t want to be lectured to for defending our country. Voting with the wallet is my only option, so I am gladly boycotting services and companies who think they have the right to tell me how to vote and why they think I should care about their political opinions.


  29. I love watching liberals IMPLODE ; ain’t it a beautiful thing ? They had no idea what they were up against when they decided to TAKE ON AMERICA !! You lose, SCUM !!

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  30. Dee Win says:

    Starbucks is a milk-shake shop that sells coffee on the side. Friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks. Besides which, the cost!


  31. mw says:

    I can’t even. That is so out of touch, like aliens trying to say to humans, oh, you’re ok, really, maybe I shouldn’t hate you. LOL!


  32. Rodney Short says: If I am gonna spend good $$$ on coffee I have to buy the best😎😎😎 I like to buy the whole bean and dip them in dark chocolate and just eat the beans😎Cheers

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  33. I refuse to enter Starbucks because I won’t support their anti-military/liberal agenda. I’m 100% DAV…when I see crap like this, I feel they are pandering to me. Don’t believe a word they say. I won’t speak for fellow vets and I know some are liberal, but don’t expect the Starbucks employees to be accepting of you like the video show…we are all well aware of liberal tolerance!

    My kids beg to go to Starbucks, but I remind them of values and we’ll stop at a local coffee shop instead..they get it…


  34. Paul Killinger says:

    Personally, I’m in favor of tying corporate tax cuts (and the repatriation of foreign income) to some sort of domestic “Jobs Tax Credit” to ensure all these wonderful Fortune 500-Wall Street types aren’t tempted to develop loopholes to double-cross us.


  35. b0yzero says:

    I live in Los Angeles so, naturally, my peers like to go for coffee at Starbucks. I have successfully convinced them to start meeting up at a local coffee shop across the street from the Starbucks as a move against corporate America and back towards mom and pop businesses. What further puts salt on the Starbucks wound is that this particular coffee shop is owned by a Christian church!

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  36. b0yzero says:

    I live in Los Angeles so, naturally, my peers like to go for coffee at Starbucks. I have successfully convinced them to start meeting up at a local coffee shop across the street from the Starbucks as a move against corporate America and back towards mom and pop businesses. What further puts salt on the Starbucks wound is that this particular coffee shop is owned by a Christian church!


  37. Speaking of virtue signalling: I cannot believe that this has not hit TGP MGM Resorts International CEO recently announced that because of the “hatred” from the white protesters in Charlottesville the company will match funds that employee donate to certain lefty groups including CAIR and SPLC who are definitely hate groups. He has not offered to match donations given to Harvey victims, however .

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  38. MfM says:

    I just watched the ad. It’s horrible. That they thought those questions were OK to voice in an ad is disgusting.

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  39. Scrapiron says:

    I don’t do Starbucks. It’s too expensive and I prefer to make my own coffee. As a veteran if someone were to ask questions like those in the video, I would say to the person “you never served, did you, because if you did you wouldn’t ask stupid questions.” “I would rather that you just said thank you and moved on.” Some people are just plain stupid.

    Sgt. KMW
    USMC ’73 – ’80

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  40. sukietawdry says:

    Well, at least the baristas are having this conversation with each other and not with us.


  41. Here’s what I heard:

    I had no idea it’s wrong to make assumptions about people I’ve never met who do jobs I have no knowledge of. And even more wrong to allow those assumptions to be used as justifications to treat an entire group of people badly. I’m really socially stupid. But I hope you don’t see this and instead believe that I am now embracing the military.

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  42. squid2112 says:

    A couple of observations

    (1) Starbucks is mediocre coffee at an expensive price.
    (2) Starbucks is driven by trend, not by quality of product.
    (3) If I were a shareholder, I would sue them.
    (4) The environment is ripe for a competitor to take them out.

    Now, for a plug. If you want a good coffee treat this holiday season, I highly recommend giving a try some of the best coffee in the world from a Kona coffee plantation that has been in my family since 1850. It is extremely expensive ($40-$50 / lb), but you simply cannot get a better coffee.

    Greenwell Farms – 100% real Kona coffee’s


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