September 5th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #229

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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867 Responses to September 5th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #229

  1. fleporeblog says:

    What is the one topic that brings together Republicans with a majority of Independents as well as Reagan Democrats?


    What our President did today by having AG Jeff Sessions announce the plan to rescind DACA is beyond brilliant! The RAISE Act is kryptonite to the Gang of 8 Amnesty folks. I love to look at the Yahoo comment section whenever immigration is discussed. It is the only topic that flips the comments completely upside down. You will see a 4:1 or 5:1 ratio of opponents against illegal immigration versus those who support open borders. The Uniparty also can’t help but to expose themselves in these articles.

    Democrats and Uniparty Republicans are petrified about immigration! I hope that they do everything in their power to stop the RAISE Act, Kate’s Law and Sanctuary Cities Bill from becoming law. Dreamers die and Democrats get the blame because they were unwilling to participate in real Immigration Reform.

    Every single Democrat and Uniparty Republican will have to show their true colors! Our President will use that to campaign like crazy in those states on the need of getting Trump Republicans into the Senate in order for these three pieces of legislation to pass. The funniest part is that he will include the Dreamers and make himself look like the HERO!

    We have 13 Democrats/Independents that are very vulnerable in 2018. 10 Democrats come from states our President won during the Presidential Election. Good luck saying that you weren’t willing to negotiate in good faith to save the Dreamers. Our Lion will have the parents of killed children by illegals with him on every single rally in those states. The RNC will put a majority of their money into those states. We truly could win 8 to 10 of those states on this one topic alone!

    You tell me if voters in these 11 states would vote the Democrat/Independent back in knowing they were not willing to negotiate on Immigration Reform to help Americans and the Dreamers:

    WV, OH, MO, MT, ND, IN, PA, FL, WI, MI and ME

    The other two states we will go after the Democrats in is NJ (Menendez) and VA (Kaine).

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce (their masters) also expressed doubt that the RAISE Act would improve the employment landscape.

    “The goal of moving to a more skills-based immigration system that meets the diverse needs of our economy is a good one and one long championed by the Chamber,” Randy Johnson, senior vice president for labor, immigration, and employee benefits at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said. “But dramatically reducing overall immigration levels won’t raise the standard of living for Americans. In fact, it will likely accomplish the opposite, making it harder for businesses, communities, and our overall economy to grow, prosper, and create jobs for American workers.”

    Here are some of the comments in the comment section (notice the number of likes versus dislikes) from the link above:

    T Gutierrez said:

    We are a nation of laws. Yes, the immigration system needs reform. But granting illegals a permanent stay will open the door for others to flood our borders with children. President was right to leave this to congress…is it unfortunate for those 800,000 or so…yeah, but the fault lies in their parents. The interest of Americans should always come first. Yes, I am a Hispanic American, my grandparents came to this country legally and busted their tails to earn their citizenship.
    Likes – 2,816 / Dislikes – 795

    GovFreebies said:

    Million’s of Legal-Hispanic families spent Time & Money to come here Legally and HAD THE CLASS TO LEARN ENGLISH Voted for & agree with Trump. ___ Nothing like the ILLEGALS here in Northern Tijuana (formally known as SoCal). Legal Hispanic here in CA where ILLEGALS OWN our politicians & judges, English is a 2nd Language & Americans are 2nd Class Citizens.
    Likes – 2,686 / Dislikes – 910

    SMILE said:

    Amen. We finally have a President that enforces the Law. Deport and End DACA.
    Likes – 2,894 / Dislikes – 1,415

    user said:

    Notice vast majority of comments are against DACA.
    Likes – 1,993 / Dislikes – 462

    4Th And Drunk said:

    Great news, DACA was illegal to anyway.
    Likes – 2,046 / Dislikes – 601

    dan said:

    Democrats prove once again that they don’t care about American Citizens, they forget about citizens and worry only about other countries.
    Likes – 2,154 / Dislikes – 875

    FreeNIndependant said:

    Awesome! We are the nation of laws.
    Likes – 1,917 / Dislikes – 581

    John said:

    That’s great news. The rest of obummers executive orders need to be repealed too!!
    Likes – 1,738 / Dislikes – 647

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  2. StormyeyesC says:

    Mexico wants to help them when they return (see last paragraph)

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    • soozword says:

      I think this is the first time that Mexican govt impressed me, but let’s see if they they ever follow-through on their promises! (from the link above) “…To that end, the Mexican government announced a series of benefits for returning DACA recipients, including a job bank, scholarships and a youth credit program.”


  3. youme says:

    Did Ray Nagin become governor of the Virgin Islands?

    Governor of Virgin Islands authorizes National Guard to “Seize arms, ammunition” in advance of Irma

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    • H.R. says:

      I read the pdf of the order and it seemed to say that the National Guard might be needing the weapons to keep order.

      WHAT?!? Do they practice rifle drills with broom sticks? Are they an army of Barney Fifes; one old revolver and one bullet?!? Will they be issuing a receipt so the guns can be returned after the emergency?

      Something smells fishy and it ain’t the smell from the docks.

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      • scott467 says:

        Yes, there is nothing in the Constitution that says “suspended during heavy storms”.

        Sounds like the governor is giving unlawful orders which the National Guard better not obey. The governor should be ARRESTED.

        And unless the National Guard wants to squander their resources in multiple stand-offs with Americans exercising their RIGHT to KEEP their own PROPERTY and to KEEP and bear ARMS, the National Guard better find something better to do.

        It’s really unbelievable.

        Amendment IV:
        The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

        Amendment II:
        “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”


        Either their has been a SILENT COUP and our country is NO LONGER under the Constitution, or this governor is a renegade, lawless, rogue agent.

        If there is another possibility, I’d like to know what it is, and if any other possibility exists, why he didn’t expressly say it.


  4. StormyeyesC says:


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  5. Blaze says:

    It appears North Korea is preparing another ICBM launch soon. I believe this time we target and shoot it down. There is no more second guessing what these ICBM’s contain. Its just too big of a risk not too. I think its probable China is helping them. Hard to say but if the North Koreans are acting alone its too dangerous to under estimate them. Keep in mind this region of the world contains a VERY high IQ population.

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  6. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Trump talks to press at the meeting with his “Gang of Six” or whatever it’s called tax reform advisory committee. Haven’t watched this all yet, but he addresses DACA.

    What I notice in watching the start of the video is Trump is very calm. I think he knows he has outlasted just about all of the attacks and smears and coup attempts against him. Now he can settle in.

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  7. CorwinAmber says:

    Y’know I’ve been voting regularly for almost 50 years in every election I could get my hands on: Federal, state, local, municipal, judicial, special, primary, general, homeowner’s association, church, dogcatcher, you name it…sometimes my candidate wins and sometime my candidate loses. And, when my candidate loses, I am disappointed and when my candidate wins I have gotten used to being disappointed…I prepare to be disappointed…I expect to be disappointed, sigh. Well, I gotta tell ya: DONALD TRUMP IS BY FAR THE LEAST DISAPPOINTING CANDIDATE I’VE EVER VOTED FOR! nuff said

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    • H.R. says:


      Now that came |—-| this close to being a ringing endorsement 😜

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  8. youme says:

    .NILC_org moves to amend EDNY DAPA case, violations APA and 5th Am, cites President’s Anti-Latino Animus.


  9. youme says:

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  10. daughnworks247 says:

    Lou Dobbs on now, announces the Chinese are “concerned” about the mountain where the H-bomb was tested and the possibility of leaking radiation into the area and into China itself. They (the Chinese) think the “mountain may collapse”.
    Did you see the Chinese blink?
    Is this their excuse/way to save face and go into North Korea????
    Positioning themselves as the great Chinese saviors of the CLIMATE????
    Ohhhhh…… I can see it all now.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      I have been wondering about this, wondering what China’s game is. We know they don’t give two figs about human life OR the environment, so I have been puzzling over why they are yapping about it. To what end?

      I think you might have just hit on it! That fits what we know, doesn’t it? Good call.

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    • daizeez says:

      I don’t know if China would go into North Korea…maybe but I bet they have had words with the little dictator. I did read that there were no changes in air quality near the border, but they are concerned if the mountain implodes it would let loose all sorts of bad stuff. It’s believe the 2nd tremor, after the 1st 6.3 magnitude one, was an implosion of some sort and is what they are concerned with. It is a way for them to come out looking good and getting rid of the threat of Kim Jung Un. I missed that segment on Lou Dobbs. Will have to catch it when it reruns later this evening.

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  11. wheatietoo says:

    He said this?
    I didn’t know that Gen Mattis said this.


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  12. daizeez says:

    Lou Dobbs is back! He read the riot act on McConnell and Ryan. He said that the President is doing his job and saving the country they refuse to serve. I sure missed him.

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  13. wheatietoo says:

    A lot of us already know this.

    But it would be great to see The Usurper exposed for all to see.

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    • psadie says:

      In Steve Jobs autobiography, he wrote when he met with Obama he was “shocked” that Zero knew NOTHING about business…a complete dope who didn’t comprehend anything. I’ll bet Jobs would have LOVED PTrump!

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  14. SeekerOfTruth says:

    Tired of immigration or hurricane talk.
    Here is something different.

    Sheriff Clarke Joins A Pro-Trump Super PAC

    Former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke joined a pro-Trump super PAC as its spokesman and advisor, according to a Tuesday announcement.

    Clarke, who recently stepped down as the sheriff of Milwaukee county, will serve as the senior advisor and spokesperson for American First Action, a press release from the super PAC announced.

    “David Clarke is an American patriot, and we are very proud to welcome him to America First. Having spent a lifetime in law enforcement—protecting and serving his community and fighting for justice and the Second Amendment—Sheriff Clarke doesn’t just believe in making America safe again; he’s devoted his life to it,” Brian O. Walsh, President of America First Action, said in a statement.

    The America First Action super PAC seeks to both help candidates that support the Trump agenda and promote Trump’s legislative agenda. Corey Lewandowski, a former Trump campaign manager, also joined the super PAC recently after getting fired from One America News Network.

    “It gives me the chance to do what I love most—promote President Trump’s agenda, including his fierce support for the American law enforcement officer, and ensure that the will of the American people who got President Trump elected is not derailed by the left or the self-serving Washington establishment,” Clarke said in a press release about his new role.

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  15. Convert says:

    1. Trump’s statement of explanation for the DACA is reasoned and reasonable and will be supported by the majority if people actually read it. I wish he would make a speech somewhere and read it where media would film it. Otherwise, 90% of Americans will never hear this: the media won’t relay it.
    2. What happened to the “destroy the statues”movement? What about Russia, Russia, Russia? It’s almost like somebody took a pill or something….
    3. A few Democrats on my FB feed are still posting I stand with Antifa memes, but most have become vewy, vewy quiet… It’s almost like somebody took a poll or something….
    4. Congressional Republicans are about to enter their worst nightmare ever: they will have to do their jobs, for the first time in about 9 years, or get sent home. Delicious.
    #winning #morewinning

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  16. wheatietoo says:

    Maybe it’s just me…but it looks to me like Lou has a bruise on his forehead.

    Hope you’re doing okay, Lou. Great to have you back!

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  17. jeans2nd says:

    “It is difficult to talk to people who confuse Austria and Australia. But there is nothing we can do about this; this is the level of political culture among part of the American establishment.”

    “As for the American people, America is truly a great nation if the Americans can put up with so many politically uncivilised people.” Vladimir Putin, news conference after BRICS

    “Yesterday, another well-know Russian politician, Sergei Markov, referred to the American leadership as “amoral pygmies””

    ” the real story is the change in Russian rhetoric…in a culture in which words count (and that includes all of Asia for starters) this change of tone will be immediately understood for what it is: the equivalent of a medieval slap in the face, a deliberate sign of disrespect and even a sign of total contempt and disgust”

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  18. jeans2nd says:

    Judicial Watch has been busy busy busy…

    Retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent Sues Justice Department for Records About Top FBI Official Ties to Top Clinton Ally

    ““I am saddened by how the FBI’s reputation has been tarnished by the poor judgement and ethics of its leadership,” stated Mr. Danik. “I know I’m not the only retired (or serving) FBI special agent who is concerned about Mr. McCabe’s conflicts of interest on the Clinton email matter. The agency seems to be illegally hiding records about this scandal”

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  19. jeans2nd says:

    hey admin, mods – looks like i’m back in the trash bin again.
    think that is a song…

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  20. Sylvia Avery says:

    Even Hillary’s “spiritual advisor” (where I come from we call these “pastors”) Rev. Shillady has ethical issues, it seems.

    He sent her an email full of words of comfort after she got her butt whupped by My President. Oopsie. Plagiarized. AND he published a book a month ago. Oopsie. More plagiarism.

    Am I wrong to gloat?

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  21. duchess01 says:

    WHAT’S HAPPENING – 09/05/2017

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  22. Pam says:

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  23. Pam says:

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  24. Pam says:

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  25. Pam says:

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  26. StormyeyesC says:

    Reddit cites CTH article

    “And Dreamers receive 185 points added to SAT scores”

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      My husband is a “minority”, Southeast Asian by ethnicity (American by citizenship and culturally). He never received any preferential treatment as a minority when applying for college or graduate school. He was told that he didn’t need preferential treatment and that the minority quotas were only for black and hispanic students because Asians already did so well that they didn’t “need it”.

      What? But I didn’t think needing it was based on low scores! I thought the point was that white culture purposely discriminated against people of color and that whites and white institutions had to be made to admit minorities? No, it was because certain minorities were deemed to be in need as their scores were lower is what was explained to us and that is sad for all involved! The abundance of Asians was proof that the institutions, at this point in time, were happy to have minorities who qualified.

      The sad thing is that my husband had black classmates who were simply brilliant and have gone on to do important medical research and achieve great things. why is that sad? because they were always assumed by many, including other people of color, to be there due to affirmative action. I remember them explaining to be that as long as there was not overt racism they did not need or want affirmative action because it reduced their accomplishments in other’s eyes. They only wanted a level playing field and then let their own talents, gifts and hard work shine.

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  27. StormyeyesC says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Another former Occupy progressive caught staging a “white nationalist” rally

    (from Reddit the Donald)

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  28. jeans2nd says:

    Well, who could have predicted this? Poor panda.
    Look for China’s currency manipulation to reappear.
    Sec Mnunchin is on watch now.

    Yuan’s unexpected rise against US dollar calls for caution, careful management

    “The yuan has strengthened against the US dollar in the past few months, an unexpected development for China”

    “a sharp rise of the yuan is hardly a good thing…”
    “China will likely receive vast speculative hot money inflows, which will fuel the country’s asset bubbles.”

    “a sharp rise in the yuan will deal a heavy blow to exports and hamper the economic recovery.”

    “if the real economy is not strong enough to justify a sharp rise of the yuan, an appreciation that is too rapid will just lead to disaster after risks build up to an unbearable level.”

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  29. kinthenorthwest says:

    DACA 101—or DACA for Dummies…
    Good Video

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  30. blognificentbee says:

    So, one of our favorites, Keith Schiller, is quitting? He has been with DJT for many, many years. Hmmmm, “unnamed sources” say
    1. POTUS is bummed about his departure.
    2. Keith is not happy with Gen Kelly. That list is getting longer…🤔

    I hope this is fake news, but seems that may be true as many are reporting it.☹️

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    • Oldschool says:

      This was floated last week, I think by CNN. Everyone here poo poo ed it. But I see it has resurfaced now by bloomberg. We cannot ignore all media as fake. There is usually some bit of news to be gleened. If this is true, I am not liking it at all. Keith has served and protected Trump for years. I am not buying the story about salary. If it were true, shame on Trump for not compensating him. Not sure what the real story is, but I don’t like the outcome one bit.

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      • Niagara Frontier says:

        We may not know for some time. Like most things those who know aren’t talking, and those who are talking probably don’t know.

        As far as salary, the President is limited in what he can pay staff. He can’t pay Schiller more than his Chief of Staff. BTW….all of the WH salaries are public. Here’s a chart from June 30, 2017. Of course, some of the people are no longer there.



      • distracted2 says:

        I believe Schiller is leaving, too. Regardless of the reason, I am not happy about it. I have taken a great deal of comfort in knowing that he was protecting the president. If he has been banished from the oval office by someone other than the president, which I assume is not the case, then I am downright mad about it.

        There has been speculation about Trump being isolated – and, for the most part, I have ignored it – but this is a tough blow. He is the one person who has been loyal to the president for 20 years, who is also considered one of his small inner circle, whose first loyalty is to the president. Besides his family, there won’t be anyone, who literally has the president’s back, left to protect him.

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        • wheatietoo says:

          I’m going to do a wait-and-see on this.

          If Keith really is leaving…it could be for health reasons, or some huge business opportunity.

          With Keith Schiller’s skills, he could be opening up his own security firm…and with PDJT’s blessing.

          Pres Trump will have Secret Service protection from now on, for the rest of his life.
          Keith may feel like “my work here is done”…and has an opportunity to make millions now, running his own company.

          If it has anything to do with Kelly, it could be more a case of Keith seeing that Kelly ‘has this’…and Keith sees that he is leaving PDJT in good hands.

          So I am not ready to assume that there is any ‘bad blood’ going on.
          I don’t think that PDJT would allow that.

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          • distracted2 says:

            Thank you for this. You’re right, these are perfectly logical explanations to consider.

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          • Oldschool says:

            I am not ready to assume anything either, but not ready to do the magical excuse thinking either. A loyal employee for 20 years, at that level, does not up and leave, period. It just doesn’t happen. Perhaps health is an issue? Retirement? But it makes no rational sense that this man is looking to go start his own firm, nor is it salary that is an issue. There are many ways to compensate a valued friend and employee outside the salary restrictions.


  31. jeans2nd says:

    Emmanuel Macron is certifiably insane (evil, imo). Stone cold nuts. Please pray for France.
    Taken from French translation of Macron’s keynote speech before the most senior of French diplomats during Ambassador’s Week in France. Macron “described a programme of economic colonization of the Levant and Africa.” The article’s author is French.

    “Our sovereignty is Europe…dominated by…he, Emmanuel Macron, and Chancellor Angela Merkel (who) govern it together.”

    “it is pointless to base French diplomacy on History or values.”

    “the rôle of the diplomats is no longer to defend the long-term values of France, but to sniff out the short-term opportunities, the promising deals.”

    “France has no …further need of an army to defend its territory…Macron…fire(d) the Army chief of staff.”

    “the primary function of his (Macron’s) administration was economic diplomacy.”

    “there is no French culture…culture in general is…a collection of marketable goods. That is why he will continue the work of his predecessor for the protection of cultural treasures, rather than people”

    “the days of popular sovereignty are over…The democratic ideal may well continue at the local level, but is devoid of meaning at the national level.”

    “the Public Good …seems to be of another age…the Republic is also dead.”

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  32. Pam says:


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