U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Warns Beijing During Emergency Security Council Session…

The geopolitical activity today reflects further evidence of China’s hand controlling Kim Jong-un as Beijing protests against President Trump calling them to task for their duplicity.   Methinks Beijing doth protest too much.

First, at an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council in New York, US ambassador Nikki Haley said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was “begging for war.”


Secondly, President Trump took flak from the U.S. geopolitical peanut gallery for pointedly calling out South Korean President Moon Jae-in, and his espoused inane and weak position(s) which do not align with creating their own stability – against the duplicitous China and the proxy Chinese province of the DPRK.

However, President Trump’s tough love approach is working swimmingly.

SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea has been condemned internationally for conducting its most powerful nuclear test yet, but, across the border, South Korean President Moon Jae-in is also attracting flak for his policy of pursuing engagement with Pyongyang.

Rebuked by U.S. President Donald Trump, Moon is facing growing calls at home to change course and take a tougher line against North Korea, even from his core support base of young liberals, according to hundreds of comments posted online.

[…] Within South Korea, doubts about the “Moonshine” policy of engaging the North have been growing in recent weeks because there has been no change in the pace of the North’s ballistic missile testing since Moon took office.

The North twice test-fired intercontinental ballistic missiles in July. Now, despite international warnings, it conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on Sunday.

“You said you will not have dialogue with the North if the North conducts a nuclear test. Keep your word,” said a post on the Facebook page of the presidential Blue House from a user named Kim Bojoong.

Moon and Trump spoke by phone later on Monday, and the Blue House said the two agreed it was time to apply the strongest sanctions and pressure on North Korea and that stronger sanctions would be pursued at the United Nations. (read more)

Given the nature of the less than appreciative prior position by Moon Jae-in on THAAD missile defenses, what better time is there to renegotiate a trade deal and a national security alliance than the exact moment when South Korea is in a heightened state of vulnerability?

Do you really think President Trump is going to give up moments when U.S. transactional leverage is the highest?

…Just to keep polite diplomatic appearances?

Where was the national security foresight of  Moon Jae-in when he was snarkily dismissing the security offered by the Trump administration?

This fundamental disconnect on when leverage is greatest, and when to use it, is why people continually miss President Trump’s instinctual capability as an apex predator.  This fundamental truism also highlights the ridiculous nature of those who use historic prisms to view a modern president who is staunchly ‘Ameria-First’.

If you want us on your team, we don’t arrive without terms for our participation.  Period.

  • Is it nice to leverage South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in when he’s at his most vulnerable? Probably not.
  • Are we concerned about ‘nice’ given the nature of the recent lack of appreciation?  Not-so-much.
  • Is it brutal to leverage a better U.S. trade outcome against the backdrop of the current national security situation in Southeast Asia?  Possibly.  So what?

Additionally, when the defender of liberty shows his Apex Predator tendencies, there’s another benefit….

….Do you think NATO and European Allies are not paying attention to what happens when Moon Jae-in takes President Trump’s U.S. defense, protection and financial interests for granted, meanwhile there’s a carnivorous ‘bear’ on their own doorstep?

Think about it as more trade deals are later negotiated.

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71 Responses to U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Warns Beijing During Emergency Security Council Session…

  1. Sanj says:

    Stepping on someone’s neck when they are down (diplomatically) hasn’t been done by the US in 60 years. Its nice to have a predator for POTUS who is on OUR side.

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  2. Orygun says:

    The President of S. Korea seems to be in the lead from behind or NWO crowd. Living next door to a lunatic with nuclear weapons should have you solidly based in reality.
    Go figure!

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  3. RedBallExpress says:

    Patton: “By God, I actually pity those poor bastards we’re going up against. By God, I do.”

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  4. Pam says:

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    • Jenny R. says:

      Yeah, Norks are visiting Iran at the moment…hmmm.

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    • fedback says:

      First pic, Japan and UK ambassadors to the UN
      Second pic, Bear and Panda ambassadors to the UN

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      • Covfefe-USA says:

        My goodness, but has Nikki ever been a pleasant surprise!

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        • scott467 says:

          She has one of the best roles in the administration, being able to play ‘bad cop’ all the time, with DJT to back up every single one of her threats.

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          • Oldschool says:

            POTUS sure saw something in her that we missed. Talk about redemption. Unlike the other rino fools, at least we know Nikki is smart enough to know where her biscuit is buttered. I am proud to have our team on the international playing field. God bless coach Trump!

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        • Q&A says:

          Only in the UN position. When it comes to fake racial issues, she’s still the same old Nikki. Most recently, she disagreed with President Trump over the sham of Charlottesville. Glad for MAGA that she’s doing her UN job with excellence, but I don’t trust her with domestic issues.

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          • scott467 says:

            “Only in the UN position. When it comes to fake racial issues, she’s still the same old Nikki.”


            Of that I have no doubt whatsoever.

            Anyone who was pushed over so easily by the orchestrated Left on the Confederate flag either has no actual spine or no understanding or comprehension or appreciation of American history.

            She couldn’t find a PC altar to worship at fast enough, and that never goes away.


            “Most recently, she disagreed with President Trump over the sham of Charlottesville.”


            I did not see that, but it doesn’t surprise me at all. People like Haley are incredibly dangerous and divisive, whether purposely or not. She has no clue or concern whatsoever for the will of the majority, but she will worship the golden calf of the Leftist PC minority at the drop of a hat.

            She embraces all the familiar themes of modern-day political-correctness. It’s like professional brown-nosing to Leftists and to the socialites in whose circles she travels, and all of it makes me sick.

            Whether she does it out of pure political opportunism or weakness of character or a combination of the two doesn’t really matter. She doesn’t fool me at all.


            “Glad for MAGA that she’s doing her UN job with excellence, but I don’t trust her with domestic issues.”


            I don’t trust her either, not for one second.

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          • sejmon says:

            Agree with you…even there last she get private lecture by PDJT at least she behave there

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          • wolfmoon1776 says:

            I get a certain schadenfreude by realizing that her cultural Marxist-instilled virtue signaling is directed back at China and the other communist and globalist countries. To have them be lectured by one of their own assets – ah – it smells like napalm in the morning, with the smoke blowing across the border into China.


  5. Janie M. says:

    Ooooo, I always love a two-fer. Love the multi-dimensional thinking of our president – he’s simply the best – better than all the rest (sorry, couldn’t resist using those apt lyrics).

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    • BakoCarl says:

      He came down from Trump Tower; asked us to come along.
      He gave us a life time of promises and dreams;
      He spoke our language like he knows what it means.
      He can’t be wrong; he takes our heart and makes it strong.

      We’re stuck on his heart; we hang on every word he says.
      He’s simply the best, better than all the rest;
      Better than anyone, anyone we’ve ever met.
      They can’t tear us apart, our Team – us and our Prez.

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  6. trialbytruth says:

    I love it when fruit ripens on the tree it is so much sweeter in every way.

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  7. bverwey says:

    I agree with this US stance at the UN. Enough. Would appreciate a word or two of recognition of these statements from NH by other nations. Crikets.

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  8. Fe says:

    All the other nations and a Uniparty will understand how serious our President is about his America First policy.

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  9. duchess01 says:

    Can you hear me now, Moon? THADD’s nice!

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  10. trialbytruth says:

    So we are asking for the strongest measures and we will precieve those trading with NK as supporters of his nuclear ambition.

    What are the strongest sanctions…

    Total embargos food medicine oil etc?… Hussein got the famous oil for food program. Kims got no oil and Im guessing the nuke technology for food program is probably not even acceptable to the UN.

    Freezing of all assets… Dictaters always have a few billion in mattress money somewhere…

    No where to go after this accept to punish the Panda. Gosh I hope we don’t end up in that Briar patch.

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  11. wolfmoon1776 says:

    President “Pale Moon” of North South Korea needs to take some lessons in “tough love” from Alternative Universe “MOAR NUKES” South Korean President Wolf Moon.

    Wolf Moon begins building his mass production of nuclear weapons TODAY. For every weapon pointed at North Korea, TWO are pointed at China. Because China needs some tough love, too.

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    • LafnH2O says:

      Wouldnt happen to have the coordinates for ur alt universe handy would ya? 😉

      Can always use another super secret bug out local.

      Ya Neva know.. when the time is right.😁

      And I got skills I can bring to the table…
      You just give the word..

      And I’ll push the lil red button.
      No problemo.

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  12. Jenny R. says:

    The trajectory of this intended launch (per S. Korean sources) would likely cross over Japan or….wait for it….Russia.
    That BRICS meeting must have gone over real well…like a typical Nork missile.

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  13. thetrain2016 says:

    China has no choice. They need to get rid of the fat boy to stay in business. This Kim thing going to have a major medical issue, retire young and most likely kick the bucket shortly after…


  14. DanDeplorable says:

    Must confess, Nikki Haley has exceeded my expectations. So Bravo Nikki!

    PTrump saw a loyalty and toughness in her that most of us missed.

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  15. wodiej says:

    Time to stop playing tiddly winks. Before Trump, they had no reason to worry. Trump is doing the right thing w trade restrictions.

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  16. snellvillebob says:

    we ought to arrest George Soros and threaten China we will deport him to Russia unless North Korea gives up its nukes. Even if it isn’t successful for North Korea we would still solve half the world problems allowing Putin to question him personally like.

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  17. Moonie is another Merkel. She was Stasi, perhaps Moonie is a mole of Kim’s intelligence services.

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  18. Christine says:

    A huge thank you to Sundance for this excellent article!

    In today’s The Australian newspaper (owned by Rupert Murdoch), never-Trumper Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan wrote a ridiculous article about President Trump’s South Korea tweet, saying:

    “…his undisciplined and bizarre remarks are directly harming the situation”…

    “But he has plunged to a new depth of foolishness in his criticisms of South Korea, his ­accusation that it has followed a policy of appeasement and his demand that it “do more” to stop North Korea.
    Of all Trump’s idiocies, nothing matches this.”

    (Tellingly, he failed to quote or even reference the specific tweet, or mention President Moon, since doing so would have diminished his position).

    Courtesy of Sundance’s brilliant analysis, I’ve just published a searing takedown of Sheridan’s article in reply – which has proved immensely popular with fellow contributors! It’s self-indulgent to publish it here, but please know you have many good Aussies fighting down in the trenches with you, to defend your magnificent President.

    Time and time again, when an Australian “foreign expert” writes an anti-Trump piece, I know I can turn to Sundance + you beautiful Treepers to counter the hysterical nonsense. Thank you!

    (PS: I haven’t been as active here recently. Australian politics has finally been getting interesting in recent months, as we seek to remove our Green Lefty Globalist PM, dud Malcolm Turnbull).

    Liked by 2 people

  19. louche9 says:

    Good on ya, Christine! 👍


  20. Mike diamond says:

    Kim Jung the unnnnnnn dude will soon be gone ! Keep praying !!!!!


  21. Mike diamond says:

    Little fat man Kim Jung unnn will soon be on display in a wire cage,like he has done to his own people for years !!!


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