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281 Responses to Bigly

  1. The Boss says:

    Excellent tweet Mr. President! Apparently Sec. Mattis isn’t the only person in your administration who keeps other people up at night.

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  2. brschultz says:

    Lite ’em Mr President, praying for God Almighty to fight on Your/Our behalf daily against Americas enemies. In Christ Jesus Name Alone, Amen.

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    • justme928 says:

      Lite ‘me up!! That phrase brings back great memories of my son and his JROTC Radier team. They used that phrase often and played this song before every meet. They were bad @ss and dang, they were good.

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  3. oldschool64 says:

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    • Bob says:

      Mr President…sell all they need, please don’t do the usual and give them the technology. I have worked with Japan, Korea and China. They always want more than they paid for, so they can strike back at random and to sell to third parties as well.


  4. Pam says:

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  5. weneedmorerules says:

    Smoke ’em if you got ’em, boys.

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  6. dbethd says:

    It’s so wonderful to wake up each day to hear another winning tweet from the President. I used to wake up dreading what I would hear that President Obama or the uniparty was doing.


  7. Just Sayin' says:

    Is it really the big ugly if Trump doesn’t substantially oppose the content of the DACA legislation, but just says “it’s unconstitutional, we can’t have it, I leave it up to congress”?

    Not claiming to know what he will do, but I’m nervous, I hope people have the moral clarity to really go after congress on this, but I worry they might need leadership.


  8. Trumppin says:

    Congress, get ready to do your job – DACA!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 5, 2017


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  9. I have stocked up on popcorn, beer, and jalapeno cheese . . . for this very moment.

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  10. wicked says:

    What Congress will do or not in this session will only frustrate you as they have no intentions on getting anything done. Guys like McC ain would prefer to lose 2018 than allow Trump any success. I don’t watch them nor anticipate them anymore as it is constant let downs…My concentration is how I can support the 2018 RINO RUN where like the Wildebeast they have to cross the river and they are vulnerable then. Like the waiting crocs we have to take them down or this constant state of frustration will continue. The GOP is truly the enemy so I think we must plot their demise to advance….

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    • chbailey says:

      Yeah, that. I like the video….Lion vs. Jackals.
      [jackal – as in a person who does low or dishonest work for another, from the notion that the jackal eats the leavings and a person who cheats or swindles in a mean underhanded way (unipartyglobalistscommunists).]


  11. remuda2016 says:

    Love the Zippo (in my keepsakes)…a long-ago ‘friend’…when it was ‘coffee ‘n cigarettes’ at Denny’s. Now, of course, those days are gone and we have it ‘much better’ with a daily infusion of “Now News” from our best-ever POTUS…! ANd BTW, only Rush tells all…thank God! Semper Fi


  12. Rachelle says:

    If the Republicans had any sense (?) they would hang Antifa videos around the necks of every Democrat candidate, showing them again and again until everyone sees what that corrupt party really is made of.


  13. ScarletTanager says:

    I love that man!

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  14. herbie says:

    Though it may be just, I’m thinking a little early Sundance. It’s maybe only early as an indicator of the future. I for one am ready to MAGA!


  15. tuskyou says:

    STILL not tired of winning!! Love the video and the zippo.


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