Something Very Odd In That “CNN Crew Rescuing Man in Truck” Video…

Perhaps you might have seen the story of Drew Griffin from CNN and a spontaneous, and serendipitous, CNN crew’s rescue of a Texas man who drove his truck into a canal.

Kudos for CNN being in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing etc.  CNN has been playing up the video all day as an act of spontaneous CNN bravery in a moment of emergency and crisis.  High-fives and back-pats all around.

Here’s the video:


Except someone noticed something weird about it.

Either there’s another guy in the video and the footage makes it seem weird and conflated, or Drew Griffin had time to change clothes between the moment the man drove into the canal and the moment Griffin “rescued” him.

See Screengrabs, note times:

At 00:50 Drew Griffin (?) running toward man in truck.  Note clothing.

Nine seconds later, Griffin arrives to drag man from vehicle.  Only, now he’s switched from shorts and sandals into black pants and boots.  Huh?

It wasn’t much of a desperate emergency if CNN’s Drew Griffin had time to change from a pair of shorts and sandals into a pair of long pants and boots?

Here’s the video again:


Hey dude, wait right there while I put on my rescue pants and get my boots, ok?

Quick, hair and make-up,… How’s our lighting? ..ok and camera angles… we good?  OK, annnd… “ACTION” !

Wait, what… huh?

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287 Responses to Something Very Odd In That “CNN Crew Rescuing Man in Truck” Video…

  1. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    CNN always sounds better in .25 speed.

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  2. He should get that guy in the blue 4×4 to go pull his truck out of the ditch. It was still afloat last we saw.


  3. sunnydaze says:

    Ever since I saw that vid several hours after the REAL vid of CNN being “given a good talking too” by the lady at the shelter, I’ve thought:

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if the actor who was “saved’ by CNN came out and made a Confession for all the world to see?

    Been praying for it. He’d have a LOT of support! That guy would have World Wide Support!!!!!!!!! CNN is spreading Propaganda EVERYWHERE!!!

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  4. dekester says:

    Okay. Like most CTH supporters we believe nothing we hear ( except from PDJTs mouth.) and only half of what we see.

    I just watched the clip for the first time.

    Maybe it is legit..maybe not.

    My observations, based on limited information indicate that this is staged.

    I personally been involved in a number of rescue situations.

    Adrenaline as we all know kicks in bigly.

    All the players were so relaxed, and their voices were just to calm.

    There was no shivering, or genuine symptoms of a body recovering from stress. Both from the rescuers and victim.

    So he is just staying down in a motel. What was he doing out? Maybe he mentioned why, and I missed it.

    We’ll see, but it sure looked and sounded like utter nonsense.

    God bless PDJT.

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    • Founding Fathers Fan says:

      Why would a man from out of town, rent a room in a flood zone and then go for a ride on the flooded streets and make a 90 degree turn off the street over a grassy area into what looks like a river?

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      • Ann Fraley says:

        Yes, the rescue is fishy but to answer your other questions, you might get into the only room you can find, in a place that seems okay, and then the floods hit there, too. It happens all the time. He may have needed to go out for something they needed and didn’t know the streets around there, landing him in a ditch. We have deep ones around here, with concrete lining, to serve as major drainage arteries.


      • LARS says:

        Dem propagandists do weird things.


  5. Mike diamond says:

    The whole thing was staged in my feelings,it just looked phony, the man was like a hired b movie actor! I bet the pick up was bought by CNN or they paid the guy big bucks to drive into the high water,I’m sorry but the whole thing seems staged !!!!!!

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  6. flotuswatcher says:

    So the rescue truck makes the guy ride on the tail gate? A guy who nearly died just moments ago? The cab must be really full!! And watch the tail lights on the rescue truck: the brake lights are on while the truck drives behind the gas pump, but then they go off and the truck stops. Truck put in park? Apparently the guy only needed a ride for 5 feet?

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  7. Msher says:

    Er, even if real, why does CNN think it was big deal. Their crew wasn’t in danger, as far as I an tell. And what group of men with a rope or long cord wouldn’t have done that?

    Part of scene obscured by a sign – no action can be seen. Wouldn’t staged scene have had camera positioned so that whole action can be seen? (I know, counterargument is that time period needed for faking.)


  8. Turranos says:

    When I saw this yesterday, I was shocked that it was CNN coming to the rescue because, they seem to be the most heartless media group on the planet. I would not count on them to save me, ever. I would not be surprised at all that this was a staged event because they got slammed for profiling and sticking a microphone in the face of a woman that wanted no part of their “so called news.”

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  9. Meatzilla says:

    Yeah, so, now CNN is coast-to-coast across America, as well as around the entire globe, helpfully airing North Korean ‘man-on-the-street’ interview propaganda for the DPRK – and, of course, it is ultimately targeted at President Trump and his presidency. I’ve sometimes wondered – just where and/or when do these insidiously ruinous corporate News Networks actively working against America’s best interests, and against vast swaths of targeted American’s best interests, at home and abroad ‘cross the line’? Actual codified law(s) notwithstanding, where is the line anyway? Is there even a line to begin with? I don’t know. In a number of ways, sometimes it seems like we’re living in Superman’s Bizarro World on steroids.


  10. yakmaster2 says:

    Who accidentally drives into flood waters carrying their vehicle away, rolls down their window, AND DOESN’T YELL “HELP!” to people in plain sight??

    Another odd moment when the man from the floating truck says “I want to thank you CNN guys for saving MY LIFE.” Most folks would say “Thank you for saving me” or “Thank you for rescuing me.”
    The life-saving part seems calculated to increase the drama and heroics.

    I think this may be CNN PUBLIC RELATIONS DEPT in overdrive in response to angry interviewee’s recent anti-CNN talk. I don’t doubt they could and would stage ‘news.’

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  11. PatriotGalNC says:

    It’s time for these so-called media outlets to lose their FCC licenses. They are no longer serving the public…(They LIE to all of us!) They have all become the National Enquirer (sp?). SPACE ALIEN MARRIED MID-WEST WOMAN IN 1964, AND IS NOW A GREAT GRANDFATHER…

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  12. LafnH2O says:

    CNN is soooooooo lucky!

    Everything you’d need to create the story they desperately needed to create!!
    Nothing more.
    Nothing less.

    JUST poof… happened!

    They were so good at warning people bout the bad weather in the area.
    Not another soul in sight…
    ‘Cept the stooge

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    • sunnydaze says:

      They were ****super lucky*** too, that it happened in a totally deserted area. No other peeps around to verify….or not.

      Wonder why they were there in the first place? Deserted accept for CNN and this guy.

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  13. Texian says:

    UPDATE: I have identified the location. It is the “Jack in the Box” at 3885 I-10 access road at Walden Road. Even the “Brunch Fast” blue and white flag advertisement is still there on google map view. Go to Google maps and see for yourselves! It is set up by a drainage culvert that runs down the side of the jack in the box parking lot!

    In the background of the video you see the National Guard military vehicle – notice the unique brick color pattern – that is the structure of the “Super 8” motel next to the jack in the box. This is definitely the location of the CNN scam video.. Alright you sleuths, we now have the location, see what else you can find.. somebody close by see if the truck is still there and get the v.i.n..

    “Jack in the Box” at 3885 I-10 access road Beaumont, TX 77705

    Here is the google map link:,-94.1561138,17.46z

    Use aerial view to see the culvert, then use street view to stand in the road and see for yourself !

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  14. LafnH2O says:

    And another thing….

    Nobody was worried bout the truck floating away!!!

    The stooge was safe. Why 911.
    NO emergency existed. No request for an ambulance.
    Hello 911…
    We just saved a guy.
    Alrighty then… bye bye now.


  15. McGuffin says:

    Same guy running in shorts as pants and rubber boots. Hmmmm


  16. LafnH2O says:

    From the linked article..
    “The stretch of the interstate between Winnie and Beaumont, about 80 miles east of Houston, has been closed since Monday.”

    Take a look at a map…
    Very strange, indeed.

    Almost like it was meant to be?!

    The stooge drove to Houston??
    Why Houston?
    Why did he drive TOWARD the HURRICANE?

    Sly little (knowing) smile on the stooge…
    Right at the end…
    Poker face!!

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  17. LafnH2O says:

    Anybody in, Winnie, know the stooge.
    Did he have a nice white pick up?


  18. jbrickley says:

    Lame, the guy could have just opened the door and walked out of the truck. The water was just deep enough to float the truck off it’s tires. Simple drainage ditch and he drove straight into it. Truck probably came to a rest a short distance away and if it can get traction, drive it’s self out if 4×4. Heck you could push it to the bank and drive right out of that ditch. Agreed, the whole thing looks staged to me. Pssst, hey buddy I’ll pay you x amount to drive your truck in this drainage ditch while we film it. Put you on TV buddy, aw come on I’ll buy your brunch and you can claim the truck on insurance. Stop the tape he hit the ditch to soon, where’s my rubber waders its too cold for sandals and cargo shorts.

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    • Texian says:

      Exactly! Just deep enough to float it. It couldn’t have sunk! Drive right out or a tow truck pull and be on your merry way..!


  19. sunnydaze says:

    Lest we forget, here’s the CNN segment that CNN had to rescue itself from:


  20. PolyEster says:

    REAL Fake News.

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  21. Mike diamond says:

    The man tells the CNN dude with the swave gel in his hair,I want to thank you guys for saving my life! Their is a big army truck parked right across the street! That could of pulled his truck out,instead of letting his truck float off ! Give me a break!!! So phony !

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  22. grandmotherpatriot says:

    Nice Work Sundance

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  23. I LOVE Suspicious cat!



  25. David Hanson says:

    Since CNN is in the fake staged news business, they need to hire continuity supervisors like the movie companies do. The continuity supervisors make sure that everyone is the the same position, same costume, same props in the same position.


  26. Trillian says:

    Too many screw ups with this one! They were in a big hurry to make a fake rescue video, so no time to make things match!!


  27. The automobile is likely owned by CNN but I’m going to forward the video to Beaumont Texas Police Dept as suspected insurance fraud.
    Going to send the link for the videos to Winnie Texas & Beaumont Texas insurance agencies, report as suspected auto insurance fraud.
    Hoping that CNN has to eat the vehicle loss.


  28. greg graham says:

    I have never seen a truck float like that ….maybe if he didn’t open the window … but still look at that thing float………..Fake News!!!!!


  29. Dilys Harrell says:

    You had it right in the first place. There was ‘another guy in the video’ – two guys with bright red CNN jackets – one in shorts, the other in long pants.


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