Secretary Tillerson Proposes Elimination of DoS “Special Envoy” Positions – Senator Corker Fights Back…

The media are so predictable it becomes a little funny after a while.  CNN specializes in the State Department and sells their narratives. Washington Post specializes in the CIA and sells their narratives.  NYT focuses on DOJ, FBI and Intelligence Community overall.

Senator Bob Corker leaks a letter he received from Secretary of State Tillerson directly to CNN.  Secretary Tillerson is informing Senator Corker of State Department downsizing.  Republicans in congress have already threatened to sue Trump administration to force more spending on State Department.

(Via The Hill) Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is preparing to eliminate or downgrade special envoy positions at the State Department, CNN reported Monday.

The secretary, in a letter addressed to Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) obtained by CNN, proposed shaking up as many as three-dozen posts, by either letting go or transferring the envoys.

“I believe that the Department will be able to better execute its mission by integrating certain envoys and special representative offices within the regional and functional bureaus,” Tillerson wrote. He said he plans to eliminate “those that have accomplished or outlived their original purpose.”

Those changes, though, are likely to spark a fight. Among the envoys Tillerson is proposing removing are envoys dealing with Syria, the Sudan, the Arctic and climate issues.

According to the report, Tillerson’s letter claimed that many of the nearly 70 State Department special envoys, who are appointed to address important diplomatic needs, continue to serve even though the underlying issues for their positions have been resolved.

He argued that pulling together overlapping missions of the envoys and other offices under one roof and cleaning house will help the department achieve its initiatives more efficiently.

It would “eliminate redundancies that dilute the ability of a bureau to deliver on its primary functions,” he said.

Some changes under consideration reportedly include moving the special envoy for North Korean human rights issues to the Office of the Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy and Human Rights.

[…] Tillerson has previously indicated plans to restructure the State Department including proposed budget cuts up to 30 percent, which the letter to Corker highlights.

Tillerson said plans for reorganization will advance the country’s national security interests and help “counter the influence of U.S. adversaries and competitors.” (read more)

DECEPTICONS: Keepers of the Swamp

“All your spending are belong to us.”

Anticipate John McCain and Lindsey Graham arguing to keep State Department special envoy in charge of travel menu selection for interventionist Senators.  McConnell, Blunt, Hatch and Porter will demand retention of DoS special envoy to World Bank and International Monetary Fund. (ie. their investment group)

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303 Responses to Secretary Tillerson Proposes Elimination of DoS “Special Envoy” Positions – Senator Corker Fights Back…

  1. free73735 says:

    Posting for Daily Thread Aug
    Left Eats Its Own: Even Stephen King Denounced

    You can’t get much moonbattier than zillionaire socialist Occupy Wall Street financer Stephen King. However, the rule now is that you must never have expressed any point of view that could be regarded as inconsistent with leftist ideology as it is defined at this very moment. Reach back far enough, and you can find thought crimes even in the past of an hardcore liberal like King. For example:

    Stephen King’s forthcoming release of a film adaptation of his successful 1986 book “It” is under serious scrutiny from a university progressive who feels that the movie is both racist and misogynistic.

    The College Fix on Monday reported that Regina Hansen, a scholar from Boston University, said that both King’s book and the upcoming release are a social issue, because the film’s protagonists are “white, straight, and able-bodied.”

    Hansen, in an article published over the summer for Science Fiction Film and Television for Project MUSE, said that the “white male underdog characters” only have their heroic qualities “at least in part through the marginalization of female characters, black characters, gay characters, and characters with disabilities.”

    There is no shortage of heroic and even deified black characters in King’s books. Mother Abigail in The Stand is the supernatural personification of goodness. Possibly his most famous novel is The Shining. Who rescues the white woman and her child from the deranged white villain? A black guy, of course.

    But even a single positive white character who isn’t crippled or perverted would make King politically impure. If there are any statues of Stephen King, expect them to be defaced by vandals, then removed in the middle of the night by authorities.

    Under a totalitarian ideology, even true believers become thought criminals.
    On a tip from Dan F.

    By Dave Blount |

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    • KBR says:

      Mother Abigail in “The Stand” won’t help King,because even though she was black she believed in God. The good guys were generally on God’s side, and the badguys were evil and did not believe in God.

      The idealogy of those who are “eating their own,” do not like God.

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  2. Honeybuckets says:

    Finally democrats are denouncing ANTIFA
    When will the Repubs do the same!

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