President Trump Meets with President Niinistö – Oval Office Remarks…

President Trump met with Finland’s President Niinistö in the Oval Office prior to the East Room press conference. During their remarks President Trump discusses his upcoming trip to Texas and the ongoing coordinated efforts between federal, state and local officials in the massive impact zone.

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26 Responses to President Trump Meets with President Niinistö – Oval Office Remarks…

  1. Jlwary says:


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  2. n1ghtcr4wler says:

    but the balance of the investments

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  3. Larry Bucar says:

    Like a divine BOSS, destroys the minion press by the power of his word, (and actions) hahahahah

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  4. MVW says:

    After John ‘What’s Name’ asked about the Trump pardon of Sheriff Joe, Trump read a prepared rebuttal. John, the media troll masquerading as a professional journalist, acted as if he already knew all the horrific previous presidential pardons and was shamelessly ok with them, then followed up with an intelligent question to President Niinistö.

    I was shocked. Like switching to a parallel universe where there were real journalists with fair and important questions to be asked.

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  5. MVW says:

    President Niinistö was a man with a sense of humor and proportion.

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  6. Sylvia Avery says:

    Side note: The new wall paper, hand selected by President Trump, looks nice on camera. No more garish stripes! Buh bye Barry O!

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  7. p'odwats says:

    I think the more learned and responsible world leaders, the few that there are, must be internally happy that a serious, no nonsense man is in charge of the United States now. I don’t listen to the media when the president meets with world leaders. I watch these press conferences and look at their body language and actions. President Niinistö knows he’s dealing with a man’s man in Trump!

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  8. daughnworks247 says:

    ……. and the President of Finland is here.


  9. Donna in Oregon says:

    I hope the President of Finland buys some more American goods. Our President is a great salesman for American products. He makes me proud!


  10. Sami Virtanen says:

    President Niinisto has escaped SEA 2004 tsunami killing 230’000 by climbing in a lighting pole in Thailand with his son. Surely his thoughts are very closely with the Harvey victims…

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  11. The Devilbat says:

    Finland is disgustingly liberal and very, very far left. I read where a group of thugs in Finland who were armed with a gun broke into a house. The house owner fought them off with a kitchen knife.
    The thugs got a year of probation and the house owner was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to three years in prison. This even though he never actually injured any of his assailants.

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    • It’s the politics and the courts which are liberal. When you talk to actual people, it’s very different. People hate the way courts are soft on criminals and how you’re likely to be punished harder for defending yourself than the criminals for attacking you in the first place. But we’re powerless to change that. Unlike in the US where the judges are voted in, the judges are appointed in Finland. They have no term limits either. There is an organization of lawyers called DEMLA (short for Demokraattiset Lakimiehet, Democratic Lawyers) which has become overly powerful over the years. The word democratic in the name is basically code for socialist, although they try to appear to be only social democrats. Our former president Tarja Halonen from the Social Democrat Party was a member of DEMLA too.

      Our MSM is very liberal and even my parents pushing 70 are not taking it at face value. They know they’re being lied to, if not overtly but by omission anyway. Then again, their generation is perhaps more adept at ignoring the propaganda from the MSM, as they were used to reading the media between the lines in their youth. Older people remember the nickname Reporadio for our national public radio and TV company YLE. A guy called Eino S. Repo was the president of YLE in the 1960’s and 1970’s. In a way Repo was an appropriate surname for him, since “repo” is a synonym for “kettu”, which means a fox and when somebody has ulterior malevolent motives, we say he has “ketunhäntä kainalossa” = a foxtail under the armpit. Under his reign YLE went far left and as it’s doing the same nowadays, the old nickname Reporadio is being adopted again even by the younger generations who were born after the actual Reporadio period. The biggest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat used to be a journalistic quality newspaper in my youth 20 years ago, but nowadays a lot of people call it Pravda.

      Most normal people are against multiculturalism but they haven’t always been voting on the basis of that conviction. They’ve been guided in their voting choices more by other issues, as they were not seeing it as being as big a problem for them as some other issues. Until 2015 Finland was not getting such huge numbers of asylum seekers annually, on a bad year maybe 6500 people but mostly around 2500 people a year, and people were lulled into false security by the small numbers. But the flood of 2015 opened many eyes. Since the The Finns Party split this summer (the retiring party chairman and Minister of Foreign Affairs together with the other 4 ministers and some Members of Parliament left the party when the party conference chose a new chairman who wasn’t the establishment favorite), there is a real chance for change in politics in the next elections. The people who had been flip-flopping on their anti-EU and anti leech migrants policy points are now out of the party and the new party leadership is aligned with the more common sense, pro-working class and pro-nationalistic sentiments of the Finnish people. The problem is that they have to become the biggest party in the elections, or the other establishment parties will try to block them from changing the status quo, like you see happening all over Europe. We’ll just have to wait and see and try to survive the current traitorous government.

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  12. C. Lowell says:

    Finn to win — Sisu!


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